In fact, if Liang Liang obediently dug locust eggs in the back, there would be nothing, at most it would be a little bit more tiring and bitter. Even if there were a few locusts and beasts leaking past occasionally, those troops who kept order would kill them, but he must follow Shi Qingyang.

Shi Qingyang was at the forefront. Even though he was far away, he also came to the periphery of the encirclement. So in the following days of the day, he was not less attacked by foreign animals who "broke through the encirclement" and ran in.

Shang Mufeng followed Shi Qingyang to kill locusts and beasts. Fu Xiaoyang, who followed Shi Qingyang to clean the battlefield a few years ago, followed him to dig locusts and eggs. He took a trailer and put it into the car after digging. Now the car is almost full.

Both of them are not stupid, Shi Qingyang play tricks naturally see out, every time I see even suppress power can kill the locusts around Shi Qingyang "force is incompetent" let locusts beast fell behind, also always ran towards Liang Liang coincidentally, can't help but cry for Liang Liang Mo.

Originally, they were very unhappy with Liang Liang, who was suddenly posted, but now they see Shi Qingyang tossing him so hard that Liang Liang's screams ring from time to time in their ears, and there is some sympathy.

Of course, sympathy goes to sympathy, and they will not pity this person. Liang Liang, after all, can go to a safe place behind him if he wants to-he has no intention of digging locust eggs anyway.

A huge beetle with a hard shell suddenly ran out from the front. Shi Qingyang's attack fell on it, but it only cut off its wings. It ran towards Liang Liang as usual.

Liang Liang already had experience. He immediately shrank into a ball, but the beetle was obviously much fiercer than grasshoppers and beasts. It was already full of aggressiveness. Being attacked by Shi Qingyang made it eager to vent its anger…Seeing Liang Liang Liang, it bit Liang Liang's leg with one bite.

Liang Liang let out a cry, he is playing a young family, nature also can't use too good things, now wear combat uniform is very general, and the beetle head with fork sharp tentacles, mouth is especially big…

Liang Liang's leg immediately appeared blood and was stunned at the same time.

Not far away, people who heard the sound and saw the situation immediately came here. Shi Qingyang said that a fighting skill hit the beetle's abdomen and killed him directly.

"Fortunately, you killed this strange beast, otherwise we will all be punished for the loss of life." The two soldiers who came running looked at Shi Qingyang gratefully.

People in the army have the obligation to protect the safety of every radiation fighter who comes to serve. Even though they are not happy with Liang Liang, who does nothing, they quickly removed the beetle beast from him and took the medicine from him to stop the bleeding when they saw his age.

"According to the label on the clothes, he is a secondary radiation fighter? Why is it so useless?" One is only a radiation almighty, will never become a radiation fighter, the age is still a little young soldiers are full of suspicious.

His comrades-in-arms are only first-class radiation fighters: "Can we compare with the spoiled young master? I don't have enough medicine here, do you have any?"

"I have run out of mine." The little soldier touched him: "I'll go back and get it."

"I still have it here. Please treat the wound for him and take him away as soon as possible. He is totally causing trouble here." Shi Qingyang took out the medicine bag that he was given when he came out. He usually did not need the medicine. Even if he needed it, he also carried the good medicine prepared by Cheng Ran for him.

"thank you!" The little soldier spoke and helped Liang Liang to take the medicine. He took the unconscious Liang Liang to move to the small town, and Shi Qingyang took out a medicine bag with radiation soothing agents and the like. These soldiers were completely useless. Out of sympathy, he stuffed them all into Liang Liang's backpack.

Liang Liang was in pain and fear, so he fainted. When he was sent to the mobile town and the doctor sewed up the wound, he woke up.

Liang Liang did not suffer any injuries when he was so big. He occasionally had a small incision in his hand and would also use some medicine. Finally, he would look for ointment to remove the scar. The life he has been longing for is not killing and killing, but dressing up beautifully every day and making friends and going shopping.

But now, he has come to such a terrible place, where he can't surf the internet, contact his relatives and even face the danger of his life.

Liang Liang was only eighteen years old at the end of the day. The feeling of being close to death without friends made him very frightened. He was not happy before. He thought that Lin Qiu would be fine, but now he wants to Feng Linqiu but only feels sad.

If it weren't for Lin Qiu, he didn't have to seduce Shi Qingyang, if it weren't for Lin Qiu, he didn't have to come to this place.

Liang Liang think more afflictive cry incessantly, mobile military doctors in the small town usually receive are dead bite a thick man refused to shout pain, now someone crying in front of him, natural don't know what to do, finally simply hide out.

Liang Liang cried and saw the bulging backpack around him. After opening it, he found more medicine.

They took the medicine when they were out of the city, with numbers on it. He followed Shi Qingyang all the time. The numbers of the two were adjacent. Now the medicine of Shi Qingyang is in his bag.

