Ding Yifei is the only son of Ding Yingxin, the most famous eight-level expert in Northeast City.

It is said that Ding Yingxin is really hard to write his own name and suffers a lot from it. Therefore, when naming his son, how easy is it to do it? Do you want his wife to stop it? I'm afraid Ding Yifei can't even keep the one behind him and will call him Ding Yi directly. With this unreliable father, Ding Yifei had a difficult time as a child, but it happened to train him and taught him to rely on himself in all things.

Ding Yifei is 29 years old this year. He has been a strong man in Grade 6 for three years. He is recognized as a genius in Northeastern City. He likes fighting as much as his father. Several battles dominated by him have made him famous. Before Feng Linqiu did not appear, he always had the idea of "Lao Zi is the best in the world".

It happened that in the end there was a Feng Linqiu, who reached level 6 two years earlier than him…Ding Yifei was in a very complicated mood before he came to Central City. On the one hand, he felt he was five years older than Feng Linqiu and a bit of a bully. On the other hand, he hoped to win Feng Linqiu hard in the competition.

However, just came to the central city, in addition to Feng Linqiu, he actually heard another name-Shi Qingyang.

Shi Qingyang is just a five-level spoke almighty, such people are not supposed to be seen in their eyes, but before Shi Qingyang won Lin Qiu, Fan Jia Fan master also sit up and take notice to him.

"Son, the man who will compete with you tomorrow is not simple. You must be careful!" Ding Yingxin, an unusually burly man, slapped his burly son on the shoulder.

He has a total of eight children, all of whom are daughters except Ding Yifei. He is very pampered to his daughter. Although he is not so pampered to his son, he is also very attentive.

"Dad, I know, but I'm a five-level radiation fighter, and I can definitely win!" Ding Yifei watched the video of the match online and said.

"Be careful to sail ten thousand ships, before the Feng Linqiu, not lost to him? I think Master Fan also highly praises him."

"That is Lin Qiu dare not spell! If Feng Linqiu's performance in the radiation energy competition is still the same as that in the video of his battle with the teacher Qingyang, he is not worthy to be my opponent!" Ding Yifei said that when he fought against Shi Qingyang, Feng Linqiu threw in the towel before he could fight. This behavior somewhat made him despise him.

"Not the kui is my son, have ambition!" Ding Yingxin was very satisfied and slapped his son on the shoulder again.

"Dad, do you know who is the person who explained the tactics in the Qinghe tavern?" Ding Yifei has finished today's tactical analysis, turned to look at his father, and moved his shoulder, which had already been touched.

"I've already asked Cheng laoer, and he won't say anything." Ding Yingxin was somewhat helpless: "You seem to be very attentive to that person recently?"

"Dad, have you seen his analysis?" Ding Yifei looked at his father. Ding Yingxin was very strong, but he could not teach people. He had never analyzed anything before. The interpreter actually helped him a lot.

"Of course I have. The man analyzed it very well."

"Not only is it good…Dad, I designed a set of battle plans for this competition, and the results were analyzed by him only once. Several people who fought with me before all went to see his analysis video and found out my weaknesses…" Ding Yifei said with his teeth gnashing, but could not help but admire some-if it weren't for the man, he didn't know he had such weaknesses.

"Didn't you make up your weaknesses recently?" Ding Yingxin asked.

"But I also want to know who that person is…" Ding Yifei saw his father's full face of curiosity, and finally gave up explaining to his father: "Well, Dad, I'll think about my weakness again, and tomorrow I'll make myself a monolithic piece!" His weakness is to pay attention to the attack and neglect his own defense, and the defense of his lower body is even worse.

In order to deal with this problem, he specially found himself a tactical skill on his way to Central City, just to win the championship.

Perhaps he should not reveal all his cards tomorrow, but should pretend that his weaknesses are still there? Ding Yifei looked at the video in which Shi Qingyang beat people down three or two times and pondered. I couldn't help turning over the video explanation of Qinghe tavern.

If only I could know this commentator, even if this person is of average strength, such eyesight can also help him…

There were several matches the next day. After entering the finals, every contestant was very famous. Naturally, every match was worth looking forward to.

The most anticipated ones are Shi Qingyang vs. Ding Yifei and Feng Linqiu vs. Ouyang Xi in Sichuan.

Ouyang Xi, like Ding Yifei and Lin Qiu, is also a six-level radiation fighter, so in contrast, people expect more from his battle with Lin Qiu-the battle between two people of different levels can often be decided quickly. even though Shi Qingyang "won" Lin Qiu, no one thinks he can win Ding Yifei in such a competition.

