Visit Wen Zhuoyi, is by Cheng Xuze with Cheng Ran and Shi Qingyang in the past, nature is not blocked by what, in fact, Wen Zhuoyi heard Cheng Xuze want to see him, will people please come in immediately.

One to six levels of radiation energy truncation method is useful, which has long been confirmed by people. There are many users on the Internet telling the process of using it. A politician who used to be quite famous but was tortured by radiation energy riots in his later years even filmed his own use of video upload network, reaching half of the total population in less than 24 hours of clicks…

The seven-level and eight-level radiation energy truncation method played today has not been used by anyone, but it is played by Cheng Xuze…Wen Zhuoyi believes that Cheng Xuze will definitely not deceive people.

The thought of Cheng Xuze before using the radiation energy truncation method after the whole person instantly calmed down, he couldn't help but excited.

In China, most pharmacists are women because women's radiation energy is inherently more stable than men's, but he is an exception. As a man, he eventually became the most famous pharmacist.

Many people think that the reason why his wife has become a Grade 9 radiation energy fighter depends on his unstinting support. However, he is very clear that his wife has something to do with his coming to this stage.

He would never have worked so hard if he hadn't wanted his wife to have no worries.

But even if he works hard enough, Fan Jia is still in poor health. Fan Jia is now only in his fifties, so young that he is not supposed to be able to riot all day long. However, an accident happened in the year when Fan Jiacheng became a Grade 9 radiation fighter.

Fan Jia's skill was good and strong when she was young. She was recognized as a strong person after Feng Yunhong. She liked to fight out of the city, so although she was in love with his husband and wife, they had no children. It happened that in the year when Fan Jiacheng became a Grade 9 radiation fighter, she suddenly became pregnant.

Fan Jia was nearly 50 years old at that time. He was not too young. He became more careful after pregnancy. However, the last mistake was aborted because of the radiation riot.

If it was just an abortion, Fan Jia's physical condition has become worse since then. It is because of this that she seldom appears in front of people.

Wen Zhuoyi felt a pain when he thought of his wife's situation. He has been trying to find ways to help his wife recuperate and find a solution. That's why he came here specially. Since Qinghe Tavern is related to the Cheng family, this radiation can cut off…

He got up almost immediately and some of them eagerly opened the balcony door themselves: "Mr Cheng, please come in."

"Master Wen." Cheng Xuze nodded toward Wen Zhuoyi, also saw Wen Zhuoyi some too eager eyes.

Wen Zhuoyi is in his fifties this year, but he seems to be in his forties at most. He is gentle and gentle, and has a faint smell of medicinal herbs. Now, such a person's eyes always make people feel that they are not suitable for him.

I don't know if this thing can be done…

Cheng Xuze is still worried, but Wen Zhuoyi is already impatient to greet others: "Mr. Cheng, is this radiation truncation method still available tomorrow?" Today we only talked about the 8th grade. If there are 9th grades, should we talk about them tomorrow?

"Sorry, there are no more." Cheng Xuze direct way.

"why?" Wen Zhuoyi immediately asked.

"Master Wen, the man who created the radiation energy truncation method has only eight grades." Cheng Xuze said.

"I should have forgotten this…" Wen Zhuoyi face disappointment, radiation energy truncation method, the higher the level, the more points needed to truncate, if applicable to grade 8 used in grade 9, I'm afraid I can't completely suppress the radiation energy in the body.

Wen Zhuoyi was somewhat distracted by disappointment, but Cheng Xuze whispered, "Master Wen, I came here for business."

"what's the matter?" Wen Zhuoyi subconsciously asked.

"Master Wen, can you let others avoid first?" Cheng Xuze asked.

Wen Zhuoyi some hesitation, but soon nodded, let originally followed him to stay in the box to the outside.

The most valued by Wen Zhuoyi Wen Sicheng is the last one to go out, but didn't close the door, but waiting for Shi Qingyang and Cheng Ran go out, but I didn't think the two men didn't move, when he was stuck, Cheng Xuze even closed the door of cutting.

