Shi Qingyang and Ding Yifei hid in the cave for five days.

At first, the situation outside was obviously very chaotic, but after half a day, everything had been restored to calm, but Shi Qingyang was afraid that someone would search outside, so he did not dare to go out easily.

For five days, Shi Qingyang drank all the medicines he could drink, and at the same time he has been using the tactic that can conceal himself. Gradually, this tactic has been used by him more and more skillfully. While maintaining the tactic, he can also practice radiation energy.

The latter point was discovered by Shi Qingyang by coincidence.

In this cave, the only thing that makes them feel more troublesome is the food problem. To be on the safe side, Shi Qingyang has not started hunting. The only food that he and Ding Yifei can eat is the food stored in their bags before.

These food is not much, the average is only two people eat for two days, this also can only eat a half full…Later Shi Qingyang simply gave Ding Yifei all the food they brought, eat up the centipede beast's body-the centipede beast is too big, although he only left a piece, but also can eat for a long time.

After eating the queen's flesh pain, Shi Qingyang had no feeling after eating the queen's flesh again, and so did the centipede beast this time. However, although there was no feeling, Shi Qingyang also found that after eating the meat, his radiation energy would be extremely peaceful.

The field is full of radiation energy, and it is fast to practice, but there is a huge problem, that is, radiation energy is too violent. Direct absorption of radiation energy in the field, a bad control is likely to be like Shang Yan, died of radiation riots before the age of 40-to her extent, even if every day drink Cheng Ran configuration of radiation soothing agent, I'm afraid the effect is not big.

However, the meat of the centipede beast is different. It does not enhance radiation energy, but enables it to absorb turbulent radiation energy in the air and convert it into moderate radiation energy in the body.

This kind of cultivation method, even a little too fast, Shi Qingyang whole-heartedly practice for a day, can catch up with the previous practice for a month or two!

"Shi Qingyang, is it really okay for you to absorb radiation energy in the air like this?" Ding Yifei felt the radiation energy in the air pouring towards Shi Qingyang and asked curiously.

"There is the meat of this centipede beast." Shi Qingyang pointed to the piece of rotten meat that he wrapped with radiation energy. Ding Yifei may not know the magic of the meat at first, but he has come five days now and Ding Yifei must have noticed it.

Ding Yifei did feel a little bit. Shi Qingyang said before that the mysterious man came for this centipede beast. There will naturally be magic in it. Plus, Shi Qingyang will eat a small piece of meat after each practice, and the radiation energy will stabilize…

However, although there is a feeling, he did not covet the heart, after being caught, he has been a drag, this centipede beast is completely has nothing to do with him, he is ashamed to ask what you want.

Shi Qingyang has been watching Ding Yifei for several days. Seeing that Ding Yifei is not arrogant and impetuous, he is also relieved to Ding Yifei: "There is also a reason why I don't give you the meat of this centipede beast. I'm afraid you'll die as soon as you eat it." Shi Qingyang said, at the same time, he brought up the video of Li Rong and others eating the queen ant's meat from his contact terminal, focusing on their fate.

Six years ago, the case in Anhang City was very famous. Ding Yifei also knew something about it. At that time, Anda recorded the video, and naturally he did not know nothing about it. His face was full of surprise.

"Originally I was a double C- talent, but my luck was especially good, unexpectedly accidentally met a similar to the centipede beast animals, improve my talent. Over the past few years, we have been studying the exotic animal, only to find that those who have developed radiation energy will die immediately if they eat it. It is also for this reason that my grandfather still cannot eat even though his eyes are too hot. He still has to endure the radiation riots." Shi Qingyang said directly.

Shi Qingyang said grandpa, obviously is Cheng Xuze…Ding Yifei thought Cheng Xuze really still endure radiation riots, face is full of disappointment. He knew Shi Qingyang didn't cheat himself, after all, with Shi Qingyang strength now, want to let him keep a secret as long as directly kill him, there is no need to cheat him.

"However, you can rest assured that the research will continue. Perhaps there will be a breakthrough at some time and our future generations will also benefit." Shi Qingyang smiled, but then frowned: "But as things stand, those mysterious people are staring at us all the time. If this research is discovered by them, maybe the beast tide will happen in big cities, such as the central city…" Shi Qingyang is very glad now, glad that the Cheng family has done a very good job of keeping secret of the queen ant.

"No? Will the Central City be destroyed by the Beast Tide?"

"Who knows what will happen?" Shi Qingyang gave a wry smile and asked, "Do you still want to be my apprentice?"

