I don't want to be hungry!

If one knew of this person's existence before, it would be those in the Battle Technology Forum, but now, almost everyone already knows his name.

The name makes people speechless, but some people also think that the name has profound connotation. After the disaster, human beings had to endure hunger for many years. If it weren't for the time when all people were united and left food to their children, there would not be any human existence now.

Moreover, even now, it is not that no one is hungry, and people who have lost their ability to survive and can only rely on state relief, although they can get food every day, the food does not necessarily satisfy them…

To my fans who don't want to starve, this name is clearly a kind of expectation for the future society!

Shi Qingyang couldn't help laughing when he saw all kinds of news and praises on the Internet after the second lighter was played.

"I don't want to be hungry" in the war games forum, what he said when he was pointing others out, has long been sorted out by fans, and it is also considered that every second the download volume is increasing. at the same time, he has ingratiated himself with him from the very beginning on the internet, and then he is firmly following behind him in the "bright future", which is also famous.

Peng Cheng Wan Li's identity is easier to guess, and many people know it. At the beginning, I didn't say anything about HuoFeng Company on an empty stomach. HuoFeng Company soon found Cheng Xuze. Now, of course, everyone guessed.

Obviously, I don't want to be friends with Cheng Xuze on an empty stomach, because the person behind Qinghe Tavern is Cheng's family, so I don't want to be hungry to announce my fighting skills in Qinghe Tavern…

Together with me not to be hungry, the Cheng family naturally became red, and many people were grateful to the Cheng family for announcing the all-round medicine.

"There were people who voted for my online name, wondering why I chose such a name…" Shi Qingyang looked at the vote with some curiosity and chose the option of "he must be hungry often", only to find that the number of people who chose this one was the least.

Some people think it is a spoof, some think he is thinking about those who are hungry, and many people think that this "hungry" is not really hungry, it refers to other aspects of meaning-not many people call a certain demand "hungry"?

"Qingyang." Cheng Ran hugged Shi Qingyang. Those speculations made him uncomfortable. He knew very well that this was indeed Shi Qingyang's expectation. Shi Qingyang was indeed hungry. If it weren't for this, Shi Qingyang wouldn't have hidden food in his body all day long.

"It's okay. Not everything is all right now?" Shi Qingyang laughed and grabbed a kiss." I'm very regretful. I should have eaten what you gave me last life. If we had had a better relationship then…"

Cheng Ran already knew everything about the two men's previous life, but he did not think it was anything: "Those things, you just think of them as a memory, now we are not living very well?"

"Also…" Shi Qingyang said, now they are doing very well, this is enough.

"By the way, what will the closure do?" Cheng Ran changed the subject.

"They are probably already dealing with this." Shi Qingyang smiled.

Feng family did have a reaction. Half of the time when the second professor of tactics in Qinghe Tavern arrived, Feng family posted the video of Feng Yunhong's previous use of the tactics on the Internet and said that Qinghe Tavern was suspected of stealing his tactics.

Not only that, Feng family also released the previous videos of the two tactics used to prove that the two tactics were indeed owned by Feng Jia.

A few hundred years ago, for a long time, China stressed the sharing of resources and asked everyone to turn in their invented war skills. However, because of this, many people were unwilling to do any more research.

This policy disappeared after everyone's life calmed down. Later, some laws were even enacted to protect the rights of owners from infringement.

Up to now, basically as long as the larger families have some exclusive tactics in their hands, they have always protected these tactics well and are completely unwilling to share them with others.

Feng family is the largest family in China, and their fighting skills were actually stolen…counting the "fighting dragon" at the beginning, the number of stolen fighting skills has even reached three. this situation undoubtedly worries many people, lest their family's fighting skills also have problems.

As a result, there are more people who help Feng family.

For ordinary radiation fighters, most of them are grateful for the selflessness of Qinghe Tavern, but now the bright fact is that…even if they think Qinghe Tavern is doing such a thing quickly, they don't think Qinghe Tavern is doing it right.

In addition, it is not difficult to find an ordinary person through contact terminals and the like nowadays. Many people are worried that Feng family will eventually lead to their own troubles, and are even more afraid to export to help Qinghe Tavern.

When Shi Qingyang got up early in the morning the next day, most of the media were reporting on Feng Yunhong's accusation that someone had stolen Feng's tactics and even released a video.

In the video, Feng Yunhong was sitting on a chair and listed the drugs and tactics that had been made public for so many years. He said that although Feng family did not make all his tactics public, he had been making contributions to the society. But now, some people have taken the tactics of Feng family as human feelings. Clearly, what was made public was turned into their own…

He looks approachable, and what he said is true and touching.

