Shi Qingyang was locked up in the laboratory when the beast wave occurred in his last life, so he didn't know much. At first, he just heard people say that the animals were crazy and were attacking the city. It was all right how to use hot weapons. Later, the city was really broken through…

He didn't see the specific situation of animals attacking the city at the beginning, but when he saw this picture in front of him, he knew that this was mostly the case.

The picture should be taken by people in the city. On the city's protective cover, numerous animals, large and small, vegetated meat and all kinds of animals are lying. Many people are killing them and the bombs are exploding, but they do not flinch.

Shi Qingyang began to enlarge the picture and was shocked after reading it.

"We have cities that have been destroyed." Finding Shi Qingyang staring at the picture, the blond man immediately said, "We've come to see you."

"How can those strange animals have no chance to attack the city?" Shi Qingyang frowned. Most of the animals are herbivores. Even if they are in large numbers, they just eat all the edible plants like locusts and rarely attack humans.

In the past, beast tides in history were generally formed by large-scale migration of exotic animals or excessive reproduction of ants, animals, locusts and animals. Although they would bring incalculable losses to human beings, they would never attack a city like crazy.

"We don't know." The blond man guessed Shi Qingyang's meaning: "We are very afraid, so here we are."

"How many such things have happened in your city?" Shi Qingyang asked again, he only knew that the central city was under siege at that time. Before the network was disconnected at the beginning, the researchers said that there was no problem in other cities…

At first, the man didn't understand what Shi Qingyang said. After Shi Qingyang changed his method again, he said, "A country, that country has three cities, all of which are gone. We are very worried." The man found some pictures, on which the city was already in ruins, but the animals around it became normal. Even some people walked over and did not take the initiative to attack.

"I'll take you back." Shi Qingyang said, these people in front of me are not very good at Chinese. He can't ask too much news. In this case, it is better to take them back quickly.

However, considering what happened, Shi Qingyang always felt a little worried. There must be a reason why foreign animals attacked the city. Just this reason, what is it?

The blond man spoke to the people around him in a language that Shi Qingyang did not understand for a while. Then he quickly stood up with his seriously injured companion: "I, Todd Sharp, they, Aaron Hardy, Eddie Spencer."

"I, Shi Qingyang." Shi Qingyang said, by the way, he recorded the names of several people-he was not Cheng Ran, and he could not remember strange-sounding names at once.

Blonde Todd looked at Shi Qingyang and finally breathed a sigh of relief. He smiled for the first time in several days.

His Chinese is not very good. Nowadays, there are fewer exchanges between countries and fewer people who know the languages of other countries. What's more, he is not actually an interpreter among the people who come to China this time.

They live in the west of China, where there were many countries before the disaster. For nearly a thousand years, they have formed an alliance. Although there are inevitably contradictions among countries, they also help each other most of the time.

The country that was destroyed this time, before it was destroyed, once became cocky and vaguely revealed the news of what they had studied. As a result, before people in other countries were curious about them, this country actually encountered such a thing and was flattened by foreign animals.

Since the foreign animals began to attack that country, their network has been cut off. People in other countries do not know the specific situation, but they are ready to be attacked by foreign animals, but they do not want those foreign animals to disperse after destroying that country.

They studied for a long time without results, which is why they sent people to China. When a group of them set off, there were hundreds of people. Although there was no beast tide on the road, they encountered many troubles. Some people were missing and some died. Finally, only a dozen people came to this grassland.

They have no means of transportation, and cannot locate or communicate in the wild. It is more and more difficult to find cities and people in China. Originally a large number of locusts beast has let carnivorous animals won't find their trouble, it happened that they met a flea beast…

If the person in front of them didn't show up, they would not be able to survive long enough, and they would be eaten whole by flea animals.

Thought of here, Todd was more grateful to Shi Qingyang.

Todd and others were injured, Shi Qingyang took the wounded from their hands, accompanied them back, and had a difficult communication along the way. Naturally, he knew that they came from the western continent.

Since the disaster happened a thousand years ago, the sea has become a forbidden area. When radiation first appeared, although fish in the sea died as large as mammals, it did not become completely extinct after several decades like mammals. In fact, because the sea was too deep, many of them survived, and the existence of those fish finally made the sea a forbidden area.

People can't communicate with each other through the sea, they can only pass through the land, but the land is not easy to walk, for example, China, now some mountains and other human beings can't go at all.

Therefore, the only country that communicates with China is the same country on this major road. For example, in the western part of China, there were many countries before the disaster. They also established some cities and formed settlements. Further west, there were many white people…

Because of the large number of people in China, the development of the country is relatively better. In the past, China had always looked for people to go to those countries, but those people have not been to China for more than 100 years. Obviously, this adventure is for the sake of beast tide.