Cheng Xuze will naturally not consider what Wen Sicheng will think outside the door. After these people went out, he immediately put up a protective cover, then took out a box and pushed it to Wen Zhuoyi." Master Wen, you can look at the contents first."

Wen Zhuoyi also not afraid, just opened the box, this just found that there is a bottle of potions, he has been studying potions for many years, very understanding of potions, opened the bottle and took out the contents after reading, found that this turned out to be a bottle of 8 radiation energy soothing agent.

The prescription of this medicine is different from his usual one, but it is not much different in his opinion, only the stability of this medicine is much stronger than his usual configuration.

Although many strong people in the 8th grade have no chance to drink the 8th grade radiation energy relaxant, there are 800 or 1000 of the 8th grade radiation energy relaxants handled by Wen Zhuoyi. They have long been indifferent to such things, but this time it is different.

Wen Zhuoyi has always been able to weigh each kind of medicine steadily. his hand shook and his surprise on his face could no longer be hidden: "she has improved so fast? I thought that she can only configure the things that can be used in class 7 at most now…who is she, Mr Cheng? Where is it?"

Wen Zhuoyi used to ask Cheng Xuze about the mysterious pharmacist of the process family before, but he was not eager. Now this surprised Cheng Xuze somewhat: "Master Wen, we are looking for you because we have something to ask for."

"You say," Wen Zhuoyi nodded, and went to see the potion on the table, "who is the man? I started to pay attention to her from the first batch of drugs she sold, and I was sure that she was only a middle-level pharmacist at the beginning and had been growing slowly during the period…I didn't expect she had reached this level!"

From the beginning, he paid attention to the mysterious pharmacist of the Cheng family. With his own skill, he also deduced the level of the other party from the drugs sold by the other party. Because of this, he always felt that the man needed to hone for another two years, but he didn't expect that he was already so strong.

At that time, Wen Zhuoyi is some regret, if he had known about it, I'm afraid I will find Cheng Xuze every day to know people.

"Master Wen, as you must know, I hope you can stand on my side about our family closure." Cheng Xuze said.

"Is it right with Feng Jia?" Wen Zhuoyi frowned: "I am really interested in that potion master, but if it is because of this, it is a bit difficult for me to close my family. as you know, as a potion master, it is not difficult for me to attract another potion master. Besides, I've seen this bottle of medicine, and the prescription should still be Feng…Are you sure Cheng family stayed with the pharmacist?"

Wen Zhuoyi said very sincerely, and his idea, it is estimated that a lot of people have, like Feng family, they gave medicine prescription as soon as they met, for no other reason, is to woo the medicine master.

Cheng Xuze saw Wen Zhuoyi say this, but he smiled and added: "he will not go anywhere except Cheng's family."

"why?" Wen Zhuoyi asked.

Cheng Ran stepped forward and smiled, "because I made this medicine."

Making friends with Fan Jiawen Zhuoyi was decided after he knew that Shi Qingyang was reborn. Although Shi Qingyang had not seen Wen Zhuoyi and Fan Jia several times in his previous life, he vaguely knew something about them. He knew that Fan Jia's radiation energy riot was comparable to Feng Yunhong's old man, while the relationship between the two men and Feng Jia's family had been mediocre.

His skill they have been hiding, completely because of the strength of the Cheng family, but it is impossible to hide for a lifetime, sooner or later there will be a day to let others know, in this case, tell Wen Zhuoyi also nothing important.

Judging from the situation just now, I'm afraid Wen Zhuoyi is a man who only knows that he is immersed in the study of drugs and doesn't understand the world.

"It's you!" Wen Zhuoyi almost fell on the hand of the potion, finally hurriedly put away the potion, just look at the Cheng Ran.

Wen Zhuoyi's bewilderment and doubt disappeared after Cheng Ran took his hand. Finally, only excitement remained-he felt Cheng Ran's radiation energy.

