When Shi Qingyang arrived at the assembly point, many of the radiation energy fighters recruited by the central city were already there.

Cheng Ran sent a large box of medicine to Shi Qingyang, and finally did not go with him-he has too much to learn now, and going out of town with so many people has a great chance of exposing his physical condition. He is not afraid of radiation energy at all now.

"Master, you must come back early!" Zheng Gaoyuan brought tears into his eyes and said, moving his hand and practicing the five-level shield.

"… I should be able to catch up and come back for the radiation energy competition." Shi Qingyang looked at Zheng Gaoyuan's strange appearance and said.

This time, Shi Qingyang went to Feng family, but he didn't let others follow him to the central city. But in the team, Shi Qingyang still saw two acquaintances-Shang Mufeng and Fu Xiaoyang.

He knew the reason why the two men were here last night. Shang Mufeng was chosen because he forgot to apply for a disability certificate after his arm was injured. Because the preparatory work for the new Qinghe tavern in the central city has been completed, he did not take good exercise after adapting to his prosthetic hand, so he simply agreed. As for Fu Xiaoyang, he took the initiative to join, for the sake of what is self-evident.

For nearly a thousand years, animals have always been the enemy of human beings. As long as human beings have power, they will clean up those animals that are too dangerous. The so-called animals that are too dangerous are usually social animals or animals that breed very fast, such as wasps, termites and locusts.

Three hundred years ago, there was a plague of locusts near the Yellow River City. Countless locusts and beasts swarmed everywhere. Although they did not attack human cities, they ate all the different plants they had been through, and human farms and other animals were completely destroyed…

If it weren't for the government at that time organized many people to hunt locusts and animals for cold storage, the Yellow River city would probably lead to famine in the end-after the locusts and animals flew away, the alien plants near the city disappeared completely, and the alien animals that ate the alien plants naturally all left.

However, even if more food is stored, people living in that area will still have to endure the doubling of food prices in the next few years. At that time, the mobile towns in the nearby cities went to the Yellow River City, which was full of food, but when they left the Yellow River City, it was always full of people.

Because the harm brought by locusts was too great, this time there was a plague of locusts, so the central city found many people to go to the ancient city of Qing in the first place.

"Fu Xiaoyang, although you can deal with locusts, but a group of locusts, are you sure you can deal with the same?" Shi Qingyang asked discontentedly. Shang Mufeng also just, nearly 30 years old, he is now a level 5 radiation fighter, although it is difficult to want to progress because of physical disability, but the strength is not weak, but Fu Xiaoyang only level 3.

Such a shy Fu Xiaoyang should know to go with Shang Mufeng, really not easy.

"Eldest brother…" Fu Xiaoyang blushed: "In fact, there are many low-level radiation almighty like me, we are mainly responsible for digging locust eggs…"

"I almost forgot this." Shi Qingyang didn't react until then. When he was dealing with grasshoppers, he let Zheng Gao go away to dig the eggs of grasshoppers. At that time, he wanted to eat and drink. Now he wants to eradicate the plague of grasshoppers. This is the most important thing.

"All the radiation energy fighters entered the two mobile towns according to their numbers and made registration arrangements!" The radio rang at this time.

This time, there are altogether four mobile towns from the central city to the ancient city of Qing. They are all large mobile towns that can accommodate tens of thousands of people. Two are loaded with troops and the other two are loaded with radiation energy fighters recruited from the central city. Shi Qingyang and Mu Feng Fu Xiaoyang were just above one of them.

The registrar registered everyone's data at the entrance, assigned rooms, and was somewhat surprised when he saw Shang Mufeng's arm. He immediately asked Shang Mufeng if he needed to change his job of killing locusts to digging locusts' eggs, but Shang Mufeng refused.

Now the mobile town they are in is usually used to station troops. the rooms inside are divided into four rooms and double rooms. when they get the answer, the registrar simply allocated a double room to Shang Mufeng and fu Xiaoyang who followed him, and encouraged Shang Mufeng: "come on, brother!" For those who are injured but still don't give up on themselves, he will inevitably have some admiration.

