The average radiation energy fighter will avoid absorbing too violent radiation energy when practicing, because if the radiation energy is too violent, the probability of radiation energy riot will be greatly increased. For a radiation energy fighter, this is simply fatal.

Whether Fan Jia or Cheng Xuze, they have been plagued by radiation energy riots before, but in fact, their radiation energy is not particularly violent. The main reason for the radiation energy riots is physical reasons-Fan Jia is in poor health and Cheng Xuze is too old.

But the person in front of us is different. This person's radiation energy is much more violent than ordinary people, and her method of coping with radiation energy riots is completely different from ordinary people.

Shi Qingyang quickly retreated, still unable to get rid of each other's attacks, only able to resist those desultorily tactical.

In too violent radiation energy, Shi Qingyang hold up the shield will soon be squeezed, simply can't stop how many attacks, not only that, he almost can't control the surrounding radiation energy, all rely on the general eat potions while squeezing the energy in his body.

Before long, his radiation energy had been used completely. His body was aching and his head was covered with sweat. It seemed that he would fall at any time. It happened that the attack from the opposite woman was still going on.

"You are strong…" The woman's voice rang again, she spit out one mouthful blood, smiled, and then threw out a radiation energy…

Shi Qingyang finally lost consciousness.

It is now late at night, but there are still many people watching the match.

Fan Jia had already slept, but Cheng Ran was still awake. I don't know why, he always felt a little palpitations. Finally, he simply came to the side of the shield, looked at the lush forest from a distance, and looked at another mobile town nearby.

Feng Yunhong is up there, and I don't know what idea he is playing…

Cheng Ran was thinking about this when suddenly he saw someone running towards the mobile town, flapping its protective cover…

Something has happened to the training ground, which is said to be very safe.

Cheng Xuze and Fan Jia got up from bed at the first time and immediately felt the ripples. Although there was little left, they were still furious. At the same time, other people waiting outside also got up one after another.

Cheng Xuze's face changed and he flew out without thinking about it. Ding Yingxin slowed down and then stormed: "level 8, hell, this is level 8!"

Ding Yingxin's son was inside and felt the breath. He followed Cheng Xuze and rushed out, while the other eight or seven masters who will wait here, which one does not have a grandnephew in it? Also run fast.

Fan Jia waited in the same place, frowning at Feng Yunhong who had already come out: "master Feng has great boldness of vision and is not at all worried about your grandson?"

"Of course, I'm worried, but the smell is so weak. What should have happened would have happened long ago…" Feng Yunhong sighed, and his face seemed filled with regret: "Let's go and have a look?"

Fan Jia did not speak, picked up Cheng Ran, who was already dressed in radiation protection clothing, and went to the place where the changes were coming from.

Cheng Ran obediently motionless, just through the mask to observe the situation around, from a distance, he saw in the middle of the training ground, there is a large area has been barren, originally grew in the plants here, now completely disappear.

Cheng Xuze was the first to come here, but he found nothing. Now he has begun to search around. The other eight strong men also began to search like him. From time to time, others breathed a sigh of relief because they found their intact grandniece.

"Who is a strong man of Grade 8?" Fan Jia felt the situation here and his brows tightened.

"Grandpa!" At this time, a voice sounded and Feng Linqiu immediately appeared in the sight of everyone: "Grandpa, what happened?"

"Xiao Qiu, it's fine that you're fine, but no one knows what's going on now," Feng Yunhong said." you're staying with me for the time being, so be careful."

"Yes, Grandpa!" Feng Linqiu immediately the baggage and take the journey.

There was a lot of activity here. Apart from Feng Linqiu, many contestants were attracted soon. Only among these people, there were not the best Shi Qingyang and Ding Yifei who had performed before.

As time went by, the sky was slightly white. Cheng Xuze and Ding Yingxin had searched the entire competition venue together, and spoke with Fu Neng's voice, but they could not find Shi Qingyang and Ding Yifei at all.

The two men went back to the place where nothing grows, looking pale, and saw that someone had carefully examined everything here, digging almost three feet.

"Have you found anything?" Cheng Xuze immediately asked, asking, and saw Feng Yunhong one eye.

"We have found some blood here, but it does not belong to Shi Qingyang nor to Ding Yifei. It should belong to a woman, and the amount of radiation energy in her body is very abnormal…" A mobile town has come here, with various medical devices on it. Now, it is one of the doctors above.

