Although this woman's strength is very strong, it is completely regardless of the body forced to ascend, so radiation energy will be extremely violent, at the same time, because she grew up outside the city, in many ways even naive.

Moreover, she didn't know the radiation energy truncation method, she only knew that she used to use her own radiation energy even if the radiation energy riots, but now all the radiation energy has completely lost control…

Therefore, after Shi Qingyang threatened Shang Yahang, she soon knew everything she could say.

This woman named Shang Yan is the elder sister of Shang Yahang. She is only 37 years old this year. She was born outside the city. She was born with radiation energy. She began to practice radiation energy at an early age. Perhaps because there are more radiation energy in contact, she has strong adaptability to radiation energy, reaching Grade 8 at a young age. But similarly, her life span will not be very long.

People outside the city rely on people who absorb violent radiation energy to become stronger. Most of them have the same situation as her. With the same talent, they can go further than the people in the city. However, many people can't live beyond the age of 40. Shang Yan's parents died very early. Shang Yan's only relative is his brother Shang Yahang.

As long as they live outside the city, they will definitely not live long. After growing up, Shang Yan knew that her tragedy was inevitable, but she didn't want her brother to meet the same thing. Finally, she asked the Feng family to send her teenage brother to the city, and she would always help the Feng family.

With her grade 8 strength, she has long since stopped taking orders from her family. She can come and go outside the city as long as she likes, but her younger brother is under the care of her family. Feng Yunhong once told her that if she does not obey, her younger brother will be thrown out, and she will not dare to resist any more.

She has done a lot of things to help Feng family, catching Shi Qingyang is the last pile-her body is getting worse and worse, on the verge of collapse, after this time, I'm afraid I can't do anything…

Shang Yan scruples about his younger brother, soon put himself can say all said out.

"Feng family exactly is for the sake of what? They know your talent, so they want to kill you?" Ding Yifei has been wondering about this since he knew that Shang Yan was sent by Feng Yunhong. After listening to Shang Yan, he finally asked.

Some people are strong, this should be a good thing, Feng Yunhong is level 9 strong, unexpectedly to do such a thing, somewhat incredible to him.

"Anyway, I haven't done anything to hurt Feng family, unless I defeat Feng Linqiu." Shi Qingyang said directly. At the same time, he cut off the branches of moderate thickness with the wind blade, tied them to his legs and fixed them.

His leg ached all the time, but it was within his tolerance.

Ding Yifei saw Shi Qingyang's data and naturally knew that Shi Qingyang and the Cheng family did not have the sin of Feng family before. Instead, Feng Linqiu and Feng Yunhong against Shi Qingyang all the time. This competition was the one in which Yun Hong let Shi Qingyang participate. Feng Yunhong even specifically found a woman of such a strong woman to catch Shi Qingyang…

"All right, you tie your legs." Shi Qingyang threw two branches to Ding Yifei.

Ding Yifei, while learning from Shi Qingyang, tied his two legs straight up, looked at Shang Yan beside him and said, "What is she going to do?"

"Take it with you and find a way back." Shi Qingyang said that the existence of Ding Yifei and Shang Yan can also testify against Feng Yunhong.

"Aren't you afraid she'll hurt you?" Ding Yifei is very wary of Shang Yan. Although Shang Yan looks weak now, he may be stronger than his father in terms of combat effectiveness.

His father Ding Yingxin often goes out of the city and has amazing fighting capacity, but he grew up in the city and in a peaceful environment. He will never easily kill people, and he has no experience in fighting outside the city.

He said to the guru Qingyang…if it were his father, even if he could win, he would be severely punished by the guru Qingyang, but this woman…she could endure even the radiation riots!

"I have already ruined her radiation energy!" Shi Qingyang gave Ding Yifei a look. Shang Yan obviously didn't know the existence of the radiation energy truncation method, so let her think so. At the same time, he will always watch and reuse the radiation energy truncation method from time to time.

"Also, it is said that your radiation energy truncation method is really good…" Ding Yifei said, suddenly the whole person froze: "You are level 7, and you know a lot of things, your body…"

Since the last time he met Shi Qingyang in Qinghe tavern, he has always hoped that Shi Qingyang can introduce the mask master to him. He and his father have also studied the mask master carefully.

Shi Qingyang is level 7, and the previous attacks were so good…If the mask master was not Shi Qingyang, who would he be?

"what?" Shi Qingyang asked and drank another bottle of medicine.

