Fan Jia's radiation energy riots this time are menacing. According to the past situation, even if she took the radiation energy relaxant, the next day will be very uncomfortable, and even it is likely to affect the adoption of her adopted son the next day. However, after Cheng Ran's radiation energy slowly entered her body, the radiation energy of her riots slowly eased down.

"Early know this, it doesn't matter has been eight…" Wen Zhuoyi stroked Fan Jia's forehead over and over again, wiped the sweat from Fan Jia's forehead, comb Fan Jia's hair back. Radiation energy is a double-edged sword, so some people, even if it is possible to advance, will refrain from letting themselves fail to advance. It happened that Fan Jia was too strong at the beginning…

Of course, if there were no sudden pregnancy and miscarriage of Fan Jia, Fan Jia would not be like this now after promotion to Grade 9. After all, radiation can bring benefits as long as it is well controlled.

At the same time, if Fan Jiading drank the radiation energy soothing agent, it could also help her avoid such things, but if she really did, the damage to her body would also be very great-the medicine is not a panacea after all.

"I am much better." Fan Jia suddenly opened his eyes.

"Ah Jia!" Wen Zhuoyi was pleasantly surprised.

Fan Jia did not look at him, but looked at Cheng Ran: "Your radiation energy is really special…" Just now, she has been gritting her teeth to support, but she didn't expect that when the surging radiation energy in her body was colliding with her left and right, suddenly a gentle force entered her body. When she came into contact with that force, her turbulent radiation energy also eased down. Not only that, she even felt that her body was damaged and recovered a lot under the nourishment of that force.

It should be painful after the Falun Gong uprising. Although she is a little tired now, she doesn't have much pain, even…

"Xiao Ran?" Wen Zhuoyi heard Fan Jia's words and saw Cheng Ran's actions: "Is it because of Xiao Ran? His radiation can be useful to you?"

"The radiation energy in Xiao Ran has the effect of relieving the radiation energy riots." Fan Jia said, the effect of the drug is relatively slow, but Cheng Ran's radiation can take effect very quickly. The situation just now undoubtedly shocked her.

"How could it be so?" Wen Zhuoyi was also shocked: "under normal circumstances, when two people contact each other, there will be an explosion." There have been many people who have imported their radiation into another person's body to commit murder.

"I have helped people to ease the radiation riots before." Shi Qingyang ate the queen ant's meat at the beginning, and Cheng Ran did so, so he dared to begin: "Fan Yi's radiation energy riots have been so serious? I heard that the 9th-level radiation fighters still have to take part in some activities. A year ago Fan Yi personally took people to the west…"Fan Jia is still young, so she also has some things to deal with. Last year Fan Jia had a mission.

"I drank the radiation relaxant in advance." Wen Zhuoyi gave Fan Jia all-round medicine, sighed, and looked at Cheng Ran: "Xiao Ran, you can call your adoptive father and adoptive mother directly."

"Well, now is not the time to say these things. We can't eat any more food. Let's tidy it up. We want to go to the study." Fan Jia suddenly said that although her voice was light due to physical reasons, it was very firm.

Fan Jia, obviously have something to say, Shi Qingyang and Cheng Ran glances, together with Wen Zhuoyi helped her up to the upstairs study.

Nowadays, the network is very developed, so long as the general study is equipped with computers and various high-tech products, Fan Jia is completely different here. The study also has computers and is full of paper books.

Fan Jia lay down on a reclining chair and looked at Shi Qingyang." You are not a Class 5 radiation fighter, are you?"

"Yes." Shi Qingyang directly admitted that, like Cheng Ran's radiation energy, this is also something that will be known sooner or later. It is of little significance for him to hide from others. In contrast, it is to let Fan Jia know his situation and get more support.

Fan Jia and Feng Yunhong are different. Feng Yunhong will crack down on talented people other than Feng Jia, but Fan Jia will never do so. After all, neither Fan Jia nor Wen Jia is a big family. As things stand, Fan Jia still needs to rely on them.

"Seven?" Fan Jia asked again.

"Yes." Shi Qingyang nodded, Wen Zhuoyi heard these words, but was shocked to see him-Cheng Ran level 6 is amazing enough, Shi Qingyang has seven?

