Shi Qingyang did not let the Qinghe tavern immediately return to its original rhythm, and also intended to make more public several tactics through this incident.

In his last life, he tried his best to practice the speed of his tactical skills, perhaps because he knew too little tactical skills. Today, although there are a lot of first-and second-level tactical skills that are open to the public, there are few advanced tactical skills that are open to the public. Some poorly born radiation energy fighters, even if they reach level 5 and level 6, may finally be able to use only tactical skills that are suitable for level 3 and level 4 radiation energy fighters.

In fact, the country has special awards. As long as they create a fighting skill and are willing to hand it in, they can get a large sum of money. However, large families like Feng family will never hand it in because of the money. Even some people who need money, after they create a fighting skill, are more willing to "sell" it to such families as Feng family instead of receiving state bonuses.

In such a situation, many people even want to improve their strength is difficult…Shi Qingyang still don't know what will happen because of the beast tide, but don't mind to think of some way to improve everyone's strength.

He didn't take out the fighting skills that can only be used in the Feng family. He mainly took out the fighting skills that can be used at lower levels, including the two announced at the beginning. In addition to the Feng family, he also took out the three fighting skills that he figured out in his last life and a fighting skill provided by Cheng Xuze.

Of course, he figured out more than three kinds, but some tactics are not practical and teaching others naturally has no meaning.

These tactics, he has arranged the number, every afternoon video, screening at night, has made up his mind to take this opportunity to Qinghe tavern fame completely out.

Now the weather Buffon home lighter, Shi Qingyang himself is with Cheng Ran, went to Wen Zhuoyi residence.

Shi Qingyang has been to Feng family before, but the feeling of Feng family is only one word-big. The enclosure is very large. It occupies a very large area on the edge of the central city. Nearby is also the enclosure factory or the residence of the enclosure related people. It looks like a city in the city, guarding the monk's eyes. In the underground of the city in the city, there is also a deeply buried research office…

There are too many illegal things in the research office. Because of this, the Feng family is especially secure. After Shi Qingyang arrived in the central city, he wanted to deal with the Feng family, but he never wanted to start with the research office. Just because he knew that he had absolutely no way to break through now.

At the beginning, he couldn't escape from the inside, let alone from the outside…Moreover, if this place is damaged by violence, those shady places and data will be destroyed automatically…The self-destruction program and self-destruction bomb inside can also directly kill an 8-level radiation fighter.

Pulling back his thoughts, Shi Qingyang's attention returned to the house in front of him. Compared with Feng family, Fan Jia and Wen Zhuoyi's residence is really very small.

When entering the area separated by the wall, Shi Qingyang saw many nutrient troughs on the high and low sides, all of which were planted with plants without variation, thus making the air in this area much better.

In the middle, there is a house painted with many kinds of green and some supporting facilities. This kind of house is better than all the houses that Shi Qingyang lived in before, but it cannot be denied that it is a little small. The company commander Cheng's family in Jiangcheng is dozens of times larger than here.

However, although it is small, it is very warm here. Imagine how happy the people living here will be.

Although Wen Zhuoyi let them come over for dinner yesterday, but after discussion, Shi Qingyang and Cheng Ran decided to come over after dinner, also lest let don't like the servant disturb Wen Zhuoyi also specially prepared meals.

When he came, Wen Zhuoyi had already waited at the door. He had known about Cheng Ran yesterday and now his attention was almost all on Cheng Ran: "You are coming, come in quickly!"

Wen Zhuoyi looks very young. If you go out, with this face alone, it is estimated that many young girls like him. Fan Jia is the opposite.

Fan Jia is the same age as Wen Zhuoyi, but looks a lot older, with white hair on his head and wrinkles on his face. he looks like an old lady in her sixties and seventies…

Shi Qingyang saw this situation and was slightly surprised. Fan Jia, whom he saw in his previous life, did not age like this. Standing with Wen Zhuoyi was a couple…

A little think, think of Cheng Ran that can make people into another person's makeup, he also understood the situation at that time-Fan Jia since want to go out, will certainly tidy up yourself.

"hello." Fan Jia saw Shi Qingyang and Cheng Ran, smiled and said hello, and then some self-deprecating openings: "I this situation, is it scared you? You didn't expect to see such a person, did you?" Even though she is very strong, she can't care about her appearance, so she tidies herself up very well every time she appears in public, instead of showing her real face much older than it is now.

"what are you talking about? You are fine now." Wen Zhuoyi whispered, and then began to greet Shi Qingyang and Cheng Ran, took out the prepared tea snacks.

The thing is very simple, but I can see that a lot of thought has been put into it. However, Wen Zhuoyi is obviously not good at entertaining guests. As soon as he sat down, he looked at Cheng Ran: "Cheng Ran, what is your current radiation level and how is your advanced pharmacy?"

"My radiation level is level 6. As for learning medicine, I think I can learn all medicine now." Cheng Ran's words, if heard by others, will certainly feel that he is bragging, but all the people present will not think so, because he said very seriously.

"level 6, you are only 24 this year, and you have already reached level 6?" Wen Zhuoyi some shocked to see Cheng Ran, he himself is only six levels!

In fact, if it weren't for the lack of training recently, I might have reached the 7th grade…Cheng Ran nodded: "Yes, but my radiance is not the same as usual."

"This is for sure, ordinary people, how can there be such stable radiation energy as you are now?" Wen Zhuoyi looked at Cheng Ran with some admiration: "I have always thought Feng Linqiu is very good, you are better than him!"

"Thank you for your compliment." Cheng Ran smiled.

"This is the truth, not a compliment…would you like to go to the pharmacy room with me?" Wen Zhuoyi is eager to try.

