Ding Yifei was the favorite to win the radiation energy competition, but he lost to a five-level radiation energy fighter in the first competition after arriving in the central city. this is definitely surprising!

If we say that in the past, the people of Anhang City in Spark City knew Shi Qingyang and the people of Central City also knew him, but now, almost all the people in China already knew about his existence.

"No wonder Fan Jia will come in person for his competition. It turns out that he is so strong!"

"He won Feng Linqiu before, and certainly it was not Feng Linqiu who let him win. I think it was Feng Linqiu who felt he could not beat him before he voluntarily conceded."

"Will the champion of this radiation energy competition finally become a five-level radiation energy fighter?"

"How on earth did this teacher Qingyang practice? He was 24 years old. How did he master the fighting skills so well?"

"I heard that he began to exercise out of the city at the age of 18, often staying outside the city for a few months, also at any time will practice lighter…"

"It's no wonder that so much, but talent estimation is high, so many people work hard, also only he can do this step…"


Before the end of the match on that day, there were a lot of news on the Internet. After mentioning Shi Qingyang, many people also looked forward to Zheng Gaoyuan's match as Shi Qingyang's apprentice.

Zheng Gaoyuan's opponent this time was a five-level radiation energy fighter, and it was his turn after Shi Qingyang's match. He was somewhat similar to Shi Qingyang's practice. He set several layers of protective covers for himself as soon as he entered the match, and then when the opponent's attack came, he resisted the attack hard and, by the way, he also sent an attack.

Whether Zheng Gaoyuan or Shi Qingyang, the greatest characteristic of the two men's use of tactical skills is that they are quick and fast enough to catch their opponents off guard. For example, Zheng Gaoyuan's opponent, even though he hid quickly, was still injured by Zheng Gaoyuan's barrage of radiation explosion.

"I X, this year there are people practicing this wonderful art…" Zheng Gaoyuan opponent was bombed several times, face the blessing can hurt, the whole face blackened, hair was blown away, looking at Zheng Gaoyuan expression is like watching monsters.

Zheng Gaoyuan used this radiation explosion technique, demanding two distractions, and finally controlling the collision and explosion of two completely different radiation energies…This tactic was once used in a TV play, and the protagonist used this tactic for the first time because of his pure mind, and thus escaped from danger. At that time, many people tried to learn it, but few of them could stick to it.

"Wonderful flower? In fact, it's not too bad. It's very simple. Aha, ha, ha, ha!" Zheng Gaoyuan's face was full of pride. He practiced his left hand first. After his left hand was very skilled, he practiced his right hand again. When both hands were accustomed to this kind of action, he would not hesitate to think again.

Practice makes perfect. after two months of practice, he can now use it with his eyes closed!

"…" Zheng Gaoyuan opponent spit out one mouthful blood, also don't know is injured or angry before, until the medical staff poured a large bottle of wound cleaning liquid on the face, he didn't return to absolute being, painful cough up.

When Zheng Gaoyuan competed, Shi Qingyang had finished recording today's video. The recording time was very short, because Ye Houan planned to play the video tonight to take the lead.

"Just came down from the competition field, will be pulled to work, haven't pay…" Shi Qingyang took off his mask and sat down on the ground directly, of course, he is not tired.

Ordinary level 5 soldiers, after a fight with Ding Yifei, will certainly be exhausted, but his body radiation energy, actually only spent one over ten…

"Not only is there no salary, you have to pay me." Ye Houan smiled at Shi Qingyang. When he went with Shi Qingyang to save his daughter, he knew that Shi Qingyang was not easy. Now all this clearly proves his conjecture.

Shi Qingyang is destined to make great achievements in the future. He will never suffer losses if he follows Shi Qingyang.

"on such a thought, I should not give you any salary, Xiaoyang. remember, don't give master ye any salary." Shi Qingyang laughed.

"ah? Boss, are you going to Qinghe Tavern tonight?" Fu Xiaoyang didn't know how to answer such a joke, and hurriedly changed a question.