"Master Mask?" Ding Yifei asked cautiously that Shi Qingyang had given him a great shock before. If this is true now…

His idol, unexpectedly is the person who defeated him before?

"Did you guess?" Shi Qingyang did not deny that Ding Yifei already knew his real strength and it doesn't matter to know it again.

"I didn't expect it to be so…" Ding Yifei felt ashamed to face his idol when he thought of his shameful behavior in that box.

"This is not the time to study. Let's go quickly." Shi Qingyang Road.

"Yes, yes, let's hurry!" Ding Yifei immediately got to the point, but obviously, they could not walk fast when their legs were broken.

Shang Yan could not move any more. Shi Qingyang found a different leaf and let her lie in the middle. Then he supported her with radiation energy and slowly began to walk forward with his hands.

The two of them walked in tandem and Ding Yifei, who knew another identity of Shi Qingyang, even showed some flattery.

At this time, Shi Qingyang suddenly felt lucky that Cheng Ran had combed his radiation energy before leaving the city. If it weren't for this, his radiation energy would never have recovered so fast. At the same time, his backpack had already been taken back from Shang Yan. The various drugs inside could make his injury better and faster.

Ding Yifei's situation is not as optimistic as he is, but it is also good. His backpack is filled with many good things prepared for him by Ding Yingxin. With the medicine, he is also in a lot of spirits.

However, they still can't walk fast. It seems that they have only made a short progress…

Shi Qingyang's hands were propped up on the ground, and with the help of radiation energy, they could go a long way. They had met many strange animals who had a crush on their three "food". Fortunately, he had solved them all. However, as the sky turned dark, it became a trouble to identify the direction.

Shi Qingyang thought for a moment and finally found a huge different plant. Then he began to dig from the middle of the tree and dug a hole in the tree. The three of them crowded in together.

"There are so many different plants and many trees with holes. Why dig another one?" Ding Yifei asked curiously, knowing another identity of Shi Qingyang, he always had a feeling of growing admiration-Shi Qingyang knew too much, too much!

"This kind of replanting can isolate some detection. Not only that, its sap can also cover our taste." Shi Qingyang said, pulling out several small holes beside him.

"Are these vents?"

"The hole above is enough for us to breathe. Here is a telescope." Shi Qingyang took apart the telescope on the anti-radiation suit and placed a telescope barrel on each side.

They dug holes and dug in mid-air, and now they stay in the middle of the trees. Looking out, they can actually see the surrounding environment very carefully.

"This is the first time I know that the telescope on the anti-radiation suit can still be disassembled…" Ding Yifei looked at Shi Qingyang and suddenly thought of Zheng Gaoyuan.

Originally, he also felt that it was puzzling for Shi Qingyang to be an apprentice to Zheng Gaoyuan, but now it seems that…Zheng Gaoyuan can change from a big fat man to the current level 5 strong man, and I'm afraid it all depends on Shi Qingyang.

There is also the Cheng family. The Cheng family is so good to Shi Qingyang. It is clearly because of Shi Qingyang's talent! If you know that Shi Qingyang's talent is his father, his father will certainly try his best to support Shi Qingyang and then marry his daughter to him!

If it weren't for his lack of interest in men and the company of teacher Qingyang, he would have tried S*x with himself!

"You don't know many things. If you want to know, you can follow those three-level and four-level radiation fighters out of town to hunt and hone for a few years." Shi Qingyang said, in fact, Ding Yifei is much better than some complete playboys, but his starting point is too high, and naturally he does not know the means of livelihood of the people at the bottom.

"I will definitely go there in the future!" Ding Yifei said suddenly, "Are you interested in taking another apprentice?" He saw the video released by Qinghe tavern before and felt that master mask had a predestination with him. Although Shi Qingyang was smaller than him, he was stronger than him. He did not suffer from learning from his master.

Shi Qingyang couldn't help but be shocked when he heard this. He immediately smiled: "I don't need to accept disciples. If you want to learn something, I can teach you, but there is also a condition. When you return, you must win Feng Linqiu!"

"I can definitely win that guy!" Ding Yifei immediately got to the point. If he had not been sure of winning Feng Linqiu before, Shi Qingyang had already found out what he lacked when explaining the battle video. Now that he has experienced such a life and death, he naturally has confidence in himself.

Hum, I don't know that guy Lin Qiu saw them go back, will be what expression!

