There is a huge training ground near the central city, the size of which is even larger than that of a tertiary city like Spark City. The training ground is patrolled by people from the Radiation Energy Association, but many exotic animals are kept in the middle.

Some rich people go out of town to hunt and play, and they will come here if they don't go to dangerous places, because there are many prey but they are very safe.

The Radiological Energy Association has arranged the competition here. Although many people are dissatisfied with not being able to see the battle scene on the spot, most people are very supportive, especially after the Radiological Energy Association said that the video will be released after the competition.

On the day of the competition, Fan Jia used her own mobile town to watch the competition in person and took Cheng Ran with him. Besides him, Cheng Xuze also went to watch over Shi Qingyang.

Shi Qingyang saw this situation, but he was somewhat grateful. He was also determined to win the championship.

"Qingyang, come on!" Cheng Ran looked at Shi Qingyang and said: "Sisi said that there are no dangerous animals in this training ground and there are many caves to rest on…"

"I know, you have a good rest." Shi Qingyang listened carefully and kissed Cheng Ran's forehead-Cheng Ran insisted on helping him comb his radiation energy last night. Now he must be very tired.

A few days ago Cheng Ran helped Cheng Xuze and Fan Jia comb the radiation energy, because he knew that it would make Cheng Ran very tired and reduce the radiation energy in the body, and he did not agree with Cheng Ran helping himself until last night, which was the magic of a handful of Cheng Ran's radiation energy at Cheng Ran's insistence.

Cheng Ran's radiation energy is somewhat similar to his own. When helping him to sort out the radiation energy, many of them will merge into his radiation energy and sort it out at one time, even increasing the amount of his radiation energy a lot…

Shi Qingyang has had a training experience. There was no barrier when he was promoted. It was clear how radiation energy should be compressed. The difference was only the accumulation of radiation energy. However, the existence of Cheng Ran seemed to greatly shorten the time he needed to accumulate radiation energy…

Of course, although he knows this, he is not willing to do so. After all, giving his own radiation to others will also cause some harm to Cheng Ran.

"I know." Cheng Ran smiled and then watched Shi Qingyang enter the chariot of the Radiation Energy Association and be sent to a special entry point…Because signals cannot be transmitted in the wild, he will not be able to get any news from Shi Qingyang before the competition.

In order to be fair in the competition, although competitors are allowed to carry therapeutic drugs and radiation energy relaxants, they are not allowed to carry hot weapons and the like. At the same time, everyone will have cameras on their hands and heads to record everything they have experienced.

These videos cannot be transmitted to the Internet at the first time, but they can be broadcast afterwards to ensure the safety of the participants and serve as evidence for the final evaluation of the results.

As soon as Shi Qingyang's stuff was in his possession, he carefully checked it again. After finding that there was no problem, he seriously put it on the equipment. Then he put the checked medicine and food on him one by one. This competition will last for two days and 48 hours. One of the most important links is to let all the contestants show their ability to survive in the wild. Naturally, such stuff cannot be forgotten.

Shi Qingyang has long been accustomed to the wild environment, let alone just let him get the three metal cards in other people's hands in another two days, even if it is not difficult for him to find out everyone, and the foreign animals here may be able to threaten the level 5 radiation energy fighters, but there is no threat to the level 7 radiation energy fighters, therefore, he is not worried about the competition, the only worry is to Feng family.

The place where Shi Qingyang entered the training ground was by a river. The departing contestants were far away. Once he entered, he would prevent being hunted and try to hunt others…

Lush trees covered the entire training ground, while many tall flowers and plants grew during the training period. The mutant plants were very tall and could be called a cover for the sun. Shi Qingyang went in slowly and waved with his hand. The wavy radiation energy slowly rippled away and fed back the surrounding information to him bit by bit.

He was careful to avoid the place where there might be traps, but the speed of advance was not slow at all. He walked for a long time. After he got rid of people, he finally stopped. Then he found a secret place, took out a bottle of water and mixed it with a bottle of medicine. Finally, he washed his anti-radiation clothes and the medicine bottles that those people had just come into contact with.