"Keep looking!" Cheng Xuze immediately the baggage and take the journey, Shi Qingyang is level 7, the strength is far superior, he can use the power of level 5 to defeat level 6 radiation fighter, can't also flee for life in a level 8 hand?

"Feng Yunhong, are you? Where is my son?" Ding Yingxin was already furious and even want to kill Feng Yunhong.

Feng Yunhong's momentum rose, pushing Ding Yingxin back a few steps. His face also showed anger: "This is a frame-up. It is clear that some people have specially captured Shi Qingyang and Ding Yifei and want to frame the family! You give me calm down!"

"Framing?" Cheng Xuze saw Ding Yingxin retreating and whispered. His eyes are red, but also helpless, eight radiation energy fighters related to Feng family they are watching, everyone has alibi, more no one knows who is the eight radiation energy fighters here…What evidence do they have against Feng family?

"All of us must calm down. I believe that as long as so many of us are united, we can definitely find people back!" Feng Yunhong added.

"adoptive mother, we will call some more people to conduct a blanket search…the 8-level radiation fighter cannot suddenly disappear, and there are guards around the training ground. is there a hole in the ground somewhere?" Cheng Ran looked at Fan Jia, he and Shi Qingyang had escaped in the mole cricket hole, now Shi Qingyang is not on the ground, maybe he was caught underground.

"I'll find someone right away!" Fan Jia immediately the baggage and take the journey.

"Cheng Ge…what shall we do?" Zheng Gaoyuan has also come here, he is very familiar with the wild environment, just took advantage of the night to kill a few people, got four stickers, unexpectedly met such a thing.

"It is important to find someone." Cheng Ran said, at this time, finding Shi Qingyang is the most important thing!

The contestants of the radiation energy competition, who were still likely to win the championship, suddenly disappeared, and the competition was naturally forced to temporarily stop. fan Jia, after starting to look for people as Cheng Ran said and digging many caves of exotic animals, was actually found by them a cave that could lead to the outside of the competition field. The cave is three kilometers away from the battlefield. In this cave, some blood was also found, the same as that of the first woman. Unfortunately, there was no one in the tunnel.

The world outside the city is so big that no one knows where Shi Qingyang and Ding Yifei were taken.

This day on the internet, no one painted "turtle fatty" anymore, many people were wondering-where did they go?

"Where did they go?" Feng Yunhong turned over the blood test report in his hand and asked.

"Sir, we have no news." Feng Yunhong's elderly face was full of worries.

"Not with the woman agreed, let her take people to research institute to outside the channel? Why didn't she go?" Feng Yunhong frowned tightly.

"The messenger made it very clear that the person who led her also said that she did catch Shi Qingyang and Ding Yifei, but when she came out of the tunnel, there seemed to be something wrong with the whole person, and there were some radiation riots, and then she disappeared."

"What a waste!" Feng Yunhong said that the woman he was looking for this time was the child of a criminal born in a small mobile town.

Cheng Xuze once seized a private mobile town with illegal and criminal acts six years ago, which made many people exclaim that there was such a place in the world, but no one knew that what Cheng Xuze found was only the tip of the iceberg and was just a minor incident by the Yin family.

Feng family will not do such dirty things like Li Rong, but Feng family is outside the city, and there are also some hidden forces, which are cultivated from criminals exiled outside the city.

Those criminals often have a lot of strong men inside, who are the ones who are recruited by the family. After recruiting these strong men, they even arrange women for these people to have the chance to give birth to gifted children.

Thanks to these efforts, Feng family has trained many loyal people who wander in the dark. These people will help them solve some things outside the city. Some of them will get new identities and return to the city with their help…

Of course, the treatment of the strong is like this, and it is not so good for those who have no ability…The worthless will only become the experimental materials in the laboratory. For example, twenty-four years ago, Feng family found nearly 100 women to breed the experimental products.

"Sir, what shall we do now?" Asked the people around Feng Yunhong.

"Find someone to look for, and be sure to find the woman." Feng Yunhong said that the woman was the strongest one among the forces outside his city. No matter how strong others were, they would be up to seven levels. Even if the man was dying, he could not easily give up: "In addition, you should go and check with the teachers Qingyang and Ding Yifei. The woman is very strong. Although she will not live long, she should be fine after drinking so much radiation relaxant in advance. Is there any other reason why she will vomit blood?"

