Shi Qingyang went through the formalities and watched him and Cheng Ran leave. Lin Qiu took a deep breath and slowly calmed down.

He had always looked down upon the Cheng family. Even if the Cheng family has developed well recently, he has not taken a newly rising family to heart. However, in the current situation, he seems to underestimate these people.

He has been led by his grandfather since he remembered, learning all kinds of things, always feeling very strong. Now he knows that there is someone outside.

"Feng Shao…" Mu Tianshi feet have been processed, at this time stopped Lin Qiu.

"Jose teacher injured, must remember to have a good rest? I think Zheng Gaoyuan should have misunderstood you a little. Just explain it clearly. If you need my help, you can also call me." Feng Linqiu looked at Mu Tianshi and smiled. Then he pressed the button on his contact terminal and sent a contact number to Mu Tianshi.

In fact, if it weren't for Mu Tianshi had the handle to Feng family, then he never went out of the city carefully, now I'm afraid I don't know where he has gone for a long time…However, such selfish people can't offend…

Feng Linqiu watched Mu Tianshi leave and thought of the former Cheng Sisi. He didn't expect that Cheng Sisi's attitude had completely changed just because he was too busy and neglected for two days. In the past, those women had always come to him on their own initiative in such situations. However, although they felt that the situation was somewhat unexpected, Feng Linqiu didn't care. In fact, he didn't intend to really have anything to do with Cheng Sisi from the very beginning. After all, Cheng Sisi was not outstanding and didn't know anything about the Cheng family. In contrast, Cheng Ran's mouth was more able to set things up, such as omnipotent drugs.

More importantly, he is eager to see Shi Qingyang have nothing.

"Feng Shao, that teacher Qingyang is disgusting. Do you want us to teach him a lesson?" The people around Feng Linqiu naturally disliked Shi Qingyang: "It's just a guy from a third-class city. Having won the favor of Cheng Xuze, they thought they could do whatever they want…" Just now they have already checked Shi Qingyang online and naturally know a lot about Shi Qingyang.

"No, he is really capable, otherwise he wouldn't have reached this point." Feng Linqiu laughed.

"Three cities, can have what skill…" Lin Qiu people around him made no secret of disdain on the face-many people in the central city, people in other cities will be some look down on.

Feng Linqiu has been helping Shi Qingyang to put in a good word. He has not dropped any words to others. At the same time, he has also searched for useful people. Finally, he really thought of one.

His mother's surname is Liang. Although he was not close to his mother because he grew up with his grandfather, Liang's family has been ingratiating themselves with him. One of them is his cousin and is very outstanding.

Of course, being outstanding is nothing, mainly because his cousin obviously likes him very much and has almost reached the point where he is willing to do anything for him.

"Liang Liang, are you free?" Wanted to think, Feng Linqiu sent a message out.

The reply came almost instantly: "Free, very free!" Not long after, another message was sent: "Cousin, what's the matter? I'll come to you right away."

Feng Linqiu smiled and put down his contact terminal.

Qing Yang, the teacher who worked in Feng Linqiu, did not know about it. Now he has found a teacher and has gone through all kinds of formalities for further study. He can watch all kinds of teaching videos of the Central Radiation Energy Institute and attend lectures later. Since he is not a student enrolled by the college, he does not need to listen to certain fixed courses and take exams, so he is quite free.

"Master, there is no reason why you are so good. If I were you, I would definitely not study anymore." Zheng Gaoyuan looked at Shi Qingyang and expressed admiration.

"There is no end to learning. I think I need to supervise you well." Shi Qingyang looked at Zheng Gaoyuan and smiled.

"Master! Give me a break!" Zheng Gaoyuan hurriedly said, making a gesture of mercy.

"Zheng Shao?" At this time, a voice sounded, and at the same time, several embarrassed people came to their side.

Zheng Gaoyuan frowned, and soon recognized the people in front of him-in front of these people, is it not those who bullied him at the beginning?

