This is a very large centipede, about seven or eight meters long. Its limbs are covered with feet. Its red head is the size of an adult's body. Now it has just emerged from the soil.

Ding Yifei didn't notice the strange animal at all. He subconsciously stood up and ran away, but forgot that his leg was tied stiff. After swinging, he fell to the ground instead.

Shi Qingyang didn't have time to worry about him at all. Instead, an isolation cover covered the centipede beast and himself in front of him. At the same time, he also noticed something was wrong.

When he met the queen ant before, his own strength was still very low, so he only felt that the queen ant had no radiation energy response. Now his strength has become very strong, and what he can feel is different-he felt a strange fluctuation on this centipede.

What the hell is going on here? Shi Qingyang hands moved, more than a dozen wind blade toward the centipede beast joints cut off, the centipede beast turned over, tail immediately toward Shi Qingyang dumped.

If in the past, it was not difficult for Shi Qingyang to avoid the tail of the centipede beast, but his legs could not move at all…

At the same time, Ding Yifei suddenly said, "Those Butterflymon are back!"

"hide quickly!" Shi Qingyang could no longer take care of the centipede beast. He immediately withdrew the cover and took the two people around him to hide under some fallen leaves beside him. At the same time, he used radiation energy to adjust the radiation fluctuation on his body just like the surrounding environment. The whole person was nervous.

Shi Qingyang believes that he is not weak, but even when he was a strong man of Grade 8, he did not have the ability to control foreign animals. He has never heard of anyone who has the ability to control foreign animals before and after his two lifetimes.

Cheng Ran once said that the beast tide may be controlled by people. At that time, it was only speculation. But seeing the mysterious man, he suddenly felt that it was definitely not just a speculation. There was also speculation that the beast tide was related to exotic animals such as queen ant. Perhaps the same holds true-otherwise, how could it be so clever to meet such a centipede beast here?

If a person who can easily destroy a city by launching a wave of animals finds himself…he has never seen any news on the internet that anyone has found mysterious people or strange animals outside the city, is it because all those who found them have been killed?

Shi Qingyang, under the great crisis, applied the hiding method he had just grasped to the extreme.

Fortunately, the mysterious man didn't come at them, and the centipede beast after Shi Qingyang let go of her but also quickly jumped out…

Shi Qingyang waited for a while but there was no movement. Looking from a distance with a telescope, he saw that all the dancing Butterflymon had gone in the direction of the centipede beast before. This man had indeed come for the centipede beast!

Because of the distance, he can't see each other's appearance, but the current situation…Shi Qingyang will know things in series before and after, more and more think beast tide and mystery man just found, and strange animals like queens have countless ties.

"Very fast." Tall trees and leaves blocked the view. Ding Yifei whispered until he was sure he could not see the man.

"Find a place to hide. I have something to say." Shi Qingyang said that he soon found a cave dug by some strange animal and hid in it. The centipede animal may make a breakthrough in Cheng Ran's research, but in any case, his life and the news are the most important.

"Are you familiar with this forest? Do you know how to get out with the fastest speed?" After killing the animals in the cave, Shi Qingyang looked at Shang Yan.

Shang Yan shook her head." I don't know. I'm not familiar with this place. It's a mountain forest to the south of the base. I want to detour to get there. Few people come here, but there should be no danger." She was worried about being discovered before, and fled here only after she had chosen no way out. If she could fly into the air with the help of radiation energy in her heyday, it would be easy to find a way out, but now…

"Shi Qingyang, do you know anything?" Ding Yifei asked curiously.

Shi Qingyang did not answer him, but looked at Shang Yan again: "Shang Yan, you have been living outside the city before. have you found any mysterious people who can control animals? Have you ever found any strange animals that are different from ordinary strange animals?"

"No." Shang Yan shook her head: "What did you see just now? Are you in danger?" She didn't have a telescope and didn't see the mysterious man far away, but Shi Qingyang and Ding Yifei might have an accident, and she felt happy-if these people can't go back, Shang Yahang will naturally be safe.

Now the situation is critical, Shang Yan even gloated. Shi Qingyang grabbed Shang Yan's clothes and lifted the emaciated Shang Yan: "do you remember that you vomited blood when you grabbed me? Ding Yifei and I had an accident. Your blood samples must have been collected. If Shang Yahang were an ordinary person, he might not be found, but Shang Yahang has excellent talent and is now in Grade 7…As long as our family finds out that you are genetically similar to Shang Yahang, I'm afraid Shang Yahang's identity will soon be revealed!"

Shang Yan's body was too poor. First he caused the Radiation Energy Rebellion, then he attacked her. With the addition of the Radiation Energy Interception Method, it can be said that there was no resistance. Because of this, he did not threaten her before, but now it is different.

If the mysterious man riding on Butterflymon really has something to do with the beast tide…With such a sharp sword hanging over everyone's head, Shi Qingyang had to quickly remove the unfavorable factors around him: "Shang Yan, I tell you, if we don't return to the city, Shang Yahang will surely die!"