"yes, sir."

Watched his men went out, Feng Yunhong and looked at the hands of the blood report.

At the beginning, his idea was to let the woman arrest Shi Qingyang. Because the woman's eyes are not very good, she is especially good at hiding. It is not difficult to catch Shi Qingyang quietly near Shi Qingyang. After catching him, they can forge a death scene of Shi Qingyang. The man then leaves with the living Shi Qingyang and sends Shi Qingyang to the laboratory.

This plan is very perfect, as long as the cover is braced in advance, it is completely possible to get people away without being found by the outside people, and his people can also take some blood and arms from the teacher Qingyang to complete the layout of the site, but no one expected that it would turn out to be like this in the end.

The woman made such a big battle, must be an accident, don't know what is the accident, even let an 8 strong quietly away a 5 a 6 all can't do.

Also, where did the woman go?

When many people were looking for Shi Qingyang, Shi Qingyang was already awake, but although he was awake, his condition was not very good.

He was hit by radiation energy and was seriously injured, which is not counting. His captors were worried about his escape and broke his legs.

This kind of injury was suffered by Shi Qingyang in his previous life, but it was the first time in his life. His legs were completely unconscious and his bones were broken. He wanted to cry out in pain, and even wanted to unload the woman sitting on one side.

Unfortunately, his current strength is too poor to do this.

Shi Qingyang gritted his teeth and refrained from moaning. He looked around and soon found himself in a cave. He and Ding Yifei were lying in the cave, while the woman was sitting at the mouth of the cave.

The woman's condition is obviously not very good, Shi Qingyang guess should be related to the bottle of medicine can trigger radiation riots.

After this bottle of medicine was used, although it didn't have any effect at that time, the side effects were obviously not small. At least for now, the radiation energy on this woman was very unstable, forcing Shi Qingyang and Ding Yifei lying beside her to bear the baptism of radiation energy.

Thinking about his current situation, Shi Qingyang closed his eyes and began to mobilize his body has been almost scattered radiation, not only that, taking advantage of the violent radiation in the human body can constantly overflow outward, he also quietly absorbed some.

The radiation energy in the wild is too chaotic to absorb, but the radiation energy in the human body is better than the radiation energy in the air, and Shi Qingyang has no problem in absorbing it.

"What is this place? What are you doing here, B*tch? Lao tze's leg…"Just as Shi Qingyang secretly transformed the energy spilled by the woman's radiation energy riots with his eyes closed, Ding Yifei woke up.

Although Ding Yifei is much more sedate than his father, he can't calm down under the current situation. He shouted at the moment.

The woman suddenly turned around, and then a radiation energy can be compressed to perfection after the wind blade instantly hit Ding Yifei chest, Ding Yifei wearing combat uniform quality again good also can't resist the attack of 8 masters, instantaneous rupture, blood flowed at the same time.

Ding Yifei nearly passed out of pain again, but he caught Shi Qingyang's eyes. At that time, he finally calmed down and remembered the ins and outs of this incident.

He should have been caught by an 8 strong man. The reason why he was caught was that he happened to meet the other party to deal with Shi Qingyang, and Shi Qingyang…

Ding Yifei suddenly widened his eyes and stared at Shi Qingyang's incredible face. Grade 7, Shi Qingyang turned out to be Grade 7!

He has seen the data of Shi Qingyang. Shi Qingyang is only two months older than Feng Linqiu. Feng Linqiu is now promoted to Grade 6 as the first day. Shi Qingyang is Grade 7…

Ding Yifei thought he would be jealous, but when he met such a person, he could not even be jealous.

At that time, Ding Yifei even some self-effacing, also was broken leg, chest and injury he even couldn't help groaning loudly | Yin abnormal regret-early know that would be the case, he must have jumped out to deal with Shi Qingyang, he is a level 6, why can't with a level 7?

Just then, Ding Yifei suddenly saw Shi Qingyang suddenly tilting his body and quietly fiddling with his legs: "You…"

Shi Qingyang stared his one eye and said nothing. Just now Ding Yifei has been yelling at the woman, but he doesn't care. Obviously, he has a big problem with himself. He is now trying to get well and get out of the woman's hands.

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