He is so hard, Shi Qingyang still indifferent, single-minded to Cheng Ran…Liang Liang frowned, thought of today's day Shi Qingyang help others deal with animals, and three times to save their own things.

In fact, Shi Qingyang's theory of personality is much better than Feng Linqiu's!

Shi Qingyang didn't know Liang Liang had changed for him. After he tossed Liang Liang back, he worked harder to kill the locusts and even went around the periphery to help deal with the locusts. He saw several third-class young people who were not good at killing locusts and digging locusts' eggs. He also made a few special remarks.

At the end of the day, Shi Qingyang reaped a lot and got a lot of contribution points, but he was not the most-Fu Xiaoyang relied on his experience in digging eggs and could always find the spawning points of locusts and beasts as quickly as possible. Finally, he dug up a lot of eggs. Not only that, Shang Mufeng also sent some locusts and beasts to him out of gratitude. The number of contribution points he got naturally overtook Shi Qingyang.

"Xiaoyang, you have got so many contribution points, please invite us to dinner!" Shi Qingyang laughed and said that the mobile town will provide free food to the radiation fighters. These foods are very common and are basically based on local materials. For example, in the following time, roasted locusts will be eaten every day. In addition, as long as they have money, they can also order food in restaurants and have them specially made.

"Good" Fu Xiaoyang excitedly looked at Shang Mu wind, today Shang Mu wind gave him a lot of locusts and beasts is his record, he is very happy now.

Shi Qingyang naturally saw the interaction between the two men in front of him and saw Fu Xiaoyang glancing at Shang Mufeng and then dared not look again, suddenly some sympathy.

Shang Mu wind gave Fu Xiaoyang some locusts and beasts. He was very happy and excited, but Shang Mu wind did not draw a clear line. Shi Qingyang could see that Shang Mu wind was not willing to accept Fu Xiaoyang.

But both of them are not married, Fu Xiaoyang also won't like Liang Liang a raise unappreciative, he will not mixed what nature, in fact, he felt Shang Mufeng to Fu Xiaoyang is not without feelings.

Although the cooks in the mobile town are not good at cooking, they can't hold the taste of grasshoppers and beasts. They fry and fry a table of vegetables. The three of them finally swept them away. They also heard some rumors about Liang Liang-it is said that a rich dude in the mobile town has a crush on Liang Liang.

Shi Qingyang only felt funny when he heard the news. Although Liang Liang had shown himself to be a poor young man in his life, he clearly remembered that Liang Liang's family was good. He had met Liang Liang's parents when they talked about marriage in the previous life. Naturally, their family could not be compared with Cheng's family, and they were not rich in the central city, but they were not worse than the Yin family in the spark city.

If it weren't for the rich man's family, it wouldn't be useful to curry favor with Liang Liang, even if the family was especially good…

He used to let Liang Liang save half of his money and gave him everything he wanted. finally Liang Liang still didn't care?

Shi Qingyang didn't pay attention to Liang Liang anymore. He occasionally wished Liang Liang would die, but it was impossible to murder an 18-year-old boy. Of course, he would find some trouble for him later. There was no problem at all.

In the next few days, without Liang Liang around, Shi Qingyang continued his efforts and became the person who made the most contribution every day with only level 5 fighting skills. Of course, this is also related to whether the level 6 and level 7 radiation energy fighters who follow the line act alone use daily calculation of fighting skills.

At first, some people were unconvinced by this, but they admired him after seeing him fight. when they knew that he had been out of the city all day after he was eighteen, they had a feeling of "so it was."

The number of grasshoppers is very large. The whole grassland is full of grasshoppers. Exotic animals are very adaptable and cannot be poisoned. If left unchecked, they will cause famine in nearby cities. Almost all the radiation energy fighters from various cities in the north have gathered here to fight against grasshoppers. The mobile town where they are located also changes places every day. They will also go to the place where the grasshoppers are most abundant every time. By the way, they will be cleaned up. The area where the number of grasshoppers has become smaller will be left to the small team that will kill the grasshoppers.

Half a month later, all the people who took part in the mission have learned to kill locusts and beasts in the shortest possible time, while Liang Liang once again appeared in front of Shi Qingyang.

"How soon has your injury healed?" Shi Qingyang didn't want to talk to him, finally Fu Xiaoyang asked 1.

"In fact, it's not all right, but the doctor said it was all right, so let me continue to do my job." Liang Liang was a little sad. When his leg was still hurting, the doctor said he was all right…

Although the thigh injury is very serious, but now the medical conditions are very good. I am sure I will be fine after half a month of nursing. I was just being polite…fu Xiaoyang was speechless. then he heard Liang Liang add: "the scar on my leg hasn't disappeared at all. obviously, I should take good care of it."

"…" Fu Xiaoyang really don't know what to say, Liang Liang is really young, only 18 years old, estimation is one of the youngest people out of the task, but so delicate…

Of course, temperance is no problem, he is just a secondary radiation energy fighter, usually digging a moat near the city can already save enough contribution points, such a task will not force them to come, what will he do?

