Before Cheng Xuze was forced by Cheng's family, he was very angry every day. Now when it came out, he felt happy, but even if he was happy again, he had to think more about it.

As long as there is Feng Yunhong in the Feng family, it is doomed to be as stable as Mount Tai. Otherwise, it really annoys the Grade 9 strong…Grade 8 radiation energy fighters. Even in the city, a full blow can break the protective cover over the city. Grade 9 radiation energy fighters are really angry and no one can stop them. Of course, they have no chance and will not do anything to make people angry.

On the Internet, Cheng Xuze soon found me who was often online recently. I don't want to be hungry: "No, Master, what shall we do now?"

This time it was Cheng Ran who saw the information. He and Shi Qingyang talked about the matter carefully. At that time, he was not worried: "Wait and see."

"Master, you are indeed calm…I cannot calm down." Cheng Xuze sighed.

"Wait until the radiation energy truncation method is fully announced." Cheng Ran added.

"then I'll wait another two days…the master who is not hungry is really selfless." Cheng Xuze thought of selfless contribution to the radiation truncation method, can't help but some sighs.

Cheng Ran accepted Cheng Xuze's praise of Shi Qingyang, and then began to configure the eight-level radiation energy relaxant. He and Ran Xue had never seen the prescription of the nine-level radiation energy relaxant, and they did not know whether the legendary drug really existed. Now they can only configure the eight-level radiation energy relaxant.

However, he believes that the 8-level radiation energy relaxant he has configured will not be poor, or rather very strong.

This time, Cheng family's tactics of openly Feng family have basically stood in opposition to that of Feng family. This time, it is only natural that he will find a way out for himself, and the last one they think of is Fan Jia, another level 9 radiation energy fighter in China.

Fan Jia has always lived in a shallow place and has few managers and family members. He would never go against Feng Yunhong for the sake of the Cheng family. However, her husband is very interested in the mysterious pharmacist of the Cheng family.

Fan Jia is smaller than Feng Yunhong and is now in his fifties. This age is not particularly old in this day and age. The average person is also strong. But Fan family reached grade 9, or a woman who was born to be almost inferior to men. After the radiation energy riots appeared, she absolutely needed to bear the pain that ordinary people could not imagine.

Even if her husband Wen Zhuoyi is the most powerful pharmacist in China, I'm afraid it cannot be completely avoided.

Cheng family's all-round medicine, Wen Zhuoyi has been ordered, Cheng Ran sell medicine, he will buy every time, even after Cheng Xuze arrived in the central city, he also personally looked for Cheng Xuze, later because Cheng Xuze said nothing, he finally forget about it.

Cheng's family must not be tempted by Fan Jia and help each other, but where is the pharmacist in Cheng's family?

Cheng Ran packed the 8-grade radiation energy relaxant he had made. They were going to give it to Wen Zhuoyi.

Cheng family's people are worried that Feng family will attack them, but Feng Yunhong is also worried.

He is a level 9 radiation fighter, Feng family is a big family, usually no one dare to disobey him, also Cheng home such a heterogeneous practice unexpectedly, ignore his kindness at the beginning, indifferent to his son also just, when he tried to force a force Cheng home, let Cheng home bow, Cheng home unexpectedly with him.

Who is it that I don't want to be hungry? Who gave them Cheng family's fighting skills?

"Grandpa, the situation outside is very bad for us now. The Cheng family is also very good. Using the Qinghe tavern, they were able to win over countless low-level radiation energy fighters. Now those people are all helping them to speak." Feng Linqiu's face is not very good-looking.

"Who has Cheng Xuze contacted these days?" Feng Yunhong asked abruptly. He knew what Feng Linqiu said long ago.

"Grandpa, Cheng Xuze hasn't contacted anyone at all these days, but he has more frequent contacts with Cheng Ran or Shi Qingyang." Feng Linqiu said that his grandfather kept him staring at Cheng Xuze. He also kept a close eye on Cheng Xuze. He also found professionals to monitor Cheng Xuze's computer contact terminal. However, in his monitoring, Cheng Xuze had very few contacts. The most contacts these days were Cheng Ran and Shi Qingyang.

It happened that because the other party's computer was well protected, they could not get the information inside.

"Show me." Feng Yunhong said.

Feng Linqiu quickly took out his report and handed it to Feng Yunhong.

This report is the monitoring result of Cheng Xuze. They found the IP that is connected with him, only to find that it was Cheng Ran and Shi Qingyang.

Feng Yunhong looked at the report in his hand and frowned tightly: "That I don't want to be hungry, it's really not easy!"

"Grandpa?" Lin Qiu asked incredulously.