Shang Yan grew up outside the city and did not know much about the situation in the city. It was because of this that she vomited blood and did not clean up the scene. But even if she didn't know much about it before, now Shi Qingyang said, she also understood that her already bloodless face was completely bloodless this time.

"Just now we met a mysterious man who can control animals, the man wants to know is very strong…do you want us to have no life? If that is the case, Shang Yahang will not survive." Shi Qingyang added.

"No, no…he must live!" Shang Yan's face was full of panic: "Please kill me and don't hurt him."

Shang Yan is not a person who can cheat. Shi Qingyang ordered a few more times on her body to make the radiation in her body more disorderly. That's why Todd told Ding Yifei about the beast tide. There are still videos related to the beast tide in his contact terminal, and he also took them out to play.

Although Todd came to China, people in China didn't pay much attention to him, and not many people believed the things he brought about related to the beast tide.

Ding Yifei could not help suspecting that it was a science fiction movie when he first saw the video on Shi Qingyang's hand. He didn't understand how serious it was until he got a positive answer from Shi Qingyang and knew that such a thing had happened in another country far away.

Shi Qingyang, however, did not mind making him feel that the matter was more serious: "In foreign countries, many cities have encountered beast tides, which is why Todd and his entourage have come all the way here. Now that the mysterious man is here, maybe it will also suffer."

"Really someone can manipulate animals? Is it true that someone can launch a beast wave like that? Humans…"Ding Yifei froze, he knew the identity of the teacher Qingyang" mask master "after the teacher Qingyang very trust, this time nature will not believe it.

People are selfish, but there are no eggs under the cover of the nest, and there is really a tide of animals…

"It's useless for us to think about these things now, but it's better to think about how to get out," Shi Qingyang said, and then looked at Shang Yan nearby." The base of Feng family should be the nearest one. Can we go there?" Close to home base should be able to hide people, and according to his understanding of Cheng Ran, even if can't find in a short period of time, in a few days will be able to find.

"No way!" Shang Yan immediately the baggage and take the journey, expression some entanglements.

"What's the matter?"

"The base is all closed. We actually live in another small mobile town…They often come to our small mobile town to look for people, and they never come out after taking them to that base…I went to see them, and all the people they found were for drug testing." Shang Yan was arrested by Shi Qingyang and threatened by Shi Qingyang before, but she did not make it clear because she was afraid of Feng Yunhong.

The so-called base for cultivation of medicinal materials actually allows people to test medicines? Shi Qingyang suddenly thought of the previous research on omnipotent drugs in the laboratory, as well as those magical poisons…

The laboratory in the city is the safest place, but it is not easy to do some experiments. therefore, this so-called base is actually a branch of the laboratory?

"Don't you know to resist?" Ding Yifei some anger.

"How to resist? Anyway, it's just like that…you see, those exotic animals don't always reproduce, and then let humans hunt them and feed on them?" Shang Yan, when life is too hard, they have no capital to resist, especially for those who have no talent.

If they are driven out, they will only die. In this case, doing research is nothing but the difference between early death and late death.

As for other people…aphid animals can continue to suck tree juice when the same kind is preyed on, and so can people who are too numb: "if you go there, you will not die. maybe you will also be given some medicine, and there are seven masters."

Ding Yifei received equal education from an early age. Even though the Radiation fighters have many privileges, it is fair in the city. He could hardly accept Shang Yan's description.

"If it is very dangerous, you can't go…" Shi Qingyang frowned, suddenly thought of the beast.

He didn't want the beast tide to hurt ordinary people, but if it was the research office…

"You asked me before if I knew anything strange…in fact, I heard a legend." Shang Yan suddenly said, looking like a ghost, she turned to Shi Qingyang: "I have followed the mobile town to many places and participated in many construction. An old man once told me that there were gods above human beings in this world. The gods helped human beings to build settlements after the catastrophe, but if human beings did not obey, the gods would punish human beings…I heard that many people had been killed before because they offended the gods and could not even find their bones."

Shang Yan said unusually grim, Ding Yifei heard fibrillation, Shi Qingyang is Shang Yan said down, ghosts and gods said he is not believe, but there will be such rumors, is by no means unfounded.

Shi Qingyang thought for a moment, then said something strange about the centipede beast before. Finally, he took his guess and Cheng Ran's guess as a fact and said: "I suspect that the mysterious man came after the centipede beast. According to Todd, all countries attacked by the beast tide have studied mysterious animals."

The words sound just fell, Shi Qingyang suddenly felt something close to, subconsciously a shield in the past, only to find that drilling holes, unexpectedly is the centipede beast before, is really speak of the devil!

The centipede beast, didn't just go far? Shi Qingyang was wondering, but this centipede beast had already taken the lead in attacking them.

All animals are not clever. The centipede beast did not know that it could not attack others casually, nor did it know how it escaped the pursuit of the mysterious man…Shi Qingyang was thinking this way when he found that the centipede beast had a needle stuck in its back.

I'm afraid that mysterious person is to capture this centipede beast alive! Maybe he is teasing the centipede beast, but now the centipede beast happened to come to them, it also obviously don't want to flee for life!

