"He turned out to be Zheng Gaoyuan? How could he be Zheng Gaoyuan?"

"Is he really alone with that fat man?"

"How can Zheng Gaoyuan be so strong?"

"Have you noticed what he said? Mu Tianshi betrayed him? Did Mu Tianshi sacrifice his S*x to give him money?"

"Judging by Mu Tianshi's expression, it is probably not wrong."

"Gee, actually Zheng Gaoyuan looks much better than Mu Tianshi."


On the stage, Mu Tianshi passed out. Under the stage, everyone chatted enthusiastically. Almost everyone found Zheng Gaoyuan's photo before and compared it with Zheng Gaoyuan now.

I have to say that the former Zheng Gaoyuan and the present Zheng Gaoyuan are really not alike. At that time, his face was only flesh, and he could not even see his eyes. Now he shows the good genes of both parents and looks much more handsome than Mu Tianshi.

Mu Tianshi has fainted, and Bidou will automatically end. Zheng Gaoyuan stepped down from the stage regretfully and deliberately waited for Mu Tianshi to wake up: "Mu Tianshi, don't forget, when I funded you, I signed an agreement. After you graduated, you wanted to work in HuoFeng Company for five years. As a result, now five years have passed, and I haven't seen you work in HuoFeng Company for one day. This is clearly a breach of contract! Since you broke the contract, of course you have to pay back all the money I gave you at the beginning, and you have to pay liquidated damages."

At the beginning, his grandparents also wanted to prevent him from suffering losses, so they let the people he had funded sign the agreement, and most of the others also fulfilled it.

Mu Tianshi heard these words, and his face immediately changed. After the Fire Phoenix company had an accident, Zheng Gaoyuan went away. He was guarded as a school teacher and did not associate with the Zheng family. Over time, he naturally forgot about it, but he didn't expect Zheng Gaoyuan to mention it.

"You see, the agreement is here, as is the transfer record of the money I gave you at the beginning…You don't think that all you have to do is pay back the tuition and living expenses. The money I gave you to buy the equipment is the bulk, and you can't rely on the transfer record." Zheng Gaoyuan added.

Mu Tianshi's blood had been stopped by medical staff, but he could not help spitting out one mouthful blood. Zheng Gaoyuan is too easy to coax and generous to the people around him, because he doesn't actually spend much. The pocket money given by the Zheng family is all dug up by the people around him. At the beginning, Nye often tricked Zheng Gaoyuan into buying things for him and reselling them. He looked at his eyes and took some from Zheng Gaoyuan.

At that time, he was still studying, and relying on Zheng Gaoyuan, he gathered up the best and best combat equipment. Even HuoFeng Company's chariot was tossed over and over again. The money spent was by no means a small sum. This may not be much for Zheng Gaoyuan, but it is a huge sum for him.

At the beginning, his plan failed, but for some evidence in his hand, I'm afraid the people behind him would still think of some way to destroy him…In recent years, he was cautious and even dared not go out of the city, how could he have money?

"Zheng Gaoyuan, you…" Mu Tianshi thought of here, looked at Zheng Gaoyuan maliciously, although he bought those things, but since he didn't dare to out of the city, nature is useless, now the value has been discounted, and can take what also.

"I hate it when people look at me like this. If you look at me like this again, I will hit you again!" Zheng Gaoyuan waved his fist.

Mu Tianshi turned away the line of sight, but don't want to see at a glance is coming toward the side of the Lin Qiu, eyes immediately revealed the expression of distress.

"Zheng Gaoyuan, indeed as expected is and don't three days when scraping the eye! If there is no accident, you should have five grades, right? It is really admirable." Feng Linqiu swept Mu Tianshi without trace, to Zheng Gaoyuan laughed.

Mu Tianshi contact Lin Qiu eyes, immediately bowed his head, Shi Qingyang is saw his one eye at this time-just Mu Tianshi see Lin Qiu eyes, is clearly know Lin Qiu, this person is eighty percent of the family.

Shi Qingyang also heard Zheng Gaoyuan say some things about Mu Tianshi one after another before. He also clearly remembered that after the chariot of HuoFeng Company went wrong in the previous life, it was Feng family that bought HuoFeng Company. As soon as both sides contacted, it was natural to know that behind Mu Tianshi was mostly the person who Feng family.

