The person he saw in his previous life was actually a scum, which was really not a good memory for Shi Qingyang. Occasionally, he would still feel that he had failed at that time.

He was born at the grassroots level, his parents died young, and all he had to do was grope for his own way. In the end, he inevitably fell to pieces. However, he didn't know how he got lucky. He actually had a chance to do it all over again…

Cheng Ran went to school while Shi Qingyang took Zheng Gaoyuan to the registration venue of the National Radiological Energy Competition, the Radiological Energy Association.

In fact, most of the applications can be completed online, but since Zheng Gaoyuan has never registered his grade in the Radiation Energy Association, he will have to make a trip in person and register with him by the way.

"Master, I've been in a really good mood recently." Zheng Gaoyuan's face was full of excitement. Now he is out of the limelight, whether in Zheng's family or elsewhere. He feels very good.

"I'm afraid your mood will not be very good next." Shi Qingyang Road.


"Before the competition, you have to do surprise training. I specially spent money to rent an exercise room below. After that, you will practice with me every day." Shi Qingyang said, Zheng Gaoyuan's experience in dealing with foreign animals is naturally not short of, but I'm afraid I don't have enough experience in dealing with human beings. It needs good exercise.

"Teacher…" Zheng Gaoyuan almost cried, he also wants to live a few days of his own scenery…

The training room rented by Shi Qingyang is the best. It costs a lot of money. It is located at the bottom of the Central City Radiological Energy Association. Here, even the top 8 masters can practice their martial arts to their heart's content and keep it absolutely confidential. And he will rent here, in addition to help Zheng Gaoyuan contact actual combat, but also in order to improve their own strength.

Even if he goes much smoother than he did in his previous life, and even if he has the memory of his previous life, Shi Qingyang dare not slacken off at all. Moreover, he feels that his pursuit of strength will never stop.

"Keep attacking!" Shi Qingyang opened his mouth to Zheng Gaoyuan in front of him. He now suppressed his strength to level 4, using only level 4 radiation energy output, and using only the tactics below level 4. But even so, Zheng Gaoyuan still could not touch his side.

Zheng Gaoyuan bit his teeth, the attack is more intense, but Shi Qingyang although now can only use will be he a lighter can break the level 4 shield, but he built the shield speed is too fast, he just sent out a level 5 lighter, Shi Qingyang shield has set up seven or eight layers, not only that, occasionally Shi Qingyang still have time to attack him.

"Your attack speed is too slow." Shi Qingyang added.

Zheng Gaoyuan didn't have time to talk at all, but he still couldn't help lamenting that his master is the only one in the world who has been practicing martial arts regardless of food, drink, pull, and scatter. Isn't that abuse? In fact, his speed is already very fast!

After Zheng Gaoyuan used another tactical skill, Shi Qingyang finally took time to use two four-level tactical skills together and knocked down Zheng Gaoyuan, who had exhausted his radiation energy.

Zheng Gaoyuan did not move as soon as he lay down, on the one hand, because he had formed the habit when he was a fat man, on the other hand, because he was beaten for such a long time, some can't stand it.

Shi Qingyang walked over to Zheng Gaoyuan, who was breathing heavily, and filled him with a bottle of medicine: "This is the medicine made by Ran Ran himself. Since you have eaten it, you must work hard. Today you specially practice the five-level protective cover. The speed of stimulating the protective cover must be reduced to less than one second!"

"One second?" Zheng Gaoyuan shocked to speak, level 5 shield, he can come to two three seconds now, it is one and a half seconds, although only half a second different from Shi Qingyang requirements, it is not easy to save this time!

"I only need half a second, even if you are slower than me, you cannot be too slow." Shi Qingyang's hands moved, and a protective cover appeared: "Practice makes perfect. As long as you practice more and engrave the movements into your bones, the speed will naturally be faster."

What he said was also from the bottom of his heart. Now he fights with people. Sometimes his body reacts faster than his mind. Before his brain can react, his body will react instantly.

Zheng Gaoyuan was speechless and choked. It was easier said than done. I'm afraid he will move all day like Shi Qingyang. People who don't know why think he has a hand spasm…

Shi Qingyang and Zheng Gaoyuan stayed in the exercise room for a long time. Shi Qingyang severely squandered the unused radiation energy after arriving at the central city. Zheng Gaoyuan was extremely embarrassed because he kept using the protective cover and would be smashed by Shi Qingyang every time he used it.