Shi Qingyang in the mind a surprised, just listen to Shi Qingyang analysis of Ding Yifei is also face big change.

With Shi Qingyang's current level 7 strength, it is easy to deal with a centipede beast, but now he really doesn't want to deal with this centipede beast, but it's a pity that this is not what he can choose-this centipede beast directly entangled with them!

After the centipede beast blunt come over, Shi Qingyang can only decorate an isolation cover first, and then grabbed the centipede beast huge head, at the same time, a few lighter before the centipede beast has not responded, he was stuffed into the centipede beast's mouth-can't let the outside people know the situation here, but also to avoid being pursued, this is really not easy!

This centipede beast is much weaker than it was when it met before. Perhaps it is related to the needle stuck on its body. It lost its life without much struggle, but at the same time, the strange fluctuations on its body also became strong.

Shi Qingyang was surprised. He hurriedly made a huge protective cover by using radiation energy, and then covered the whole centipede beast. At the same time, he also simulated the radiation fluctuation with radiation energy, and covered the whole centipede beast.

If he does well, maybe he can let the outside people not find this centipede beast?

Shi Qingyang's thoughts flashed by and he soon knew he was thinking too much. It was not that simple-the needle on this centipede was emitting faint light.

No wireless signal can be transmitted outside the city, but the mysterious man may have some special method…

"Let's run!" Ding Yifei immediately got to the point where Shi Qingyang reminded him at the beginning that he also found something extraordinary about this centipede beast.

"You run away quickly and let the man think I killed this strange beast. You can't die!" Shang Yan's voice was hoarse and her face was full of fear: "You must run away, my brother can't have an accident!"

"You take this centipede beast to the base of your home." Shi Qingyang took a deep breath and looked at Shang Yan: "I swear I will take good care of Shang Yahang!"

The centipede beast is now a huge trouble for them. They killed the centipede beast with tactical skills. Even if the body was thrown down, it would be found. And if there were no accident, the mysterious man would have caught up…

It is the best way to let people leave with this centipede beast, but both he and Ding Yifei have broken their legs now, which naturally cannot be done. Moreover, he is not so great as to sacrifice himself at this time.

"I'm going to…no, I don't have any radiation energy…" Shang Yan is extremely anxious. if Shi Qingyang can't go back alive, her brother will have an accident. because of this, she wants Shi Qingyang alive now than anyone else. as for her own life…she has not had many days to live.

However, how will she go?

Shi Qingyang did not waste time either. He directly removed the radiation energy truncation method from her body and cut the centipede beast into three segments, leaving the smallest segment in the middle.

After the centipede beast died completely, the fluctuation on the body became weaker. It should be no problem to take only such a piece of meat. He can also let Cheng Ran study it to see if this exotic beast really has a problem.

Of course, he dared to do so because there was only one mysterious man, and this centipede beast, which had been shattered by his fighting skills, was still very long…

The radiation energy cut-off method originally existed in order to alleviate the radiation energy riots. After the release of Shi Qingyang's help Shang Yan, Shang Yan's level 8 radiation energy came back, even more stable than before.

Shang Yan gave Shi Qingyang a shocked look. If it weren't for Feng Yunhong's confession to capture Shi Qingyang alive, she would have killed the two men directly at the beginning, but even if she didn't kill them, she also broke their legs…Originally she thought Shi Qingyang had really lost her radiation energy, but she didn't think so.

However, Shi Qingyang did make her believe Shi Qingyang's words even more. She reached out and threw out a small box: "I gave it to Aerospace."

The words sound just fell, she had already carried two bodies and ran out.

Ding Yifei was somewhat absent when he saw this scene, but Shi Qingyang had already packed the rest of the body in a bag in his baggage: "Let's go!"

Ding Yifei immediately followed up.

Shi Qingyang did not go out of the cave, but walked along the cave-most animals have more than one cave exit.

Sure enough, Shi Qingyang saw the exit not far away. He went on and walked a while before entering another cave. This time, he disguised the entrance very well and did not even install a telescope.

After all this, Shi Qingyang took a deep breath. If he guessed right, Shang Yan would be dead this time. At the same time, now is an excellent opportunity to make sure whether the beast tide is really related to the mysterious person and this special exotic animal-Shang Yan took the exotic animal to the base of the Feng family. The mysterious person will definitely make some moves.

If in the past, I'm afraid Qingyang, who made such a decision, will still hesitate. In case of such trouble, he will choose to escape directly, but after knowing that the so-called base turned out to be a branch of the laboratory, he did not relent.

As for Shang Yan…he will do what he promised!

Shi Qingyang also didn't know how long he stayed in the cave. Suddenly he felt some abnormal movement outside. In the depths of the cave where he was hiding, he climbed out of the two terrapin beasts and, regardless of them, rushed out directly toward the outside.

Beast tide! These two words appeared in Shi Qingyang's mind, and he did not know at that time whether what he did was right or wrong.

Fortunately, according to Todd's information, the beast tide will not target the surrounding cities-if those mysterious people really want to exterminate human beings, human beings would have ceased to exist long ago.

This time, the closed base may even become ruins.

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