"Cheng Ran Shi Qingyang two people and Cheng Xuze live together, which still need to contact Cheng Xuze? I think it's probably the one I don't want to use Cheng Ran or Shi Qingyang's computer as a springboard to contact Cheng Xuze." Fengyun Hong said.


"Since the other party can achieve this step, it must have made up its mind to conceal its identity. It is not easy for us to find out…He kept it so secret and encouraged Cheng family to oppose us…This person is probably at enmity with us." Feng Yunhong narrowed his eyes and said after a while, "There are many people watching our two families now. You don't have to do anything for the time being. Just say hello to those people you know and let them stay away from the Cheng family."

Cheng's family made a lot of noise this time, but after this time, many people in the central city, even will be far away from Cheng's family…Feng Yunhong touched the contact terminal in his hand, he still has Cheng Ran handle on his hand, only hope these people don't go too far.

"Grandpa, I know." Feng Linqiu replied.

Coming out from his grandfather, Feng Linqiu hesitated for a moment and went to Qinghe Tavern. Although he now has a deep dislike for the place, he does not want to know less than others. For example, he should learn this radiation truncation method even if he does not need it.

The radiation energy truncation method has been explained from level 1 to level 4 yesterday. In the video recorded by Shi Qingyang today, the truncation method of level 5 and level 6 is explained.

This video was rushed out in the afternoon. Zheng Gaoyuan was the assistant of Shi Qingyang. He also wore a mask and made a disguise. After Shi Qingyang used the radiation energy truncation method, the radiation energy in the body immediately went wrong and collapsed to the ground…

"The effect I shot was really good. The fall was so handsome!" Zheng Gaoyuan sat in the balcony of Qinghe tavern and watched the video praising himself time and again.

Shi Qingyang had no way out of Zheng Gaoyuan's narcissism, but Fu Xiaoyang, who was forced to be a waiter, said subconsciously after hearing this: "Is it cricket's cricket?"

Zheng Gaoyuan bared his teeth at Fu Xiaoyang: "What did you say?"

Fu Xiaoyang's face was full of embarrassment and his whole face was red: "Yes, I'm sorry…"

"You should also apologize! If you don't apologize, I can still take it as a joke. If you apologize, it doesn't mean that you think so?" Zheng Gaoyuan deadpan.

Fu Xiaoyang more regret.

Fortunately, Zheng Gaoyuan didn't intend to care about anything, and was interrupted by Fu Xiaoyang. He finally stopped looking at the "heroic bearing" that he was mentioned in the video when he was hit by the radiation energy truncation method. Instead, he looked at Shi Qingyang: "Master, my grandparents asked me to tell you that if you can use them, if you need financial support, please tell them that the Zheng family supports your writing."

"What's the matter?" Shi Qingyang asked curiously, Zheng Gaoyuan's grandparents he had met, although he was a little too enthusiastic about him, but he could not have achieved this.

Zheng Gaoyuan's expression changed. After a while, he said: "Master, I just found out that the person who stood behind Mu Tianshi at the beginning was Feng Jia…My grandparents actually knew about this long ago, but Feng family was too severe, and they finally had to submit to humiliation and even maintain a superficial balance."

Shi Qingyang had guessed the matter, but he was not surprised to hear it now. He listened to Zheng Gaoyuan gnashing his teeth to swear, then he saw that the five and six levels of radiation energy truncation method was finished.

When he opened the door and went out, Shi Qingyang saw an old man clapping his hands and exclaiming loudly, "This is a good thing, this is definitely a good thing! The radiation energy truncation method is a good thing!"

The old man's legs and feet should have gone wrong. He was pushed by people in a wheelchair, so that people with disabilities are more likely to riot than ordinary people…

"I don't want to be hungry. I am a good person. We are very grateful for all such things." Another said.

A few days ago, the Qinghe tavern was a bit chaotic, completely crowded scene, but today, the people sitting in the Qinghe tavern are very quiet, some of them, just look at his whole body momentum will know that there are at least six levels.

"today, all the five and six classes have come, tomorrow…the seven and eight classes will come." Shi Qingyang saw this scene and couldn't help opening his mouth.

"This is for sure." Shang Mufeng wipe the table, while way.

"Are you busy coming?" Shi Qingyang asked.

"This is nothing." Shang Mufeng smiled. Many people who resigned from him and did not want to work in Qinghe Tavern wanted to come back today, but he did not agree. He would rather go off to receive guests in person than let these people come back. Anyway, he was very skilled in the waiter's work-he had done it when Shi Qingyang found him, and he was used to it for a long time.

He used to be a man who did not know the sufferings of the people, but he lived outside for a long time without his arm, but he really understood the hardships of life.

In the past day, the Qinghe tavern has received more favorable comments, and the radiation energy truncation method has also attracted more attention.

