As soon as the news came out that the Qinghe tavern had announced the formula of all-purpose medicine and that herbs could be exchanged for all-purpose medicine, the whole country of China was boiling.

It has been eight years since the emergence of all-round medicine, but because this medicine is really easy to use and the quantity produced by the Cheng family is not large, the price has remained high before. There are countless people who want to buy all-round medicine to recuperate their bodies, but only a few can get enough money.

But now, Cheng family has released the prescription!

According to what happened at the entrance to the city between Feng Linqiu and Shi Qingyang, many people know that this time the Cheng family would do this even if they were forced to do so by the Feng family. Cheng family announced the prescription and carefully taught everyone how to allocate it. How about Feng family?

Feng family wants to get the medicine prescription from Cheng family. it can't be for the sake of publicity, can it? Such a thinking, people did have some sympathy for the Cheng family.

On that night, many junior pharmacists stayed up all night, watching Ran Xue's video of making medicine over and over again, and then saving the above two new herbs into the contact terminal, intending to find someone to go out of town to look for them. As the news spread, the Cheng family was even more grateful.

"The prescription of all-round medicine, so hand it over…" The next morning when we had breakfast together, Cheng Xuze some uncomfortable.

"Grandpa, don't worry, we won't suffer. My master said that yesterday we made public the prescription of all-powerful medicine. Today, we can find a way to make public the tactics of Feng family." Shi Qingyang smiled. In fact, he wanted to make public the prescription of medicine for Feng family. Unfortunately, he didn't know much about it. Even when he was in the research institute, his back was generally the prescription of poison.

Teaching others to make poison is always inappropriate.

"Your master's hand and Feng family lighter? Can this really work? Will he get into trouble?" Cheng Xuze asked anxiously.

"Of course, we can say to the outside world that we have developed them ourselves!" Shi Qingyang said that he also helped Feng Linqiu to make some changes in details at that time. It is good to send a revised version this time.

Speaking, although it is difficult to resist the human power in the face of the beast tide, it is not bad if everyone can improve some strength…

Cheng Xuze nodded. It is not uncommon for Feng family to study this tactic and others to study it naturally. It is not uncommon for two people who have no contact with each other to suddenly study the same or similar tactic in history: "Who will use the name of this tactic?"

"Grandpa, in the name of my master, I will explain the tactics of the two families, and then explain the radiation energy truncation method!" Shi Qingyang said that he made the "Battle Dragon" public at the beginning. Although Feng family hated him, he endured it because of the defect of the Battle Dragon. This time, they will be very angry and will certainly make some moves. When they do, he will announce the radiation energy truncation method to show others how generous they are and how stingy they are.

Cheng Xuze hesitated for a moment, nodded and added: "However, Qingyang, you still need to discuss this with your master, and he said that the all-powerful medicine, does your master really agree to make it public?" Cheng Xuze hasn't contacted me yet. I don't want to be hungry. Naturally, I am very worried at this time.

As a matter of fact, he never understood why I didn't have time to tell Qingyang, the teacher, when I was hungry…it was really too selective!

"of course, grandpa and master agreed. he also said that he would come to you later." Shi Qingyang Road.

"Well, I'll wait!" Cheng Xuze nodded his head.

Shi Qingyang smiled and half smiled, but could not help yawning.

"Qingyang, young people's demand in that area is high, I understand, but you should also pay attention to moderation…" Cheng Xuze gave Shi Qingyang a look with profound meaning.

Last night, I was chatting with Cheng Ran about things in my last life. Shi Qingyang, who didn't sleep well at all, suddenly found that he forgot a very important thing after returning to the city-he didn't make out with Cheng Ran!

After eating, Shi Qingyang and Cheng Ran returned to the room with Cheng Xuze's "I understand" expression, but they still failed to make out well, because I don't need to contact Cheng Xuze hungry.

Cheng Ran has seen the chat record with Cheng Xuze preserved by Shi Qingyang, in distress situation, and finally sat beside Shi Qingyang, watching the chat between Shi Qingyang and Cheng Xuze.

"Master, you are not hungry at last!" As usual, Cheng Xuze generously opened the video.

"I came up and I already knew about the closure." Shi Qingyang began typing.

"Master, I'm sorry, I've made public the prescription for all-round medicine…"

"Nothing. Now that you have earned enough money, it doesn't matter if it is made public. However, you must be careful to Feng family. There are many ways to Feng family."

