Compared with Shi Qingyang's skillful use of various tactics, Zheng Gaoyuan's every battle is not surprising in that he can seize his opponent's weakness to attack from the very beginning and defeat his opponent before long.

Even from the beginning to the present, Zheng Gaoyuan used only two tactics in the battle. The two tactics were shield and radiation explosion.

Shields can be used by anyone. Although Zheng Gaoyuan's use of shields seems simpler than others, there is nothing surprising about it. As for radiation explosion…This tactic, which Zheng Gaoyuan's first opponent called exotic flowers, is very difficult and powerful, but it is also less powerful than some six-level tactics. It happened that Zheng Gaoyuan only uses these two tactics, even six-level radiation fighters can defeat it!

Shi Qingyang looked at Zheng Gaoyuan on the stage and knocked down the six-level radiation energy fighters in the central city, even with an incredible feeling.

Although this six-level radiation energy fighter did not have much experience at first sight, Zheng Gaoyuan did not have much experience in fighting with others. It happened that in the end, it was Zheng Gaoyuan who won…

"Ha ha ha ha ha! I won!" Shi Qingyang was just about to reward the other party when he saw Zheng Gaoyuan on the stage lying down directly on the stage after he burst out laughing: "I'm exhausted. I'm exhausted. I've run out of radiation…let someone carry me down!"

"…" Reward or something, or forget it.

The radiation energy competition has always attracted a lot of people's attention, and this time it won. At first, this happened because Feng Linqiu, a rare genius in one hundred years, had to take part in the competition. Many people wanted to see the skills of the future Grade 9 strong. But now, everyone's ideas have completely changed, and the people concerned have changed from Feng Linqiu to others.

Feng Linqiu did win every time, but he was a six-level radiation fighter. In most people's eyes, he deserved to win. It was not normal to lose. Naturally, there was nothing to expect. In contrast, Shi Qingyang and Zheng Gaoyuan were much more conspicuous, especially Zheng Gaoyuan. He looked as if he only knew two tactics. In every battle, someone was worried about him. It happened that he won every time.

On the website of Central City, there are countless people discussing him.

"Fat man is so awesome. I thought he was going from fat man to handsome man and was already inspiring to reach Grade 5. I didn't think there was more inspiring!"

"Fat man terrible! Even a strong man in level 6 can win, and he might even make the top ten!"

"Maybe the fat man can still come in second, leaving the first to his master."

"Fat man will certainly do. I watched today's competition. Even the strong man of Grade 6 can't break his tortoise shell!"

"Upstairs, what is the turtle shell?"

"Tortoise is an ancient animal somewhat like a beetle. It is said that its shell is very hard and ordinary people cannot open it."

"Come on, fat turtle!"

"Come on, fat turtle!"


Zheng Gaoyuan was carried down by the staff and then sent to the rest room. After being filled with a few bottles of medicine, he recovered and lay down beside Shi Qingyang to write a post. He also cheerfully followed the uniformly painted "Turtle Fat Refueling" with a waistcoat: "Master, do you know, everyone on the Internet now says I am Turtle Fat, and some people call me Zheng Turtle, saying that my protective cover is as good as a turtle shell!"

Shi Qingyang looked at all this curiously. He specifically checked what a turtle is, but Cheng Ran looked at him curiously: "Tortoise…Fat Man?"

"Yes, yes, although the word fat is not pleasant to hear, it is still very kind when I get used to it. Anyway, I am not fat now, so I don't care if people say I am fat!" Zheng Gaoyuan is beaming

"No, the main problem is…in ancient times the tortoise sometimes refers to the meaning is not good…Zheng tortoise…" Cheng Ran thought of the book he had read, hesitate. If someone suddenly caught someone named "turtle x" or "turtle XX" before the disaster, others would surely think he was swearing.

Zheng Gaoyuan froze immediately. After a while, he cried, "Cheng Ge, alas…what can we do now?"

Cheng Ran couldn't help this nickname. Shi Qingyang didn't even care about him. He just turned over the news on the Internet. It was only after Zheng Gaoyuan became angry that the video of "shaking hands" he had been photographed before was also turned over. At the beginning, Zheng Gaoyuan practiced warcraft all day regardless of occasions, which was laughed at by many people. He was also filmed and posted on the Internet to ask others if he had a problem with his brain and hands. Now we go back and look at it carefully, but we can see at a glance that Zheng Gaoyuan is not shaking hands at all. He is practicing warcraft!

