The momentum of the woman outside the cave is strong and weak, obviously the situation is very unstable, the average person to her like this, I'm afraid I would have passed out, but she can still hold on, still can rely on crazy absorption of radiation energy in the air, and then the radiation energy in the body out of this way, also alleviate the radiation energy riots.

This way, Shi Qingyang even if knowledgeable, is also the first time to see, this woman, obviously is not the same as those in the city…Shi Qingyang suddenly thought of the original was Cheng Xuze back to Anhang city in the mobile town.

There are some people who have never been to the city since they were young and do things completely different from those in the city.

Shi Qingyang straightened the bones of his legs, found that the man did not notice himself, and then looked at his own things.

He took a backpack with him when he took part in the competition, and now he is no longer there. fortunately, he has always been fully prepared. he has put some medicine, food and water in his combat uniform, and at this time he need not worry about it…after a knock on his shoulder, Shi Qingyang took out a small bottle from the inside, and then drank all the liquid in the bottle directly.

Although the woman broke his leg, but the strength control is very good, did not let him hurt particularly serious, but in the absence of treatment, he can't walk again in a short period of time.

Ding Yifei saw Shi Qingyang's behavior and was suddenly ashamed. He always felt that he was an iron man and a real man. As a result, Shi Qingyang was able to endure the same injury as him, but he had been crying pain before…

He was also beaten and beaten by his father since he was young, and he has radiation energy to know his physical condition…since Shi Qingyang can set his bones, he can certainly do the same! Ding Yifei also followed suit and straightened his legs, only Shi Qingyang could pull out the medicine from him, but he had nothing on him.

To stay outside the city for two days is nothing to Shi Qingyang. Naturally, it is also the same for him. He did not make more preparations at the beginning…

"Here." Shi Qingyang threw a small bottle to Ding Yifei. The bottle was filled with pills instead of drugs. One was hemostatic and the other was analgesic. His legs did not bleed in the radiation suit, and he always felt that keeping the pain could help him know his physical condition better, so he did not plan to eat.

Ding Yifei has just been opened a hole in his chest, but he is in need of a hemostat. He took the medicine at once and wanted to ask Shi Qingyang about his plan. Shi Qingyang has already closed his eyes.

This is not counting, those who pressed him hard spoke came to Shi Qingyang side, was absorbed by Shi Qingyang some!

At this time was thinking of uniting…No wonder Shi Qingyang is seven…Ding Yifei looked at this situation, just want to express their admiration, but don't want to feel the violent radiation energy all around towards the mouth of the cave of the woman's body.

So violent radiation energy, unexpectedly so poured into the body? This is not bad at all! Ding Yifei was surprised that the woman had just absorbed the radiation energy in her body and rushed out of her body. The strong impact even made him spit out one mouthful blood.

He looked at the pool of blood in front of him, and then at Shi Qingyang's calm absorption of the radiation energy that spilled from the woman's body…Ding Yifei gnashed his teeth, and slowly absorbed the radiation energy that transformed and dispersed from the woman around him.

Ding Yifei has always been a patient person. If he has no patience, he will never reach level 6 before he is 30. However, when he absorbed the radiation energy of a short period of time and finally stopped, he found Shi Qingyang still motionless. The condition of the woman at the entrance of the cave looks better and the radiation energy released from outside is less.

He did not work hard enough…Ding Yifei continued to close his eyes and practice, intending to be stronger than the two men in front of him, but when he was so hungry that he couldn't stand it and couldn't help his physiological problems, the two men's postures were still motionless.

Shi Qingyang this also too can endure! Ding Yifei looked at his chest and found that the blood had stopped. after estimating that there would be no danger to his life if he came again, he finally refrained from shouting: "I have to go to the toilet. I am going to be unable to hold back, master? Madam? Where can I solve it better?"

Shi Qingyang heard Ding Yifei, opened his eyes, and the woman at the mouth of the cave also turned around. By this time, Shi Qingyang was able to see the woman's appearance-it was midnight before and during the battle. Even if there was light on the radiation protection clothing, he could see it very vaguely.

Now finally see, even seen many terrorist scenes Shi Qingyang, feel a little afraid.

The woman's face was covered with spots, apparently suffering from radiation. In addition, her eyes looked extremely horrible under the sun. Her eyes were a circle larger than ordinary people, but her pupils had only a black line.

This appearance…is exactly the same as those who died under radiation at the beginning of the catastrophe in historical materials.

A level 8 strong, but have such a face, in front of the man even exposed to radiation from an early age…They guessed Cheng Xuze plan, pegged to the strong related to Cheng Xuze, but completely didn't expect Cheng Xuze also hide such forces.

As for why he didn't know anything about this in his previous life…no matter how strong the woman in front of him is, I'm afraid she won't be able to live long in the light of her current violence.

Shi Qingyang was thinking about this when he saw that the woman looked up at him. He also looked into each other's eyes, which were as horrible as animals.

This woman may not be completely blind, but it is certain that such eyes will affect her eyesight.

