Although Shi Qingyang two people still in bed, but suddenly involved in so many things, Shi Qingyang couldn't sleep at all.

Cheng Ran's situation is indeed different from that of ordinary people, but to his surprise, Cheng Ran may even be an experiment in a Feng laboratory.

Think of embryo experiment, Shi Qingyang's face changed again, his situation is very special, after being put into the laboratory, also someone took his cells, it is said that there are plans to cultivate embryos, also don't know is cloning, or like Cheng Ran…

Fortunately, before the results of the experiment came out, the beast tide occurred, otherwise if there were any children…

Thought of here, Shi Qingyang again thought of Cheng Hong attitude toward Cheng Ran, Cheng Ran if really born like this, Cheng Hong attitude can explain, of course, can explain but he can't understand, Cheng Ran survived, is a life, has also been handed over to him, how can he completely regardless of Cheng Ran anyway?

Even if it were a child who had nothing to do with himself, ordinary people would not be able to let him die.

I didn't sleep with my eyes open for a long time. Shi Qingyang stroked Cheng Ran's skin again. When I was a child, people who seldom had skin contact with others were prone to skin hunger and thirst. Cheng Ran lived in the laboratory when he was a child. Researchers there all wore thick gloves when contacting him. It is no wonder that he did this.

With this in mind, Shi Qingyang felt Cheng Ran lean on his arms: "Ran Ran, haven't slept yet?"

"No…" Cheng Ran whispered: "Qingyang, do you think I'm a monster…The gene I registered is fake, someone forged the gene map and registered me as Qin Liu and Cheng Hong's child. When I was a child, I basically didn't go out to the hospital, and I didn't test the gene. Later I found out that my gene mutation was a bit more…Grandpa thought it was the change caused by eating the queen ant's meat, but it wasn't."

He just said speculation about his life, somewhat worried, lest Shi Qingyang think he is not normal, so will then throw beast tide.

"It's okay, no matter how, don't you or you? The trouble now is that I don't know what Feng family did at the beginning and what he wants to do now, and how Cheng Hong got involved with Feng Jia." Shi Qingyang said, thinking of Cheng Hong and Qin Liu at the same time.

He once read the investigation report of Qin Liu and knew that Qin Liu's brother studied biology. Later, he signed a confidentiality agreement to join a laboratory…Before, he never thought of Cheng Hong and Feng family together. He also swept away this point, but now he can string together the causes and effects.

"It is estimated that there were some experiments at that time, such as the creation of natural radiance or something. What Cheng Hong said to me before revealed vaguely that I should be very good…He might think that I was a failed experiment and would hate me." Cheng Ran said that when he mentioned Cheng Hong, he used his name directly.

"However, you should be the best." Shi Qingyang hugged Cheng Ran and gently kissed Cheng Ran's face and neck.

"Maybe that's the case, otherwise how to find me again…Qingyang, who do you think is the provider of my other half genes? Will that person eat the meat of a strange animal like the queen ant, just like you? If it weren't for this, how could I adapt so well to the substance in queen ant?"

"Maybe this is the case, Feng family to do human body experiments is not a day or two, it's a pity that I now strength is not enough…" Shi Qingyang sighed, Feng family laboratory has explosive device, although he doesn't know why shangbeizi hasn't been explosive, but know that if there really explosive, his current strength will certainly be blown ash left.

Cheng Ran and Shi Qingyang talked for a long time, until it was dawn, only to find that they had not slept all night.

There was something that Cheng Xuze joked about before. Cheng Ran quickly took out two bottles of refreshing medicine and drank one bottle at a time with Shi Qingyang. Only then did he go downstairs and have breakfast with Wen Zhuoyi Fan Jia.

"How do you drink refreshing agent early in the morning? Didn't sleep well last night?" Wen Zhuoyi took a sniff, smell the taste soon, asked curiously.

Shi Qingyang smell speech a frozen-Wen Zhuoyi what nose is this?

Fan Jia just stared at Wen Zhuoyi: "They are young people, and there will definitely be more activities in the evening…"

Wen Zhuoyi quickly reacted and some gave Shi Qingyang an envious look: "Young man…"

Although clearly did nothing but was misunderstood, but Shi Qingyang and Cheng Ran have learned to face calmly, their performance is too flat, so that finally Wen Zhuoyi is not good at looking at them pointedly.