Of course, others think he can't win, but Fan Jia Cheng Xuze and others all think he can win-level 7 and level 6, which is a watershed!

Shi Qingyang has a grade 7, and it is clear to them who bullies whom. Moreover, judging from the aggressive situation of Feng Yunhong, Shi Qingyang's strength has little to do with whether it is exposed or not.

Shi Qingyang slept very early that night and did not study the opponent's battle video like others-Ding Yifei's battle video he had personally analyzed. Why is there any need for research? I don't know if Ding Yifei has seen his analysis. If he has, I don't know if he has corrected his shortcomings…

In Shi Qingyang's memory, Ding Yifei will be the second in this radiation energy competition, and he has pondered over the video of this man and Feng Linqiu.

Ding Yifei is very strong, not weaker than Feng Linqiu at all, and his experience is even more abundant than Feng Linqiu, but in the end he still won because of his weakness.

I don't know, if Ding Yifei corrected, can Feng Linqiu win him again…

The next day, Shi Qingyang finally suspended his training. After getting up in the morning, he only did some simple exercises to stretch his body and then arrived at the competition venue early in the morning.

This round of matches is arranged at random. Each player will fight for 10 matches and advance according to the winning rate. In other words, even if he loses one or two matches, he can still advance. If he loses half of the matches, he will definitely not be able to advance.

Of course, Shi Qingyang did not believe in the word "random". If it were arranged at random, how could it be so clever? He and Feng Linqiu were both top 6 experts?

What's more, he is against a powerful master who absolutely needs a five-level radiation fighter to go all out, while Lin Qiu is against Ouyang Xi who is more showy than he is.

Ouyang Xi was a top six player in his last life, and he didn't even enter the top 50, which is absolutely suitable for Feng Linqiu to win as a "kick-off".

Shi Qingyang was right. The first match in the morning was Feng Linqiu against Ouyang Xi, and Feng Linqiu also won a very beautiful match. In the battle with Ouyang Xi, he has always shown no hurry, no rashness, elegant demeanor and graceful movements. However, Ouyang Xi stormed at first and then went into a flurry of defense, causing a lot of ugliness and setting off Feng Linqiu as a more "wise SHEN WOO".

When Feng Linqiu won, the people shouting "Feng Linqiu" outside the competition were just like crazy. many people of great age were excited. obviously, this competition has improved his reputation a lot.

Not long after Feng Linqiu won, it was Shi Qingyang's turn.

Shi Qingyang has never suffered any hardship in his life. He is taller than in his previous life. He was also tall when he was in Changjiang City, but he was half a head shorter than Ding Yifei.

Ding Yifei is tall, strong and muscular, and his body is full of Qiu-knot muscles. He is almost a giant when he supports the largest uniform and customized protective clothing. It happened that he was such a giant and was not clumsy when he acted.

Shi Qingyang knew something about Ding Yifei early on, so as soon as he entered the arena, he put on several protective covers for himself at a fast speed, then he swam away and attacked.

Level 5 shield is nothing to level 6 radiation energy fighters, but he put on seven or eight, level 5 attack is nothing to Ding Yifei, but he can send out several in an instant…

Shi Qingyang used only level 5 tactics and controlled his radiation energy output to level 5. He went to Ding Yifei without weakness.

To beat the strong with the weak has always been Shi Qingyang's specialty. He has strong control over radiation energy, uses tactical skills very quickly, and has enough actual combat experience. He often leapfrogged the challenge in his last life. Naturally, he can do so at this time.

Shi Qingyang's initial attack was too sharp, and even let Ding Yifei slightly messed up. After the mess, he never dared to underestimate Shi Qingyang again. A six-level combat skill was directed at Shi Qingyang. Six levels of fighting skill has just been issued, and he has covered his fist with a layer of radiation energy, and then followed by this fighting skill, a punch toward Shi Qingyang smashed in the past…

Shi Qingyang did not panic. He directly used the "tidal wave" of fighting skills given to everyone by Professor Qinghe Tavern the other day. He also used two at a time. The overlapping spokes were able to fly towards Ding Yifei, which was all. After Ding Yifei blocked the two fighting skills, the sword of two spokes hidden under the two fighting skills suddenly appeared again and plunged into the past towards Ding Yifei.

When Ding Yifei resisted the two swords, Shi Qingyang had once again drawn the distance between them.