Of course, this is also related to the fact that he likes to lie on the ground every time he rests.

When he finally left, Zheng Gaoyuan failed to activate the protective cover within one second. Shi Qingyang gave him a bottle of muscle relaxant produced by Cheng Ran: "Keep up the good work and I will check it tomorrow."

"Master!" Zheng Gaoyuan's hands shook, shaking to wipe his hands with potions.

"Your master and I did this every day." Shi Qingyang saw his one eye, he is very important to the body, will never let his body damage, of course, the same for Zheng Gaoyuan, now Zheng Gaoyuan as long as wipe the potion, rest for half an hour will be fine, can continue to practice.

As soon as I came out of the training room, the staff of the radiation energy guild came up and asked if they could take pictures. Shi Qingyang dodged, but Zheng Gaoyuan raised his smiling face.

There is no doubt that before long, Zheng Gaoyuan's news will appear again-although he is in a mess now, in the eyes of his fans, he is probably another inspiring example.

Shi Qingyang sent a message to Cheng Ran, asking if he would like to pick him up at school. Just after sending it, he saw Liang Liang again: "Shi Qingyang? I bumped into you this morning. I'm sorry, but I didn't recognize you at that time…I didn't expect you to be Zheng Gaoyuan's master and the man who won Feng Linqiu. That's amazing."

Shi Qingyang turned his head and saw Liang Liang zheng admiringly looking at himself. However, this expression always gives people a feeling of "overexertion"-the worship he expressed is exaggerated.

Liang Liang in his previous life was much better than he is now…Shi Qingyang had some regrets, but he soon felt very normal. He was nearly 30 when he arrived in the central city in his previous life. He was 25 when he met Liang Liang. He was much more mature than he is now. Liang Liang today…Liang Liang Liang is six years younger than he is, and should be only 18 now?

"Shi Qingyang, will you come here to exercise every day?" Liang Liang secretly took a look at Shi Qingyang and bowed his head. Since Feng Linqiu let him please Shi Qingyang, he has read a lot of information about Shi Qingyang and made a lot of preparations…In any case, he didn't want to disappoint Feng Linqiu.

"Hey, isn't this the professional mistress?" Zheng Gaoyuan had his photo taken and saw Liang Liang at a glance.

Liang Liang's face darkened immediately.

Shi Qingyang has received a reply from Cheng Ran at this time. He hates Liang Liang, but he will not do anything to a thin man in public: "Let's go quickly, but he says he is waiting for us."

"Right away!" Zheng Gaoyuan immediately the baggage and take the journey, also turned to Liang Liang eke out a grin, by the way.

Looking at Shi Qingyang and Zheng Gaoyuan leaving together, Liang Liang frowned. This Zheng Gaoyuan broke him twice, which was really very troublesome…But as long as it was a man, I'm afraid I would want someone to worship him unconditionally. Even if there was no love, they would pity such people around…

As long as he continues to work hard, he will certainly be able to impress Shi Qingyang-he wants nothing but Feng Linqiu!

Shi Qingyang met Liang Liang here, Cheng Ran there is not calm.

Feng Linqiu is really keen on Cheng Ran. He used to look down on others, but somehow he felt friendly towards Cheng Ran and even felt that the two were of the same kind.

Clearly Cheng Ran doesn't even have radiation energy, but he doesn't hate Cheng Ran. Today he knew that Cheng Ran went to school. He even said hello in advance and also went.

Feng Jia's research institute specializes in radiation energy and will also help people customize radiation energy inducers. even if it has nothing to do with Feng Jia, professors from central university have also communicated with Feng Jia's researchers. naturally, he will not have any problems in the past…

In order to have a good observation, Feng Linqiu found an excuse to stay in the lounge of the professor Cheng Ran visited and secretly listened to the conversation between Cheng Ran and the professor. Upon hearing this, he found something extraordinary about Cheng Ran.

Cheng Ran has never been to Central City in his life, nor has he received systematic education. However, he has many ideas about radiation inducer. Moreover, he has been able to enter the library of Central University for more than ten days, but he seems to have read about this aspect of the book.

