On his way back, Cheng Ran said everything about the day. Finally, he concluded: "I think we should be careful to seal our house. If he knew our special situation, he would definitely do something."

"Yes, we must be careful of them. The research institute that closed the house is not a good thing." Shi Qingyang also said that when he saw the former Liu Shijin, all his previous memories came out.

At that time, he was in the research institute and actually saw a lot of things, but his research foundation was zero. naturally, he could not remember those things ….

"Qingyang, do you think I can approach Feng Linqiu and get something from him?" Cheng Ran suddenly thought of one thing and asked.

Shi Qingyang refused without thinking: "No way! However, if they know something about you, I'm afraid it will backfire in the end."

Cheng Ran also knew the seriousness of the matter and nodded: "Yes, this matter must be kept confidential."

Since Cheng Ran didn't want to meet Feng Linqiu, he simply stayed at home to study every day for the next time. Since he had already exchanged contact numbers with the teachers of the Central University last time, he didn't have to run to the school even if he had any questions. Finally, he couldn't get out of the second gate directly.

In contrast, Shi Qingyang was busy. He will take Zheng Gao away from the training room of the radiation energy association every day, often staying for one day. under his high-pressure policy, Zheng Gaoyuan has finally formed the habit of practicing radiation energy with his fingers all day. now he can completely put on a protective cover for himself within one second. As the training time lengthened, he even fell in love with the act of putting a protective cover on himself, always moving his fingers subconsciously to activate the protective cover.

During this period, he once went back to the Zheng family. from the time he entered the door, his hands never stopped. when he met his brother, his movements suddenly became faster…at that time, grandpa Zheng and grandma Zheng almost thought there was something wrong with his brain. after knowing that he was exercising, he finally gave him a good compliment and reprimanded his brother later.

In response, Zheng Gaoyuan expressed his delight.

In addition to training with Zheng Gaoyuan every day, Shi Qingyang will still meet Liang Liang with lightning strike. Liang Liang always avoided Zheng Gaoyuan to show his kindness at the beginning, with a full face of worship and claiming to be his fan.

Because Zheng Gaoyuan also disliked his behavior very much and obstructed it. Later Liang Liang began to curry favor with Zheng Gaoyuan.

To tell the truth, Liang Liang was very good-looking. He was even one of the longest and best-looking people in Central City at the beginning. There were countless people who liked him, but he couldn't stand Zheng Gaoyuan's straightness and straightness. At first, he was not impressed with him, and then naturally he couldn't change.

However, because Liang Liang didn't show the meaning of love, to Zheng Gaoyuan bite by bite Zheng Dage, also acting as a fan, Zheng Gaoyuan also don't dislike him as at first-anyway, they are blocked by Liang Liang said a word or two at most every day.

"Shi…Shi Qingyang and Zheng Dage, this is the barbecue I made. I hope you can accept it." This time Shi Qingyang and Zheng Gaoyuan came out of the exercise room and met Liang Liang again.

Shi Qingyang ignored him as usual, but Liang Liang was more persistent this time: "I really have no other meaning. I just think you are very inspirational. after reading your stories, I have a new hope for life and I admire you very much." He has insisted for many days, dressed himself well every day, Zheng Gaoyuan also just, he likes women, can't conquer is very normal, but Shi Qingyang clearly like men, unexpectedly also can be indifferent to him…

At first he thought it was Zheng Gaoyuan, so Shi Qingyang would avoid him, but even if Zheng Gaoyuan was there, Shi Qingyang would not be too difficult to send him a contact number and would not be found-the contact terminal used by Shi Qingyang could clearly simulate several contact numbers.

Over time, he gradually felt that he was wrong at the beginning. Shi Qingyang may really like Cheng Ran but he doesn't like him. of course, it is also possible that Shi Qingyang's days are completely dependent on Cheng Ran, so he is afraid of any cheating…

No matter what the reason, he must be loved by Shi Qingyang!

"Shi Qingyang, after all, this is your fan. Aren't you so cold?" Feng Linqiu came up with a smile.

"I remember you have a lot of fans? Do you accept gifts from every fan?" Shi Qingyang pressed the video button on his contact terminal in front of Feng Linqiu.

Feng Linqiu believes that if he really said "Yes", Shi Qingyang will immediately upload the video to the Internet, and then his supporters…In terms of the number of fans, he can beat Shi Qingyang countless times under the relentless publicity of Feng Jia.

"I just think since met, refused to not very good," Lin Qiu immediately changed the subject, "Cheng Ran? Why haven't you met him recently?"