The coming and going of you on the competition table was really wonderful. At first, although there were many people watching this competition, there were many others watching other competitions. As time went on, there were very few people watching other competitions. Even the people who were going to take part in the next competition all gathered around and almost forgot their own competition.

Feng Linqiu was very concerned about the match from the beginning of the fourth round, but he didn't expect it to be so wonderful and his face was ugly at that time.

The match was indeed "randomly" arranged, but the randomly arranged matches could be chosen. They just found this loophole and let the computer randomly choose thousands of times, which is why they chose the current plan.

Shi Qingyang and Ding Yifei are his enemies. Making Shi Qingyang fly to Ding Yifei can let him know the fighting capacity of the two men and make arrangements for the future. However, he can make a stand against Ouyang Xi on the first day.

Despite this idea, Feng Linqiu did not think Shi Qingyang could win Ding Yifei at all. They even arranged it. Then they arranged some weaker opponents for Shi Qingyang so that he could advance smoothly after losing this match. But now…

"The teacher Qingyang is not simple!" Feng Yunhong didn't care about the battle of Level 5 and Level 6 originally. He watched it specially to give Feng Linqiu a good explanation, but now the whole person has tightened up and looked at the competition table in front of him with rapt attention: "He can actually control the radiation energy to such an extent…"

"Grandpa?" Feng Linqiu looked at Feng Yunhong.

Feng Yunhong glanced at a young man named Sun Zishi's son, and suddenly he couldn't help sighing. He paid a great price for having such an heir. He always thought Feng Linqiu was the best, but the following two people were no worse than Feng Linqiu.

No, Lin Qiu still has something stronger than them. At least Lin Qiu's radiation energy is more soothing than ordinary people. In his current situation, he can probably become a Grade 9 strong before he is 40.

"Ding Yifei spoke with abundant energy, strong attack power, good at close combat, in addition to the lighter, its own wushu is not bad, originally has weaknesses in defense, now also has to make up…"

"Shi Qingyang's control of radiation energy is exquisite. He basically does not waste any radiation energy. He is better than Ding Yifei in Wushu and is very flexible. He should have a set of tactical skills that can detect fluctuations in radiation energy. Therefore, he can always avoid after Ding Yifei sends out his tactical skills. His best place should be in a word of" fast ". He sends out his tactical skills much faster than ordinary people…"

"I can't say who can win the battle between these two men, but why Zheng Gaoyuan kept moving his hands before, I finally understand-he is practicing his fighting skills!"

Feng Yunhong had a feeling of admiration for Shi Qingyang at that time, and when he just said he was not sure who would win, Shi Qingyang won.

One by one, the tactical skills fell on Ding Yifei's stomach, pushing him out of the competition table and injuring him, but he had an incredible feeling.

Although he wanted to hide his strength at the beginning, he did his best later, but in this way, he even lost to a level 5 radiation energy fighter…

Clearly, the other party seems to be running out of energy. Clearly, his victory seems to be just around the corner, but he suddenly lost. He was hit in the same place by the seven or eight fighting skills suddenly issued by the other party…

"Flying, are you all right?" Ding Yifei's friends lifted him up and looked at Shi Qingyang with some disbelief. This time there were other six-level fighters in the Northeast City to the central city. They were not Ding Yifei's rivals, but Shi Qingyang actually won!

Now this situation is really incredible.

"I'm fine," Ding Yifei said, suddenly stopping Shi Qingyang." Shi Qingyang, wait, I'll beat you one day!"

"I'll wait." Shi Qingyang smiled and turned to leave the competition venue.

He has not seen Zheng Jia's public relations team, but he believes that with this one, those people will surely know what to do.

As for him…he is going to exercise now and also to record videos. Now, the official website of Qinghe Tavern has a voting option. After the match every day, people with membership cards can vote in it and choose the video that everyone most wants to hear the commentator analyze. After Shi Qingyang analyzes it, it will be broadcast in Qinghe Tavern the next day.

This morning, I heard that many people have chosen Feng Linqiu's video. I'm afraid it will be changed in the afternoon.

Shi Qingyang believes that this time everyone would like to see his analysis of his battle video with Ding Yifei, and he needs to have a good study to see how to "boast" about himself, and Ding Yifei. In this competition, he discovered a little shortcoming of this man and should point it out directly.

When Shi Qingyang was thinking about this, Ding Yifei returned to the watch station in the Northeast City and cast his vote with the contact terminal in the first place-he must know exactly how he lost!

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