After breakfast, Cheng Ran followed Wen Zhuoyi to make medicine, while Shi Qingyang went out to take exercise in the exercise room rented by the Radiological Energy Association to prepare for the upcoming Radiological Energy Competition. Before he went, he had contacted Zheng Gaoyuan. In the past, he saw Zheng Gaoyuan practicing to set up a protective cover for himself.

Other lighter, only set of five shield this, Zheng Gaoyuan's speed has been a little slower than he…Shi Qingyang after observing, six levels of lighter one by one toward Zheng Gaoyuan threw in the past, with, of course, not his speed, but the speed of ordinary people.

If in the past, a six-level tactical skills can make Zheng Gaoyuan hurry-scurry, but this time, he is unusually calm, do nothing else, just put a five-level shield on himself.

Level 6 warcraft can easily break a level 5 shield and hurt another person, but one shield is not enough, two, three…

Zheng Gaoyuan blocked all attacks by Shi Qingyang, and only when the radiation in his body was used up did he sit on the ground, motionless: "Master, every time I hit you, I will be abused by you…"

"Good performance." Shi Qingyang was pleasantly surprised to see Zheng Gaoyuan's performance. Zheng Gaoyuan is now very good at putting a thick shell on himself.

If he were to learn some tactical skills besides that…

Shi Qingyang soon handed Zheng Gaoyuan the radiation explosion technique that had been practiced for some trouble. Zheng Gaoyuan was allowed to practice on one side, and he himself was also trained. When the radiation energy in the body was exhausted, he worked hard to recover in situ. Like every exercise in the past, he did not waste any time.

He is now in Grade 7 and looks very strong, but Feng Yunhong is in Grade 9!

If he can achieve the degree of Feng Yunhong, has the strength of grade 9, and where still need to be afraid of Feng Yunhong? Do you need to be as careful as you are now?

The radiation energy competition starts in the third-tier cities first, selecting a group of people, then sending them to the second-tier cities, continuing to select a group of people, and finally sending them to the first-tier cities…after each of the contestants from several first-tier cities, these contestants will be sent to the central city.

Because of this, at the beginning of the start of the competition, teachers Qingyang and Zheng Gaoyuan do not need to take part in the competition. It will take two months before the list of first-class cities to take part in the competition in the central city is confirmed. The central city will start the preliminary competition before competitors from all over the world come to the central city-Nanguang city is a long way from the central city, and the road will take a lot of time. This period of time is enough for the central city to take part in the preliminary competition.

At this time, Shi Qingyang actually didn't have to take part in the competition either, because the central city will also open the door to the best of the contestants. for example, in the beginning, they will let the three-level and four-level radiation fighters who are lower in strength and just come to see the world go on stage first. only when these people are eliminated, will the five-level and six-level strong match them.

Of course, this is not just for the good of the strong. For these three-level and four-level radiation energy fighters, if they were allowed to compete against the upper five-level ones in the first place, I'm afraid they would be defeated by one face to face, thus losing the significance of participating in the competition. On the contrary, they would be allowed to compete with people of similar strength first so that they can get exercise.

Because there is still live broadcast on the Internet, many of them, although with low strength, can still get support from many people or be recognized by others for their outstanding performance…

Shi Qingyang didn't pay much attention to such competitions, but in order to Zheng Gaoyuan, he did look for someone to find out the most educational matches every day when the three-tier cities started the competition, and then explained them to Zheng Gaoyuan.

Shi Qingyang, after all, used to be a Class 8 radiation fighter, but now he also has Class 7. He has a very good eye. He has also seen this competition once and carefully studied the battle videos of many of them…His explanation is easy to understand and very thorough. It is very enlightening to hear.

This was originally known only to Zheng Gaoyuan. Later, when they came to see their Fu Xiaoyang and discovered it accidentally, the whole Chinese people knew it-Fu Xiaoyang brought Shang Mufeng, and then began to videotape Shi Qingyang every day. After editing, it would be shown in Qinghe Tavern.