After looking at Shi Qingyang, the woman suddenly jumped toward the outside of the cave. Shi Qingyang straightened up, only to find that the cave where they were staying was halfway up the mountain.

"Shi Qingyang, what does she mean?" Ding Yifei saw this situation, obviously froze.

"You can go to Dongkou to solve it." Shi Qingyang said directly. He and Ding Yifei were both injured. The radiation in their bodies was a mess. This is not to mention that their legs were broken. Under such circumstances, they could not escape at all and could only endure it temporarily.

Ding Yifei didn't speak, fantasizing that he could urinate on the woman, and then solved the physiological problem: "Shi Qingyang, have you been holding back for so long?"

"I am ready." Shi Qingyang said directly that when Ding Yifei looked around just now, he had already solved the problem. Not only that, he also took out his food at the moment and put a few mouthfuls into his mouth. Unfortunately, he should worry about getting in the way. He didn't dare to drink more water but only took a sip.

"What do you eat…" Ding Yifei swallowed saliva, spoke to soldiers appetite is big, he naturally, too, hungry before the whole people have no spirit, now see food, but also can't help but want to rob.

"Here you are." Shi Qingyang gave Ding Yifei a tube of nutrition medicine. He was not sure if the woman was watching them around. After thinking about it, he took out another data line.

He couldn't write on the stones around the cave. In contrast, the two men's contact terminals could communicate with each other by connecting data lines. He had always been well prepared and had such a data line hidden in his helmet.

"Shi Qingyang, how did you grow up? How can you find strange things everywhere?" Ding Yifei rattled off a paragraph on the contact terminal.

"because we have encountered too many dangers…this is not the time to say, we have to think about how to get out."

Too much danger? Ding Yifei froze, he often went out of the city hunting, but even if out of the city hunting, side also follow the protection of people, when he was in his early 20 s like to run to dangerous places, not less rescued, eat and drink water such things, more people care about at any time…Shi Qingyang Cheng Xuze value, these should also not be a problem…

Although Ding Yifei was puzzled, he did not want to understand the situation immediately: "How can we get out?"

"First of all, you should remember to mention your father so that the woman will not dare to do anything to you." Shi Qingyang added: "If I find a chance to escape, I will do it directly. Then you will follow me."

"I will." Ding Yifei said earnestly and solemnly.

Shi Qingyang said, and asked Ding Yifei's physical condition, exchanged opinions on the woman, just put away the data line.

Shi Qingyang leaned against the entrance of the cave and looked at the outside environment carefully, but he was not sure where he was, and the woman did not know where she had gone…

After frowning slightly, Shi Qingyang simply did not take more care, but carefully absorbed the radiation energy in the air. Although these violent radiation energy would hurt his body, in his current situation, it is no problem to absorb less.

Level 8…if he can reach level 8 earlier, he needn't be afraid of anything!

Ding Yifei saw Shi Qingyang's situation and wanted to speak to stop it, but he stopped when he saw that Shi Qingyang could restrain himself from absorbing only a little radiation energy without letting the surrounding energy rush into his body.

Although he is several years older than teacher Qingyang, he is really incapable of teaching Qingyang.

Just then, the radiation energy outside was in chaos, and the woman returned to the cave under the cover of radiation energy. Without saying hello, she picked up the two men and jumped down again.

"Woman, let me go quickly. My father is Ding Yingxin. If something happens to me, he will find you even if he digs three feet!" Ding Yifei solemnly affirmed his identity as previously discussed.

"It's all you!" The woman seemed to want to fight Ding Yifei, but she stopped at last. She just ran to the mountain with two people.

She ran for a while, then suddenly stopped, then turned around and changed direction.

Shi Qingyang never said anything until this moment when he suddenly said, "someone has come to see us? Do you want to hide?" What are their identities? The two of them are missing, and someone will definitely find them…The woman left just now. Even if she found something, she would take them away in a hurry.

You know, this woman's radiation energy is still unstable. I'm afraid she is no less injured than them.

"It's very kind of you two to live, so much manpower and material resources…" Very hoarse voice rang again, the woman did not admit directly, but obviously Shi Qingyang was right.

"As long as you let us go, nothing will happen. It's so big outside the city that it's easy for you to hide." Shi Qingyang added.

This time the other party didn't speak at all.

Shi Qingyang added, "Are you Feng Yunhong's person?"

"How do you know?" The woman asked in surprise, Ding Yifei was as surprised as she was.

"The Feng Yunhong give you the task, should not be with us to run around? He should have asked you to hand me over to his talents. Yes, you're taking us out now, aren't you afraid of his blame?" Shi Qingyang didn't expect to be able to ask anything at all…Obviously, this woman has some inexperience.

"If it weren't for you…" The woman looked at Shi Qingyang maliciously, last night her situation was too dangerous, riots spoke can be a bit careless will cause Fan Jia Cheng Xuze attention, in this case, she naturally dare not stay there, can only take Shi Qingyang and Ding Yifei leave.