"Cheng Ran studies at home." Shi Qingyang said that Cheng Ran was very absorbed in his study once he took a good bath and showed his figure in front of him. Fortunately, he insisted on Cheng Ran not to study after dinner on the grounds that he wanted Cheng Ran to exercise. The two of them practiced in the gym first, one after the other, and could go to bed to practice after washing…

"It is better to study in school. Teaching videos are not as good as learning face to face with teachers." Feng Linqiu added.

After he returned home that day, he had a long talk with his grandfather. he also knew that Cheng Ran was born in Feng's laboratory. at that time, Feng's family had a congenital radiation plan. his parents, as well as Cheng Ran's parents, took part in it. only his parents succeeded in giving birth to him, but Cheng Ran did not have radiation.

According to his grandfather, he and Cheng Ran were born on the same day in the same year and spent some time together when he was a child, which is why he has special feelings for Cheng Ran.

At that time, he wanted to meet Cheng Ran, but since that day on, Cheng Ran never went out again…Is Shi Qingyang coaxed Cheng Ran?

"I will tell the truth." Shi Qingyang said casually: "He is my partner, Feng Shao need not care too much about him."

Feng Linqiu stood, looking at Shi Qingyang head also don't look back to leave looks pale, Liang Liang saw Feng Linqiu one eye, holding the hand of the barbecue station to one side.

He knew that Feng Linqiu let him approach Shi Qingyang because Feng Linqiu had a crush on Cheng Ran, because he liked Feng Linqiu, because he and his family depended on Feng Linqiu completely, and he finally chose to be obedient. Even after being insulted repeatedly by Shi Qingyang and Zheng Gaoyuan, he did not give up. But now seeing Feng Linqiu like this, he still felt sad and angry.

What's good about that Cheng Ran? How can one or two like him?

Liang Liang is not Lin Qiu's serious cousin, but now he is chasing Qingyang. Lin Qiu naturally won't show his acquaintance with him in front of outsiders. However, after leaving the Radiation Energy Association, he immediately contacted Liang Liang, comforted him, and finally promised Liang Liang a large sum of money when the job was done.

Although his mother's Liang family is a large family, Liang Liang's parents have little money. Feng Linqiu believes that under the encouragement of money, Liang Liang will certainly have more motivation.

As for Liang Liang's feelings towards him, he will use them as a bargaining chip, but he will never use them alone.

When Liang Liang heard this, his original dissatisfaction vanished in an instant. Not just when he was happy, Feng Linqiu added: "Liang Liang, Shi Qingyang, as a radiation fighter, needs to serve. Now there is a plague of locusts in the western grassland near Qing Gucheng, a secondary city in the northwest. The central city will send someone to exterminate them. Shi Qingyang is one of them. Then you go with him and try to make him feel good for you. Outside the city, it is easy for you to develop anything, even if you can't develop anything, you can get some videos." Shi Qingyang can come to this step, mostly by Cheng Gu, if he's sorry Cheng Ran…

In fact, he wish Cheng Ran died, only such action is very formal, and the army accompanying, he arranged Shi Qingyang in no problem, want to deal with Shi Qingyang not line, also easy to fall.

He is only a five-level radiation fighter, and he is not qualified to take risks.

"Locusts?" Liang Liang's face was full of surprise. He was 18 years old this year. He was only a secondary radiation fighter. A plague of locusts was not a big deal for him.

"Don't worry, when the time comes there will be a mobile town accompanying you. You just need to be in charge of logistics in the mobile town. I will arrange for you to become an assistant to the accompanying pharmacist." Feng Linqiudao.

"Okay, I'll go." Liang Liang nodded his head. He didn't want to go out of town to hunt. He planned to become a pharmacist in the future. In this case, it would be a good thing for him to go out with a pharmacist and maybe he could learn a lot.

Of course, if you hook up with Shi Qingyang and take a video, it would be even better.

In China, everyone needs to serve, of course the country will give a lot of money.

Ordinary people's military service is the simplest. They usually take part in work in the city. They can also be exempted from military service or find someone to replace them.

Radiation almighty and secondary low-level radiation fighters, their service content is very simple law, mostly clean up the plants in the city, outside the city to do construction, as long as do a certain number of days a year.

From the beginning of the three-level radiation fighters, the service content began to change. They may need to clean up dangerous animals near the city, or they may need to explore in an unknown area. The work is no longer fixed and quantitative. Instead, they began to calculate points according to the length of difficulty and difficulty. They did a very difficult task. It is no problem not to participate in the work for the next few years.

This kind of task, in addition to get money, also can get contribution points, these contribution points can exchange some things with the country, such as Cheng Xuze, he once participated in the construction of tertiary cities, even a kind of service, finally also got a lot of benefits.

The service of the radiation energy fighters must be carried out by themselves, but it is not forbidden for the servicemen to bring people there. This is not only to train the radiation energy fighters, but also to make it convenient for some rich people-some young masters and young ladies, although radiation energy may have three or four grades, they cannot kill foreign animals at all and naturally need help from others.