In the wild, some exotic animals can find people by smell. He was worried that someone might put something with special taste on him, so he took precautions from the beginning.

After all this, Shi Qingyang identified the direction and began to dive to the side…

All the contestants entered the training ground in the morning. At that time, there were many mobile towns and chariots on the periphery of the training ground. They all came to watch the scene of bustle, but gradually, people left without any movement.

At two o'clock this afternoon, in a certain area of the training ground, the first man used a hungry flare to give up the match. The man was soon taken out. Within half an hour, another man gave up the match…

By that night, 70 people had been eliminated. Most of these people were robbed of their metal cards and wounded when fighting with others, so they chose to quit. However, there were also two people who could not fight for help because they met foreign animals.

If the injury is serious, only minor injuries and even animals can't beat, but undoubtedly became the national disdain object-even if they were robbed of the metal card, can also try to rob others, even if can't rob, if they stay in it enough time, others can also recognize their efforts, it happened that these people should give up in the first place…

There are people who need to be despised, and naturally there are also people who deserve admiration. Through the videos of those who have been eliminated, it was soon discovered that at least four people have saved enough metal cards to qualify.

Among these people, Shi Qingyang should have got the most metal cards. He has solved seven opponents. Because one of them has already got a metal card from his companion, he has eight metal cards. Ding Yifei has the second most. He has at least seven pieces familiar with the wild environment. The other two are Feng Linqiu and a six-level radiation fighter from Huanghe City. Both have at least five metal cards in their hands.

Before the start of the competition, people had the highest expectation for Feng Linqiu. After all, he was a genius who had been publicized for a long time. However, after the start of the competition, many people already felt that he had no chance to win the championship this time. To win the championship, he had to wait for the next one-compared with Shi Qingyang, his performance was really mediocre.

Feng Yunhong knows all about these news and this trend.

"How is everything going?" Seeing the time getting late, Feng Yunhong looked at the people around him.

"Sir, it has been arranged that this is our place. If that man comes again, he will surely catch Shi Qingyang."

"Just catch him and send him directly to the laboratory." Feng Yunhong added that he was determined to win over Shi Qingyang. After all, as long as Shi Qingyang was in his hand, it would not be difficult for him to be obedient.

"Sir, do you really want that one to go?" The people around Feng Yunhong couldn't help asking again.

"This Shi Qingyang strength is very strong, in order to be on the safe side, let the better, in order to do seven…he even Ding Gu that six levels can win, and Fan Jia and Cheng Xuze to prepare things…" Feng Yunhong didn't explain, if he guessed right, Cheng Ran is the mysterious pharmacist Cheng Gu, then Shi Qingyang body of good things, I'm afraid.

And in that training ground, it is likely to meet many people, if there are other contestants beside Shi Qingyang…

He has always been careful, natural won't let his plan go wrong, to say, now is actually not the best time to deal with Shi Qingyang, but before Shi Qingyang to hunt locusts beast when he didn't know Cheng Ran, now Cheng Ran and fan Jia relationship and increasingly close…

Fan Jia and Wen Zhuoyi has always lived in seclusion, but he can attach such importance to Cheng Ran and Shi Qingyang, which shows the special features of these two people and makes him more and more eager.

Feng Yunhong looked at Fan Jia's mobile town from a distance and took a long breath.

Feng Yunhong and Fan Jia's mobile town were all lit up when Shi Qingyang had just covered the fire in front of him.

He has no problem eating even the food directly exposed in the wild, so he did not use the food he brought but killed an exotic animal and picked out the best one after baking.

Seven or eight hours have passed since he came in. He was not in danger, but he was doubly careful, so he put out the fire as soon as it got dark and moved quietly.