In a twinkling of an eye, it is time for the opening of Qinghe Tavern. These days, many people are waiting for the opening of Qinghe Tavern every day, but today, it is different.

Wen Sicheng is a five-level radiation fighter. He is not so outstanding in the central city, but he is also a leader in the younger generation. His attention is second only to Feng Linqiu, and nothing else, because he has an uncle who is the top pharmacist in China and an aunt who is a nine-level radiation fighter.

Such a person would never set foot in a place like Qinghe Tavern, but today, he was waiting at the gate of a tavern early with a six-level radiation fighter.

In this way, the two men stood at the door and let go of their momentum. Finally, no one dared to approach them.

"This is not wen eldest brother? Why have you come to such a place?"

"Zhao Xiong, aren't you here?" Wen Sicheng laughed. The man who spoke to him was named Zhao Pingtian. He was just 30 years old this year, but he was already a six-level radiation fighter. He was also very good. His father was an eight-level radiation fighter, and his aunt was also an eight-level radiation fighter. In the central city, although his life experience was not as good as that of Feng Linqiu and Wen Siyi, it was not bad either. And he and Wen Shiyi are rivals from small to large.

Now, the two men are on the verge of losing their momentum directly. In the past, they would definitely find a place to be the first, but at this time, the door of Qinghe Tavern was opened.

The two men, who were waiting outside, rushed in the first place. As they walked along, they fought and punched each other severely. Then, after seeing someone grab the box, they chose one of the boxes and drilled into it.

The reason why they came here this time is actually the same, just to grab a box in the Qinghe tavern that does not accept the reservation and show their kindness to their elders.

After another period of time, Wen Zhuoyi and Zhao Guxiong sister arrived here almost at the same time.

Although Zhao Pingtian didn't have a good look at Wen Sicheng, his father and aunt were polite to Wen Zhuoyi-these days, there will never be any radiation fighter who would be stupid to offend a potion master, because they don't know when, they may have to ask the potion master for help.

Seeing the three men come in, the people who came to Qinghe Tavern to seize the position all stood up in shock and greeted them. They also admired Qinghe Tavern more and more-in addition to Qinghe Tavern, where else can such a big man be attracted?

This kind of thing has happened in many Qinghe taverns-yesterday, I explained the five-level and six-level radiation energy truncation method. today, is it the seven-level and eight-level rotation?

In the past, the number of people waiting at the gate of Qinghe tavern who were going to grab seats was at most 3-4. Today, many 5-6 people came to grab the balcony, and many of them did so for their elders and their superiors.

There are many people who know that they want to grab seats, and these people also behave themselves. Apart from these people, there are also some high-level people who think that they are superior. They also think that they need someone to sweep the couch to greet them.

A seven-level master, there is no one to grab seats, time is fast to get to the central city of a green grain tavern, just go in, also immediately have a crush on the middle box on the second floor, directly go up knocking at the door, want others to give up the box.

His attitude can be called cocky, while sending out its own momentum, while let the people around him to knock at the door, let a person give up the box, the results the words sound just fell, the door has spread the breath of eight radiation fighter…

"If all the Qinghe taverns were charged with explosives and exploded together today, I'm afraid nine times out of ten of the seven and eight radiation energy fighters in China will die…why don't those people want to think, this may be a trap set by someone who has anti-social personality and wants to destroy human beings?" Cheng Xuze sat in the box that Shi Qingyang had left open for a long time, eating and feeling.

"Grandpa…" Shi Qingyang once again admired Cheng Xuze's unconstrained imagination.

"Well, let's not talk about this, let's watch the video first, this time there is me in the video!" Cheng Xuze smiled: "You are a man who lacks a sense of humor."

"…" Is this humor?

This time, it was Cheng Xuze who accompanied Shi Qingyang to shoot the video. He even used the radiation energy truncation method against himself, which was regarded as sacrificing his image to perform.

Cheng Xuze intently watched the video soon, but Shi Qingyang didn't take it as seriously as he did. Instead, he put his head up to Cheng Ran and watched Cheng Ran typing fast on his palm computer and chatting with people.

He wanted very much to know what Cheng Ran was talking about. Unfortunately, although Cheng Ran showed it to him gracefully, he could not understand it.

"However, can't you focus more on me?" Shi Qingyang asked, Todd didn't contact Cheng Ran a few days ago. How did he get in touch today?

"Isn't there less of me looking at you?" Cheng Ran smiled. what he asked was about the beast tide. now he knows about it: "well, the teaching video has been finished. should we go to see Wen Zhuoyi?"

"We'll be right there." Shi Qingyang nodded, Zheng Jia, fan Jia, Wen Jia…he can slowly woo a group of people, and then give Feng Linqiu good-looking!

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