"Go, I will go with Ran Ran. I always concentrate on exercise, which will affect my feelings with Ran." Shi Qingyang immediately said that the other day he had been trying to improve his strength and wanted to reach Grade 8 earlier, which undoubtedly made him ignore Cheng Ran.

As a senior reporter, Ye Houan was particularly accurate in grasping the mentality of others. He released a message on the official website of Qinghe Tavern, saying that he would explain the video of Ding Yifei and Shi Qingyang tonight. He also released a one-minute screenshot of the explanation. After that, many media reprinted the information voluntarily, which was regarded as free publicity for them.

As usual, the Qinghe Tavern was full of people. Before the door was opened, many people crowded around the door.

People crowded outside, Shi Qingyang and Cheng Ran have stepped into the exclusive box earlier, originally Cheng Xuze also want to come, but they dumped them in the end-how interesting is a box for two people? Plus a Cheng Xuze, immediately changed.

Qinghe Tavern did not accept the reservation. At the moment of opening the door, a lot of people rushed in and grabbed all the empty boxes and downstairs seats. There were also some people who were familiar with looking for empty space to stand…Shi Qingyang put the lively scene outside on the screen, trying to show off to Cheng Ran while eating tofu, but didn't want to see two more people at the door at this time. Ding Yingxin, a big man with the same strong son, blocked the door of the Tavern and almost blocked the door of the Tavern.

Ding Yingxin is a big man in the Northeast City. Before, there were two other top 8 players in the Northeast City who could compete with him. However, after their sons and grandsons respectively took a fancy to Ding Yingxin's daughter and worked hard to marry her, no one in the Northeast City could hold Ding Yingxin any longer.

Because of this, even if the Qinghe tavern in the Northeast City used to be lively again, when Ding Yingxin went, someone would always give him his box, and Ding Yifei, as Ding Yingxin's son, his face was equally good.

After the Northeast City got used to such treatment, they did not have the concept of seizing the position in advance when they arrived in the central city, and finally arrived late.

"Son, what should I do?" Ding Yingxin looked at his son and asked, originally they also planned to come earlier, but Ding Yifei suffered some injuries in the previous battle and was inevitably delayed after treatment.

This time Ding Yifei insisted. Now he sees the full Qinghe tavern. Although he hesitates, he does not want to give up: "Dad, there are only two of us. Can we find someone to put together a box?" He did not choose the hall because the hall was too crowded.

"Also to…who is willing to spell a box? I, Ding Yingxin, will certainly bear this sentiment!" The latter two sentences, Ding Yingxin took a deep breath and amplified the volume. Unfortunately, his name works well in the Northeast City, but it is very common in the central city. People who occupy the balcony are not weak in general strength, so naturally they will not see him in the eye.

The people in the box did not respond at all. Ding Yingxin was anxious and grabbed another waiter: "I'm Ding Yingxin. you really don't have any space here, can you arrange a place for me?"

Even the husband of Wen Zhuoyi, a nine-level expert, had to be occupied in advance. Ding Yingxin naturally could not have special treatment. however, at this time, the door of a balcony on the second floor was opened, and an eight-level strong man from yellow river city who had always resisted Ding Yingxin came out from the inside: "Ding Yingxin, you are late. it is not difficult to find a place to stand. if you want a balcony, forget it."

"Turns out to be you this guy, hum, defeated!" Ding Yingxin immediately the baggage and take the journey.

The man was not angered either: "I didn't beat you, but today your son was defeated too? As for the balcony…do you really want the balcony?"

Ding Yingxin felt very uncomfortable after his son lost. now being pointed out, he couldn't help blowing his beard and glaring. however, the man smiled and continued: "in fact, it's not difficult for you to want the box. when we came in, there was someone in the middle box. this obviously violates the stipulation that the Qinghe hotel can't book in advance…but with such treatment, this should be a big man, and you can't afford to offend."

The man obviously used taunts, but Ding Yingxin listened and looked at the attendant nearby: "did someone really occupy the balcony ahead of time? Didn't you say that the Qinghe tavern is not allowed to book in advance? What is going on?" As he said, Ding Yingxin had already dragged the waiter to the door of the box.

