Cheng Xuze came with Cheng Ran. As soon as he saw Shi Qingyang's appearance, he laughed happily: "Xiao Ran is right. You are really here. This is really yet I feel the harmonious heart-beat of the Sacred Unicorn!"

"Grandpa." Shi Qingyang took off the radiation helmet from his head. He had been very nervous a few days ago for fear of any trouble. Now seeing Cheng Ran, he finally relaxed.

"It's okay…what happened to your leg?" Cheng Xuze's attention was soon attracted by Shi Qingyang's leg.

Cheng Ran had already checked Shi Qingyang's leg at this time, and the initial worry on his face disappeared: "It's okay, Qingyang's leg is almost all right, it's best to go into the medical cabin again."

"Then let's hurry back. There is a medical cabin in the mobile town. I also brought a doctor to show Qingyang." Cheng Xuze immediately the baggage and take the journey. The base where the family was closed was in ruins, and Shi Qingyang was reduced here…In fact, he had a lot of doubts, but at that time he did not care at all, even completely forgot to ask.

"Master, how did you get so fast!" Ding Yifei's legs were broken, and his "walking" movement was exactly the same as Shi Qingyang's, but his control of radiation energy was not as good as Shi Qingyang's, and he also appeared to stumble when he came.

"Ding Yifei?" Cheng Xuze found out that he almost forgot the missing person with Shi Qingyang. He smiled awkwardly at the moment: "Xiao Ding, I knew you were lucky and lucky. Your father called all your sisters and is looking for you on the other side. Let's hurry over!"

"My dad they finally came…" Ding Yifei was spotted by radiation these days, and his chest was blackened by the wounds of Shang Yan. Although this time he had gained a lot, he did miss the city very much. Hearing Cheng Xuze say so, he was excited to set off immediately. He jumped out of a section of road with his hands propped up before suddenly stopping. Suddenly he found his behavior a bit ugly: "Grandpa Cheng, I can't move easily…" Originally Shi Qingyang was just like him, the two jumped together was nothing, but now there are outsiders…

Cheng Xuze also brought people with him. He pointed to the two people around him: "You two, a young master Ding and a young Yang…"

As soon as Cheng Xuze's voice fell, Cheng Ran easily picked up Shi Qingyang: "Grandpa, Qingyang, I'll come!" The joy of his recovery made him not want to let go of Shi Qingyang at all, and now he is actually a six-level radiation fighter, holding Shi Qingyang is not tired at all.

Cheng Ran's strength master Qingyang knew all along, but he didn't expect Cheng Ran to give himself a princess hug…However, he was not unhappy, just couldn't help laughing-Cheng Ran sometimes, always let a person unexpected.

Ding Yifei was somewhat stunned. He didn't understand anything in the wild. It was only Shi Qingyang who knew where there was danger and where food and water could be eaten. He became more and more confident in Shi Qingyang. Now seeing this scene, he always felt a strong sense of disobedience.

Shi Qingyang was held by the public for a short time, and soon came to the side of three chariots-Cheng Xuze their chariots parked nearby. If it weren't for the lush vegetation in this forest, they would have entered.

Cheng Xuze has many things to ask Shi Qingyang, let Wang Qing drive, sit on the co-pilot, legs must be straight Shi Qingyang and Cheng Ran sat in the back seat, so the car is one of their own, also can have what to say.

After the car was started, Cheng Xuze immediately asked, "Qingyang, what happened? And the base, what's the matter?"

"Was the base destroyed by foreign animals?" Shi Qingyang asked.

"Yes." Cheng Ran nodded his head, then opened his contact terminal and found some pictures of ruins: "Exotic animals hit chariots and small moving towns often happen, but most of them are not too serious. However, the base is different. The base was completely destroyed by exotic animals and nothing was left behind. The research office also started the self-destruction mechanism…This situation is exactly the same as the beast tide mentioned by Todd." When he saw the scene before, he even called it fear, and was afraid that Shi Qingyang was also in the base…Cheng Ran gripped the people around him as he spoke.

"If I didn't guess wrong, the base would be destroyed because someone wanted to kill it." Shi Qingyang lowered his voice and slowly talked about what he had encountered and his own speculation.