There is a reason why he did not take part in competitions such as the Fu Neng competition in his previous life. in some ways, this is really a game for rich people. even if there are civilians among the competitors, they have achieved such achievements before they are 30 years old. even many people will struggle to provide for them…these people are good at playing with their peers in the city, which is probably normal in the wild. now in the evening, some insects that haunt at night will be extremely active, and perhaps some people who can't stand them will give up.

Shi Qingyang kept an eye on the flares around there all the time-before, he just saw someone send flares nearby and rushed to get there quickly. only then did he meet a contestant who had just won and others were complacent, and finally benefited from it.

Also don't know how long, Shi Qingyang suddenly saw his right side of the sky a bright, a flare instantly.

Not wanting to think about it, he went in that direction and slowly slowed down until he was close.

The people from the nearby rescue team have arrived and the people who fired the flares have been taken away, but there are people lurking around…

Shi Qingyang saw from a distance the man who was taken away, one leg has been unable to move. There is no doubt that he had just experienced a fierce battle before this. The man lurking nearby is mostly the maker of the fierce battle, while the other is lurking nearby. It is estimated that he is waiting for someone like him who wants to pick up cheap money.

Shi Qingyang retreated slowly and withdrew for a while. After not feeling each other, he ran to the side with his own impression. He planned to detour behind the man to catch him, but he didn't want him to run out for a while. A huge force came over him.

Level 8! This is Class 8!

Fiercely opened his eyes, Shi Qingyang instantly responded, a roll toward the side, at the same time hold down the hand flares-met eight radiation fighter during the match, this is not a trivial matter!

However, it is obvious that the 8-level radiation energy fighter responded as quickly as possible. Several radiation energies flew towards Shi Qingyang, and the flares on his hand had already lost their function. Moreover, a round shield was still hanging over him, isolating the radiation energy around him and his voice.

The other side was obviously prepared and did not find any clues!

By this time, Shi Qingyang nature will not hide strength. Although he was cut off from radiation energy by the shield, the radiation in his condensed body was able to strike hard, but it also punctured the shield instantly. Even so, Shi Qingyang knew he was even in trouble when he saw the situation outside.

This area, has been completely covered by a huge cover, not only that, the eight strong, now standing in front of him.

The eight strong men who dared to shoot him were not any one in his mind. Not only that, she was also a woman, a blind woman!

Shi Qingyang is very confident of his own strength. Even if the general Grade 8 strong man wants to get close to him, it is not easy, but what if he is blind? As a blind man, I'm afraid she has long been accustomed to using radiation energy to observe the surrounding environment. The tactical skills he figured out to find out the surrounding environment are definitely better than those figured out by the other party. Not only that, as a Class 8 radiation energy fighter, the other party can fly and can be hidden at the top of a tree tens of meters high. It is even more difficult for him to find the trace of the other party.

Quickly toward each other issued a level 7 lighter, Shi Qingyang ran towards the edge of the huge cover, not only that, he also didn't forget to put on the shield.

"Hey, level 7…" The level 8 radiation energy fighters issued a particularly hoarse voice, waving a lighter, Shi Qingyang shield has been broken, at the same time, the radiation energy in the cover, also was her moment.

Hold up a huge cover, can also take time to the radiation inside, even if the eighth grade to do also need time, Shi Qingyang if take the lead, absolutely can't let oneself in trouble, but now…

During the competition, Zheng Gaoyuan's radiation explosion was used by Shi Qingyang at a faster speed than Zheng Gaoyuan. Although he could not induce radiation energy in the air, his full blow could also make the other side feel bad.

This is all, as a blind man who wants to use radiation to detect the surrounding environment, radiation explosion can also make the other side unable to find out himself.

Shi Qingyang took out a bottle of medicine and drank it all in one gulp. Then he hit the edge of the transparent cover with one punch. His strength was very skillful. The cover cracked instantly, and his whole body jumped out quickly.

The eight strong moment issued an attack, the rope of radiation to the Shi Qingyang.