Wen Zhuoyi suddenly remembered what he had heard about the family of Cheng, many people don't understand why Cheng Xuze to his other grandchildren, but for Shi Qingyang and Cheng Ran so good, he is now understand-meet two such talented people, he can't help but sit up and take notice of them.

"You can reach Grade 7 because of Cheng Ran?" Fan Jia smiled.

Cheng Ran? I can reach level 7, should be related to the queen…However, eating the queen's meat can survive, but should be related to Cheng Ran.

"adoptive mother, why do you say that?" Cheng Ran asked incredulously.

"I feel your radiation can help me repair my body after entering my body, and don't you feel it? Your radiation has traveled around my body, and some of it has stayed in my body…If this happens all the year round, maybe my body will get better and my strength will be by going up one flight of stairs." Looking at Cheng Ran, Fan Jia always felt that he had been frightened too much today.

Yes, this is not just surprise, but it can rise to shock.

Know Cheng Ran spoke differently from ordinary people, there are only a few people, Cheng Xuze perennial eat all-round drugs, and spoke to ease agent and spoke to intercept method, never riots in front of Cheng Ran, Cheng Ran also didn't have a chance to help him, as for Shi Qingyang, Shi Qingyang spoke differently from ordinary people.

"So you really don't know this…" Fan Jia took a deep breath: "We won't tell anyone about you, and you must be careful."

"We know." Shi Qingyang nodded, but still some reaction to the current situation.

"I know you are very careful, but this is not enough. after the catastrophe, there has been no one like you. you should know what this means." Fan Jia said: "I hope you can be good all the time…"

Although Fan Jia's radiation energy riots are good, his body is still very tired. Naturally he has no strength to say much with Shi Qingyang Cheng Ran. After Shi Qingyang and Cheng Ran leave her, he went to the room prepared by Wen Zhuoyi to help them.

They just learned a big secret about their radiation energy, but they couldn't get excited either. They just felt a little dazed.

Shi Qingyang took regular exercise and Cheng Ran studied online. After 9 pm, Shi Qingyang, who had not had enough supper, went downstairs and got some food. Then the two men took a bath and went to bed together.

"Qingyang, if my radiation is really so strong, can I help grandpa upgrade?" Cheng Ran arrived at this time, finally thought of one thing.

"of course." Shi Qingyang nodded and hugged Cheng Ran tightly: "But helping others will also damage your own radiation energy. Be careful."

"I know…I didn't expect my radiation to have such an effect. If it were known, I'm afraid I would be like the Tang Priest in the famous ancient temple recently…" Cheng Ran hugged Shi Qingyang back.

"Tang monk meat can make people live forever…let me have a bite?" Shi Qingyang kissed it.

The next day was the day Fan Jia received his son. At this time, Cheng Ran had been considered by many as the luckiest person in the whole country.

He is obviously an ordinary person, but in the end he has won the favor of so many people, and can also become the adopted son of Fan Jia and Wen Zhuoyi…Many people who have read Cheng Ran's data think he can be the protagonist of the novel.

Shi Qingyang thought that by this time, the family would make some moves, at least on the Internet, but he didn't expect the family to be very stable. Even, the family's public relations team also helped Cheng Ran a lot, making Cheng Ran avoid being pushed to the forefront.

Why did the family suddenly change S*x? Is it really by Cheng Ran charm dumped?

Fan Jia and Wen Zhuoyi received their adopted son and also held a special banquet for this purpose. The banquet started at noon. Shi Qingyang and Cheng Ran stood at the gate of the banquet very early and began to welcome the guests of all parties. Standing here with them was Wen Sicheng, Wen Zhuoyi's nephew.

Shi Qingyang's impression of Wen Sicheng is not bad. Even if Wen Sicheng didn't give him a good look because of his friendship with Feng Linqiu in his previous life, he can't deny that this man with a little master and a little stingy temper is annoying.

Like now, Wen Sicheng unhappy hanging on the face, even Wen Zhuoyi see out, he didn't do anything was Wen Zhuoyi taught a few words, Shi Qingyang nature also don't need to against him…

In addition to Wen Sicheng, another unhappy, is to come here with Cheng Xuze Cheng Sisi very early, before Feng Linqiu changed goals didn't make Cheng Sisi unhappy, but now Cheng Ran so good luck by her two idols as adopted son, she was a little jealous, after know Cheng Ran actually already had half of the shares in the factory of the family, but also some unconvinced.

