When Shi Qingyang was born again, he never thought that he would tell others about the rebirth one day.

But now, he did say, on the one hand, because he didn't want to cheat Cheng Ran and trust Cheng Ran, on the other hand, he also wants to know if there is any way to deal with the beast tide.

If it is only his revenge, he believes that in the current situation, sooner or later, can quote, also don't have to pull others, but beast tide…Now the place where human beings can live is only the city, large areas outside the city, are inhabited by animals, that is, most animals eat different plants, will not begin to human beings, human beings can be safe for so many years.

However, safe for a period of time, but it is impossible to be safe forever. When the Central City encountered the beast tide in the previous life, as far as he knew, Feng Linqiu was already in Grade 9, and the Central City was equipped with various weapons, but in the end it fell to the point of having to self-destruct the city to fight against foreign animals…

Originally, the incident was still more than 10 years away, and it was no matter how slowly it happened. However, Shi Qingyang did not dare to neglect what Todd mentioned about his country.

If the beast tide thing is not solved, he and Cheng Ran life again happy? When the time comes will not be all empty?

Being pressed by such a thing, Shi Qingyang always felt uncomfortable.

On the bus back, Shi Qingyang only mentioned the matter briefly, but when he got back to his residence and arrived in the room, he said exactly what happened in his previous life.

Cheng Ran did already see that something was wrong with Shi Qingyang. Although he was determined that Shi Qingyang should be very powerful and invincible, he also knew that some situations of Shi Qingyang were not normal.

At the very least, Shi Qingyang's so-called master is just like what he invented. The day they arrived in Central City, Shi Qingyang once hid behind him to send a message. Then in a flash, his grandfather received a message from his old friend…

Although know Shi Qingyang has a secret, but Cheng Ran before this, also really didn't expect Shi Qingyang this secret, unexpectedly is such a fantasy.

"However, I don't know why I suddenly came back. I couldn't explain the events of those years for a while, but I wrote them down." Shi Qingyang recorded the events of his previous life after his rebirth, and gave Cheng Ran the notes recorded in the recorder at this time.

After doing so, he even had a feeling of relief-after Cheng Xuze again took him to find "I don't want to hungry", Cheng Ran can fake!

Cheng Ran read the notes very quickly and quickly finished reading what Shi Qingyang had recorded: "that Lin Qiu was really disgusting!" He finally understood now how Shi Qingyang was occasionally enthusiastic about people and occasionally defensive about them.

However, it is also fortunate that Shi Qingyang knew the true face of Feng Linqiu, otherwise he would have been cheated if he had not been careful.

Besides these, what he cares about most is the beast tide. The appearance of the beast tide is really too sudden.

"Yes, they are really disgusting!" Shi Qingyang said that he had just checked on the Internet and found out what Feng family has done these days. Feng family is already forcing them to do so now. But now, who will help them?

"Qingyang, why isn't there anything about me?" Cheng Ran asked again.

Shi Qingyang paused, but he still talked about Cheng Ran's death. Then he immediately diverted Cheng Ran's attention: "However, before that Feng Linqiu confessed to you…what happened?"

Cheng Ran heard the news of his death, not surprised, he didn't understand anything at that time, finally the body death is normal, put this matter in mind, she directly will be former Qin Liu with Lin Qiu said.

"Feng Linqiu should only approach you for the sake of the Cheng family's things. Without disclosing the two kinds of medicinal materials, the Cheng family is planning to tear her face, and I don't know what the reason is." Shi Qingyang frowned slightly, and some helpless, although China has two level 9 radiation energy fighters, but China's largest family, is definitely a closed home, closed home alone on collateral, there are many, including the number of strong.

Of course, Feng family is not without problems, at least some side branches have been eyeing up the position of Feng Yunhong.

"Although they don't know what the reason is, they have used a good method. Now they don't like Cheng family and many people have come to find fault with him. These people don't know that the medicine published by Feng family is related to omnipotent medicine, but they want us to give them the house." Cheng Ran frowned slightly: "Of course, the main thing is the protective cover. The quality of the materials produced by Cheng family sheng is very good, which has made many people jealous. Now many people want Cheng family to be open, of course, only to them."

Shi Qingyang had thought about such a thing before he came to Central City, but he didn't expect it to happen so fast: "However, we don't have to be afraid of them. The Cheng family has made a lot of money in recent years. Even without this business now, it's not a big deal. Don't worry."

Shi Qingyang and Cheng Ran were talking when the door suddenly rang. Cheng Xuze's voice came in through the doorbell system: "Shi Qingyang, Cheng Ran, are you inside? Now is the critical moment. If you want to make out, you can wait and continue."

As soon as Cheng Xuze and other teachers Qingyang came home, they wanted to talk to Shi Qingyang. As a result, Shi Qingyang and Cheng Ran went into the room…

Young people haven't seen each other for a month, it's normal to want to make out, but now it's a critical moment…Cheng Xuze is always anxious, but he is embarrassed to disturb the newly married couple after a long separation.