Who is Feng Yunhong? This is one of China's only two grade 9 radiation energy fighters. Within the scope of the Yangtze River City, many people regard Cheng Xuze as their idol, but in other places, there are not so many people who know Cheng Xuze. However, Feng Yunhong is not the same. In the whole country, except for the young and senile dementia, no one does not know the existence of Feng Yunhong!

Feng Yunhong seldom appeared in front of people, but now he has recorded such videos…

Even if it's only aimed at Feng Yunhong, people will also click on the video. After watching the video, they will inevitably be affected and infected by Feng Yunhong's words.

The tactics announced by Qinghe tavern are Feng. It has nothing to do with me not being hungry. In this case, even if they want to be grateful, they should also be grateful to Feng family. How can they be grateful to a thief?

Thanks to the efforts of the public relations team, the wind direction was completely different in one day. The next day, Cheng Xuze also received many communications from people, all accusing him.

"Green grain fund, green grain tavern, over the years to help how many people? Up to now, no one has come out to help say a word?" Cheng Xuze chose to refuse to accept the communication. Seeing many people on the Internet accusing me of not being hungry, he was extremely angry.

Although he doesn't know how these tactics came about, he firmly believes that I didn't steal them on a hungry stomach. Perhaps, this old friend of his is Feng Family. As a result, the old guy Feng Yunhong robbed him of his things or something unkindly…

"Grandpa, Feng family has now come up with evidence and others will naturally help them." Shi Qingyang was not surprised.

"No, there is still someone to help us, Ye Houan?" Cheng Xuze suddenly said, and then found a report, in countless accused Qinghe tavern infringement of the interests of the Feng family news, Ye Houan carefully analyzed the two tactics, finally think it may be a coincidence, because Qinghe tavern announced the tactics is better than the Feng family.

Shi Qingyang also saw Ye Houan's report. The reporter who transferred to work in the central city is estimated to have made such an article on his own. Now he will inevitably be attacked by others. Maybe he will lose his job…

"and this Li Meng actually went to battle and said that we were very good. he even thanked us for publishing the prescription of all-round medicine…there are still such people in this world, and I finally felt better." Cheng Xuze added that if he sold the prescription for all-purpose medicine, I'm afraid he could sell it for a lot of money, but in the end it was made public…Originally he still felt very deficient. Now he is in a good mood to see someone sincerely thanking him.

Shi Qingyang also saw the link shared by Cheng Xuze and smiled: "Grandpa, since he is helping us to speak, we can also help him when things are over."

"That's it! By the way, Qingyang, do you really think it will be okay this time?" Cheng Xuze asked.

"Grandpa, you can rest assured that everything will be fine." Shi Qingyang laughed. In Feng Yunhong's video, Feng family seems to have made a great contribution, but this is by no means the case.

Feng family did disclose some tactics, but they all felt that they were useless. moreover, they only disclosed the tactics that they felt were useless. occasionally, when others discovered any new tactics, they would try their best to make them public.

In his previous life, Feng Linqiu had been instilling in him the idea of making public all kinds of tactics for the country and the people. He was so educated since he was a child, and there was no resistance to this, so he will, and others will know…

Of course, these are nothing. More importantly, these two tactics were not originally created by Feng Jia. However, some Feng family people saw others using similar tactics and went back to consider improvement.

When Feng Linqiu told Shi Qingyang at the beginning, he once said this matter. In Feng Linqiu's mouth, they got inspiration from others and improved it. They plan to make it public after there is no problem…

At that time, Feng Linqiu also showed him what could be further improved, saying that he wanted to incorporate it into the teaching materials…At that time, he really believed it!

The outside world has been disturbed, Shi Qingyang and others all ignored, and the Qinghe tavern even opened on time.

Many people were very excited when the Qinghe tavern opened the day before, but today, the mood of the people who came here is very complicated.

Qinghe tavern can teach them tactics, which they are very satisfied with, but these tactics are closed to the family…After all, such behavior is immoral.

Behind the Qinghe Tavern is the Cheng Family. Is it because Cheng Family wants to retaliate against Feng Family that they will do so? But in addition to announcing the two kinds of medicinal materials used in Cheng's all-powerful medicine, Feng family didn't do anything else…It was because of Feng Jia's behavior that they learned the prescription of all-powerful medicine.

The Qinghe Tavern in the second and third tier cities is generally quiet, with more guests than in the previous two days. Even though they are very depressed, they still expect an explanation from the Qinghe Tavern, but the central city is not so relaxed. As the home base of the Feng family, the people who look for the Feng family, or those who are closely related to the Feng family, are all here, and are also changing ways to make trouble.

There are many people who throw dishes and swear at each other in the Qinghe tavern, and there are countless people who call the Qinghe tavern thieves. Several old taverns are good, and the staff have enough experience. However, several newly opened taverns have just hired workers to dismiss their jobs. Finally, Shang Mufeng can only use robots and then find some help from the Cheng family.

When he was still too busy, he even came off.