"Disciple? Master!" Ding Yifei immediately said, Shi Qingyang also taught him some things when the sky came down, and he was even more looking forward to it.

As for Shi Qingyang, he is younger…Is there? He seems completely unable to feel it in his ordinary life.

Shi Qingyang saw the whole people watching Ding Yifei, who had lost a lot of weight, and asked, "Have you finished your food?"

Ding Yifei's face flashed a trace of embarrassment and finally nodded. He should save some food, but he couldn't help it: "I only have a little left, but it doesn't matter. I'm big and it doesn't matter if I'm hungry for a few days."

"Let's go out, after all, it's been five days, but still be careful." Shi Qingyang said that Ding Yifei has been hungry for several days, and so has he-no matter how big the meat of centipede beast is, he must keep it for research and naturally cannot eat more.

In fact, in the past five days he has eaten only one-third of it. This is because he has been practicing for so long that radiation needs to be eased.

"Yes, Master!" Ding Yifei spirit up, say with smile.

I don't know if I ate too much centipede meat. Shi Qingyang's legs are faster than Ding Yi's, but although they are much better, he still doesn't use his legs to avoid sequelae and plans to keep them longer.

As a result, I saw two people with their legs tied to the branch, with their legs forward, holding the ground with their hands, holding it up, and jumping out of the tree far forward.

Can't climb to the top of the tree to see the direction, Shi Qingyang in the woods naturally also can't distinguish the direction, plus he and Ding Yifei very carefully, always pay attention to the surrounding environment, the speed of progress is slower, and walked for two days, two people also didn't go out of the woods.

After hunting an exotic animal, Shi Qingyang quickly began to dismember it, picking out the best meat. Then he took out a lighter from his body to light a fire and sprinkled spices on it…

Ding Yifei had seen Shi Qingyang's ability to survive in the wild, but he was still surprised to see this situation. He treated the water collected by Shi Qingyang after cutting down a vine, and began to wait for the barbecue before Shi Qingyang.

After living in the wild for so many days, he suffered a little radiation damage, and his radiation energy in his body was much more violent than that outside. If it weren't for seeing Shi Qingyang always adapt to the environment quickly, he wouldn't have been able to stick to it long ago.

"Master, you used to live in the wild?" Ding Yifei could not help but ask.

"I am very, very familiar with the wild environment." Shi Qingyang did not answer directly.

"Master, I used to wonder why I lost to you. Now I think about it, it's not without reason. I can't do the same thing as you. I can't practice all the time and stay outside the city all day." Ding Yifei sighed, and then ruthlessly bite Shi Qingyang baked meat.

Shi Qingyang's craftsmanship is really good. He has made up his mind to turn such a skilled woman.

When Ding Yifei sighed with emotion, Shi Qingyang had already finished his food for three or two times and then began to absorb radiation energy in the air with his eyes closed.

In the past, Shi Qingyang practiced in the kungfu training room, because the radiation energy was gentle and the speed was relatively slow. Now, outside the city, the radiation energy around him was pouring into his body.

Because there is a centipede beast meat don't have to worry about radiation riots, Shi Qingyang cultivation speed now is dozens of times that of the past, so in just a few days, however, his body radiation has become more and more vigorous, presumably before long, can reach level 8.

Ding Yifei saw Shi Qingyang like this and stopped talking. Instead, he observed the surrounding situation and guarded Shi Qingyang.

As usual, Shi Qingyang dug a hole in the tree beside him and lay there. At the same time, he inevitably remembered Cheng Ran.

Since he was caught by Shang Yan, he has been out of town for ten days. Now Cheng Ran must miss him very much. I don't know where Cheng Ran is now…

Shi Qingyang guessed right, Cheng Ran really missed him, but now Cheng Ran is not far from him.

After the disappearance of Shi Qingyang and Ding Yifei, Cheng family and Ding Jia deployed a lot of manpower and did find some clues to know that people were from the west of the central city.

At that time, Cheng Ran dug out from the memory of the base that Shi Qingyang had mentioned before, and brought people to find it directly.

It is certainly not easy to find a hidden base in the wild. They searched for seven or eight days before they finally found it, only to find that the entire base has become a ruin.

The base of Feng family is located between two mountains. Its main body is a large mobile town called a small city hundreds of years ago. The mobile town can no longer move. However, protective covers and the like have been replaced with the latest ones and are well managed. Usually, many people should live here…

Cheng Ran looked at the surrounding shield fragments, looked at the ruins of various dilapidated things, made such speculation, at the same time can't help but some legs soft.

He and Shi Qingyang have been looking into the beast tide, and the situation here is clearly due to the beast tide, which is exactly the same as the photos provided by Todd after the beast tide happened.