A lot of people think, to practice tactical skills, one must practice in a place with radiation energy, because in a place without radiation energy, one cannot know the right or wrong of one's actions, let alone whether one can use tactical skills after doing so.

Because of this, it was found at the beginning that Shi Qingyang and Zheng Gaoyuan used tactical skills very fast, and many people thought that they relied on money-if they did not have money, who could contact tactical skills over and over again in the exercise room? You know, people's radiation energy will be used up, after using up, you have to drink medicine to recover…

But now, this video is clearly telling others that Zheng Gaoyuan's fighting skill is so fast that he relies on nothing but exercise, because he is practicing even when walking, so he can have such speed.

Zheng Gaoyuan practiced so hard. Where is Shi Qingyang? Zheng Gaoyuan actually only two lighter release faster than others, Shi Qingyang but all lighter release faster than others…

This time, everyone also thought of-Shi Qingyang or Zheng Gaoyuan's master!

Zheng Gaoyuan did this, mostly taught by Shi Qingyang. Naturally, a group of worshippers of Shi Qingyang appeared on the Internet, and many people made a decision on the spot-later, when they did not go to the training room, they also had to practice their fighting skills all the time.

Shi Qingyang saw all this in his eyes and was happy with it. When he was recording the video to be shown in Qinghe Tavern, he simply focused on Zheng Gaoyuan's battle. He carefully analyzed Zheng Gaoyuan's way of fighting and gave a word of evaluation-quick.

"If you can use two tactics in one tactical time, how can you not win?" This is Shi Qingyang's final conclusion and was soon regarded as a classic. In the Qinghe Tavern, he said that Zheng Gaoyuan's exercise video had been recorded. After it will be shown in the future, countless more people will look forward to it.

At this time, the first round of the finals was completed.

According to the past, the radiation energy competition will be played one-on-one but this time, the situation is different.

Just after all the results of the match came out, and according to the winning rate, two hundred people were selected to take part in the next match, something suddenly happened in the central city.

A 30-year-old Grade 5 Radiological Fighter in Central City was obviously not low in strength and had made an appearance in the last Radiological Contest. However, he was killed by a ladybug when his girlfriend invited him to play outside the city.

If you were a scarab or something, you would still show sympathy to him, but ladybird…this kind of animal, which mainly preys on aphids, can usually be hunted by level 1 or 2 radiation energy fighters, killing a level 5 master!

The incident actually happened six months ago. It was nothing. It happened that the parents of the deceased sued the female friends of the deceased and thought that his female friends had murdered…

This case has been examined for half a year, and now I don't know who revealed it. At last, the whole Chinese nation was in an uproar. Everything about this five-level radiation energy fighter was also dug out.

The five-level radiation energy fighter has an excellent family background. His parents, because they thought the radiation energy outside the city was too violent, easily refused to let him out of the city or allow him to use tactical skills outside the city. In the past, he used to rely on people employed by his parents every time he served…Accustomed to the steady radiation energy in the city's exercise room, he was able to beat many people on the competition table and became inexperienced outside the city, so that when he faced the ladybug beast, he could not even use tactical skills. In addition, he did not wear a radiation helmet in order to be handsome, but the ladybug beast attacked his head in the first time…

As soon as the news came out, one-sided accusations appeared.

Some people are in a good world. With the support of their parents, the radiation energy level is not low. They enjoy the benefits of advanced radiation energy fighters, but they cannot cope with even small animals. They completely forget that the radiation energy fighters appeared at the beginning because people wanted to resist foreign animals.

Since they don't deal with foreign animals, what else can they do?

The news triggered a lot of discussions. Many people called for senior radiation energy fighters not to enjoy the taxes paid by ordinary people, but they did nothing. Under the pressure of the public, the radiation energy association finally made some countermeasures. In this so-called countermeasures, they actually reformed the radiation energy competition in the first place.

The radiation energy competition has always been held in the city. The radiation energy in the competition platform of the radiation energy competition is very mild and will not hurt people…This situation does ensure the safety of each contestant, but at the same time, some people who entered the competition on stage do not have much experience in fighting outside the city. They only learned to fight with people under the guidance of teachers.

These people often have a lot of experience in competing with people on the competition table in the city, but when they get out of the city, they can't do anything with the much more violent radiation than in the city…when the enemies of human beings are foreign animals instead of the same kind, their strength is meaningless.

