Seeing Central City from a distance, Shi Qingyang felt better. Thanks to his saving his life and Todd, who was very close to him, seeing this scene these days, he immediately smiled and asked, "Yang, are you happy?"

"of course." Shi Qingyang nodded. After the mobile town stopped, he arrived at the entrance as fast as he could and sent a message to Cheng Ran.

"Do you have a lover waiting for you?" Todd looked at Shi Qingyang's face, puzzled.

"Yes." Shi Qingyang smiled. All of them will have to wait here for a while. Only after the data in the mobile town is uploaded to the network will the reward points for their task be transferred to the contact terminal.

"I thought that the' mother' was chasing you so much that you were single." Todd said that Liang Liang often talked to him these days. his impression of Liang Liang was actually good. of course, no matter how good the impression, it was not as good as teacher Qing yang?

Todd speaks Chinese with many wrong accents, such as Liang Liang, whom he has always called Empress. Hearing this, Shi Qingyang was somewhat helpless: "He is mentally ill." He hated Liang Liang, and everyone saw it. If he really protected Liang Liang, how could Liang Liang have been injured? Didn't you see that Liang Liang was never hurt again after he had the escort beside him?

However, perhaps Liang Liang really has a tendency to be abused, otherwise there is no way to explain his behavior.

"Uh…" Todd actually also felt that he could not understand Liang Liang. Shi Qingyang obviously didn't like him, but he followed.

"Qingyang!" Cheng Ran walked into Chengkou and saw Shi Qingyang at a glance.

"Of course." Shi Qingyang smiled.

"Is he?" Todd was so conspicuous that Cheng Ran saw it at a glance.

"however, he is a foreigner I met outside the city. someone should come to them later. I also have some things to do. please wait for me." Shi Qingyang said that in his last life he had not heard of foreigners coming to China during this period of time, nor did he know whether these people would have any influence on the future or change.

Cheng Ran has a lot to say to Shi Qingyang, but this is obviously not a good place. He simply looked at Todd and said that opening his mouth is a foreign language.

Although there are very few people who can speak a foreign language now, the full set of foreign language teaching materials can be viewed online free of charge, and there are live teaching videos on it. The videos are made by people from other countries who come to China with pure accents.

Cheng Ran followed the teaching video and said almost exactly the same thing.

Todd met Liang Liang before and did not expect much from the foreign languages spoken by young people in China, but Cheng Ran said absolutely very well. He looked at Cheng Ran in surprise and chatted with Cheng Ran soon. The two companions around him did not understand Chinese and had no way to communicate with others before. now it is very exciting to meet someone who can speak their language.

Liang Liang wanted to find Shi Qingyang after leaving the mobile town, but was entangled by his pursuers. At this time, he saw Cheng Ran talking to Todd from a distance, and his face changed again.

Cheng Ran is just an ordinary person. Why does everyone like him?

Todd said for a while, then he used his contact terminal to write down Cheng Ran's contact number and name. Looking at Cheng Ran's expression, he was eager to get up. Shi Qingyang saw this scene, the alarm went off and took Cheng Ran's hand directly: "Todd, he is my lover."

Todd's face was filled with regret when he heard this: "Yang, I finally understand why you don't like Empress." If nothing else, Liang Liang is a temperamental teenager who knows nothing, while Cheng Ran…when they were talking just now, Cheng Ran can accurately tell their situation and even their nationality, which is better than the others he has met.

"Empress?" Cheng Ran looked at the teacher Qingyang with a frown.

"It's Liang Liang. He's up to no good to me." Shi Qingyang immediately said, Cheng Ran jealous, looks really good.

"Xiao Ran." At this time, Feng Linqiu actually appeared: "Xiao Ran, you are an ordinary person. Now the radiation at the entrance to the city is very strong, so don't stay here much." He said, while using the radiation energy in his body to hold up a protective cover, covering him and Cheng Ran Shi Qingyang.

Only the radiation energy in the body can support the protective cover, which is enough to prove how strong he is. The protective cover can't only isolate the radiation energy outside, but also insulate sound.

"What are you doing here?" Cheng Ran looked at Feng Linqiu warily. The last time he saw Feng Linqiu, it was the time Feng Linqiu came to him with Qin Liu. He thought that after that time, the man would not come to him again.

"I am doing this for your own good." Feng Linqiu said: "Even if you refuse me, I still like you."

"Feng Linqiu, Cheng Ran is my partner!" Shi Qingyang face a change, this time is really angry, before Feng Linqiu just some enthusiasm for Cheng Ran performance, with his understanding of Feng Linqiu, the other party will not act too hastily, so will rest assured to leave, but now Feng Linqiu unexpectedly profession?

To express to those who have already married, Feng Linqiu is obviously shameless!

"I just like Cheng Ran, how about that? Shi Qingyang, can you compare with me?" Feng Linqiu's face was gentle: "By the way, you don't want to record or video. I made interference in this protective cover." He was playing with a jammer in his hand.

