Without asking Shi Qingyang to work hard, the Central City Radiological Energy Association, which came with Feng Yunhong, volunteered to help Shi Qingyang enter the Radiological Energy Contest.

To this, Shi Qingyang was vaguely expecting, because speaking, this is his first time to take part in the radiation energy competition.

He didn't take part in the last round of the radiation energy competition because he felt that it was a waste of time and money to play down the field. in the later round, he was already very strong at that time. Feng Linqiu said that it was meaningless to take part in the competition. finally, he also didn't take part…

Of course, now think about it, that time Lin Qiu was not allowed to take part in the competition, probably because he attracted a large number of fans…didn't Lin Qiu win the first place in this competition and become popular all over the country at that time?

Although the sudden arrival of Feng Yunhong made some mistakes in the banquet, but everything went smoothly. Fan Jia's enthusiasm for Cheng Ran at the banquet made many people take a high look at Cheng Ran. Even Cheng Xuze, who had some worries, finally put down his heart completely.

The main character of the banquet was Cheng Ran, but Shi Qingyang received no less attention than Cheng Ran. After all, in the eyes of many people, Cheng Ran was just an ordinary person, while Shi Qingyang was the one who won Feng Linqiu.

Shi Qingyang was impatient to talk with the guests. He simply took Todd, who had been invited by him, to the corner and even turned the main character of the party. However, unfortunately, because Todd's Chinese is very poor and Cheng Ran's foreign language is so good, he finally became Cheng Ran talking to Todd. Fortunately, Cheng Ran didn't say a word, but he would explain it to him, which made Shi Qingyang feel very sweet. At the same time, he also made up his mind to find a chance to have a good talk!

"Master! Why are you hiding here?" Zheng Gaoyuan found Shi Qingyang while moving his hands.

"You came too. Why didn't you see you just now?" Shi Qingyang didn't see Zheng Gaoyuan for some days and asked curiously.

"Teacher, I came with my dad, he just didn't let me go forward! Plus, I don't have a black weight at the moment, and if you stare at the teacher's mother again, you won't notice me."

"Black at the moment?" What adjective is this?

"Master, my previous weight can definitely cover all eyes and make people look black at the moment. What a fitting description." Zheng Gaoyuan is very proud.

Shi Qingyang had already given up Zheng Gaoyuan's cultural lessons, but noticed Zheng Gaoyuan's hands: "Why are you still practicing the protective cover? Have you ever practiced attacking tactics?"

"Teacher, when you left at the beginning, let me practice the shield…" Zheng Gaoyuan looked at Shi Qingyang, who arranged pre-war training for him. The result was only a few days, and he went to deal with the plague of locusts himself. He could only practice the shield every day…ahem, his master could stop all his attacks with only four shields. If he was fast enough, could he stop six with only five shields?

Zheng Gaoyuan has fantasized about the situation that Feng Linqiu wanted to attack himself but was stopped by his own protective covers one by one and finally had to admit defeat.

Shi Qingyang also discovered his negligence. The protective cover is really important, but Zheng Gaoyuan should attack repeatedly: "Come to me tomorrow and I'll teach you a tactical skill. This tactical skill can be used after the protective cover is propped up. The action is simple. You are also familiar with it!"

"Master, you can rest assured! I will definitely live up to your expectations!" Zheng Gaoyuan immediately got to the point that he was really throwing caution to the wind for more than a month. Even his younger brother laughed at him for having a problem with his hand. He didn't stop and did it for a long time. After finding the effect, he also showed interest-he is putting on the protective cover too fast than others!

Shi Qingyang's plan to teach Zheng Gaoyuan the tactics of warfare is actually a kind of radiation explosion. The tactic that can detonate radiation energy in the air is called radiation explosion. There are four kinds of this tactic commonly used by people, while the one given by Shi Qingyang to Zheng Gaoyuan is not commonly used.

This kind of radiation explosion sends out two radiation energies by doing different actions with both hands, and then the two radiation energies meet to explode. It is very powerful and the actions to be done are simple. It should be a very popular tactic, but it just has a big problem-this tactic, the actions of both hands are completely different, and the operation mode of radiation energy in the body is completely different.

Attention should be paid to the operation mode of radiation energy, different actions should be taken, and the direction of radiation energy should be observed to ensure that they meet…

Of course, it is not difficult to learn. Practice makes perfect.

Zheng Gaoyuan didn't know Shi Qingyang was going to let him learn such a tactic. He was quite happy at this time: "Master, it would be great for you to take part in the radiation energy competition. Then the champion must be you!"