At the beginning, the competitions were held in third-tier cities, and the contestants' strength was also low. When the Green River Tavern was screened for the first time, some people in the central city and the first-tier cities who had been fed up by what Green River Tavern said the other day still felt bored, but soon they found the explanation extraordinary.

The interpreter can clearly analyze the situation of each battle. Even some rare tactics can be well known. Each time he praises someone in it, that person will perform particularly well in the following competitions…

The commentator spoke so brilliantly, and his vision was extremely harsh!

Many people agree with the explanation of Qinghe tavern very much. They think that those who explain on the spot are not even fit to carry shoes to Shi Qingyang. Even at the end of the day, the contestants from various cities even download videos of Qinghe tavern specially to observe and observe-such incisive explanation can be heard by some people born well from their elders, but it may not be heard by ordinary people for the rest of their lives!

This masked man used a voice changer to explain the radiation truncation method at the beginning. Now, the man who analyzed the battle has attracted the attention of many people. Unfortunately, the confidentiality of Qinghe Tavern is so good that no one knows who this man is.

However, most people also have their own guesses that he should be a middle-aged man of at least Grade 7.

"Grade 7 is right, middle-aged people…those people are really stupid!" Zheng Gaoyuan watched Shi Qingyang take off his mask after Shi Qingyang's explanation and sighed with emotion. Both hands were doing completely different actions-under the high pressure of Shi Qingyang, the radiation explosion technique had been practiced by him.

Although his father thought he was strange when he practiced the shield before, he could understand it after he explained it and even tried to control his expression to praise him, but now he is practicing this war skill which is not like war skill, and his family has seen his expression more and more strange.

Fortunately, no matter what he does, his grandparents will support him unconditionally.

"Middle-aged people, in fact, are also fine, at least not when I am a grandfather." Shi Qingyang said that recently Cheng Ran helped Cheng Xuze and Fan Jia comb their radiation energy at regular intervals. Cheng Xuze also strongly recommended his grandson to me not to be hungry online. Let me try the benefits of combed radiation energy instead of being hungry…

Shi Qingyang slept with Cheng Ran, which may not have tried this? Naturally, he did not move at all. As a result, Cheng Xuze, who wanted noodle base to fail again, directly defined me not to be hungry as an old man in his nineties who had not pursued strength at all…

"tomorrow's video is already available. Zheng Shao, you should also take a shot. after this competition, you will certainly shine. then we can also give you an album." Ye Houan looked at the video on his hand and then smiled at Zheng Gaoyuan. Originally, he had been working in a media in the central city. However, after the last incident between Feng family and Cheng family, he couldn't do anything there. Just when Shi Qingyang contacted him, he resigned decisively and came to Shi Qingyang.

Ye Houan is a reporter. However, he was accompanied by senior radiation fighters out of the city and recorded battle videos, which were also included in textbooks. He also has deep attainments in video recording. After he followed Shang Mufeng, he took over the official website of Qinghe Tavern and the daily video recording. Now, he has great plans to make it into a program.

"Ye Shu, good, good…" Zheng Gaoyuan immediately the baggage and take the journey, subconsciously shrank head, once in front of Ye Houan Ye Jinyu such and such behavior, let him face Ye Houan always feel short a head.

Ye Houan was calm: "That leaves are few, you continue to exercise."

"Yes, yes!" Zheng Gaoyuan nodding.

Zheng Gaoyuan was not obedient, and Ye Houan did as he was told. Shi Qingyang felt deeply when he saw this. Although Cheng Hong this person doesn't need him to pay more attention to what, but for Cheng Xuze, he should definitely curry favor with a little more!

Just as Shi Qingyang praised and praised a five-level contestant from South Guangcheng in Qinghe Tavern, the talent team from the first-level city finally came to Central City one after another, and Shi Qingyang and Zheng Gaoyuan finally came off.

Now it has been more than two months since Fan Jia received Cheng Ran as his adopted son. Over these two months, the family has not taken any actions against the family. Nothing that Shi Qingyang thought would have suppressed the family has happened. This inevitably makes him more worried, worried, and more convinced that the family should be planning to start work in the radiation energy competition.