"Cheng Ran! Would you like to be my apprentice? No, you are no more than I am now…I have been studying grade 9 radiation relaxants. Although the prescription is almost the same, it is still a little short. I need your help!" After receiving the shock, Wen Zhuoyi clearly expressed his expectation for Cheng Ran.

Shi Qingyang and Cheng Ran glances-Wen Zhuoyi so excited, they can now lion big openings!

Wen Sicheng waited outside the box, watching the people in the Qinghe tavern slowly disperse, but his face was not very good-looking. Cheng Xuze called them all out, but his grandson kept them, which undoubtedly made him unhappy.

However, he believes that after Cheng Xuze has done so, his uncle will not be happy, because although his uncle looks gentle, he has a lot of principles, and the Cheng family's style may even make him unhappy.

When Wen Sicheng thought about this, he didn't care about the fact that he was going to stand guard outside the door. Just what surprised him was that his uncle didn't hate Cheng Xuze and Cheng Ran Shi Qingyang. On the contrary, Wen Zhuoyi came out smiling and warmly invited Shi Qingyang and Cheng Ran to Wen's house: "Xiao Ran, Qingyang, you will come tomorrow. Your aunt always likes young people. She will certainly like you."

This invitation in front of everyone is clearly for others to see! Also mentioned Fan Jia…Wen Sicheng really don't know what happened to his uncle.

Wen Zhuoyi's words were not finished yet: "Xiao Ran, it is a big thing to accept you as a son, even though it will take several days to prepare, but I will inform the people today and I will do it in the shortest possible time."

Adopted son? Wen Sicheng's face changed instantly. Wen Zhuoyi had no children, so he received a son…his father always let him follow Wen Zhuoyi in a useful way, just hoping Wen Zhuoyi would take him as his son, but now…

Wen Sicheng was almost stupid, and those who heard this like him were also stupid.

This time the Cheng family fought with the Feng family, seemingly taking advantage of the Cheng family, but the large family in the central city didn't think the Cheng family could laugh until the end. After all, the Feng family is not simple, but who would have thought that the Cheng family met with the always cold Wen Zhuoyi in an instant? Moreover, this is not a simple cooperation, but Wen Zhuoyi to accept Cheng Ran as an adopted son!

A lot of people think of the mysterious pharmacist in Cheng's family for the first time. They know that the person who Feng the family some time ago gave the pharmacist the prescription of medicine, but they also think that Feng family is to lose the wife and fold the army.

"How did Wen Zhuoyi do this?" When Feng Yunhong got the news, he had just downloaded the video of the radiation energy truncation method from the Internet. He was originally studying the method and changed his face when he heard the news.

Wen Zhuoyi and Fan Jia have always been indifferent to matters. He never expected that the two men would still be mixed up with the Cheng family.

"Grandpa, as soon as Wen Zhuoyi and Cheng Xuze broke up, he called many people, saying that he was predestined friends with Cheng Ran and was planning to accept Cheng Ran as his adopted son." Feng Linqiu also don't know whether to be happy or angry, Wen Zhuoyi do prove his vision is good, but Cheng Ran has a backer, what he wants to do in the future is in trouble!

"Wen Zhuoyi is what person? How could he suddenly do this? There must be a reason…" Cheng Xuze frowned.

I don't want to be hungry…the mysterious pharmacist…

Cheng family's luck is really too good!

"Wen Zhuoyi has no children. His eldest brother has always wanted to adopt his son to him, but he has not agreed. Now he suddenly wants to accept an adopted son…Grandpa, is there any problem?" Feng Linqiu felt unwilling when he thought of the sudden change in Cheng Ran's status: "Cheng Ran is just an ordinary person. Where did he enter Wen Zhuoyi's eyes?"

Feng Yunhong suddenly paused, then frowned tightly. Cheng Ran rejected radiation energy from childhood, which he knew long ago. Later, Cheng Ran injected radiation energy inducer not only failed to induce radiation energy but had a serious illness. He also knew that he also knew that Cheng Hong had specially requested a radiation energy inducer, which was for Cheng Ran. At that time, Cheng Ran was also ill for a long time…

Because of all these circumstances, he also defined Cheng Ran as a failure of the experiment and did not pay much attention to it, but now…

When all the children were in their bellies, Cheng Ran was clearly the best one to integrate!