"Zheng Shao, it's really great that you're back. I've been worried about you." The man who walked in front saw Zheng Gaoyuan, and immediately the baggage and take the journey.

"Are you worried about me?" Zheng Gaoyuan sneered, only thinking it was a joke.

"Zheng is little, I was young and ignorant at the beginning, I'm really sorry, but I really didn't mean it…" Another person immediately the baggage and take the journey.

"Zheng Shao, I was tricked by Nye and Mu Tianshi at that time and only did bad things. Zheng Shao, you must forgive me."

"Zheng Gaoyuan, it was wrong of me to make fun of you at the beginning. I was too young at that time to understand…"


A group of people gathered to apologize to Zheng Gaoyuan one after another, their faces filled with remorse.

Zheng Gaoyuan was surprised at first, but finally he smiled and took a different route around the people in front of him.

"Zheng Shaoshao…" Those people face worry, originally follow Zheng Gaoyuan and Mu Tianshi accident, they can comfort myself, now Zheng Gaoyuan came back, obviously also very hate Mu Tianshi…

When Zheng Gaoyuan tidies up Mu Tianshi, it's time to tidy up them, isn't it? These people are all connected with each other, so they will come to you immediately after they get the news.

"I have nothing to say with you." Zheng Gaoyuan laughed scornfully. He would not retaliate against these people, but he did not intend to forgive them either. Now it is good to make them scared.

Speaking, it's really nice to be held in awe…

In the next few days, Zheng Gaoyuan is undoubtedly the most conspicuous person in the central city.

Zheng Gaoyuan was not a low-key person in the Central City six years ago. On the contrary, because he likes to find a sense of being, there were quite a few people who knew him in the Central City in those days. Many people even took all kinds of videos of his time. What people pretended to look down on him, and then they announced their names to frighten people, what people ate a table of dishes in the hotel, and what people cried in the street…

In the video at that time, Zheng Gaoyuan was extremely stupid, but now, he has changed to beat the teachers of the Central Radiation Energy Institute out of the water.

Mu Tianshi is also a genius. Now he has reached Grade 5 before he is 30 years old. In the future, he can say that there will be at least Grade 6. When he goes to a Grade 3 city, he will be a master among masters. Such a person cannot beat Zheng Gaoyuan…

Zheng Gaoyuan became red, very, very red. This year the fat man is already less, fat as he used to be is only one, now he is still thin, handsome and fierce!

Indeed as expected every fat man is a potential stock. After Zheng Gaoyuan's video was widely circulated, it was also widely known that he was going to take part in the radiation energy competition, so before the radiation energy competition started, he even had a support group.

By contrast, Shi Qingyang's fame is much smaller.

Although he had a fight with Lin Qiu, but after all, only one recruit Lin Qiu threw in the towel, then Shi Qingyang retelling all the tactics Lin Qiu used, also let a lot of people think it's because he already knew the tactics, will be so comfortable.

Of course, everyone will have such cognition, I'm afraid it is also related to the public relations team of Feng family. Some people in Feng family are specially responsible for packaging Feng Linqiu. After Feng Linqiu fails, they will naturally take countermeasures.

However, even if the underlings are allowed to deal with it this way, I'm afraid it will still be difficult to Feng family, because on the same night, when the famous Qinghe tavern was giving a tactical explanation, it specifically talked about the "dragon of war" of the house, which was more detailed than what Shi Qingyang said at the beginning, making it easy for people to learn not to say it, and also said that the tactical can be used as long as the three-level radiation fighter, although it is easy to hurt himself when fighting with people, but it is very useful for foreign animals.

I'm afraid no one knows what it feels like to seal up one's family when one sees that one's original fighting skills have become full of streets.

"Teacher, there are a lot of people call my husband! Ha ha ha ha!" As the saying goes, it's hard to change the nature of a country. Zheng Gaoyuan is much better now, but he is still the one who likes to show off. Because of this, after he became famous, he also got a micro blog to interact with fans.

"oh." Shi Qingyang responded casually and continued to search for information in the library of the Central Radiation Energy Institute.