No matter what Liang Liang came to do, this time he still chose to follow Shi Qingyang instead of digging locust eggs near the mobile town.

Shi Qingyang looked at him and was even more bored with him. He deliberately let the two foreign animals go over Liang Liang before looking at each other: "Liang Liang, why do all these foreign animals like to look at you running around?"

"Should I be too weak…Shi Qingyang, didn't expect you to take the initiative to talk to me, I'm really very happy very high…" Liang Liang immediately said.

Shi Qingyang suddenly didn't know what to say. Seeing that the people around him had been able to block a large number of locusts and beasts after half a month's adaptation, he simply broke away from the large army.

"Shi Qingyang, Shi Qingyang, you wait for me." To Shi Qingyang's admiration, Liang Liang even followed up.

Liang Liang himself wanted to run to a dangerous place. Shi Qingyang had no reason to stop him. He sped up and reached a rare forest on the grassland.

Grasshoppers cannot be the only animals on the grassland. In this forest, there are other exotic animals. Shi Qingyang even saw a berry that can be used as medicine.

Jumping to the tree and collecting a lot of berries, Shi Qingyang made the radiation energy ripple and slowly drifted away. In doing so, he wanted to see if Liang Liang had followed him-although he would not have taken the initiative to kill people, if Liang Liang had an accident, he would not have gone up to save people.

Unfortunately, he did not see Liang Liang, but felt something was wrong in another direction.

When he jumped down from the tree, Shi Qingyang ran there quickly. He had been trying hard to exercise his speed. At that time, he even moved the spokes around him to push himself forward. The whole person was just like flying.

After walking for a while, Shi Qingyang heard a strange sound, but although the sound was strange, it also recognized a cry for help. Further on, Shi Qingyang saw many flea animals about the size of human head attacking three people.

It is said that flea animals and lice animals could have lived on human beings long before the end of the world, but now, the behavior of these two exotic animals has completely changed.

Small but consuming blood, flea animals and lice animals all start to live in groups. They always gather together to hunt animals dozens of times their size and suck them dry.

If it's just like this, it's not really anything, but maybe it's a habit from ancient times. They have a special liking for human beings, and they just wear combat clothes. Once they're not wearing them, these little things will flock to them. Even if people attack again, they will not refuse…

The people in front obviously met a group of little guys who loved their flesh and blood very much, and as far as the situation is concerned, they have not been able to support themselves. One of them has even fallen down-there is a wound on his leg, and now two flea beasts lie prone on it, not only sucking blood, but also his flesh, making his face more and more pale…

Shi Qingyang saw the scene from a distance and immediately responded. The wind blades flew out one by one. Each wind blade reaped the life of a flea beast.

Exotic animals are the enemies of all mankind. Seeing people besieged by exotic animals is, of course, the most important thing to save first.

"Help! Help!" The other party's cry for help grew louder. Shi Qingyang approached quickly. He put on a protective cover for the three people on the opposite side, and then slaughtered all the fleas and beasts around him.

At this time, he also had time to observe the three men, and that was why their looks were completely different from those of the Huaguoren. Among them, the one with the lightest injury was blond and blue-eyed.

People in China are all black hair, black eyes and yellow skin. It is said that there were people of other skin colors who settled in China at the time of the disaster and finally survived. However, with the intermarriage of generations, they have seen nothing for a long time…In the past one thousand years, although China has also sent people to neighboring countries, and people from neighboring countries have occasionally come, such exchanges have taken place once in several decades. At least Shi Qingyang has never seen such people except for image data.

Because of some curiosity, Shi Qingyang couldn't help looking at it a few times, but saw that two of the less injured had already put the more seriously injured person on the ground, and still murmured in his mouth.

People in other places are really the same as those in China…Shi Qingyang saw that the fleas around him were no longer dangerous to himself and threw two bottles of Cheng Ran's love potion to the other: "Give him some."

"Eat?" Blonde and blue-eyed people saw clearly Shi Qingyang's movements and immediately fed the medicine in their hands into the mouth of the dying companion.

The effect of the medicine made by Cheng Ran is acknowledged to be good. The man took the medicine and the situation looked good. His companion looked at Shi Qingyang with great excitement: "Thank you, thank you!"

The accents of the two men are a bit strange, but they are really saying thank you…Shi Qingyang could not help but ask: "Who are you and how did you come here?"

Hearing this, the blond man immediately took out some similar contact terminals with Shi Qingyang's hands and released some pictures. Some of them were leaving a city, some of them were in danger, and many of them were foreign animals.

"Will you say what we say?" Shi Qingyang asked again.

The man nodded his head: "I will be a little bit more, come and exchange." As he said, he lit up a picture: "We are in trouble."

The picture…Beast Tide?

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