Beast Tide…Shi Qingyang thought about the queen ant research in the Cheng Family Research Institute again. Should he make it public?

Shi Qingyang had run a long way before, but this time he had to walk for more than an hour in order to keep up with the two exhausted people.

Far away, Shi Qingyang saw those who were slowly advancing to kill locusts and beasts, and the people there naturally saw him.

"Shi Qingyang!" Liang Liang was still in the periphery, and cried as soon as he saw him.

Shi Qingyang had already forgotten Liang Liang after seeing those foreigners, but he didn't expect the other party to think about him so much. But Liang Liang looks good now, because several people are protecting him, and one of them in his twenties is still glaring at him.

Shi Qingyang didn't react at first, but later he realized that this person in front of him should be someone mentioned earlier who had a crush on Liang Liang for the rich.

"Shi Qingyang, I said how did you get so fast, it was to save people, they are foreigners?" Liang Liang looked at the men curiously and said hello: "Hello!"

He watched Shi Qingyang leave before. Although he wanted to follow up, he didn't have the courage either. Finally, he withdrew and followed up the man who had been courting him the other day.

The rich man paid for a bodyguard, and several people surrounded him all the time, which made him safe. Naturally, he would not refuse the kindness of these people, but these people have been saying bad things about Shi Qingyang, saying that Shi Qingyang didn't care about him, which made him a little unhappy.

Now Shi Qingyang is back with three wounded…So before Shi Qingyang did not suddenly run away, but went to save lives?

Liang Liang was born in the central city, and his education since childhood is totally different from that in a small place like Spark City. Even after learning a foreign language that is likely to be useless for the rest of his life, he also learned some after learning Feng Linqiu. Now he can have a simple talk with these people in front of him.

"Liang Liang, you are really good!" Protect Liang Liang the rich second generation looked at Liang Liang admiringly, and discontentedly looked at Shi Qingyang, if it weren't for know oneself can't afford to offend Shi Qingyang, he even will go up to find fault-Liang Liang how like this so ruthless man?

Liang Liang said that he was more satisfied with what he said, but he only learned a little and never practiced it again, so he had to stumble.

Liang Liang's level was not very good…Shi Qingyang went to see Todd and found his face was a bit blank. after hearing this, Todd said directly: "sir, your pronunciation is not quite right…I can speak a little Chinese."

Obviously, Liang Liang's foreign language level is so poor that he would rather speak Chinese himself.

Liang Liang's face immediately turned red, but Shi Qingyang remembered Cheng Ran. When he first met, Cheng Ran could already read books in foreign languages…

Three foreign friends were quickly sent to the mobile town, and Shi Qingyang received an extra contribution. However, the two mobile towns did not return immediately because of the three.

Although people from other countries have not come here for many years, because they have not communicated with people from other countries for a long time, the Chinese people do not attach much importance to them now, but only let them stay in the mobile town to recuperate.

Todd was curious about everything when he arrived in the mobile town, and the people in the mobile town were also curious about them. You know, when the disaster happened, all contacts were cut off, and all countries developed in their own way for the first few hundred years. Therefore, the social environment and living areas of both sides are completely different.

The biggest difference may be the way to deal with the radiation riots. Todd and others are also radiation energy fighters. Although their tactical skills are somewhat different from those of China, but their usage is similar, what they use to deal with radiation energy riots is not drugs, but research inhibitors. In the initial stage, they can use oral administration to inhibit radiation energy riots. After a long period of time, they must be injected directly. Some are especially serious and even need to be injected every day.

This way makes it difficult for their radiation energy fighters to reach a higher level, but most of the cases are actually seven-level masters enough to cope with everything, and the relationship is not big, like China, there is basically no need for the two nine-level masters to make moves. This time against locust plague, the strongest among the people who come is only seven-level.

Todd's body was not seriously affected. After drinking a few bottles of medicine, he had already returned to normal, just sighing with wonder about the magic of the medicine.

In fact, in the previous communication, there were a lot of things about drugs, but Todd's people were already used to inhibitors, and they didn't know how to deal with all kinds of puzzling plants, so no one learned.

What's more, inhibitors actually have advantages, at least their price is very cheap.

After another half month, the grasshoppers on the grassland are finally almost eliminated. The army will leave their tails behind, while Shi Qingyang and others will be sent back to the central city. Of course, Todd and the three will go back together.