"Shi Qingyang!" When it was Shi Qingyang's turn, Liang Liang suddenly pushed up: "I am a pharmacist's assistant and can sleep in a double room. I don't know anyone else. how about going with you?"

"Sorry, I can sleep in a single room." Shi Qingyang waved the key to the door. Just now he donated a lot of money and got the treatment of living in a double room alone-there are always some people willing to squeeze with others for money.

"Well…" Liang Liang's face was full of disappointment, and suddenly he was "pushed" by the people behind him, and plunged into Shi Qingyang.

Shi Qingyang quickly get out of the way the body, inevitably some speechless, although he was wondering to beam after coming to look good, but also didn't begin, the result Liang Liang head over.

Although Liang Liang pursued him actively in his previous life, he did not have such a good temper, but he was very gentle with him before leading him out of the city and seriously injuring him.

He was rushing to save Liang Liang, who was said to have been surrounded by foreign animals, but he stepped into the trap with one foot…At that time Liang Liang was the one he wanted to spend his life with, but he smiled and watched him get injured and be abandoned. His feeling was palpable.

Shi Qingyang looked at Liang Liang because he got out of the way and fell into someone else's arms, but he still looked at his Liang Liang tearfully. Compared with the appearance of Liang Liang at the beginning, he only felt more and more disgusted.

From the central city to the ancient city of Qing, it takes about two days, and everyone spent the two days in a small mobile town. on the first day, Shi Qingyang met Liang Liang seven or eight times.

If it were someone else, I'm afraid someone would be very proud to worship themselves and stick to themselves, but Shi Qingyang would not have been happy about such a thing, let alone he knew Liang Liang's personality very well.

"Eldest brother…that person likes you?" That night when eating, Fu Xiaoyang found Shi Qingyang, very sure.

"Who knows?" Shi Qingyang freely said.

"I think the man is up to no good." Shang Mufeng has always said little, but he also said at this time that Shi Qingyang is married and what is immoral about talking to others.

"I think so too." Shi Qingyang smiled and suddenly asked, "Are there any young people in this mobile town who are in poor health?"

"Yes, there is a girl who has just come of age. It is said that her family's conditions are not good. She came only after receiving more money from this mission. She is 18 years old and a first-class radiation fighter." Shang Mufeng immediately the baggage and take the journey, and then curiously looked at Shi Qingyang.

"look at Liang Liang, I'll visit the pharmacist." Shi Qingyang laughed.

In their mobile town, besides the radiation energy fighters, there is also a pharmacist accompanying them. She will allocate a lot of medicines along the way. She will exchange contribution points according to the amount of allocated medicines. When Shi Qingyang was in the past, the other party was busy.

"Liang Liang is your assistant?" Pushed the door and went in, Shi Qingyang immediately asked.

"Yes." The female pharmacist nodded, but frowned slightly, and even looked at Shi Qingyang with some dissatisfaction-Liang Liang today's behavior she already knew, for Shi Qingyang this targeted person nature also have no favor.

Shi Qingyang saw each other's displeasure and smiled. I'm afraid it won't be too difficult to know what to do.

Liang Liang felt unlucky.

Since Feng Linqiu suddenly came to him and asked him to find a way to seduce Shi Qingyang, he had not had a satisfactory day.

His family circumstances are indeed not comparable to those of a Feng family, but he has never received any injustice before, and his parents pampered him when he grew up. However, in the face of Shi Qingyang…For so long, Shi Qingyang has not given him a good look. Even if he comforts himself repeatedly that Shi Qingyang is afraid of any deviant behavior by others, he also knows that this reason has become more and more untenable.

Shi Qingyang…probably doesn't like him at all.

Because of this, he even gave up his plan to let Shi Qingyang like him completely when he came to move to the small town. He just wanted Shi Qingyang to respond to his pursuit and make some ambiguous videos.

However, before he could do this, he was told that his position as a pharmacist assistant had been changed to a shriveled and emaciated little girl.

Feng Linqiu said that he had already arranged this position for him. Why is this happening? Liang Liang hasn't responded yet. The suitcase he put in their bedroom has already been thrown out by the person who got angry with him from the beginning-he is no longer the pharmacist's assistant, and he naturally has no chance to enjoy the two again.