Cheng Sisi grew up in front of Cheng Xuze. Cheng Xuze also knew something about her. Seeing her face at this time, he took her to the corner: "Sisi, aren't you happy?"

"Grandpa, why is everything Cheng Ran's?" Cheng Sisi frowned slightly. Her younger brother is also eighteen this year. He has a very good talent. He wants to have a relationship with Fan Jia. Is it not the same to let his younger brother come? How was it accepted as a adopted son, it happened that it was Cheng Ran?

"Silly wench, how do you think all-round drugs, new materials and so on come from?" Cheng Xuze asked, Cheng Sisi has a bad temper. When she was a child, she often argued with her sister about things, but once she made it clear, she would not be unreasonable.

Cheng Sisi froze, these she really hadn't thought of.

"I don't want to leave them hungry. he is master of Shi Qingyang." Cheng Xuze smiled, I don't want to be hungry now has appeared in front of everyone, such a thing, even if said is ok.

Cheng Sisi soon understood Cheng Xuze's meaning. His dissatisfaction disappeared immediately, but he felt a little guilty: "Grandpa, I don't even know…Fortunately, I didn't promise Zhenzhen to bring her."

She will suddenly think of these, suddenly feel unfair, with the other day to find her Cheng Zhenzhen has something to do.

As the daughter of Cheng Hong, Cheng Zhenzhen was not close to her before, but she was also her cousin. She took care of Cheng Zhenzhen naturally and listened to many complaints from Cheng Zhenzhen. She was dissatisfied with Cheng Ran.

"Zhenzhen?" Cheng Xuze sighed again. After Cheng Hong's accident, he never mistreated these people in terms of money, but these people never settled down.

Think of these days he sent to look at Qin Liu report back news, Cheng Xuze frown tighter, and very glad I let Wang Qing give people to live.

Cheng Xuze was worried about his second son, while Shi Qingyang was receiving Wen Zhuoyi's guests. He knew many of these people, and many others had buttered him up or had conflicts with him in his previous life. Now, he needs to treat everyone respectfully.

At the beginning of the banquet, a unexpected person came here-Feng Yunhong.

Fan Jia and Wen Zhuoyi received Cheng Ran as his adopted son, which is quite a bit of a match for Feng Jia. Because of this, some people close to Feng family didn't come. Even when they came, they found a little guy and sent some worthless things. However, it was unexpected that Feng Yunhong actually came in person!

Fan Jia has dyed her hair and put on makeup today. She looks much younger and stands beside Wen Zhuoyi. Although Feng Yunhong is over 70 years old, she looks only 50 or 60 years old and is extremely kind.

Such a kind old man, I'm afraid no one knows how poisonous his heart is! Feng Yunhong appeared, Shi Qingyang whole person already tight up, he will be able to suppress his radiation to the minimum, lest let Feng Yunhong see the problem.

But Feng Yunhong's attention was not on him, but on Cheng Ran. When he got here, he looked at Cheng Ran up and down.

Cheng Ran is 24 years old this year. He is no longer young and weak in the photos from the future macro for many years. Although he is not tall, he is not short. He looks very energetic and faint. The outline also includes the appearance of the person he met at the beginning.

Feng Yunhong's pupil shrank slightly, then smiled: "The master of the Cheng family is indeed a very talented person. No wonder Fan Jia wants to be adopted as a son."

"I'm flattered by Master Feng." Cheng Ran said, the words sound just fell, he felt the pressure on Feng Yunhong suddenly increased, a spoke can emerge from Feng Yunhong and stab him.

Feng Yunhong made such a sudden attack, which surprised Cheng Ran. Fortunately, that old friend just came to him. Fan Jia suddenly stepped in and stopped him. At the same time, Shi Qingyang, who was beside him, pulled him to the side with great load.

Fan Jia was wearing a long black dress today, with some patterns outlined by red silk thread. She looked elegant and generous when standing quietly, but she was domineering at that time: "Feng Yunhong, what do you mean?"

"Fan Jia, you are in such a hurry, can't you be hiding some secret?" Feng Yunhong smiled, Cheng Ran should be rejected radiation energy, just now he and Fan Jia confrontation although did not hurt him, scattered radiation energy but also met him, but he is just a little pale, all don't like before the skin will reject.