These days, the most confused and puzzled thing for Shi Qingyang is undoubtedly Liang Liang. He was very good to Liang Liang in his previous life, but Liang Liang did not give him false resignation. In this life he was bad enough to Liang Liang, and Liang Liang seemed to have some true feelings for him.

On the contrary, the rich young master who is seeking enough strength to chase Liang Liang, the young man obviously has the true feelings for Liang Liang. Liang Liang is protected very well. he also found someone to dig ant eggs for Liang Liang to complete the task. Liang Liang has been cold-hearted to him.

This world…Shi Qingyang stood outside the mobile town, looking at the scenery around him going backwards quickly, suddenly a little miss Cheng Ran.

Cheng Ran also wanted to learn from Qingyang. In the past six years, he had often separated from Qingyang. Every time he also wanted to learn from Qingyang, but his mood would never be as complicated as it is now.

For more than a month, he was harassed by Feng Linqiu every day. Of course, perhaps in other people's eyes, what Feng Linqiu did was not harassment at all, but romance-he would send some things to Cheng's house every day, he would often chat with him when he asked questions from the teachers of the central college, and even take his mother to visit…

Cheng Hong now see no outsiders, Qin Liu had separated with Cheng Ran, also no longer contact with Cheng Ran, but Lin Qiu, he persuaded Qin Liu to find him.

Cheng Ran never gave Feng Linqiu a good look, and he didn't understand why Feng Linqiu did it. He had little affection for Qin Liu-he was not Qin Liu's child, which had been confirmed a few years ago.

Think of what happened that day, Cheng Ran couldn't help but changed his face again-what happened at that time, even temper has been good he couldn't help but angry.

"Why is this letter so hateful?" Cheng Xuze frowned. At first, he thought that Feng family valued him, but since that day…he was very angry at that time, and then he even refused the invitation of Feng Yunhong. As a result, he got into trouble.

Feng Yunhong showed no concern about his refusal to invite him, but he was still kind to him. Of course, such kind also made his life difficult.

Feng family has been in existence for so many years. The large family in the central city basically has something to do with Feng family. Now Feng family has shown kindness to Cheng family, and Cheng family unexpectedly refused unappreciative!

What if he has several profitable businesses? Even if he and Cheng Hui are both 8-level radiation energy fighters, how about that? Even though the strongest of Feng Yunhong's children is only Grade 7, there is one Grade 8 and several Grade 7 in the side branch. He himself is a Grade 9 radiation fighter, which the Cheng family cannot match completely. There are countless people who are rushing to please their families.

What's more, there are many people who are jealous of Cheng family.

Too powerful people have good things, people always think that they deserve them. When they close their homes, others can only look up to them and dare not covet them at all.

But they are not the same as the Cheng family. The Cheng family is only a small family in the Yangtze River City. Even if there are two strong people of Grade 8, they are not seen by the people in the central city. Now they have suddenly developed…

There are countless people who are jealous of the Cheng family, and even some people have joined together to demand the Cheng family to hand over the formula of the new protective cover and the formula of the all-round medicine.

Like Feng family, how many tactics, how many potions prescription, is their unique? Any family with a long history has a lot of things that only its own people know. They didn't want to take it out, but let others have to take it out.

Cheng Xuze couldn't help being annoyed at the thought of what others said by implication these days. However, it was really nothing. Even if they wanted the prescriptions for these two things again, they couldn't force him to take them out. However, just a few days ago, Feng family announced two newly discovered medicinal materials, namely, the two kinds of omnipotent drugs that had not been discovered.

The prescription of all-powerful medicine may leak, which Cheng Xuze had long thought of. After all, they use so many medicinal materials every year…But I didn't expect the Feng family to be released at this time.

"Grandpa, don't be angry." Cheng Ran said that when they arrived in Beijing, they could say that they had done nothing. He only wanted to study hard in Central University, but he refused to let his family go. For the first time, he knew that some people in this world could be shameless to this extent.

"Shi Qingyang is not here, even his master cannot be contacted…" Cheng Xuze frowned, these things, he is not alone!

Cheng Ran heard Cheng Xuze say so, frowning slightly. Although he trusted Shi Qingyang very much, he was not stupid. He followed Shi Qingyang all the time over the past few years, and even felt the "weird" place of the teacher of Shi Qingyang.

Several times Cheng Xuze said that when he met Shi Qingyang's master, Shi Qingyang seemed to be secretly chatting with people about something…

The two men were speechless. The contact terminal in Cheng Ran's hand suddenly rang. He glanced at it and finally felt relieved: "Grandpa, Shi Qingyang is back!"

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