In the evening, the screening started on time again.

No matter whether they come to silently support, watch the play or make trouble, they all stare at the screen tightly.

What appeared on the screen was still the man wearing a mask and using a voice changer a few days ago. The man just appeared and said, "This time, the explanation is not about tactical skills, but a method that can relieve the radiation riot or attack others, the radiation truncation method."

Radiation truncation method is very long, each level corresponds to a different method, Shi Qingyang can't say all the ways in this day's video, just explained the one to four radiation fighters need to pay attention to the point of truncation of radiation in the body.

"This kind of radiation energy truncation method can solve the problem of radiation energy riots without radiation energy relaxants. Not only that, it can also be used as an attack. Let the radiation fighter instantly lose resistance. This kind of radiation energy cut-off method is provided by me not to be hungry. He was first mentioned eight years ago on the web of radiation warfare. It has absolutely nothing to do with Feng family."

"We have great respect for Mr. Feng, but the two tactics released by Qinghe Tavern have nothing to do with Mr. Feng, because we can even find evidence that someone used similar videos before Mr. Feng."

After teaching the radiation energy truncation method, the masked man said another paragraph and inserted two videos.

The two videos were both from the Radiological Fighter Contest many years ago. It was true that some people used the two tactics given to others by a professor from Qinghe Tavern.

Although it seems to be less powerful, the "tidal wave" tactic is formed by one of them using one tactic in a row under panic, but there is no doubt that this is the embryonic form of these two tactics.

Many people have already believed that the two tactics in front of them are both closed. But now they are shocked to see this video again.

Who are these two people?

The screening of Qinghe Tavern has ended. Originally, it turned completely to the direction of closing the house, but it changed again. Many people went to check the last two videos.

The two videos, one 150 years ago and the other 130 years ago, were both long and far away, but they could only be found because the network was already very developed at that time.

At that time, Feng family didn't have the "tide wave" tactic…

The tactics announced by Qinghe Tavern are better than those of Feng family. To say that Qinghe Tavern stole the tactics of Feng family, can it also be said that Feng family stole the tactics of others first?

Of course, these two videos are not the key to turning the wind around. The radiation energy truncation method taught by Qinghe Tavern that night is the most important one.

At the beginning, Shi Qingyang only casually mentioned this radiation energy truncation method on the Internet, which attracted Cheng Xuze's attention. Now he explains it carefully, and others will naturally not fail to see its effect.

This is definitely a good thing! And such a good thing, is indeed I don't hungry first put forward, at the beginning this matter because Cheng Xuze waistcoat "bright prospects", also make a lot of…

If this is also a Feng family, the Feng family even spoke out early, can't have been silent!

Many people think that the two sentences I mentioned at the beginning, which I didn't want to mention hungry, were just his experience inadvertently, but they didn't expect that he had even put together a complete set. How many people can such a set of radiation truncation method help? Some people who were deeply troubled by the radiation riots were grateful at that time.

I don't want to be hungry. After this confrontation with Feng Jia, I became even more red. Combined with the Qinghe tavern and the Cheng family, it has also become extremely conspicuous. In the central city, it is just enough. In many secondary and tertiary cities, the worship of the Cheng family by those low-level radiation fighters has reached its peak.

At that time, the Cheng family was in the limelight. Even if they could control more media, they could not fight against all the people.

Ye Houan was suspended from his post on the morning of this day because he helped Cheng's family to speak and did not reprimand Feng's family according to the boss's instructions. His boss also asked him to go home and reflect. He was very upset at that time. He went to his room to sleep as soon as he got home, but when he woke up, his boss called him personally and told him to hurry back to work…

Although he helped Cheng family and Qing He Tavern to speak, it was mainly because Cheng Xuze and Shi Qingyang helped him to save his daughter. In fact, he also felt that Qing He Tavern might have deliberately disclosed his tactics of Feng family.

He spoke for the Cheng family with the future he had fought for half his life, but he didn't feel very well. But at night, all this was reversed…

Quickly packed up, Ye Houan went to his company.

Li Meng also spoke for the Cheng family. After the Cheng family disclosed the formula of the omnipotent medicine, he went out of the city and found herbs in the first place. His wife also made the omnipotent medicine in the first place according to the video given by the Cheng family.

His son is not in good health, but he can definitely improve with all-round medicine for recuperation…Before, although he didn't pay attention to the video released later by Qinghe Tavern because he was busy looking for herbs, he also helped Cheng family to speak well when the media spoke ill of him.

He went to the battle in person. After he said this, many people who knew him came to him, thinking he was too stupid to protect himself. When these people said this, he was inevitably worried. However, in the evening, everything turned around.

Not only that, he didn't wait for the revenge he had been told by others that his family would have, but he waited for the call from the Cheng family, invited him to work for the Cheng family, and gave him extremely generous treatment…

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