Shang Yan along the way without saying a word, unusually quiet, coupled with her radiation can be a mess, even life characteristics are reduced a lot, the whole people seem to be some numbness, Shi Qingyang gave her a bottle of medicine, and on her with radiation truncation method, and then saw her fall asleep.

After getting rid of Shang Yan, Shi Qingyang looked at Ding Yifei and said, "Shall I teach you to hide yourself first?"

"good!" Ding Yifei immediately got to the point that his Ding family's fighting skills are straight forward, hiding oneself is really a weakness for him. If he learns well, hunting outside the city would be much easier.

Shi Qingyang would have thought of teaching this, but it was entirely because Shang Yan had hidden it too well, so he didn't find it gave him any stimulation. Therefore, while explaining how to use radiation energy when he used to hide himself, he figured out the method Shang Yan used to hide himself…

Most radiation energy fighters use radiation energy when probing the distant environment, and the radiation energy filled with the whole space in the wild can completely extend the senses of the radiation energy fighters, allowing people to "see" far away. At the same time, because all animals, plants and even human beings have different radiation fluctuations, they can determine the nearby environment and what is nearby through these…

Shi Qingyang closed his eyes, he felt Ding Yifei some strong radiation fluctuations, also felt the radiation fluctuations of the big tree that provided them with shelter.

Before Shang Yan could hide from him, he should hide his radiation fluctuation in the radiation fluctuation of different plants around him. She used radiation energy to change the radiation energy around her, so that others would only think that she was a leaf and a branch when looking for it…

Shi Qingyang groped slowly, slowly controlling the radiation energy around him, and began to control the radiation energy around Ding Yifei…

Shi Qingyang spoke a few words and went to study on his own, but Ding Yifei was not angered. He was very supportive of what Shi Qingyang did, even though he already knew that Shi Qingyang was his idol. He even started vigil consciously, and from time to time he added some radiation energy truncation method to Shang Yan's body-radiation energy truncation method was explained by his idol. He naturally studied very seriously.

Time went by one by one. It seemed that it was not long before it was bright…Ding Yifei looked at the surrounding environment with one of the binoculars embedded in the tree hole through the morning light, and even slowly turned off the camera…

All of a sudden, Ding Yifei's body became stiff and his radiation energy became a little confused.

"What's wrong with you?" Shi Qingyang opened his eyes and asked curiously. He was trying to adjust the radiation fluctuation on Ding Yifei just like the tree that covered them. Unexpectedly, Ding Yifei's breath suddenly went wrong.

"Look." Ding Yifei pointed to the telescope in front of him, but said nothing.

Shi Qingyang directly gather together in front of the telescope, he was curious about what would make Ding Yifei look so strange, the result at a glance, oneself also froze.

Ding Yifei turned the telescope toward the air. Looking at it, he saw several Butterflymon hovering in the air. These Butterflymon are not surprising, but one of them is obviously bigger than the other. On the back of the other Butterflymon, there is still a person sitting!

All animals are simple-minded, and some people tried to tame them to help fight before, but in the end they all failed without exception. But now, someone is sitting on Butterflymon's back!

Before the catastrophe, people began to explore the universe, but after the catastrophe, human beings even became extravagant hopes to go up to the sky. Only 8-level and 9-level radiation fighters had the chance to fly into the air. Now, this law has been overturned, because some people sat on the backs of foreign animals.

From some distance, Shi Qingyang couldn't see the specific situation clearly, but he still felt fear, want to also don't want to, he directly around the three of them simulated the radiation fluctuation of different plants.

Fortunately, the man riding Butterflymon did not approach them or notice them. He walked around here for a while and then left…

"What the hell is that man?" Seeing Shi Qingyang leaving the telescope, Ding Yifei asked.

"I don't know." Shi Qingyang said directly, but suddenly thought of one thing-beast tide.

As for the beast tide, from his memory and Todd's, they have found many clues. There is no doubt that there is a problem with this situation.

The day was already bright, and the man also left…Shi Qingyang climbed out of the tree hole, and immediately decided to go back at a faster speed. However, the weather today is really not so good. He can't even see the sun, so he can't find his way-with the sky gray all year round, tree rings and the like can't be used to see the direction.

The two wounded men, with one unable to move, walked slowly forward until they reached the halfway point. Shi Qingyang suddenly felt a little strange.

Since he knew the magic of the queen ant, he has been looking for strange animals that have no radiation energy fluctuation. For a long time, this has even become a subconscious behavior.

Now, there is this one in front of him.

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