"I will!" Cheng Xuze immediately the baggage and take the journey.

Shi Qingyang and Cheng Xuze talked a lot about Feng family and discussed the current situation before putting down their computers: "However, shall we take some exercise?"

"Should you first record the video explaining the tactics?" Cheng Ran looked at Shi Qingyang. Just now Shi Qingyang told Cheng Xuze, however, that he would let his apprentice go to the Fu Neng exercise room to take a video.

Shi Qingyang and Cheng Ran took a nap together after recording the video. When they were going to have a good time to meet the next tough battle, Shang Mufeng took a fancy to three stores in the central city and found robots to decorate them-now the reputation of Qinghe Tavern is getting bigger and bigger, the original ones are full every day, and naturally they will have to find ways to divert people out. Of course, what is more important is that the central city is very large, and the original few houses actually cover a very small area.

In view of the robot decoration speed is very fast, if you hurry up, the three taverns can open at night…Shang Mufeng looked at the map on his hand, and on behalf of the green grass taverns little red dot, very satisfied.

If it weren't for the shortage of staff, he wouldn't mind opening more.

In many cities, the new store of Qinghe Tavern was opened that night. Once the new store was opened, it will be recorded on the Internet. People who use self-driving and live near the new store will go to Qinghe Tavern and will be taken to the new store immediately, I'm afraid.

"I didn't expect to open another Qinghe tavern here. I think Qinghe tavern is getting stronger and stronger."

"I have always felt that I have been a fan of them since they last explained the tactic of fighting dragons!" Another person immediately said that the Qinghe tavern would only help the wounded radiation fighters and could also speak a lot of tactical skills. For those of them who are not gifted enough to enter better schools, they are simply angels.

"I'm getting more and more interested in it, but I don't want it to stop talking about potions today. For a radiation fighter like me, fighting skill is the most important thing!"

"Yes, it would be nice to have a fresh fighting skill…of course, the medicine is also good. Today I found Guan Zhong and have replaced it with an all-round medicine."


Today, many pharmacists went to the Qinghe tavern. Some radiation energy fighters who came back from a busy circle outside the city also arrived at the Qinghe tavern for the first time. They all held the two kinds of medicinal materials mentioned by Ran Xue last night in order to exchange all-round medicines.

After everyone is seated, the daily broadcast time will come.

At this time, the pharmacists are all eager to try, for them, even if it is just a replay of yesterday's video of making all-round medicine, it can already make people excited.

Unfortunately, Qinghe Tavern did not live up to their wishes. After the video began to play, a masked man appeared in front of everyone to explain an exclusive tactic provided by "I don't want to starve".

Exclusive tactics, unexpectedly is exclusive tactics! Even if it was only pharmacists, they were shocked to hear the news and stared at the video. You know, most pharmacists are radiation fighters themselves.

The voice of the masked man was also processed so that others could not see his identity. He explained slowly and analyzed a tactical skill from the beginning.

After Feng Linqiu disguised himself, he went to Qinghe Tavern. He had never paid attention to this tavern for low-level radiation fighters before, but these days, this tavern has angered him twice.

"Green grain, green grain…" Feng Linqiu read the name several times, and soon thought of Shi Qingyang, think of Shi Qingyang, and thought of Cheng Ran.

He has always looked down on people who have no ability. As long as ordinary people are gifted, he is very unhappy. But somehow, he has no good feeling for Cheng Ran. Knowing that Cheng Ran has a crush on others, he feels uncomfortable.

Cheng Ran and he are all the way. How can others be with them?

Slightly distracted, but soon, Feng Linqiu pulled back his thoughts and turned his attention back to the video.

He has been investigating me not to be hungry. I didn't expect to meet with me today. I don't want to be hungry and teach a unique medicine in Qinghe tavern.

No! Feng Linqiu suddenly opened his eyes wide. Although his gestures were slightly different, he was very familiar with the movement route of radiation energy in his body. This tactic was clearly his family's.

Feng family has many tactics, some of which can only be used after a higher level, while many can be used from a lower level to a higher level. This is one of them.

This tactic is named "tidal wave" and can lead to a wave of radiation energy one after another through the movement of both hands. group attack is very effective. This is clearly a unique tactic for the family. When did it become this "I don't want to starve"?