There is no doubt that in addition to the people living in cities now, there are another group of very mysterious people in the world. They will hunt those mysterious animals. Once humans find their traces or begin to study those mysterious animals, they will think of some way to destroy them.

Those people should not want to be discovered by human beings, so they have never appeared in front of human beings. They will not lay hands on human beings for no reason, but if someone steps on their "bottom line", they will immediately lay their hands on them, and this bottom line should be related to foreign animals.

Todd's news showed that the country destroyed by the beast wave was already doing research. It is likely that the research was about the mysterious animals. When those people knew about this, they simply let the animals kill all the people in the country and destroy the whole city…By that time, the research data would naturally disappear and finally be completely clean.

This time, too, Shang Yan should have taken the bodies of the two centipedes to the base. The mysterious man found out the situation and destroyed the entire base…

They should be strong, but the strongest side they show is that they can definitely control foreign animals, and they control foreign animals to destroy the city, without any damage to themselves, and do not have to face all kinds of hot weapons, human beings generally do not think that there are people behind these foreign animals.

Shi Qingyang said his own guess, more say more lose heart.

In the past, grade 9 was very strong for him, but now…is grade 9 really strong?

Cheng Xuze's face is also very not good-looking: "Qingyang, this is just speculation, should…will everything be okay? If so, we do research…"

"Grandpa, we have to be careful. In the future, everything in that research institute must be kept more confidential. Moreover, we must not transmit the information to the Internet or tell others. Who knows if those mysterious people have the ability to know the information on the Internet?" Shi Qingyang Road.

Cheng Xuze was shocked, then nodded solemnly: "I know, I must be careful!"

Cheng Ran knew about Shi Qingyang's rebirth and knew more about the beast tide. he wrote down everything Shi Qingyang said. then he said, "if this is the case, grandpa, we can't immediately say that we have found Shi Qingyang when we go back this time. we have to change the place where we found them so as not to have any problems in the end."

Cheng Ran said that Shi Qingyang and Cheng Xuze also understood that this forest was the place where the centipede beast died before. The mysterious man may not have found Shi Qingyang before, but if they knew that Shi Qingyang and Ding Yifei were rescued from here…

"Yes, that's what it should be, and Grandpa, we are not in a hurry to return to the city for the time being. I want to cure my leg first and then prepare to upgrade." Shi Qingyang also said that it is possible to be in danger if he rises from Grade 7 to Grade 8. He had better cure his leg first.

"Upgrade?" Cheng Xuze asked curiously.

"Yes, upgrade, Grandpa, I really want to be in Grade 8." Shi Qingyang said that upgrading to the eighth grade was not a bottleneck for him. He used to rely on the meat of centipedes, and he absorbed so much radiation energy crazily. Now he can start at any time.

"Grade 8?" Cheng Xuze was shocked all over his face. At the same time, their chariot suddenly twisted like crazy for a few times, then crashed into a big tree nearby.

This chariot is of excellent quality. The driver Wang Qing still remembered to protect the chariot with radiation energy, so although the tree fell down, the chariot was not a big problem, but this situation was enough to make the people in the other two chariots look askance.

Wang Qing has always been calm, facial paralysis has no expression on his face, but now he is looking at it in a trance. It was not until Cheng Xuze asked him that he woke up like a dream: "My hand slipped…"

Level 8! Twenty-four-year-old Grade 8! This is the world! Wang Qing discovered for the first time that his inner voice was almost breaking through his face.

Cheng Xuze as shocked as he was, before the crash, he even climbed out of the back half of the body, want to catch Shi Qingyang shoulder shake-this guy exactly how long!

However, Wang Qing's car accident calmed him down and finally decided to calm himself down: "Lao Wang, you just have too little knowledge. you only have eight grades. what's the big surprise?"

Master, your twisted expression…Are you sure you don't make a fuss? At Cheng Xuze, Wang Qing tried to reverse the car, but accidentally bumped it into the tree.

After sitting in the car, Shi Qingyang was worried that Cheng Ran, who had been thrown out of the car, held him in her arms. By the way, he hugged Cheng Ran and secretly ate tofu.