He is really fond of Cheng Ran. He always ignores others, but he just cannot help paying attention to Cheng Ran and thinks that Cheng Ran is his own kind.

He has always been very patient and planned to take it slowly, but after Shi Qingyang went out of the city, Cheng Ran avoided him all the time. This undoubtedly made him very angry, so he found Cheng Ran's parents.

His investigation process, naturally know Cheng Ran is illegitimate rumors, but did not pay too much attention to, according to his grandfather said, he and Cheng Ran through the laboratory "born radiation almighty training plan" was born. It is normal for parents not to like an experiment.

His own parents are not close to him at all, let alone Cheng Ran is still a failed experiment. Just don't close, parents are parents.

Moreover, even if the relationship between Cheng Ran and Cheng Hong has dropped to freezing point, there should not be too much problem between Cheng Ran and Qin Liu…Because of this idea, he took Qin Liu to Cheng's house and even took Qin Liu and Cheng Hong's daughter Cheng Zhenzhen.

Unlike Cheng Ran, Qin Liu and Cheng Zhenzhen were respectful to him. With the help of the two men, he came to Cheng's house and also met Cheng Ran, but Cheng Ran was very cold to him and Qin Liu.

At that time, he was a little unhappy and skillfully let Cheng Zhenzhen say some ugly things. He wanted Cheng Ran to realize how ungrateful he was. As a result, Cheng Ran directly said he wanted to see off guests.

At that time, he had a strange feeling that Cheng Ran clearly should be with him, but he was very wrong with Shi Qingyang. He felt angry and finally showed white. In order to please him, Qin Liu also let Cheng Ran divorce Shi Qingyang…

Finally, he was driven out by Cheng Xuze.

Feng Linqiu thought of what happened at that time, but he still felt that his face was empty. He really lost his head at that time. Fortunately, his grandfather woke him up in time.

On the day he returned from Cheng's home to Feng family, he was severely reprimanded by his grandfather. His grandfather also came up with the idea of disclosing the two herbs.

Both he and his grandfather were interested in the business of the Cheng family and the mysterious pharmacist behind the scenes. He wanted to persuade Cheng Ran to hand it over, but his grandfather rejected it directly.

That's when he discovered the gap between himself and his grandfather-he really should make friends with the Cheng family on the surface, but this method is not really needed to deal with the Cheng family.

Cheng Ran since unappreciative, as long as the Cheng family had an accident, it is only natural that everything should follow him.

"Feng Linqiu!" Shi Qingyang frowned at the man in front of him and suddenly found that his original dislike of Feng Linqiu doubled again.

Feng Linqiu looked at Shi Qingyang smilingly: "Shi Qingyang, I am much better than you. Which one do you have better than me?" Shi Qingyang, can you endure not being angry?

As long as it is a human being, it is impossible not to be angry when seeing someone expressing goodwill towards his partner in front of him and challenging himself so much. Cheng Ran also knew this and took Shi Qingyang's hand directly: "Qingyang, ignore this disgusting person and let's go back."

"Xiao Ran, are you going back? Do you know that my research institute is currently studying a medicine prepared with the newly discovered two herbs? Do you think it is appropriate for me to disclose it?" Feng Linqiu asked again. They didn't get the prescription for the all-round medicine and the new protective cover materials of the Cheng family, but they managed to get some of the herbs that the Cheng family planted outside the city. It was only a matter of time before they found out the formula of the all-round medicine after knowing the two kinds of herbs.

If the Cheng family is well-advised, it is time to show kindness to the Feng family, otherwise others will continue to persecute…

"Medication?" Shi Qingyang looked at Cheng Ran. Now, is this an accident?

"An all-powerful drug." Cheng Ran whispered.

Feng Jia, is this a war with Cheng family? Not long ago, Feng Yunhong also let Feng Linqiu bring medicine prescription, let the pharmacist behind the house of Cheng, arguably not turned against so fast, now mostly for other reasons…Shi Qingyang wanted to think but didn't want to understand.

However, no matter what the reason is, now that he is on the right track, he does not need to maintain the surface of "harmony".

Shi Qingyang suddenly stretched out his hand and poked at the protective cover propped up by Feng Linqiu. The protective cover broke instantly. At the same time, he amplified his voice: "Feng Linqiu, do you want a face? You just like to be a mistress and destroy other people's feelings? Also found a professional small three acting?" The corner he chose was very quiet, but he didn't believe other people didn't want to listen to the gossip of Feng Linqiu.

After Feng Linqiu's meal, he had the intention to irritate Shi Qingyang. He even wanted Shi Qingyang to attack him here, but he didn't expect Shi Qingyang to break the protective cover. He suddenly said so. People who had only looked at him from a distance now pricked up their ears. Feng Linqiu showed an innocent expression: "Shi Qingyang, I don't know what you are talking about. You have to believe me. I really have no other meaning for you Cheng Ran."