Ordinary people, this is normal, but Cheng Ran…there is no doubt that Cheng Ran's previous problems really no longer exist, I don't know when he changed.

Think of oneself originally cultivated, should also belong to their own to the strong now actually stand in their own opposite, Feng Yunhong face is not very good-looking. At that time, he even began to regret, regret before unexpectedly because Lin Qiu affection for Cheng Ran and threaten the family.

Who would have thought that Cheng's family was not threatened at all and he was in trouble? If we follow Feng Linqiu's idea…

Feng Linqiu and Cheng Ran both have half of their genes from the mysterious man. They should still have some affection for each other. If he hadn't stopped Feng Linqiu at the beginning, he would have given them support and tidied up Shi Qingyang again…

Feng Yunhong's thoughts turned several times in his heart. At last he looked at the aggressive Fan Jia but could only sigh.

"What secret? Don't I have to watch a level 9 master attack an ordinary person?" Fan Jia sneer at 1.

Feng Yunhong is very good at controlling his radiation. Many people did not feel it just now. At this moment, they were shocked to see Feng Yunhong, but Feng Yunhong was still smiling: "I just want to see if he is really an ordinary person. Do you think I will really do it here?" Feng Yunhong read the three words "ordinary people" again, and looked at Cheng Ran pointedly.

Fan Jia also knew that Feng Yunhong had something to say, but he could only let himself not look wrong: "Master Feng, this is my place."

She can get rid of anyone at this time, but she has no idea about Feng Yunhong. Feng Yunhong is more than 20 years older than her. she is her elder. although they are both grade 9, Feng Yunhong's strength is much stronger than hers…

"I know." Feng Yunhong smiled and looked at Feng Linqiu beside him." Lin Qiu, didn't you prepare a present? Give it away."

"Congratulations." Feng Linqiu came out from behind Feng Yunhong, and then handed the box to Cheng Ran, who was standing with Shi Qingyang after being pulled aside by Shi Qingyang and smiling.

Feng Linqiu was giving gifts when Feng Yunhong suddenly looked at Fan Jia: "Fan Jia, do you remember what you said to me at the beginning?"

"What does Master Feng mean?" Fan Jia frowned.

"At the beginning, you said that when you reached Grade 9, you would have a good discussion with me?" Feng Yunhong laughed.

All the people present were froze, when Fan Jia hit Grade 9, she was very high-spirited. She did say such a thing, but when she really reached Grade 9, she already knew that the competition between Grade 9 was not that simple. What's more, her body soon had a problem…

Even if her body is fine, it has been so many years since Feng Yunhong reached Grade 9, and she has profound radiation power, where can she compare with it?

Feng Yunhong said this in public, which is totally provocative. Fan Jia was about to respond when he gritted his teeth. Feng Yunhong suddenly grabbed her in front and spoke again: "Of course, I have a old bones, but I can't beat a young man like you. Why don't we let the younger generation compare? It is like your wish."

Younger generation? Fan Jia subconsciously looked at Wen Sicheng.

However, Feng Yunhong's goal is not Wen Sicheng: "Shi Qingyang and Cheng Ran have been married for many years, and you have accepted Cheng Ran as your adopted son. he is also your younger generation. when Shi Qingyang and Lin Qiu had the first world war, Lin Qiu voluntarily surrendered because he saw Feng Jia's tactics, and he has always wanted to have another world war with him."

Feng Yunhong did not come for himself at all, but for Shi Qingyang…Fan Jia frowned slightly, but Shi Qingyang already stood up: "If Feng Shao wants another match, he can do it at any time."

"It's not necessary to carry out the competition at any time. In another two days, there will be the Radicals Competition. Lin Qiu has already signed up. Why don't you sign up and compete?" Feng Yunhong's expression has always been very mild: "Young people should rush more and take more exercise. If you are afraid of this or that, you must not go far on the road of the radiation energy fighters."

Shi Qingyang is estimated to be Cheng Ran's greatest weakness. In the radiation energy competition, there are many places to do things.

At this time, I still don't know what the other party will say if I refuse again…Shi Qingyang agreed directly: "Since Master Feng has requested so, I will certainly not refuse."

Feng Yunhong mostly have what plan, just, he is not the foreign said level 5, but level 7…

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