Cheng Ran was holding a palm computer and watching all kinds of news related to Shi Qingyang, then asked, "Have you turned over their information?"

"How can I turn over so many fans?" Zheng Gaoyuan's face is full of obscene smile.

"You should double it. I found that they are all men. Microblogs give people the same feeling as your smile now." Cheng Ran said.

Zheng Gaoyuan froze.

"Now like men so much? Clearly before my uncle privately also sighed at me, think I find a man is not good…"Cheng Ran added.

"what? Cheng Hui, did he say that?" Shi Qingyang immediately jumped up.

"I think you are better than women." Cheng Ran laughed.

Shi Qingyang immediately leaned in and kissed him.

Zheng Gaoyuan looked at the people around him and turned over the data of his fans. It was found that they were all men and the microblogs were all obscene men. At that time, he felt sad.

Those people call him husband, is it a joke? Zheng Gaoyuan accidentally clicked into a video he had been photographed before. He almost cried foolishly. He always felt that he urgently needed a gentle person to comfort his injured heart. After thinking, he dialed the contact number of Ye Jinyu.

Shi Qingyang and Cheng Ran both worked very hard. After they had the chance to enter the school library, they closed the door together for more than ten days. Until the day when they signed up for the Radiation Energy Competition, the two talents went to school together with Zheng Gaoyuan.

Shi Qingyang went to school mainly to take Zheng Gao to sign up. Cheng Ran went to school prepared many questions and planned to ask the teacher.

"Master, why didn't you sign up for that competition?" On the way, Zheng Gaoyuan asked curiously.

"I feel trouble." Shi Qingyang said that he was really not interested in bullying a group of children and the competition would take time. In contrast, he was more willing to practice by himself.

"Qingyang does not compete, but can stay with me." Cheng Ran is more direct. He thinks that now two people are studying together, or Shi Qingyang enters the training room to practice radiation energy. He is studying radiation energy inducers nearby in a very good state.

"Master, you are too sticky. Do you know that if you are always so sticky, you will be envied!" Zheng Gao said from afar: "Now some people can be broken, even professional mistress has, as long as give money to help people destroy the family…"

In the middle of Zheng Gaoyuan's words, suddenly a man rushed out of the side and hit the car they were driving.

The car was driven by Zheng Gaoyuan, but it was driven automatically. Given that it was equipped with an automatic brake system, it was naturally impossible to hurt a person, and that person did get up very quickly.

This is a young man under the age of 20. His face is very small, but his eyes are big. Tears are hanging under his long eyelashes, which makes him more attractive.

As soon as he got up, he brought a tearful voice: "I'm sorry, I didn't see the way because I caused you so much trouble."

Shi Qingyang looked at the delicate and touching person in front of him with some surprise. At that time, his mood was complicated. In front of him, was it not Liang Liang?

He met Liang Liang many times in his last life. He helped Liang Liang solve a little trouble before he knew him. The little trouble was nothing more than a hero saving the United States.

Later, Liang Liang pursued him all the time. He had never been in love with one heart to improve his strength. It was rare for someone to pursue him. He pursued him for a long time and naturally agreed.

After the promise, the two also fell in love with other couples, even getting along for two whole years, to the extent of talking about marriage…But at that time he was busy solving his own physical problems and making money, so he often went out of the city, and the two had to get together less and leave more. Very not easy to have time together, because Liang Liang pushed from pillar to post, he didn't like Liang Liang as much as he likes Cheng Ran now, they haven't had any intimate behavior…

After Liang Liang and Feng Linqiu betrayed together, he also thought about Liang Liang's behavior and thought about it. he always felt that Liang Liang was with him at the beginning. I'm afraid he had some plans. now it seems that his idea is right.

Otherwise, how could there be such a coincidence? How much time did he take to crash into Cheng Ran's car?

Liang Liang pursued him desperately at that time, but he didn't ask him less for this and that. For this reason, he didn't have any special deep feelings for Liang Liang, but he wanted to have a family and get married at that time, which was true.