As a result, Shi Qingyang felt more urgent about improving his own strength. On the day he was going to compete, he still insisted on exercising. It was almost time before he hurried to the competition venue-he and Zheng Gaoyuan both had competitions on this day, and he was earlier than Zheng Gaoyuan.

As soon as Shi Qingyang arrived at the competition venue, he saw dozens of competition platforms and countless people sitting around. Among them, Cheng Ran was the most conspicuous one.

"Qingyang, today your opponent is a four-level radiation fighter. He is 28 years old and has performed very well in previous competitions. Some people think he can completely surpass the level of challenge." Cheng Ran stood beside Shi Qingyang and said about Shi Qingyang's opponent.

"However, I will definitely win. Don't worry." Shi Qingyang smiled and added: "You should have a good rest nearby and don't get tired." Cheng Ran these days to help Fan Jia and Cheng Xuze comb the radiation energy in the body, to learn the production of drugs, but also to see the central university data…He dare not touch Cheng Ran these days and nights.

"I will, my adoptive father and mother are here, and we have a box on it." Cheng Ran said that Fan Jia's health is much better these days, and he and Shi Qingyang are getting better. This time Shi Qingyang is coming to compete, Fan Jia even came on his own initiative.

"Wait for me." Shi Qingyang kissed Cheng Ran on the face and saw Cheng Ran's ears turn red before he came to the match field with satisfaction.

The four-level contestant who competed with Shi Qingyang was really outstanding and had strong actual combat experience. However, he was not as good as Shi Qingyang in terms of strength or experience. Naturally, there was no suspense in the battle. After Shi Qingyang came on stage, he used the fastest speed to issue three five-level fighting skills in succession, which had already left his opponent unable to fight back.

The biggest characteristic of his last life was that he was extremely quick in his tactical skills. Shi Qingyang did not intend to hide this point. After Zheng Gaoyuan came on stage, others would find out.

If someone learns from him after watching the competition, it is also a good thing.

Shi Qingyang won very fast, and Zheng Gaoyuan was not slow. Zheng Gaoyuan's opponent was also a Grade 4 opponent. He set a protective cover for himself as soon as he entered the arena. Then a radiation explosion was used, and his opponent was immediately knocked off the field…

This day's match, because it was all a similar combination, was totally unattractive and was finally much talked about by people, but it was Feng Yunhong and fan Jia who appeared on the match field.

The two men came to watch the match with a low profile, but when they entered the best box and were followed by others, they were somehow seen. At the end of the match, they were both stopped by the top 8 players led by the first-class city.

The right to Feng family is very great, and there are many people looking for it, but there are also many people here in Fan Jia. Who makes Wen Zhuoyi the best pharmacist in China now? Many 8-level radiation fighters in tier-1 cities are deeply affected by radiation riots, and they are always eager for help from pharmacists.

Fan Jia and Wen Zhuoyi don't like such a thing, in the past, it is estimated that reason will not reason, today two people sit through said a lot of words with people, and even accepted the invitation of two of the people with good reputation, at the same time, nature also introduced Shi Qingyang and Cheng Ran.

As a result, Shi Qingyang also how can't understand their approach?

"The guy Feng Linqiu has Feng Yunhong's backing. Of course I will give you a long face." Fan Jia saw Shi Qingyang expression, laughed.

Shi Qingyang and Cheng Ran are too special. Although they haven't reached their heights yet, one day…Fan Jia has already decided to spare no effort for them.

Moreover, speaking, if she and Wen Zhuoyi had children in their early years, they would be so big now.

Fan Jia helped to promote, and the Zheng family's public relations team, which Shi Qingyang had already explained, was operating behind the scenes. the match between Shi Qingyang and Zheng Gaoyuan had just finished when the fire broke out. that is, on this day, the team from Nanguang city, which was farthest away, had already arrived in the central city.

Five first-class cities, plus the central city's talented athletes, add up to more than 700 people, of which the lowest strength is level 4, but only three, most of them are level 5 radiation fighters, and even dozens of level 6.

Feng Linqiu is indeed a genius. He has reached Grade 6 in less than 24 years old, but there are not many people who have reached Grade 6 in outstretched years.

Shi Qingyang's next opponent is a level 6 player, who is also a renowned master in Northeast China.

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