Because the strength of the protectors brought by the young masters and young ladies is far stronger than that of themselves, sometimes those dangerous tasks will be specially arranged for them to go so that the protectors around them can complete them.

This kind of service has existed since the disaster happened 1,000 years ago and has gone through many improvements before it was finally finalized. It is for the long-term development of mankind that everyone cannot escape.

Shi Qingyang liked this kind of task very much in his previous life. Even if he did not need to do it, he would take the initiative to do it for the sake of money and contribution. He did not fall behind in such things as destroying dangerous animals in urban construction.

Only in this life, he is lazy a lot, generally only do the most basic, therefore, when he received the notice, to destroy the plague of locusts, inevitably some surprise, it happened that still can't refute-the plague of locusts is very serious, the central city had to temporarily transferred a lot of people to, many of these people who contribute more than he…Even they all want to go, Shi Qingyang certainly can't refuse.

Shi Qingyang knew for a long time that he had offended Feng Linqiu before and would encounter some troubles later, but he didn't expect to wait for him here.

In his current situation, even if he won the Feng Linqiu once, it is only a five-level radiation fighter, Feng family can't because of this will directly kill him, after all, really do so will cause a lot of consequences, Cheng Xuze will also be angry, but it is very simple to give him trouble, this is obviously.

"Can I poison the medicine given to Feng Yunhong?" Cheng Ran frowned after seeing relevant documents in Shi Qingyang.

"If you really want to do that, you will be in trouble." Shi Qingyang kissed him.

"I'll go with you." Cheng Ran added.

"It's okay, don't you have a lot to learn?" Shi Qingyang asked curiously.

Cheng Ran suddenly pressed on him and grabbed his neck with another bite. He ground his teeth a few times, licked it with his tongue, and finally sucked out a red mark: "Zheng Gaoyuan said that the professional mistress came to see you everyday. Is his name Liang Liang? I saw him on this list."

He trusts Shi Qingyang very much and believes that there are no other problems except for the one who trains with him every day. However, some people are staring at him, which still makes his heart ache.

"He should have been found by Feng Linqiu…In fact, that person is nothing, but I think Feng Linqiu is interesting to you." Shi Qingyang did the same thing, hugged Cheng Ran, turned over and took a drag on Cheng Ran's neck.

Two people who were originally jealous of each other finally got together.

The next day, Shi Qingyang was somewhat embarrassed. He specially found a high-necked dress to wear, but Cheng Ran was very calm and went downstairs directly.

Shi Qingyang has long known that although Cheng Ran is occasionally shy, he is often unusually "bold and unrestrained" and finally takes all this as normal-in fact, Cheng Ran will still feel very sweet when he does so.

Sweet to sweet, of course, there are some prick the eye, two people downstairs, Cheng Xuze dry cough.

"Grandpa, do you have a sore throat?" Cheng Ran asked curiously.

"No…but, how is your medicine doing?" Cheng Xuze finally decided not to think about anything else and asked the right questions directly.

As soon as he arrived in Central City, he met Feng Yunhong, one of the Grade 9. Later, many people invited him. Even Fan Jia, another Grade 9 strong man from China, invited him.

Fan Jia is a female radiation fighter, smaller than Feng Yunhong, but usually very low-key. She asked Cheng Xuze to come over. Naturally, she did not want to see Cheng Xuze herself, but her husband, known as Wen Zhuoyi, the first pharmacist in China, wanted to see Cheng Xuze.

After the meeting, Wen Zhuoyi also said very directly that he was looking for Cheng Xuze for nothing but the mysterious pharmacist of the Cheng family.

Cheng Xuze cannot and dare not say anything about the so-called "mysterious pharmacist". In the end, he can only promise to give a few bottles of medicine.

"Grandpa, the potions are all ready." Cheng Ran direct way.

"Just do it well. I'll send it to them after a few days." Cheng Ran said, and then looked at Shi Qingyang: "Qingyang, since you have already set the task for this trip, do you want to bring more people?"

"Grandpa, no need." Shi Qingyang said directly: "This time, I went with the army. There will definitely be no accident."

"With your strength, nothing will happen…" Cheng Xuze nodded. In fact, even if he wants to find someone to go with Shi Qingyang, it is meaningless-although he has recruited some people in recent years, the strongest of them is only level 6, which is lower than Shi Qingyang's strength. After that, he does not know who is protecting whom: "However, you still need to be careful."

"Grandpa, I will." Shi Qingyang said, thinking that because Feng Linqiu, he would be separated from Cheng Ran for a period of time, and his mood instantly became worse.

However, since Liang Liang will follow, then he can deal with this man!

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