"I hope so." Shi Qingyang smiled and suddenly asked, "You Zheng family should also have someone in charge of advertising? Public relations team?"

"Of course there is! Master, our Zheng family has money and many talents in this field. They are no worse than Feng family." Zheng Gaoyuan immediately said: "Master, some days ago, my grandparents also asked them to help promote Qinghe Tavern."

"In this case, after we take part in the radiation energy competition, let them publicize it as well!" Shi Qingyang said that although such publicity would be a little troublesome, it would make more people know him and it would be easier for others to hear what he said in the future.

"good! Master, I will definitely let those people publicize it well, and then I will definitely publicize us as a charming genius with both civil and military skills!"

"The two adjectives or forget it…" Charming needless to say, Shi Qingyang believes he won't do this, as for both civil and military…he pondered his literary talent, found that although better than Zheng Gaoyuan, but also ok, decisive way.

At the end of the banquet, Zheng Gaoyuan was taken away by his father with facial paralysis. He was reluctant to part with Shi Qingyang and waved vigorously but did not leave. Shi Qingyang said goodbye to him at first, but later he resolutely chose to turn back to the house.

Today, after all, I just recognized my adoptive father and adoptive mother. Shi Qingyang and Cheng Ran stayed as usual. Cheng Xuze stayed at the end. Then I found two people and told them all about Cheng Hong and Qin Liu. He sent people who followed Qin Liu and found people who had a family to find Qin Liu.

"This Qin Liu is actually related to Feng Jia." Cheng Xuze about this matter, obviously some dissatisfaction.

"Grandpa, you said earlier that you would help me check my life experience. Have you found anything?" Cheng Ran suddenly asked.

"Xiao Ran, your parents…your father and Qin Liu don't want to say anything. It's been more than 20 years and I haven't found anything." Cheng Xuze talked about this matter, still a little ashamed, in fact, by now, the input gene map can also check the origin, but Cheng Ran happened to have a very small probability of genetic variation…

Since the advent of Fu Neng, the number of people with genetic variation has been quite large. Cheng Ran is exactly one of them. The variation is still very serious. Cheng Hong's gene detection shows that other genes look chaotic.

"Grandpa, there was no one who died in the central government that year?" Cheng Ran asked again.

"No, I went to Central City to check it out, but I still haven't found anything."

"I see, grandpa, how can I help you comb the spokes?" Cheng Ran suddenly said.

"Combing Radiation Energy?" Cheng Xuze asked curiously, but Cheng Ran already took his hand, and then a spoke that did not belong to him entered his body.

Cheng Xuze a surprised, just want to rebuke Cheng Ran audacity, Cheng Ran spoke energy has met his body spoke energy, at that time, the two spoke energy should have violent conflict, the fact is not the case.

Cheng Xuze left Fan's house very late this day. The whole person was dizzy. His body was very poor. With the help of me not to be hungry at the beginning, he could not endure radiation riots. He was already very excited. After eating a few ant eggs a few years ago, he felt that his body had been nursed better. He was even more satisfied, but just now…

Cheng Ran's radiation energy left some in his body, making his radiation energy more problematic. Even the blessing and energy damage to his body healed a lot…

This grandson of his is simply a treasure! Cheng Xuze was pleasantly surprised, but finally he couldn't help beating his chest and stamping his feet-if he had known his grandson's skill earlier, he might still have the chance to go further!

As for now…he is nearly 80 years old, and there are few people in their sixties who can still qualify. eighty years old…forget it.

Although Cheng Xuze felt a little pity, his radiation was much more stable, but it also made him feel very excited. As soon as he got home, he couldn't help showing off with me not to go hungry.

"My grandson is really special, especially severe! My grandson's skill is unique in the world!"

Shi Qingyang gave Cheng Ran my account number of not starving for convenience. Cheng Ran saw this message for the first time and paused. He replied, "Oh."

"Not hungry master, you are too precious little words, this style…do you know what I want to say?" Cheng Xuze asked, his face full of pride, and he was ready to say "I won't tell you" nobly after the other party asked.

Cheng Ran looked at his grandfather who was shocked in front of him just now and now he looked like he was taking off joyfully and wrote a line: "do you want to say that Cheng Ran's radiance is very special and can help others to advance to this point?"

Cheng Xuze froze and asked after a while, "How do you know? I just know…"

"When they found out last night, they told me." Cheng Ran wrote again.

Cheng Xuze failed to show off and went to bed directly.