"Wang Qing, you can't do this. It's too dangerous. Come on, let's change places and I'll drive!" Cheng Xuze suddenly thought of what, he hasn't driven a chariot for a long time, Wang Qing just the two bump, but let him suddenly came in, want to try to drive a chariot!

It must be a good time to drive like this, and he urgently needs to vent now!

Cheng Xuze spoke, Wang Qing will not disagree, of course, can only change the seat, and Cheng Xuze a sit quietly, their chariots quickly opened out…

Ding Yifei was sitting in a chariot in the back. Cheng Xuze arranged the people who took care of him to take good care of him. The car was also driving very steadily. He didn't feel any discomfort at all. He looked at the chariot in front of him and saw it careening around. He always felt a little puzzled: "What happened to that car? They won't have enemies with my master, will they? Did you mess with him on purpose? My master's legs are still not good."

"…" Drivers don't talk, but they are just as curious as him-Wang Qing has always been very stable. What's the matter?

Cheng Xuze's car was driving very fast. He used his strength to dare to bump into anything. If it weren't for Cheng Ran reminding him not to go too far, he would have done even better.

When they finally came to the mobile town, Cheng Xuze finally slowed down the speed. He didn't get off either. He drove the chariot directly into the mobile town. The two cars behind him were just like him.

The other two drivers, who were chasing Cheng Xuze's car all the way, had hardly stopped when they wanted to ask Wang Qing what was going on. Unexpectedly, the person who came down from the driver's seat of the car turned out to be Cheng Xuze with a strange expression. The moment he silenced himself, Ding Yifei, whose mouth was already open, finally swallowed his words again.

Cheng Xuze tried his best to control his mouth and let himself not be too happy. He spoke as seriously as possible: "Shi Qingyang and Ding Yifei's return will be kept secret for the time being. We will look elsewhere and then' find' them."

Cheng Xuze underlings naturally listen to his words, Ding Yifei froze, soon understood-although he is now very want to see his family, but also know that he and Shi Qingyang saw before that thing is not simple.

As a matter of urgency, he had better raise his legs first.

Shi Qingyang and Ding Yifei's self-made fixing frames were removed, because it had been over ten days and they had drunk some medicine, so their bones had been connected. After the doctor saw them, he soon confirmed that they could recover in a few days. Of course, they had to eat a lot of food these days and go to the medical cabin to bubble their legs from time to time.

"However, I want to eat that." In the mobile town, Shi Qingyang naturally and Cheng Ran stick together completely, even when he was soaking in the medical cabin, Cheng Ran accompanied by.

Cheng Ran quickly handed Shi Qingyang the food that Shi Qingyang had specified and directly fed it into Shi Qingyang's mouth: "What else do you want to eat?"

"Master, you should drink more water. You must drink more water!" Next to Ding Yifei immediately the baggage and take the journey.

"why?" Cheng Ran subconsciously asked.

"When the master wants to go to the toilet, there will be no way to show love!" Ding Yifei said that Shi Qingyang had Cheng Ran to take care of him before. He had only one bodyguard with the same size as him. He found a lot of wine to drink, and was held to go to the toilet in the middle of the bubble. He really lost a lot of face.

"…" Shi Qingyang ignored him decisively, but before he could do anything, he suddenly felt that the radiation energy in his body had almost reached a critical point: "However, it's time!"

"Qingyang?" Cheng Ran a full face of surprise, immediately to give Shi Qingyang to a princess embrace, fortunately Shi Qingyang this time have preparedness, before Cheng Ran embrace him from the medical cabin himself stood up, directly into the mobile small town training room.

"Is it that urgent to go to the toilet?" Ding Yifei wondered, but suddenly he thought of something: "It's time…is it promotion?" His legs are almost the same, now also stumbled to climb out of the medical cabin.

Shi Qingyang is indeed the time for promotion. Cheng Ran accompanied him these days. He not only adhered to him, but also used his own radiation energy to help him sort out the radiation energy in his body. This made his radiation energy a little more. Now he is like a ball full of gas and even flushed with excessive gas. If he reduces these pressures, he can reach Grade 8. If he cannot compress, he will stay at Grade 7 all the time.