Zheng Gaoyuan didn't know this, but he was not as good as Shi Qingyang at Feng Linqiu's strength, but he was also disliked by those who were blown into the first day of the Chinese nation: "I can do this, thanks to my master, who is a good man who has never been before and who has never come after. he is much better than me and I don't know how many times…"

Zheng Gaoyuan cheerfully praised Shi Qingyang, unavoidably making Feng Linqiu unhappy, but he didn't show anything on his face.

Feng Linqiu knew that Zheng Gaoyuan's master was Shi Qingyang, but others did not. At this time, some people could not help but ask, "Who is Zheng Shaoshao's master?"

"My master is him." Zheng Gaoyuan pointed triumphantly at Shi Qingyang.

At the beginning, Shi Qingyang was once very famous in Anhang City. He and Cheng Ran could be recognized on the street, but later in Changjiang City, few people knew them. Now in Central City, they are completely unfamiliar to others.

Seeing Zheng Gaoyuan pointing to a person who looks younger than him as a master, others even thought Zheng Gaoyuan was joking.

"If it weren't for my master, I certainly wouldn't be who I am now. My master is handsome, handsome, charming, burly, powerful, civil and military, all-rounder and very elegant." Zheng Gaoyuan said a string of words in a pile of voices.

"Zheng Gaoyuan, you should read more books." Shi Qingyang said helplessly that these adjectives are clearly inconsistent. But I can't deny that it feels good to be praised, especially in front of Feng Linqiu-Feng Linqiu was clearly trying to dig his corner just now. this is really disgusting!

"I think he is right." Cheng Ran whispered, he has always been Shi Qingyang's number one admirer, and after hearing what he said, Shi Qingyang was even happier.

"Master, I am busy taking part in the radiation war." Zheng Gaoyuan grinned: "Master, I will not humiliate you then!"

In this way, Zheng Gaoyuan quietly created a situation for himself and introduced Shi Qingyang. However, in this way, some people around Feng Linqiu were somewhat dissatisfied: "Zheng Shao, you should first introduce us to your master's boast about the existence of heaven and earth."

"Yes, Zheng Shaoshao and Feng Shaoshao are here too. Is there anyone less than Feng?"

Zheng Gaoyuan was speechless-Shi Qingyang was certainly much better than Feng Linqiu, but the key was not to say it!

"Shi Qingyang must be very outstanding, and when grandpa Cheng spoke to my grandpa yesterday, he was also highly respected. my grandpa still wanted to meet him," Feng Linqiu laughed." I think I can teach such a disciple. how old are you, Shi Qingyang?"

"Twenty-four." Shi Qingyang said, Lin Qiu estimation is so ask, he and Cheng Ran news, the other party must find out a lot.

"So, Zheng Gaoyuan met you when you were 18 years old? At the age of 18, I was able to accept students. I was really good. At that time, I didn't graduate and was trained by my grandfather all day." Feng Linqiu seems to praise Shi Qingyang. As soon as these words come out, I'm afraid others will not believe that Zheng Gaoyuan was taught by Shi Qingyang-who is 18 years old and will accept a disciple older than himself? You know, nowadays, most people who teach other people's radiation knowledge are only called teachers, and the relationship between teacher and pupil…when they are disciples, they should respect their master as their elders.

Cheng Xuze of the Yangtze river city came to the central city and saw Feng Yunhong yesterday. as many people know, now he understands Shi Qingyang's identity from Feng Linqiu's words. immediately, some people laughed at him and said, "what kind of disciple is Cheng Xuze giving him a long face?"

"I'm 18 years old, and I've only been able to inspire radiation for two years. I'm afraid I still know a little about it…and accept disciples?"

Feng Linqiu looked at him and looked at the people around him discontentedly: "What did you say? Shi Qingyang certainly has real skills. He is the partner of Grandfather Cheng's most valued grandson." With that, his attention was on Cheng Ran.

Cheng Ran very recognized Lin Qiu, but also know Lin Qiu said these hostile at this time, the moment frowned, see this situation, Lin Qiu face changed, when he saw Shi Qingyang hand conveniently on Cheng Ran shoulder, is more complex.

He grew up so big, Cheng Ran was the first person who made him feel good about him. More importantly, Cheng Xuze loved Cheng Ran very much. Cheng Ran seemed to have half of several companies under Cheng Xuze…

Although Cheng Ran is a man without radiation energy and married, he still thinks that this is a good object. He will find another lover after getting married in a big deal. However, Cheng Ran obviously trusts Shi Qingyang and Shi Qingyang also takes Cheng Ran very seriously.