In the end, he had to move into the four world, but also endure other people's bedroom eyes…

Of course, this is not the most important thing. The most important thing is that once he is not the pharmacist's assistant, he will have to leave the mobile town to take part in the work.

He grew up so big that he only followed others out of the city to play before. Whether it was killing animals or digging locust eggs, it was very far away for him…

"Teacher Zhang, not say I do assistant for you? Why now…"Liang Liang was led to change his residence after receiving the notice. after the change, he was free to find the female pharmacist surnamed Zhang.

"I chose you as an assistant at first, but look at you, how long did you stay with me today? I can't find you for anything. What kind of assistant is this?" The middle-aged woman looked at Liang Liang discontentedly.

She will let Liang Liang be an assistant because someone has given her a sum of money. why does she go out as a pharmacist? Isn't it just for the money? Therefore, even if she knew that even if some young master came to make contributions but could not work, she agreed.

But now, when someone else gave her more money and gave her some medicine videos and experiences, she naturally had other choices.

Liang Liang's face froze. He did not spend much time with the pharmacist before. Feng Linqiu said that his main task was to master Qingyang. In this case, of course he should be familiar with the situation of the mobile town on the first day and brush his presence in front of master Qingyang.

"I'm sorry, it's my fault. I will definitely correct it, Mr. Zhang. I have learned a lot about medicine since I was young. I believe if you let me be your assistant, I will definitely do my best." Liang Liang, who has always been patient, began to apologize.

"No." The pharmacist refused, "I think I have chosen a much better person than you." Although the girl has only one grade and doesn't know much about medicine, she is diligent…what's more, she can't bear to return the learning materials given to her by Shi Qingyang.

"Teacher Zhang…" Liang Liang lingered pitifully at the door.

At this time, just a few people came in from the outside to get the potion and saw him. The others laughed at him: "Some people think that if they look good, they can hook up with people everywhere without working. That's great. People didn't hook up, and they suffered losses…"

"What's your name? You look pretty good. The person you see despises you. What do you think of me?"

"It's a nice face, but it's a pity it's a man."

Liang Liang, even if he could bear it any longer, is only 18 years old now, and tears in his eyes will not fall.

The middle-level pharmacist was short of money because she divorced her husband, who also married a young girl. Seeing Liang Liang like this, she immediately became disgusted, even ignoring the people behind Liang Liang-this Liang Liang also has the ability to seduce people. What promise can the people behind him have?" If you look like this, you will cry and show it to others. I want an assistant, not a fox."

Liang Liang ran out crying and almost ran into someone: "Shi Qingyang?"

Shi Qingyang came specially to watch the drama. He was very satisfied at this time and simply smiled: "What's the matter? Did something happen?"

Liang Liang cried: "It's okay, I…"

"I still have work to do, so do it well." Shi Qingyang added that Liang Liang was the most impatient to do dirty work. It was quite good for him to dig locust eggs. He might even get hurt…

Liang Liang watched Shi Qingyang leave with a complicated expression. Shi Qingyang did not even talk to him before. Now he suddenly comforted him, which made him feel flattered.

Liang Liang, the bedroom between the two men, did not sleep at all. On that night, he could only enter the bedroom between the four men. The other three men in the bedroom were all second and third class radiation fighters. They didn't like to be clean with dirty words and snored when sleeping. For him, it was torture.

Lying on the bed, thinking of his previous life, Liang Liang felt more and more wronged, and finally he couldn't help crying again. He also complained about Feng Linqiu who let him come here.

In the evening of the next day, the four mobile towns came to the vicinity of the ancient city of Qing. here, many grasshoppers and beasts were skipping among different plants. these grasshoppers and beasts were not small in size and could jump very high, bringing great pressure to people.

Although it was already evening and it was getting dark, the soldiers on the first two mobile fortresses all left the car and began to kill locusts.

People who will join the army are generally not strong enough, many of them are only able-bodied, but they have received formal training, have hot weapons in their hands, and cooperate with each other very well. A few people in groups can always kill locusts and beasts effectively.

"This time, according to the number of locusts killed or eggs dug up, calculate the contribution points…" After the army began to start work, the other two mobile towns also opened to other places, and others encouraged the above radiation energy fighters.