Many people's radiation energy is very violent, and it is very troublesome to compress it. Any carelessness will result in failure, which in turn damages the body. Shi Qingyang is different. His radiation energy is enviable. He still has experience and compresses it very quickly…

"Xiao Ran, teacher Qingyang to practice kungfu? I have seen, today is not a good day, really want to advance, it is best to bathe and change clothes…"Cheng Xuze recently studied some ancient books is very worried.

"Grandpa, I really need to take a bath now." Shi Qingyang opened the door and came out of the training room.

"That's right, take a good bath, relax, and then begin to prepare for promotion. At that time, we will talk to a psychologist before promotion. After all, mentality is also very important…" Cheng Xuze talked endlessly about his own experience.

"Grandpa, I have already qualified successfully." Shi Qingyang smiled.

Cheng Xuze's expression froze. After a while, his mouth took a puff: "Turns out to be so, ha ha…I said you are very good…ha ha…"

He had been promoted to the next level for almost one day. Why did Shi Qingyang keep up with a toilet? This is exactly why!

Cheng Xuze want to hold Shi Qingyang shoulder shake again.

Cheng Xuze's struggle has been handled. Finally, Shi Qingyang, whose legs are better, took Cheng Ran to take a bath and did some bed exercises together.

"Qingyang, fortunately, you are all right." When it was all over, Cheng Ran hugged Shi Qingyang tightly and suddenly shook.

"Don't worry, I'm fine." Shi Qingyang patted Cheng Ran on the shoulder. Cheng Ran has been following him closely these days. He also saw it because he was afraid.

Although it didn't appear on the surface, Cheng Ran was actually very afraid that he would leave…Shi Qingyang held people tightly in his arms: "we will always be together."

Shi Qingyang has reached the 8th grade, and Ding Yifei's legs are almost the same. After leaving the base for a long time, Cheng Xuze's mobile town finally said that it had "found" Shi Qingyang and Ding Yifei, while letting people inform Ding Yingxin who was still looking for someone.

Ding Yingxin's mobile town is still behind him. He flew up with his strength and saw his son, who had been soaked in nutrient solution for several days, his eyes turned sour: "Son!"

"Dad!" Ding Yifei felt a little guilty. In order to be safe, he worried his family for a few more days.

"Son, it's great that you're all right!" Ding Yingxin slapped his son on the shoulder and nearly injured Ding Yifei with internal injuries.

Ding Yifei's touch was almost lost: "Dad, I'm all right. The man who arrested us this time is a family heiress. When he gets back, he must give them a good look!"

"Is it really a Feng family?" Ding Yingxin's brow wrinkled up tightly, looking solemn, and looked at Cheng Xuze beside.

He was silent for a moment, then suddenly he slapped his son on the shoulder again: "even if Feng Yunhong dares to hurt my son, I will not make him feel better. we will go back immediately and rob his grandson's champion first!"

"Champion?" Ding Yifei asked, suddenly thinking of the radiation energy competition that he had almost forgotten.

"how is the radiation energy competition going?" Cheng Xuze also hurriedly asked, he was busy looking for Shi Qingyang at the beginning, found it and then was Shi Qingyang unexpectedly reached level 8 of the earthquake, forgot about the radiation energy competition.

"My son and Shi Qingyang have both qualified, but it is impossible for them to postpone the competition for too long. They started to compete a few days ago. We should hurry back now and maybe we can beat Feng Linqiu!" Ding Yingxin gnashed his teeth and said that he came to Central City this time to win the championship for his son. Naturally, he did not want to see Feng Linqiu.

"Master, we must teach that Feng Linqiu a good lesson!" Ding Yifei heard these words and immediately looked at Shi Qingyang.

"Master?" Ding Yingxin looked at his son in surprise. His son actually worshipped a man in his early twenties as a master?

No matter how surprised Ding Yingxin was, Shi Qingyang still became his peers directly. At this time, the Central City's Radicals Competition was indeed drawing to a close.

After Shi Qingyang and Ding Yifei were captured, Feng Linqiu became the most dazzling one, but not the only one-Zheng Gaoyuan, who was considered a dark horse from the beginning, became the biggest dark horse in this competition and climbed all the way to the finals.

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