Feng Linqiu stared at the screen and recorded a short piece of it and sent it to his grandfather. Seeing many people around him marveling, he felt very humbled.

This is obviously the tactics of Feng family!

Feng Linqiu's face became more and more ugly. The others who came here were all extremely excited. Most of these people did not know that Feng family had a tactical skill called "Chao Lang". All they knew was that they learned a very practical tactical skill today.

This kind of tactics, many people are hiding anything not to say, this I don't want to hungry but publicly, is really a good man!

The Qinghe Tavern, which is regarded as an open platform, is naturally very, very good.

At the beginning of the establishment of Qinghe Tavern, very few people knew that the Cheng family had something to do with it. However, Zhichengjia disclosed the allocation method of all-round medicine through Qinghe Tavern, which made many people understand that 80% of this tavern was related to the Cheng family, and this one I don't want to be hungry, should also be related to the Cheng family.

"This is how to use this tactic. As long as you practice it frequently, you can use it wave after wave, and it will have a wonderful effect when you are besieged by foreign animals." After the masked man summarized the tactics, the video ended. Feng Linqiu's eyes were full of anger when he saw this scene.

However, the matter did not end, because the head of Qinghe Tavern said that there would be an exclusive war technology professor for the people to come tomorrow.

Qinghe tavern is really too generous! People who were already very happy are even happier now. Although many people are not hungry and do not need to eat anything, after watching this video, they generously placed a lot of things and then took their things to a place nearby where they can rent training grounds-they will try the effect of this tactic tonight!

One more tactical skill is equivalent to one more weapon choice when leaving the city. Who doesn't want it?

Feng Linqiu looked at those people, gritted his teeth and quickly returned to his home. As soon as he entered, he found his grandfather sitting on his favorite reclining chair.

However, Feng Yunhong used to like to lie leisurely on it, but now he sits up straight.

"Grandpa…" Feng Linqiu let out a cry.

"Closed home, maybe there is a mole!" Feng Yunhong sighed, and this position in his hand was taken from his brother at the beginning. After taking it, he had sufficient resources to become a Grade 9…Feng's warfighter Cheng knows one. He can also guess it as Cheng Xuze after seeing him use it, as a coincidence, but now another…

You know, even if gestures made when activating radiation energy can be seen through video recording, the operation mode of body radiation energy cannot be seen by eyes.

"Grandpa, who will it be?"

"I'm not sure…you must keep an eye on Cheng Xuze, and we'll see what they do tomorrow night." Feng Yunhong opens his mouth.

In the early morning of the next day, many people who had practiced fighting skills all night in the training room went out of the training room contentedly, and then saw the video on the internet. when they couldn't rent the training room one step later, they rushed in immediately.

Shang Mufeng rented two more places on this day, and also built Qinghe Tavern, while Shi Qingyang found Cheng Ran again and filmed the video with him.

Zheng Gaoyuan got the news and watched while practicing the shield. Seeing that he was making the shield faster and faster, Shi Qingyang wanted to ask him if he had practiced other tactics, but when things got busy, he forgot.

What is the most lively place nowadays? It is definitely Qinghe Tavern!

Yesterday at the end of the Qinghe Tavern, it was very rare to advertise the next day's event. Naturally, it attracted numerous onlookers. As soon as the Tianqing Tavern opened, someone rushed in and filled all the seats. Those who came late did not even mind standing.

You know, although the paid download version will appear on the website of Qinghe Tavern the next morning, many people hope to see it earlier? What's more, in order to attract customers, there are some differences between the on-site and online editing.

At that time, the Qinghe tavern was so crowded that the waiters couldn't walk normally, but even so, some people still wanted to come in.

Feng Linqiu had already asked someone to book a box for a large sum of money. As a result, he almost couldn't squeeze in because he was a little late in the past. After he squeezed in, the disguise on his face changed quickly.

This situation has made Feng Linqiu unhappy, but when he saw the professor's fighting skills, his face immediately changed.

This time the fighting skill is Feng again! What a daring Qinghe tavern is to dare to do so!

A full face of gloomy to see all the record is introduced, at the same time through the contact terminal let his grandpa also saw all this, Lin Qiu feel anger has almost no way to control.

"I have already posted the video of the use of this tactic on the internet. tomorrow, the public relations team of Feng family will all be in operation." Feng Yunhong said that he did not know if there was a mole, but he would never allow anyone to disclose his tactics to the public.

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