He is an 8-level radiation energy fighter, ranking second only to the 2-level 9 in terms of strength. Besides Fan Jia and Feng Yunhong, he is not afraid of anyone. Even if the leaders here are really these two people, he apologizes, and he believes they will not blame him.

As for this is not the two men…It is someone else broke the rules, even if you don't give him the box, also should let him in!

"Who is inside? Who occupied the balcony in advance?" Ding Yingxin knocked at the door vigorously.

Shi Qingyang and Cheng Ran two people looked at the situation outside, there is a feeling of suffered an accident-very not easy going to close, unexpectedly someone came to…

This Ding Yingxin is still a rough man who won't flinch easily. He is an 8-level radiation fighter who started a fight in Qinghe Tavern. The waiters can't help it.

Ding Yingxin shouted a few times outside, but he didn't feel that the people inside gave off a momentum of 8. 9 to drive him away. Instead, he was delighted. Now that he was sure there were no big figures inside, he was even more casual: "People inside, hurry up and let me in!"

"Dad!" Ding Yifei disapproved of his father's behavior, but his plan was the same as Ding Yingxin's: "I don't know which elder is in the balcony? My father and I came late and had no place to go. I wonder if you would like to let us in?"

Ding Yifei said respectfully, and as soon as he finished speaking, the balcony door was opened.

Just now Ding Yingxin was wondering, as long as the people in the box are not the two level 9 masters, he can rely on each other's unruly this hard to squeeze in, but he never thought that the people in the box would be Shi Qingyang.

During the day today, he just won his son's Shi Qingyang.

Ding Yingxin's happy expression froze when the door opened, and finally his face hardened: "Shi Qingyang, why are you here in advance? Didn't Qinghe Tavern say it can't be booked?"

"The Qinghe Tavern cannot be booked in advance. Unfortunately, the Qinghe Tavern belongs to the Cheng family." Shi Qingyang smiled and pointed to the nearby Cheng Ran. The relationship between the Qinghe tavern and the Cheng family is known by many people in the central city.

Ding Yingxin's face is even uglier. Ding Yifei is also a little stiff. He has always admired Qinghe Tavern, but this is the first time he knows about it…Qinghe Tavern belongs to Cheng Family, and Shi Qingyang married Cheng Family…

"If you two want to come in, come in." Shi Qingyang initiative, get out of the way the body, two people outside the door to come in.

He had a good impression of Ding Yingxin in his last life, and had some friendship with Ding Yifei. Naturally, he didn't mind touching it.

Ding Yingxin still hesitated. Ding Yifei gritted his teeth and entered the room. Although he lost the match with Shi Qingyang, he did not know where he was. Now he is eager to listen to others' comments and know Shi Qingyang's weaknesses.

When he finds out, he will win Shi Qingyang one day!

The time for the video screening is still a long time, and the four of them did not talk to each other. It was a bit too quiet. Cheng Ran didn't like the atmosphere, so he pulled Shi Qingyang to talk, recommended food for Shi Qingyang, and also found out all the people and time for the next medicine match of Shi Qingyang and analyzed them one by one.

"Qingyang, your next opponents are very ordinary, all of them are level 5 radiation energy fighters, which is easy to solve. Your opponent tomorrow is still a famous dude in Nanguang City, who lost to level 4 radiation energy fighters in Nanguang City…will you finish the battle early tomorrow and then we go to the Crystal Mansion for dinner?" Cheng Ran asked, he was very curious about the crystal building made entirely of glass in Central City.

"The famous walking light building? Heard that some people will deliberately go there to let oneself go…"Shi Qingyang some don't want to, originally he thought the place is quite good, but think of Cheng Ran sitting above the following people can see up, but some don't want to.

However, although it is easy to get out of sight, it also attracts many people. Some people like to show their own uniqueness, and even some people strip off their clothes on the top…

The thought that Cheng Ran might see some performance artists there made Shi Qingyang even more reluctant. Although he usually watches educational films with Cheng Ran, the computer is totally different from the reality.

"Is that so? Then let's go to the ancient food building to have a steak?" Cheng Ran also asked that Gu Shi Mansion aspires to make ancient delicacies and has been trying hard to explore the taste with the extinction of mammals. It is said that the steak, which tastes similar to the ancient steak, is their main dish.