Shi Qingyang died from the beast tide in his previous life. Now…No, Shi Qingyang is so severe that nothing will happen!

"Qingyang, will they be here?" Cheng Xuze watched a circle and then looked at Cheng Ran wearing anti-radiation clothing.

At first, when Shi Qingyang had an accident, he was very worried about Cheng Ran's situation, lest something should go wrong under Cheng Ran's sadness. However, the facts proved that he thought too much. These days, Cheng Ran should eat, sleep and analyze the problems calmly. He did not appear to be overwhelmed. If Cheng Ran had not been at the forefront of search and rescue, the whole person would still be like a machine when waking up. He would have suspected that his grandson's feelings for Shi Qingyang were not so deep.

Of course, Cheng Ran's performance undoubtedly reassured him a lot, and he would be willing to discuss with Cheng Ran if something happened.

"He must not be here, but nearby, perhaps he made it here." Cheng Ran said directly that although the situation here looked a little scary, he was not willing to believe Shi Qingyang would be here before.

Shi Qingyang can defeat the sixth grade when he is in the fifth grade, and he should be able to deal with the eighth grade when he is in the seventh grade. He is so powerful, maybe this base is destroyed by him…

"You're right, he has good luck and can often save the day!" Cheng Xuze nodded: "Should we look around then?"

"Yes, look around. I'll eat first and then go with you." Cheng Ran said that Shi Qingyang once said that only when one has enough food can one have strength. Now he has not found Shi Qingyang, and he cannot fall down!

Cheng Ran after eating, Cheng Xuze has also checked the whole mobile town, and make sure that there is not even a living person here, eating meat animals already clean bones, all kinds of facilities, but also completely destroyed.

Since there is no one here, Shi Qingyang must be around! During the search, Cheng Ran led the way with hot weapons and combat uniforms.

When Cheng Ran and Cheng Xuze and others entered the surrounding search, Shi Qingyang found that his accumulated radiation energy had almost reached the peak of level 7.

At this time, the average person will be very excited. They will have a good rest and then start to try to break through Grade 8. Most of them will fail. It is rare for one or two people to succeed, and they will immediately shock the whole country…

Shi Qingyang did not feel excited, but felt a little sad.

When he reached the top of grade 7 in his previous life and planned to hit grade 8, the whole people were extremely excited, because no one around shared this joy, and finally he could only send a post on the internet, but it happened that he was still treated as a fake…

In my life…he just wanted to share with Cheng Ran, but Cheng Ran was not here.

"Master, we've been walking for a long time today, shouldn't we have a rest?" Ding Yifei asked, although he has radiation protection and is wearing anti-radiation clothing, he has been walking with his hands and his arms are too much for him.

"It's rare to see the sun today. Go a little further." Shi Qingyang looked up at the sun, which was almost covered by grey clouds, and said, walking, he did not forget to leave marks on the different plants beside him-if Cheng Ran found them and saw them, he could know where he had gone.

Two people "jump" out of the road again, Shi Qingyang watched Ding Yifei really some don't hold up, finally stopped.

However, although he stopped to have a rest, Shi Qingyang still paid attention to the situation around him, rippling away from the radiation energy fluctuation of his body and returning all kinds of information to him.

Different plants, different animals, different people?

I found a group of people coming this way. These people seemed to be familiar with them. Shi Qingyang almost jumped up happily.

The mysterious man would never look for someone so deep and shallow, so those people…Cheng Ran found him!

Shi Qingyang supported himself on the ground with both hands, and the whole person jumped out. By this time, he had completely forgotten Ding Yifei.

Cheng Ran and Cheng Xuze have been looking for two days in the woods, but they have found nothing. As time goes on, they will inevitably become more and more anxious.

This day they were walking towards the inside when suddenly something appeared from the side…no, it was a person!

The man was wearing radiation-proof clothing and his legs were tied together forward. After "sitting" on a branch, he rushed towards them.

"of course!"

"Qingyang!" Cheng Ran was pleasantly surprised, but suddenly he found Shi Qingyang's leg was at him. He wanted to give each other a hug, but he was likely to be kicked out by his feet…

Fortunately, Shi Qingyang responded quickly, and the change of direction fell on his side. He finally reached out to embrace him at this time. It happened that Shi Qingyang could not stand yet and sat directly on the ground. The whole person just reached his waist…

Cheng Ran laughed tears, a fart | shares sitting on the ground, and then with a helmet head hit Shi Qingyang head-in front of outsiders, he is an ordinary person, take off your helmet to kiss, also can only hit it.

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