Who would have thought that Shi Qingyang was not level 5 as mentioned by Feng Yunhong, but level 7?

When Shi Qingyang heard this, he knew that even his own reasons had sabotaged the other party's plan. Now he continued: "Your radiation energy riots are so serious, I'm afraid it will not be long before your life is over. Feng Yunhong also asked you to deal with me at this time. I think he didn't take you seriously at all, so you really have to fight for him?"

This woman's radiation energy riot was not good, and she took the two of them running around with her, even the injuries on her body were getting heavier and heavier…Compared with her, Fan Jia's radiation energy riot was nothing but a pediatrician.

"Shut up!" The woman said directly, the speed is faster and faster, gradually, the goal is clear.

Shi Qingyang looked at the sky and knew that they were heading west and had entered the mountain forest before going through a period of time. There were many different plants and animals all around…

Shi Qingyang's eyes narrowed slightly. He remembered that Feng family had built a base in the west of the central city. The base was built in the mountains and used to cultivate precious medicinal materials. As for what it was used for, no one knew.

Never let this woman take herself there! Shi Qingyang continued to say various words to distract the other party's attention, while slowly running the radiation energy in the body.

The woman had a problem with her radiation energy, and there were pursuers behind her, so she didn't check their situation, so she didn't know. In fact, his injury and radiation energy have recovered a lot with the help of the medicine.

As long as the timing is right…

"Do you want to take us to Feng Yunhong built in the mountains of the medicinal base? Feng Yunhong even raised many people there to do experiments…"

"You are a strong person of Grade 8. You are really willing to work for others?"

"You should know that Fan Jia admires me very much. If you are willing to let us go, how about I promise you one condition?"


In his life, Shi Qingyang did not talk so much except with Cheng Ran: "Do you want him to help Feng Yunhong or is he holding him? Your radiation energy is so violent, should it be always outside the city? Speaking, I've seen a man who can be as violent as you. His name is Shang Yahang…"

Shi Qingyang uttered the words of Shang Yahang, and the woman's whole body trembled.

After so many years of fighting experience, Shi Qingyang has long learned to seize every opportunity. He felt the flaw of the other party and naturally won't let go. He directly moved the surrounding radiation energy and punched the woman in the abdomen.

This woman is already in the 8th grade, with strong strength, but after the radiation energy riots, she has long been a spent force. Just now, she was shocked by Shi Qingyang's words…

Shi Qingyang's timing was so good that he was able to get it. The woman vomited out one mouthful blood. This time, her radiation energy was really messed up. She couldn't even attack. She could only bitterly throw the two men in her hand into the air.

They were already in mid-air, thus flying higher…

"Shi Qingyang!" Ding Yifei opened his mouth in shock, only to find that Shi Qingyang's activating radiation was able to cushion the two men's bodies, easing their falling speed.

However, their current situation is not very good. Even if Shi Qingyang has already done so, they still fall down. If they hadn't had radiation protection clothing on them, they would have been covered in wounds.

Of course, Ding Yifei's chest wound was naturally cracked at this time.

"Where are we?" Ding Yifei sat up, quickly covered his wound, and crushed the hemostatic drug and sprinkled it on the wound.

Shi Qingyang was propped up on the ground with both hands. Without using his own feet, he came to the woman lightly. At the same time, he quickly lit a few times on the woman, using the radiation energy truncation method.

The woman was bleeding from seven orifices because of her violent radiation energy. She was extremely horrified: "My radiation energy, my radiation energy…"

"If you do this, you can hold on a little longer, or else you'll really be killed." Shi Qingyang Road.

"You…" The woman looked at Shi Qingyang with hatred.

"Shang Yahang, are you related to him?" Shi Qingyang was suddenly reminded of the name that had just thrown the woman into confusion.

Shang Yahang is an eight-level player he has defeated. In his memory, Shang Yahang, born in Xia Cheng, the second-level city in the west, will reach the eight-level level in two years. This person has no hobbies and likes to challenge all the players. After reaching the eight-level, he challenged many eight-level players, wounded several of them, and accidentally wounded others. Finally, the man passed away before long…This made him the name of "the first person under the nine-level" and became a malefic that everyone could not avoid.

Shi Qingyang is not familiar with this person, nor does he like this madman. In my memory, Shang Yahang's radiation energy was very violent, and before he was put into the laboratory, he died of radiation energy riots. At that time, many people applauded.

"Do you know him?" Although this woman is strong, she is obviously not very good at hiding her emotions. Now she has fear on her face.

"You'd better tell me everything about Fengyun Hong now, or when I return to the city, I'll deal with Shang Yahang right away…You've already abandoned it and can't stop me from returning to the city, can you?" Shi Qingyang said directly that Shang Yahang is now a seven-level master. In his current situation, it is not difficult to find him any trouble.

Of course, he actually didn't want to get into trouble with him. In contrast, he wanted to get into trouble with Feng Yunhong.

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