By this time, Shi Qingyang has already determined that the 8-level radiation energy fighter does not want to kill himself, but wants to be captured alive. think so, too, killing him by Feng Yunhong will only make Cheng Ran break with him, but catch him…

If Feng Yunhong catches him and threatens him, he can completely make Cheng Ran obedient. As for being questioned by others…Who can produce evidence?

This is undoubtedly your chance! Shi Qingyang clenched his fist, with the other party won't kill yourself, don't even support the shield, all the radiation energy condensed to the soles of the feet, fled quickly.

Shi Qingyang knew that the man would not kill himself, but he was not sure that the man would kill others, so he deliberately bypassed the man who was hiding nearby, but turned on the light on himself and shouted, "someone wants to kill! Someone wants to murder!"

Nowadays, all the people who take part in the competition know him. If he is smart, he should be alert and hide and help to tell the news.

"what?" Ding Yifei had just dealt with a man. After the man used the flare, he stayed where he was waiting to see if anyone would come over…He waited for a long time and didn't wait for anything. He was going to find a place to have a good rest, but he didn't expect to hear Shi Qingyang's voice. He ran towards Shi Qingyang and said, "Shi Qingyang, it's you! Today we will have a good match!"

"Idiot!" Shi Qingyang completely didn't expect that the man was Ding Yifei, only feel unlucky.

Ding Yifei ran towards Shi Qingyang at this time, intending to stop Shi Qingyang's way.

However, as soon as he had such a plan, he stopped at once. Shi Qingyang has done his best now, and his momentum is naturally fully revealed.

Level 7! Mom | that turned out to be level 7! Ding Yifei confirmed that the Shi Qingyang had only used the output of five levels of radiation energy on the competition table, and that the five levels could beat him. It turned out to be seven instead of five.

At that time, Ding Yifei couldn't think of anything else except swearing. Unfortunately, the subsequent force made him wake up completely-level 8!

Shi Qingyang damn is a seven also just, unexpectedly still someone really want to kill him, that person is still eight! A spoke can be violent to a level 8 that makes him feel horrible.

Ding Yifei's first reaction was to use flares. It's a pity that he is different from an alert Shi Qingyang. He decided from the beginning that he would never use flares, so he directly put flares in the innermost part of his backpack…

The blind 8 strong won't give Ding Yifei take out flares of time, her attack hit Ding Yifei quickly, six levels of Ding Yifei didn't have time to respond, just passed out directly.

Shi Qingyang took this opportunity to run out of a period of time, the strong eight obviously very angry, her attack is regardless to the Shi Qingyang, seems to have no intention of governing Shi Qingyang anyway.

Shi Qingyang, when he was in the first grade, could have won the second grade radiation energy fighter by virtue of his own experience, and could have dodged the attack of the third grade radiation energy fighter. This is because he has a vision of the eighth grade, but now, unlike him, he is fighting against an eighth grade radiation energy fighter.

He even seven and how, the gap between seven and eight is not one point two points, and his spoke can be stable, this is a good thing but let his attack is not too high, but this blind woman, spoke can unusually violent, terrible attack.

Not only that, her fighting methods are irrational!

As far as she is concerned, this violent method of radiation energy is similar to the one that she remembers will break through to level 8 in two years' time. Finally, some businessmen and astronautics who are looking for people to fight around are similar. Such people have very strong attack power, but they also have to endure the radiation energy riots of far superior people.

Shi Qingyang erected shields in front of him, but he was still hit by the other side's attack and flew backwards, but he did not suffer. A bottle of medicine that could stimulate the radiation energy fighters and trigger the radiation energy riots was thrown out by him.

This medicine was accidentally developed by Wen Zhuoyi. it has never been used before. at the beginning, the stable Wen Zhuoyi accidentally met the metropolis radiation energy riot. in front of this person…

Originally violent radiation energy, indeed as expected more violent, just let Shi Qingyang shocked, the man didn't lose power because of radiation energy riots, instead began to condense the surrounding radiation energy, crazy attack, seems to be going to riot in the body radiation energy squandered, and mainly accept the attack, is Shi Qingyang.

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