Finally, Cheng Xuze wandered around outside for an hour, guess Shi Qingyang and Cheng Ran the finished, finally make noise to disturb.

Shi Qingyang couldn't keep Cheng Xuze waiting, so he opened the room very soon, but he didn't want to do so. Cheng Xuze winked at him." I thought I didn't have enough time for you. I didn't think you'd be finished so soon. Even the clothes were packed, young people, and you had to exercise!"

"…" Shi Qingyang didn't think much of it, but suddenly he didn't know what to say: "Grandpa, I haven't changed my clothes."

"After you don't change clothes? Or…did you spend such a long time in front of the opera?"

"…" Cheng Ran also speechless.

Cheng's family is discussing this issue here. On the other side, Feng Linqiu went to see Feng Yunhong: "Grandpa, I was trying to provoke Shi Qingyang to anger. It was better for him to attack me on his own initiative. Unexpectedly…"

No one knows what he did to Cheng Ran before. This month, because Cheng Ran evaded and did not meet Cheng Ran, if Shi Qingyang became angry and hit him at that time, he could be said to have hurt Shi Qingyang without any reason, but I didn't expect Shi Qingyang to speak as Liang Liang.

Liang Liang is really his cousin. Many people in Central City know that Liang Liang knows him and likes him. He can't deny this.

"I know, you have to think more about what you will do in the future. This time you let Liang Liang seduce Shi Qingyang. Such a tactic is too petty!" Feng Yunhong said: "You have taken so much effort to deal with a man like Shi Qingyang, and you value him too much."

Feng Linqiu didn't speak, he let Liang Liang seduce Shi Qingyang, a big reason, in fact, because he has a crush on Cheng Ran, want to let Shi Qingyang betrayal Cheng Ran, but in the end it didn't work…

"How did you find out about the pharmacist in the Cheng family?" Feng Yunhong asked again, in fact, Cheng family paid the most attention to him. In addition to the prescription for making money, there was another person, that is, the pharmacist of Cheng family.

Different pharmacists have different effects on the same prescription, while the pharmacist in the Cheng family has the ability to make good effects.

Eight years ago, there was no trace of the pharmacist. Only after the emergence of the all-round medicine did he release something by Ran Xue's hand. It was not until these years that he became famous.

In this case, the pharmacist should not be Cheng Gupei raise…Because of this, Feng Yunhong will let Feng Linqiu send good medicine prescription for the first time, is to woo the man-no pharmacist, will not be tempted to good medicine prescription

Now, he has already got the medicine sent by the Cheng family, and the effect is really very good, but he and the Cheng family turned over their faces…Feng Yunhong can only find someone in a different way.

"Grandpa, I have already investigated. I suspect that the pharmacist may be the one who told me about the Fire Phoenix company. I don't want to be hungry." Feng Linqiu said that he could not find any information about the pharmacist in the Cheng family, and Cheng Xuze had not contacted any outsiders over the years…

"You should check this matter carefully. The location of this person's computer should also be checked carefully. It is better to find a way to monitor Cheng Xuze's computer and contact terminal and see who he usually contacts." Feng Yunhong said that China had once publicized safe computers to ensure that the information of safe computers would not be leaked. This kind of computer is indeed very useful, but computers are also made by people. Naturally, some people are better than computers.

Although they really can't read the information inside, there is a way to know who the holder contacted.

"Yes, Grandpa." Feng Linqiu replied that the words had just dropped when suddenly someone knocked on the outside door: "sir, something big has happened outside!"

"What's the matter?" Feng Yunhong asked.

"Sir, you let people watch what is put in Qinghe Tavern every night. Today they put in the preparation method of Cheng family's all-powerful medicine!" The speaker outside was the butler of Feng family. Now he is obviously shocked.

Feng Yunhong is also a stiff face, he spent a lot of time to know all-round drugs to use herbs, a few months ago has already started to let the research institute research formula, if it weren't for want to give Cheng home a lesson, the two herbs will never be released. Even when it was announced, he did not reveal that it was related to all-round drugs, even the drug properties were not well written…Originally, he thought that he would continue to publish several kinds of disturbing the view after that, but now, Cheng family actually published the prescription himself?

He spent money and manpower and material resources in order to get this prescription. Is it not a waste of water?

The Qinghe tavern seems to have a close relationship with the Cheng family. Why did it do such a thing?

Feng Yunhong's face was extremely ugly. In the Qinghe tavern, all the radiation fighters who came here were shocked.

The Qinghe tavern has developed rapidly in recent years. It is nothing special. It uses only ordinary drinks and food. However, it is special because it can introduce war skills and exotic animals to taverns for several years.

There were also people who wanted to imitate Qinghe Tavern, but they gave it up because the input and expenditure could not be balanced. Now, the whole China is just such a Qinghe Tavern.