The professor met Cheng Ran at the beginning. It is estimated that it was also based on Cheng Ran's identity. After the two people really talked, they came to have fun. Finally, they even changed their classes with others…

It is said that when God closes a door, he will open a window for him. This is indeed true. Cheng Ran although there is no radiation energy, research talent is beyond doubt, Cheng Xuze will like him, is not without reason, and the mysterious pharmacist Cheng home…

If he guessed right, Cheng Ran might be working as an assistant for the pharmacist. After all, in Cheng Xuze's attitude, Cheng Ran knew the pharmacist very well.

Feng Linqiu listened to all morning, only to appear and invite two people to dinner. Although Cheng Ran didn't like Feng Linqiu, he couldn't drive Feng Linqiu away and had to choose to ignore it. As a result, in the afternoon, Feng Linqiu actually found a researcher from his own research institute to discuss with them.

The researcher is a real capable person. The research on radiation inducers is more thorough than that of professors from the Central University. Cheng Ran naturally won't give up such opportunities easily. More importantly, when talking with the researcher, the research direction inadvertently revealed by the other party is somewhat similar to their research…

Cheng Ran didn't say anything about what he studied, but he raised a heart after overhearing some words mentioned by the other party.

They will carry out such research because they found the queen ant. although Shi Qingyang has never seen such a strange animal since then, radiation has enveloped the earth for thousands of years. who can guarantee that no one else has ever found such a creature?

Just, now that someone has discovered such creatures, why did people like him, like Shi Qingyang, smash things that have never appeared in human history?

Cheng Ran thought a lot. Although he was more careful when asking questions, he was always able to get to the point unintentionally.

"You have so many ideas at such a young age, which is very good. What's your name and are you interested in coming to our laboratory?" The researcher who Feng family was over 60 years old. He was suddenly called in. At first, he was not happy, but after talking with Cheng Ran, he came in.

Cheng Ran's knowledge, of course, is not as good as his research in this area for many years, but with Cheng Ran's age, it is really not easy to know so much knowledge, their research institute has been trying to cultivate talents, and now he naturally has a crush on Cheng Ran.

"Grandpa Liu, his name is Cheng Ran, but how can Cheng Xuze's grandson join the research institute?" Feng Linqiu laughed.

"Cheng Xuze?" The man's brow wrinkled up: "Cheng Ran? Your father…is his name Cheng Hong?"

"Do you know my father?" Cheng Ran a full face of surprise.

But he didn't want the man to be obviously more surprised. He stared at Cheng Ran for a long time and then at Feng Linqiu. After a long time, he calmed himself down: "Cheng Ran, Cheng Ran…"

The man surnamed Liu, as a researcher, can't hide his expression very well. he is such a strange person, let alone Lin Qiu. even Cheng Ran could see clearly: "miss Liu, do you know my father?"

"Yes, we have been together before, but I didn't think you are so big…" The man surnamed Liu spoke, but Feng Linqiu then asked him, but he said nothing.

Feng Linqiu always knew that there were some strange problems with the people in the research institute. Although he was confused, he said nothing. He only planned to go back and ask his grandfather. Cheng Ran did not know why, but he felt a fright in his heart.

It was at this time that he received a message from Shi Qingyang and told several people in front of him to resign.

"Cheng Ran, shall I take you back?" Feng Linqiu actively followed out.

"No." Cheng Ran direct way.

"We have known each other, and it is nothing if I send you back…Do you know Cheng Ran that our research institute specializes in radiation inducers, and its knowledge reserve in this field is far better than others." Feng Linqiu laughed, just Cheng Ran attitude he also saw, and please a person will suit the remedy to the case…

Cheng Ran's eyebrows slightly wrinkled, can't deny that he is really interested in the research institute, at least the researcher's reaction, has made him very curious…

However, Cheng Ran knew very well that if Feng family was really studying something like Cheng family, he would not be able to tell him this knowledge without any reason: "Sorry, someone has come to pick me up."

"of course!" Shi Qingyang's voice rang timely, Cheng Ran a smile, immediately stepped forward.