It was very late, but Cheng Ran did not feel sleepy. Instead, he looked at Shi Qingyang around him with a solemn expression: "Qingyang, I think my life experience may have something to do with Feng family."

"But then?" Shi Qingyang surprised to see Cheng Ran.

"Qingyang, have you found that today's test of Feng Yunhong seems a bit sudden? This is not to mention, he also found someone to contact Qin Liu, and when Qin Liu came to me with Feng Linqiu, he also had a little too much respect for Feng Linqiu…"Cheng Ran talked about his doubts in the same way:" I can't find any news about my biological mother. no matter how fierce Qin Liu and Cheng Hong are, they can't completely erase her news. but before Feng Linqiu brought me to see the Feng family researcher, he obviously knew me."

"However, it may be just a coincidence." Shi Qingyang said that the Feng family had always been suspicious and doubted the possibility of Cheng Ran, but he did not think Cheng Ran had anything to do with the Feng family and he did not want Cheng Ran to have anything to do with the Feng family.

"Qingyang, there is one more thing. The first time I saw Feng Linqiu, I had a good feeling for each other. I checked, our birthdays were still the same day." Cheng Ran added.

Cheng Ran and Feng Linqiu are the same Amanome. This was known by Shi Qingyang long ago. At that time, they were still in Spark City. They also felt that Qin Liu was Cheng Ran's mother and did not think much. Now Cheng Ran suddenly mentioned it, but he also frowned.

"Qingyang, I used to dream a lot, and I would flash across some strange fragments. After eating the queen ant's meat six years ago, I vaguely remembered some childhood events. When I was a child, I had only one person. There were metal houses, people wearing white clothes that could not see their faces, and they were wearing thick gloves…" Cheng Ran recalled carefully: "Before you told me about the research office of Feng family, I always felt some deja vu. My situation is still so special…Qingyang, I found on the Internet some papers published when I was young by the researcher of the Feng family that I met before. He seems to be keen to cultivate the gifted natural radiance through experiments. In one of his articles, he also suggested to carry out embryo experiments, irradiate embryos with radiation energy, let them be in a radiation environment since childhood, survive the fittest, and cultivate the embryos that can survive…"

"This is also a human experiment! However…"Shi Qingyang looked Cheng Ran.

"Qingyang, do you think it is possible that I was trained by the research institute? If it weren't for this, how could that researcher know me?" Cheng Ran said, although he said a positive sentence, he was already a little certain: "Qingyang, since I was raised in Feng family's laboratory, Fengyun Hong must know something about me. Today Fengyun Hong will come to me rashly, perhaps it is what he found."

Shi Qingyang has, only to find that Cheng Ran speculation completely unable to refute, at that time, he can only be glad that he has told Cheng Ran the rebirth of things, otherwise, the news he can't speculate.

"Not only that, Qingyang, I think the beast tide you saw in your last life is also related to the Feng lab…I have already asked Todd. Although there was an beast tide there, it was not aimed at all the cities, but only at one of them, the small country, before it was destroyed by the beast tide, said that they had researched something that could change the human world…Qingyang, do you think our research on the queen ant could change the world if there were results?" Cheng Ran asked again.

Shi Qingyang by this time, which still don't understand?" I can find the queen ant, others will certainly be able to find animals with similar properties to the queen ant…we are lucky, because of the ant eggs to adapt well before eating, after eating and because of you did not lose his life, finally got benefits, if others find such a little radiation can respond to all have no animals…if they eat animals, they may soon die, if they handed in, they will certainly start to study…but if you really have something to do with Feng family. Their research institute even discovered something long ago. Feng Linqiu's talent is so good that it may be related to that substance, and you…they think you have nothing, but you just lack the triggering conditions." There is no doubt that it is the eggs of ants and the meat of queens that have led to the radiation energy in Cheng Ran's body.

"Yes, I think Feng family should have done similar experiments. Maybe it was what they did like that small country that led to the beast tide."

"However, you are so smart!" Shi Qingyang hugged Cheng Ran and kissed him.

Cheng Ran smiled. He just wanted to say something, but he frowned." But this cannot explain all the doubts. Even the network was destroyed after the small country encountered the beast wave. The whole operation was organized and disciplined. It was completely impossible to find out the specific situation of the beast wave. As a result, it seemed as if there was someone behind it."

Cheng Ran studied very carefully. Shi Qingyang did not dare to disturb him at first, but when Ze Cheng Ran read aloud and looked at the computer with words, he did not even think about sleeping at the end of the night. Finally, he could not bear it any more and took the man into his arms: "However, let's sleep first!"

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