"good." Cheng Ran nodded his head.

Wen Zhuoyi soon took the man away. Shi Qingyang had to face Fan Jia alone. Fortunately, Fan Jia was very kind and asked him about some things in the science of uniting the people. He gave a few words of advice, but it was not cold.

When he arrived at the Qinghe tavern to explain the tactics, Fan Jia contacted a person in the Qinghe tavern and watched the live broadcast through the contact terminal. After watching it, he suddenly looked at Shi Qingyang: "Is the tactics announced by the Qinghe tavern Feng?"

"Yes." Shi Qingyang said that such a thing cannot deceive people like Fan Jia.

"Home, this is a mole? I heard that Feng Yun-hung had already been engaged to the eight classes who were supporting Feng Yun-hung. Feng Yun-hung felt that some of them had leaked Feng Yunhong's tactics. They felt that Feng Yun-hung had acted on his own initiative to engage the Cheng family." Fan Jia added that she had always insisted on not having children, which was also very good, but after the unexpected pregnancy, she suddenly became interested in children. For a young person like Shi Qingyang, she spoke much more softly.

"I don't know." Shi Qingyang smiled.

"Although this is not honest, it is not a bad thing. None of us are short of combat skills, but for those who go out of town to make a living, they have more means to save their lives if they have more combat skills…Not enough. It is better to do less such things." Fan Jia whispered that although the country values people's health and safety very much nowadays, people die outside the city every day and countless people are injured.

Shi Qingyang nodded in response. In fact, he would never have done such a thing if he hadn't closed his house too much.

Shi Qingyang and Fan Jia waited for three hours. It was not until the night was deep that Wen Zhuoyi came out with Cheng Ran, with an expression of wanting more on his face.

"You must come tomorrow, and then we will continue to study."

"Well, I'll come this afternoon." Cheng Ran said.

"What about the morning?" Wen Zhuoyi asked.

"In the morning, there is an open online class hosted by Professor Ma of Central University. I will attend the class." Cheng Ran expressed some regret that he could not learn the knowledge about radiation inducers overnight, and after he learned it, he still needed to sort it out and send it to Ran Xue, which took more time.

"You should still learn these…" Wen Zhuoyi sighed: "I have already found someone, and I will accept you as my adopted son in 11 days. Then you can stay with me for a few more days."

"definitely." Cheng Ran smiled. Although his former teacher Ran Xue had some skills, he could not compare with Wen Zhuoyi. He could learn a lot from Wen Zhuoyi.

At the same time, Wen Zhuoyi also needs his help. He wants to recuperate Fan Jia's body. With Cheng Ran's help, he will get twice the result with half the effort.

In the following days, the tactics of Feng family were made public for two more times, but Feng family did not respond at all, making people wonder if these tactics really had nothing to do with Feng family.

Of course, there will be such thoughts. They are all people with high status in the central city. For ordinary people, they will not care who these tactics are. They only know that they have the opportunity to learn new tactics.

Because new tactics appear every day for several days in succession, and even fewer people go out of town to hunt, the prices of food and training houses in some cities have also started to rise…

Fortunately, at this time, after teaching a new tactical skill, Qinghe Tavern stopped explaining the new tactical skill and began to analyze each tactical skill taught these days to explain their advantages and disadvantages.

When recording these videos, Shi Qingyang also stressed in particular that fighting skills are not expensive. Everyone should learn the most suitable fighting skills for himself, practice well, practice one after another, or he will bite off more than he can chew, just like he did not learn.

Qinghe Tavern, after gaining popularity these days, has become the most famous tavern in the country. That is, at this time, Shi Qingyang and Cheng Ran welcomed the day when Wen Zhuoyi accepted Cheng Ran as his adopted son.

When Wen Zhuoyi agreed to this matter at the beginning, he was actually somewhat reluctant. however, after working with Cheng Ran these days, he actually expected more about this matter than Cheng Ran. even the day before, he specially looked for someone to invite Cheng Ran and Shi Qingyang.

Because the next day is the day to accept the adopted son, this day Wen Zhuoyi home already had many people busy opened, the food is also very rich, but there are many people walking in the home, but let everyone, have a feeling of constraint.

"Xiao Ran, the dress you are going to wear tomorrow has arrived. We will try it on after the meal."

"I'm going to riot!" Wen Zhuoyi words to a half, but suddenly interrupted by Fan Jia, these days has been very calm Fan Jia, momentum suddenly soared, violent radiation can pressure the people around you don't dare to close to her, not only that, her body began to have bumps around one by one, the energy in the body began to damage the body…

"Xiao Jia, take medicine quickly!" Wen Zhuoyi immediately ran towards fan Jia, thinking of something at the same time, and shouted to the servant who was waiting beside him, "go, go!"

Do serve people such live servants, many are ordinary people, or just spoke almighty, they know that the situation is dangerous now, also just Fan Jia never willing to let others see her now, so quickly back out, only Shi Qingyang and Cheng Ran stayed. At this time, Wen Zhuoyi, relying on his familiarity with Fan Jia, has come to Fan Jia's side, grasped one hand of Fan Jia, and then took the radiation energy soothing agent taken by Fan Jia and fed Fan Jia down.

The medicine didn't work so fast. Cheng Ran saw this scene and came to the other side of Fan Jia, holding Fan Jia's hand. At this time, the pressure from the radiation energy of the riots on Fan Jia was still very great, but he seemed to have no feeling and came and went freely in it.

At the beginning in the ant colony, Cheng Ran has found that his radiation can still alleviate the effect of Fu Neng riots. holding fan Jia's hand at this time, he began to slowly send his radiation into fan Jia's body. at first, it was a little bit. after finding it effective, it began to increase slowly…

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