The Radiation Energy Competition is now under the banner of not allowing this trend to continue, so after eliminating many people, they decided to arrange the next knockout round outside the city. The Radiological Energy Association has a very wide training ground near Central City's No. 2 Satellite City. The training ground is full of plants and many exotic animals, but there are no too dangerous animals…

Two hundred people will be taken to the periphery of the training ground respectively. They will wear the best equipment and carry recorders to record all the games. Each person will also carry flares. Once someone fires flares, rescue workers at various monitoring points of the training ground will immediately go to rescue people.

In addition to flares, everyone will also get a metal card of their own. In this competition, more than half of the 200 people will be eliminated, so the promotion method is to have four metal cards in their hands when they finally come out.

At the same time, if someone kills someone in the competition and is photographed by the recorder, he will not only be disqualified from the competition but also be sentenced.

This kind of competition rule is actually very good, the training ground is also very famous, there is basically no danger…However, this is outside the city.

Shi Qingyang clearly remembered that there was no accident in this radiation energy competition in the previous life, and it ended smoothly. Although the case was also noisy, it was after the radiation energy competition that Feng Linqiu, who had won the championship at that time, sent many videos of himself against foreign animals on the Internet, and received many people's praise…

This time, I suddenly came here, this time…

"Qingyang, Feng family want to deal with you? Feng Yunhong deliberately let you take part in the competition before, and now he has come up with such a competition method…"Cheng Ran frowned tightly, and when he arrived outside the city, there was basically no guarantee of anything. Because of this, Shi Qingyang had already made up his mind not to go out of the city after his war with Feng Jia, but now because of the reason of the competition, he had to go out of the city.

By this time, Shi Qingyang can't just skip the competition.

"This should be the case. There was no such thing in my last life." Shi Qingyang said that the case was obviously controlled by someone behind it, which led to this. The competition content of the Radicals Competition suddenly changed, and it was obviously related to the closure of the family.

But even so, they can't say anything without proof. If they refuse to compete at this time, they don't know what they will be said.

"That now? Do you want to ask your adoptive mother?" Cheng Ran frown way.

"The competition plans have been announced. Can the adoptive mother still force the change?" Shi Qingyang patted Cheng Ran on the shoulder: "However, don't worry, I'm not the level 5 radiation energy fighter other people think, I'm already level 7, and it's not easy for them to deal with me."

"This is not good either…then we will find more people to go to the competition venue?" Cheng Ran hesitated and clenched his fist." Unfortunately, I can't help anything."

He is now a six-level radiation energy, but his radiation energy is probably due to its nature, and he has no way to induce radiation energy in the air. That is to say, when he arrives outside the city, his attack power is poor and at most his strength is greater than that of ordinary people.

Not to mention, he is still an ordinary person in other people's eyes and cannot leave the city casually.

"Why can't you help? However, as long as you are well, I will be at ease." Shi Qingyang kissed Cheng Ran on the face.

The reason why Feng Yunhong let him take part in the radiation energy competition aggressively before is now completely clear. Obviously, Feng intends to deal with him, and the reason for dealing with him is mostly for Cheng Ran.

I don't know what is the intention of Feng family this time.

This time, it was obvious that there was a move to Feng family. This was not only guessed by Shi Qingyang, but also by Cheng Xuze and Fan Jia. But now, it is obvious that the seal was made by Yang Mou. Even if they guessed, they could not avoid it.

"Grandpa, adoptive father and adoptive mother, you can rest assured that my strength is actually Grade 7 instead of Grade 5. They made a mistake in estimating my strength. We know in advance that we can be on our guard early and need not worry too much." Shi Qingyang comforted.

Cheng Xuze also knew this principle, and finally nodded: "It is true. As long as you bring more things and be more careful, nothing will happen. It is impossible to find an eight-level expert to deal with you."

"Yes." Shi Qingyang also smiled, the strong level 8, the whole China even counting already old can't move, there are 40, each of these people are powerful, always can't personally to deal with him a "level 5" radiation fighter.

Judging from the current situation, most families will find a grade 7…

"When that day comes, we will all go to the training ground and watch it. I'll find someone to watch those eight-level masters who have Feng family. I'll ensure your safety!" Fan Jia said.

"Thank you, adoptive mother." Shi Qingyang laughed and completely reassured him. He had a very good relationship with Feng Linqiu at the beginning of his previous life and was finally countered by Feng Linqiu. In the process, he had never seen a hidden level 8 master in Feng's family. He wanted to Feng Yunhong and did not have enough chips to let an level 8 radiation fighter risk exposure to deal with another level 9 master's recently valued partner.

Having made such a decision, the people around Shi Qingyang immediately took action. At the same time, the match, which was arranged outside the city, will also begin.

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