"Do you dare to say that you did not find Liang Liang?" Shi Qingyang also knew that he would definitely not answer what he said at this time about Feng Linqiu. He simply pointed to Liang Liang next to him: "If it weren't for you, Liang Liang would stick to me, so how can I throw it off?"

"Shi Qingyang!" The crowded Liang Liang looked at Shi Qingyang in surprise: "I really like you…" He actually did not know what he felt about Shi Qingyang. If nothing else, seeing Feng Linqiu, his heart couldn't help jumping up quickly.

Only Lin Qiu's estrangement was too disappointing. In contrast, Shi Qingyang's affection for Cheng Ran was enviable. Such a thought, Liang Liang look at Shi Qingyang again, eyes even have feelings.

"I paid a pharmacist to change your job, and I watched animals hurt you. I think many people know that you still like me. who will believe it?" Shi Qingyang said that he didn't hide it from others. People with a little eyesight could see it. The rich second generation around Liang Liang didn't tell Liang Liang less.

"No, how did that happen?" Liang Liang was shocked to see that he liked Shi Qingyang a little. Shi Qingyang actually said so?

"Liang Liang, I told you long ago that Shi Qingyang is not a good person." Liang Liang's escort wanted to gather together. After seeing Feng Linqiu, his neck shrank.

"Liang Liang should be your cousin? Feng Linqiu, you let your cousin seduce me, and please yourself. You really can do anything! Is this the Cheng family's all-round medicine you are trying to use? The young master who Feng family even sacrificed his hue, ha ha." Shi Qingyang looked sarcastically at Feng Linqiu.

Liang Liang and Feng Linqiu have some relations, but they are far away. He knew this in his previous life, but at that time Liang Liang and Feng Linqiu acted as if they did not know each other. He did not take it seriously. Now, it can be poked out.

This time out to do the task, basically no one don't know Liang Liang, now hear Shi Qingyang this, all looked at Lin Qiu in surprise.

Feng Linqiu, as a Feng family member, is regarded as high above the others in their eyes. as a result, this person actually found his relatives to seduce others?

Feng Linqiu's face is very ugly, even the escort beside Liang Liang didn't speak, the rich young master likes Liang Liang's innocence and strength, but if Liang Liang is to seduce people…

What's more, Feng Linqiu's cousin, is that someone who can have a crush on him?

After dropping these few words, Shi Qingyang saw that someone had come to pick up Todd. He nodded to Todd and left here with Cheng Ran. As soon as he sat in the car, he immediately asked, "However, what happened?"

Cheng Ran also did not conceal, directly said what would happen.

"However, we have first published the prescription for all-powerful drugs!" Shi Qingyang want to also don't want to, direct way, he didn't intend to have been dominating the potion prescription, just want to make money as much as possible in the beginning, now Cheng's pharmaceutical factory has produced more than ten kinds of drugs, even if the prescription of all-round drugs is known to others, also can still make money.

"Qingyang, this prescription was taken out by your" master." Cheng Ran bit the word "master" hard.

"My master has always listened to me." Shi Qingyang immediately the baggage and take the journey, has been wondering to use the identity of "I don't want to hungry" to discuss with Cheng Xuze.

"What are you going to say to Grandpa?" Cheng Ran asked.

"what?" Shi Qingyang suddenly found that the atmosphere did not seem quite right.

"Shi Qingyang, I find that you often contact people behind my back." Cheng Ran said, actually Shi Qingyang rarely conceals anything, so there are many flaws in front of him. He always feels that Shi Qingyang conceals something.

He never saw Shi Qingyang contact with the master who taught him countless things, but Shi Qingyang still "learned" a lot for no reason.

Shi Qingyang didn't hide it deliberately. He even thought about telling Cheng Ran about the rebirth, but he didn't think it was Cheng Ran who discovered it first.

Touched the nose, Shi Qingyang some helpless.

Shi Qingyang was wondering what to say when, on the other side, Feng Yunhong had just learned about Feng Linqiu at the entrance to the city and looked pale.

Feng Linqiu was conceived by combining his gene with that of the mysterious man, putting it into an egg with the nucleus removed, and allowing the woman brought back from the mobile town outside the city to conceive. It is not his grandson, but his son.

He attached great importance to Feng Linqiu and brought him up at an early age. Feng Linqiu also performed well until recently.

Cheng family, in fact, is he brought Feng Linqiu exercise, no matter into and not Chengdu has little to do, but he didn't expect Feng Linqiu would have a crush on Cheng Ran.

Feng Linqiu and Cheng Ran have half the same genes. He looks at Cheng Ran, which is probably the reason. This is really what he does not allow. He doesn't even want Feng Linqiu and Cheng Ran to be too close-if Feng Linqiu knows his own origin, it will undoubtedly cause some unnecessary trouble.

Moreover, two men, or brothers, together will not have good results!

It is because of this that he accelerated his action against the Cheng family and began to persecute the Cheng family. However, he did not expect such a thing to happen as soon as he started work.

Cheng family, courage is not small.

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