"good." Shi Qingyang nodded, probably because Feng family was afraid that he would really be brushed down. His opponents behind him were all weak and could be easily defeated by him. In the next few days, he only had to take care of the battle and explain this piece: "What do you want to go to in the future? It is said that satellite city 3 is full of entertainment facilities. when are we going to play?"

Ding Yifei's heart is heavy, and he is eager to know why he lost. He also feels that Shi Qingyang uses warcraft so fast and has such strong fighting capacity that he must keep exercising for a while…

What happened? The man who won him talked endlessly about beer and skittles beside him…at that time, Ding Yifei felt some indignation.

He also wanted to say something to his father about attacking people. It happened that his father knew nothing about these things, and now he has started watching other people's war videos…

Very not easy, it was time to put on the video to explain in Qinghe Tavern. Ding Yifei looked at the things on the table that Shi Qingyang was about to finish eating, and finally "coughed" a few times: "It's time to explain, should you listen carefully?"

"Do you like listening to explanations very much?" Shi Qingyang asked with a smile.

"Of course, that mask master is my idol!" Ding Yifei immediately got to the point, because the person who explained the story always wore a mask, and now everyone calls him the mask master.

"Oh…" Shi Qingyang nodded his head.

"What is your attitude? Do you know how incisive the master's opinion is? You can't compare with him in any way!" Ding Yifei added that he had explained the video of the match to the other party three times in the Northeast City. every time he listened to the explanation, he felt that the person was pointing himself out. he believed that the other party must have an impression of himself.

Even if they haven't met, they have already had a bit of mentoring.

"If he knew you were such a fan, he would be very happy." Shi Qingyang smiled and now he finds it very interesting.

Ding Yifei was somewhat dissatisfied, but soon he thought of something: "Qinghe tavern belongs to Cheng family. do you know mask master?"

"The explanation has begun." Shi Qingyang said directly.

This video was recorded by Shi Qingyang himself. He naturally did not pay attention to it, but the other three people in the box did not take their eyes off it. Shi Qingyang pondered, and Cheng Ran saw it as his "heroic bearing", while the other two…

Seeing Ding Yifei's expression changing with the explanation, I knew that he was really keen on the explanation.

Shi Qingyang did not give too much comment on his own fighting style in the explanation, but only gave detailed data, listing all the time he used lighter skills, and also listing the speed of ordinary people using lighter skills. When the two speeds are put together, he is more than twice as fast.

"Shi Qingyang can win, simply because the use of lighter skills is very fast, the calculation is also very accurate, I can see the actual combat experience is very rich, in addition, I have no other evaluation, is Ding Yifei…"

Shi Qingyang did not say much about himself, but Ding Yifei's analysis was very thorough. He pointed out all his mistakes in this battle.

The battle was his own experience, and he was much better than Ding Yifei. Ding Yifei's lack was clear and natural. The video was extremely detailed, and many things were probably not discovered by anyone except him.


"Turns out to be so…"

"I am really too careless…"


Ding Yifei mumbled to himself and was ecstatic. Ding Yingxin's reaction was similar to his: "That's it, that's the reason! I saw it earlier, but I can't say…"

After the end of the video, it took a while for Ding Yifei to return to absolute being. He looked at Shi Qingyang with flashing eyes: "I really lack too much! Shi Qingyang, do you know the mask master? Can you introduce me?"


Shi Qingyang finally refused Ding Yifei's request on the grounds that the mask master did not want to see outsiders. He watched Ding Yifei leave indignantly before taking Cheng Ran on a date.

Shi Qingyang made a big hit, but in the following time, there was no battle that could make people shine at the moment. There was no way. His opponents were too weak. He seemed to have returned to Anhang City when his opponents "flew out" again and again.

Feng family deliberately arranged these opponents for Shi Qingyang, and they were all knocked out before long. People watching his match could not see anything. In contrast, Zheng Gaoyuan became more and more popular in the match after match, and he became the second person to defeat the 6 strong with the strength of 5.

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