Shi Qingyang had long seen Lin Qiu around Cheng Ran. He knew that Lin Qiu was a little interested in Cheng Ran. He knew clearly the reason why Lin Qiu appeared here. Just to his surprise, he saw Liu Shijin as he approached.

Liu Shijun, one of the people who studied him in the research institute at the beginning, took a lot of things from him, cells, blood, hair, everything…

Shi Qingyang came to the central city this time and had the idea of destroying the research institute, but I didn't expect to meet the people inside so soon. What is the purpose of such people standing beside Cheng Ran? The eyes narrowed slightly, but Shi Qingyang did not show anything: "However, let's go."

"good." Cheng Ran nodded his head.

Feng Linqiu watched Cheng Ran cleverly follow Shi Qingyang away, some unhappiness, he turned to look at Liu Shijin, only to find that Liu Shijin was fiddling with his contact terminal, which can only contact specific people.

Why was Liu Shijin's performance so strange before? Feng Linqiu opened the contact terminal and intended to ask his grandfather, but he didn't want to ask his grandfather's contact number. Feng Yunhong's contact came: "Lin Qiu, did you take Liu Shijin to meet Cheng Ran?"

"Yes, Grandpa, is there a problem here?"

"Cheng Ran's situation is somewhat special. I'll tell you when you come back." Feng Yunhong said that he was like saying to himself, "Cheng Ran…Cheng Ran…His talent is reflected in this aspect."

Closures have existed for a long time and have been very prosperous. However, as more and more people close their homes, there are inevitably some problems, and there are more and more struggles for power and profits.

He suffered some injuries at that time, his strength was not affected, and the children he gave birth to were all very ordinary in talent…

Later, when he was out of town hunting and driving a mobile fortress to a wilderness, he accidentally saw a man.

The man was seriously wounded and dying, surrounded by many animals, but those animals did not dare to approach…

At that time, there were too many exotic animals. He could only hide far away until the man died…

When the man was alive, the foreign animals did not dare to move at all. When he died, all the foreign animals rushed to him. He also took advantage of the opportunity to get a piece of corpse fragments from the foreign animals' plunder and saved it with the box he was carrying.

The body fragment was taken to Feng Jia's research office. After research, it was found that the genes inside were similar to but different from human beings…

With regard to that gene, they have studied it for several years without any results. They cannot survive even if they want to re-cultivate it. Finally, they came up with a way to fuse the genes of ordinary people with those of that person.

At the beginning, they chose a total of hundreds of samples, half of which used his genes, the other half found different people, and only two children survived, one was Feng Linqiu and the other was Cheng Ran.

Feng Linqiu is a born radiation almighty, just born, he was brought back home, raised as his grandson. And Cheng Ran…He was the best one in the early stage of the experiment, but after he was born, he rejected radiation energy.

Cheng Ran rejected radiation energy. Many experiments could not be carried out at all. It can be said to be a complete failure. It happened that he was the only one whose genes were similar to those of Feng Linqiu. He was worried that Feng Linqiu's body would be in trouble. He simply left Cheng Ran behind and planned to use Cheng Ran to do experiments when Feng Linqiu might have problems.

Originally things ended here, Cheng Ran should have grown up in the laboratory and been trained by them, but somehow, someone suddenly targeted them at that time and began to check their laboratory, Chinese officials and even entered the laboratory several times to search.

In order not to expose the laboratory, he can only seal up all the experimental data and then send Cheng Ran away.

Cheng Hong's wife's brother is a laboratory researcher. Cheng Hong is also the father of the child. Naturally, it is the best upbringing. It will not arouse suspicion. When Cheng Hong leaves the central city with the child, others will naturally find nothing…

Over the years, Qin Liu has been giving them feedback on Cheng Ran's various information and performance. Cheng Ran is basically a captive experiment and his situation is never known to outsiders.

At first, they still held hope for Cheng Ran, but with the passage of time, they became more and more disappointed with him.

Unlike Cheng Ran, Feng Linqiu's performance is getting better and better, and his talent is even more rare. When Feng Linqiu's talent comes out, he doesn't care about Cheng Ran. After all, as long as Feng's family comes out with another grade 9, he doesn't have to worry about the decline of Feng's family. At that time, Cheng Ran doesn't even grow up.

Just didn't expect, after many years, Cheng Ran unexpectedly appeared in front of them again.

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