Qinghe Tavern is very popular in some tertiary cities, but in the central city, although many people know it, it has always been considered to be a talent from the bottom, and it is not noticeable. It was not until a month ago that Qinghe Tavern suddenly explained to people its strategy of "fighting dragons" that it suddenly became noticeable. It was also from that time that Qinghe Tavern began to fill up every day.

However, in the past month, the Qinghe tavern has explained very few things that can attract high-level radiation fighters, so the heat has decreased a little.

Li Meng is a five-level radiation fighter in the central city. He started to notice the Qinghe tavern after explaining the tactics of "fighting dragons" and often came over afterwards. However, he is now more than 40 years old, and his strength is not bad and his position is not low. Although he was very interested in Qinghe Tavern at the beginning, the heat gradually dissipated over time-he didn't have much interest in what Qinghe Tavern said.

However, Li Meng came today, and he came this time because he wanted to take his son out to see the world.

Li Meng is a five-level radiation fighter. His son Sok Li was not very well since he was a child. His wife, as a pharmacist, tried her best to nurse his son, but did not make the child healthy, which made them feel more distressed.

This time his son seldom wanted to come out to play. Li Meng brought people here and booked a small box as soon as he discussed with his wife.

"Xiaoshi, you are in poor health. These wines are blended and cannot be drunk. Mom will order you a piece of wine." Li Meng's wife connected to the list of Qinghe tavern, turned over the above things, the baggage and take the journey. Food prices are expensive these days, and ordinary wine cannot be brewed from grain. Instead, it is brewed from rice, which is fermented for two days.

"Dad, I know." Sok Li is 16 years old this year, but because of his introverted temperament, he looks smaller and clever.

"You can order some fruit for the pebbles." Li Meng added that his son seldom comes out, and it doesn't matter to spend more money.

Li Meng's wife glared at him: "The price of fruit…it is better to save up and buy almighty medicine for small stones." Six months later, it was time for Li Shi to receive the radiation inducer. She was always worried that her son would not be able to bear it.

"Not so bad…" Li Meng hesitated, but finally did not want any more fruit.

The environment in Qinghe Tavern is very good. There are many women and pharmacists coming to drink. Li Meng sat down and it was not long before it was time for the routine screening.

Li Meng didn't care much about what the Qinghe tavern explained. His wife was a pharmacist, and she didn't pay much attention to it. Coupled with the fear of scaring her son, Li Meng didn't open the box screen directly.

However, although there was no screening, Li Meng suddenly heard screaming…the sound insulation of the box was good, but he could still hear the sound, which means that today's screening is definitely a good thing.

Li Meng was still hesitating, but his wife pressed the switch on the wall and opened the screening: "I'm not that weak with your son. it doesn't matter if you look at it…all-powerful medicine!"

Didn't you say that Qinghe Tavern has been explaining the tactics of foreign animals? How can you explain the medicine? Or omnipotent medicine!

Li Meng's wife froze, shaking her lips and looking at the screen. On the screen, a middle-aged woman was talking: "Cheng Shi has been receiving the prescription for all-purpose medicine for eight years. Although we hope that this prescription will always belong to us, we also know that many people need it, so today, we will publish it on the platform of Qinghe Tavern."

As a pharmacist, Li Meng's wife recognized the person in the video at a glance. It was Ran Xue, a senior pharmacist whom she adored very much. At that time, she heard Ran Xue add: "In fact, the price of all-round medicine has not been low, because there are two newly discovered medicinal materials used in it. Some people may have heard of these two medicinal materials, namely, the two that were published on the Internet a few days ago…" Ran Xue introduced the medicinal materials in his hand in detail, with a calm tone. After the introduction, he began to deal with the medicinal materials and then began to make the medicine.

Pharmacists account for only about a quarter of the people who come to Qinghe tavern to drink, but even radiation fighters are longing for all-round medicine, not to mention a senior pharmacist! Because of this, everyone took it very seriously.

Ran Xue also spoke very carefully. She finished the allocation of the radiopharmaceutical with a smile. At the end, she added: "All the radiopharmaceutical soldiers can go to the field to find the two newly discovered medicinal materials needed to make the radiopharmaceutical. Cheng family also provides the service of changing medicinal materials into medicaments in Qinghe tavern in various cities."

Since all-purpose drugs cannot be sold at a high price, but they can also make money at a low price, how many manufacturers in the country are now producing low-grade radiation relaxants? Don't you all make money?

What's more, in the current situation, the only one that can be produced in large quantities is Cheng family, who owns a plantation and can also purchase many medicinal materials.

Ran Xue has disappeared from the screen, but Li Meng's wife is still full of excitement. She looked at the screen in front of her and suddenly cried: "Hurry up, quickly call a plate of fruit for Xiao Shi! No, call me a plate too. I want to eat cherry tomatoes!"

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