Will it be, in fact, Cheng Ran is not a failure at all, but a success? Thought of here, Feng Yunhong thought of the future home to give him a few bottles of the mysterious pharmacists made of eight radiation soothing agent.

The effects of these bottles of radiation energy relaxers are very good. It seems that the radiation energy of the makers is extremely stable…

Cheng Ran, Cheng Ran…

Feng Yunhong recalled the mysterious man at the beginning. When the man was alive, so many foreign animals around him did not dare to come forward. He was very strong and radiation energy was different from ordinary people. At least, he did not feel the violent energy at all. The piece of minced meat he brought back was not harmed by the violent radiation energy at all…

The reason why he did such an experiment at the beginning was not to have a strong person. Feng Linqiu is strong, but there is nothing surprising about it. At best, he has better talent. What about Cheng Ran?

"Cheng Ran once participated in the pharmacist competition in Anhang City? You show me the game video!" Feng Yunhong remembered something and looked at his grandson.

Feng Linqiu has all the data of Cheng Ran and Shi Qingyang in his hand. He quickly took out the video and Feng Yunhong looked at it slowly. After watching it, he had a clearer understanding of Cheng Ran's talent.

If Cheng Ran hides well, he is not without radiation energy, but with special power…The thought of the strong man who dared not approach him makes Feng Yunhong's heart beat faster and faster.

"Grandpa, what shall we do next?" Feng Linqiu asked.

"Don't make a move yet." Feng Yunhong was silent for a long time before he said. He was thinking of giving the Cheng family a lesson. At least the several factories in the Cheng family would have to be destroyed by some means. However, when he suddenly knew about Cheng Ran, all his thoughts disappeared.

The top priority is to find out the situation of Cheng Ran. If Cheng Ran is really a successful experiment…

"Yes, Grandpa." Feng Linqiu said.

Feng Yunhong waved Feng Linqiu out after a while. When Feng Linqiu was halfway there, he suddenly added, "You can go to Qinghe Tavern at night and watch." The radiation energy truncation method is really amazing. Even he couldn't help but move.

Although he knew that there might not be a nine-level radiation energy truncation method, and even if there were Cheng family, it would not be possible to bring it out, he could not help but look forward to it.

The next day, the whole people in the central city were shocked by a piece of news-Wen Zhuoyi, who has always paid little attention to people and has always been seldom involved in things, had planned to accept an adopted son, and the adopted son he wanted to accept was, incidentally, Cheng Ran, the young master of the Cheng family who has been in the limelight recently.

China's two nine-level radiation energy fighters, this is to the right? A lot of people who had nothing to do with themselves discussed it enthusiastically. Cheng Ran was supposed to be the center of the storm, but under the guidance of those who set their minds on it, no one noticed him at all. They only thought that it was what kind of deal Wen Zhuoyi had with Cheng family that they would do it.

In the end, everyone's attention was focused on Feng family and wanted to see Feng Jia's reaction.

However, Feng family did not respond at all. Throughout the day, the public relations team of Feng family did nothing except clarify that several exclusive tactics of Feng family were indeed owned by Feng Jia.

All this, of course, is directed by Feng Yunhong, know the special place of Cheng Ran, he has already begun to regret the hostility to Cheng family before, now nature also want to do some remedial.

In addition, he is also very interested in what will be taught at the Qinghe pub this evening.

If there is a nine-order radiation energy truncation method…

Feng Yunhong's expectation is, of course, impossible to realize. As he thought, Cheng family will not take it out even if he has a nine-level radiation energy truncation method.

However, the Qinghe Tavern on this day did not disappoint those who were waiting, because the Cheng family came up with an exclusive tactic, which was still very useful.

Waiting for Feng Yunhong to see this exclusive fighting skill, he almost vomited blood-this fighting skill is another one!

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