He admitted that he had never been sorry for Liang Liang. He basically gave what he wanted, because his mother said he would let his partner go. Liang Liang's unreasonable demands were all met, but Liang Liang still betrayed cleanly.

Previously, the feelings had already disappeared. Shi Qingyang looked at the man in front of him, and his only feeling was strange. He did not understand how he had taken a liking to this man.

"I'm sorry." Liang Liang looked at Shi Qingyang. When his eyes blinked, a tear fell down and slid down his cheek.

Zheng Gaoyuan saw this scene and was stunned. He immediately started the car quickly: "Master, you can't be careless, otherwise Cheng Ge will be furious!"

Shi Qingyang is a very outstanding person with strong strength. Compared with Cheng Ran, who has been holed up in the laboratory all day, he is still a lot more cheerful, and it is inevitable that someone will throw his arms around him after six years of obsession.

On one occasion, the son of an employee of Qinghe Hotel suddenly showed his kindness to Shi Qingyang and even found some entertainment drugs to put in Shi Qingyang's drink…

At that time, Shi Qingyang didn't drink. Cheng Ran, who had not said a word with him, blew up. He picked up the man and went out. It also showed people his fighting capacity…

Since then, Zheng Gaoyuan has expressed admiration for his teacher and mother. He feels that for the sake of his master, he must keep his master away from flowers and plants.

"When did I become a philanderer?" Shi Qingyang immediately said: "However, I just looked at that person and hated it. I definitely didn't have any thoughts."

Cheng Ran naturally believed in Shi Qingyang. In fact, he threw out the person who showed his kindness to Shi Qingyang, not jealous, but because the other party made the so-called stimulant medicine hurt his body-before throwing the person, he didn't find the person coveting Shi Qingyang.

However, although he believed in Shi Qingyang, he still frowned at the moment: "Why does the scene just now seem a little familiar?"

"Ahem…however, I just think that scene is familiar, just see a few eye, ha, this seems to be the same as when we met…" Shi Qingyang way, this year the crash is rare, Cheng Ran in addition to this time, is estimated to have hit him.

"Grandpa Gu said that you were right to hit our car on purpose at that time. The man just now also did it on purpose?" Cheng Ran asked.

"Did Grandpa Gu tell you?" Shi Qingyang some reaction not to come over.

"Of course, in fact, you don't care about Spark College at all. It's really very unlikely that you're leaning on the wall and looking in before the start of the semester." Cheng Ran said, but he clearly remembered that Shi Qingyang didn't care much about learning at all: "Grandpa Gu said later that you should have done it on purpose."

"Yes, however, I fell in love with you at first sight, at that time is deliberately hit you. I used the method 800 years ago, and now the man still uses it, so there is no sense of innovation." Shi Qingyang immediately said that he had forgotten that he had learned this trick from those who wanted to know him. Speaking of which, he was the least innovative.

"Love at first sight? At that time, you should only have food to eat?" Cheng Ran again thought of the original things, to say the feelings of the two people, or his initiative…Others crash is teary-eyed seduce people, Shi Qingyang how mess at that time how to eat for a mouthful of food…This level feels much lower.

Zheng Gaoyuan sat in the front and listened to a general comment. He became more and more speechless. It turned out that his master knew his teacher and mother so well at the beginning? Although there are many people using this method, it seems to be very useful. He should write it down for later use.

On this side Shi Qingyang and Cheng Ran discussed whether the method of collision was useful. On the other side, Liang Liang had taken off the pinhole camera that he had worn on his ear. He inserted the earring into a palm computer. Before that, Shi Qingyang and others all responded in front of him.

He needed tears and bowed his head. Naturally, he couldn't see the reaction of Shi Qingyang, so he installed such an earring to help him record everything.

Shi Qingyang stared at him for a long time, Cheng Ran frowned with displeasure, coupled with Zheng Gaoyuan's reaction later…I'm afraid this Shi Qingyang had a precedent of derailment before, in this case, he is also much more convenient in the future.

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