This evening it is not mandatory to let people leave the mobile town, but since I'm here, Shi Qingyang won't be lazy either. he put on his combat uniform and came outside. then all kinds of level 5 combat techniques were used quickly. among them, the one that was used most was the "fighting dragon" that Feng family. Although this tactic will consume a lot of energy at the beginning, it can be maintained for the rest of the time as long as the means are good enough.

Shi Qingyang grabbed this long rope of radiation energy, led it to stab or smash it, and soon killed many locusts. After killing locusts, he would break into the locusts a metal bead for counting-wait a minute, someone would take away all the bodies of these locusts.

Shi Qingyang is adept and has no traces of blood on his body, which undoubtedly attracts people's attention. However, what attracts people's attention most is Shang Mufeng.

Shang Mufeng has only one arm, so he will encounter a lot of troubles when using tactical skills. However, his attack is still very sharp. He often lets the animals approach him. Then the metal prosthesis will not hesitate to pierce the body of the animals. The splashing liquid falls on his combat uniform, making him look like the legendary devil.

Liang Liang was standing on the edge of the mobile town. Many people went down to clean up the scene and look for the animal eggs, but he looked pale-what would he do tomorrow?

Eyes rested on the distant Shi Qingyang, think of their own tasks, think of know Shi Qingyang comfort, he finally made up his mind-he can follow Shi Qingyang.

All the plants will be crushed into mud in the place where the huge mobile town passes. Because of this, the four mobile towns came in a row until they arrived at the ancient city of Qing, and finally they were divided into two groups and went in different directions.

Shi Qingyang's mobile town was parked on a prairie with another mobile town full of soldiers. It should be full of different plants higher than people. Now it is somewhat bare. It is often seen that grasshoppers and beasts are chewing the green leaves around quickly. Fortunately, however, these grasshoppers and beasts have not gathered together to fly to one place after another as they did 300 years ago.

The mobile town will stay here for one day, during which time everyone will go down to clean up locusts and beasts, killing animals with strength and digging eggs behind without strength.

Shi Qingyang is definitely one of the powerful people. If it weren't for the lower-level people who dig locust eggs behind him, he could even have rushed to far away places. Of course, now that he has joined the collective, of course, also want to do their own job, lest appear casualties-even if locusts beast damage is not high, the grassland, there are other animals.

In his previous life, for example, he really watched his comrades die, which was quite a lot.

Shi Qingyang kills locusts very fast. He kills all the locusts in front of him and will help others to solve them. He will not occupy others' locusts.

Such a solution is not a saving grace, but it can make others waste less radiation energy and save more contribution points…There are many people who know Shi Qingyang now. Originally, others thought he was just so, but now they think he is really a good man.

Shi Qingyang went a long way and found Liang Liang stumbled behind him, but did not dig locust eggs like others.

Shi Qingyang frowned and came to the edge of a relatively complete piece of grass.

Indeed as expected not for a while, there is a small group of locusts beast flew up, but he didn't kill all the locusts beast in the first place this time, but missed two have been injured, and by the way to fill a few wind blade drive…

Liang Liang followed the large army and was already very tired. He was far behind Shi Qingyang and watched Shi Qingyang kill the locusts and beasts quickly. Finally, he felt a little safe.

However, he never expected that suddenly dozens of locusts would fly up! With the expansion of sweeping scope, there are only a few people in front. Those people can't stop grasshoppers and beasts, and there are two rushing towards him…

"ah!" Liang Liang cried with severe pain. He used his fighting skills very well in school, but he could not use any of them at this time. He could only let the locust beast step on him with one foot and his insides hurt to the point of no avail.

The two grasshoppers have been scared by him and will only flee for their lives. It's really a pity…Shi Qingyang went back to pick up the two grasshoppers who wanted to escape after stepping on Liang Liang and smiled at Liang Liang: "Are you all right?"

Liang Liang had a stomachache, but quickly raised a smile: "I'm fine, thank you."

Shi Qingyang conveniently in the two locusts beast body into the steel ball, some curious-Liang Lianggang thanks, seems to be very sincere?

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