Of course, Feng Linqiu doesn't think it will affect his plan. Compared with Shi Qingyang, he is really outstanding too much. Moreover, Shi Qingyang sees Cheng Ran so closely, is it not because he has no confidence in himself?

Maybe, he can find someone to hook up with Shi Qingyang…

"Of course my master has real skills!" Zheng Gaoyuan immediately the baggage and take the journey.

Shi Qingyang also smiled slightly: "Feng Shao said earlier that he would like to have a discussion with me. I don't know when he will be free?" Although he now shows only level 5, more advanced tactics cannot be used, but how many times has he "sparred" with Feng Linqiu in his last life? He can even master his martial arts skills, not to mention Lin Qiu's routine.

At that time, although he was outstanding, his level was the same as that of Feng Linqiu. Feng Linqiu never beat him, and for no other reason, it was because Feng Linqiu was too careful. He always wanted to save himself when fighting against the enemy. He was protected by his family from an early age and had little experience like Mu Tianshi.

He has many skills in fighting. Generally, people at the same level will lose if they hesitate. However, if they know his routine well, it is not difficult for them to win.

Shi Qingyang wanted to keep a low profile when he came to the central city, but he did not want to be bullied on his own head. What's more, although Feng family badly, but also not to the extent of absolute monarch, shangbeizi don't also find Liang Liang seduce him first, and designed to make him a waste will dare to touch him?

Ahem, more importantly, even if he only uses level 5 tactics, does the amount of radiation energy in his body still amount to level 7?

Feng Linqiu did not expect Shi Qingyang to say such a thing, but immediately said: "My strength is better than yours. It would not be good if I hurt you during the competition…"

"Shi Qingyang, Xiao Ran, you are here!" At this time, Cheng Sisi came along: "Shi Qingyang, aren't you going to go through the formalities for further study? I'll take you."

"Second Sister?" Cheng Ran some vacant, he was waiting for the teacher Qingyang against Lin Qiu, Cheng Sisi how come?

"You come with me!" Cheng Sisi didn't good the spirit ground to speak, Lin Qiu skill she clearly, Shi Qingyang if really play with people, many will be lost face was injured.

Thought of here, Cheng Sisi is a burst of anger. Although Feng Linqiu did not confess to her before, she contacted her every day, saying that they had a team, school and concerned about her study…She was thinking that if Feng Linqiu's attitude was the same as before, it was that she would have made a mistake at first. As a result, Feng Linqiu did not contact her at all these two days.

Originally they were scheduled to leave the city this morning, but Lin Qiu was cancelled. normally Lin Qiu should have given her an explanation, but now she has only received mass messages.

When did Cheng Sisi suffer such injustice when he was spoiled? If it weren't for scruples about Feng family, she would have given Lin Qiu two slap.

"Why, wouldn't you dare?" The people around Lin Qiu immediately the baggage and take the journey.

Feng Linqiu, however, was personable: "Sisi, since you have something to do, you should go quickly."

"There's no hurry to go through the formalities. We'll have a match first if we're free." Shi Qingyang smiled and asked.

"Since it's a competition, for the sake of fairness, I won't use level 6 tactics." Feng Linqiu should immediately, it seems that he is very fair to do so, but even if he doesn't use six levels of tactical skills, the radiation in the body is also six levels of quantity…

This issue, Shi Qingyang naturally know, after all, he also plans to do so.

A group of people come and go, have long forgotten Mu Tianshi, Mu Tianshi got up from the ground, Yin malicious looked at Zheng Gaoyuan, and went to see the teacher Qingyang.

Cheng Ran saw this scene and stepped on Mu Tianshi's foot. After Mu Tianshi screamed, he smiled insincerely: "Sorry, I didn't mean it."

Mu Tianshi stared at Cheng Ran. He clearly felt that all the bones on his feet had been crushed. This was not intentional, so how could it be intentional? However, even if he hated it, he did not dare to offend Cheng Ran.

Just like he was disgusted with Zheng Gaoyuan, but also coaxed Zheng Gaoyuan.

"Brother Cheng, you are really good!" Zheng Gaoyuan immediately the baggage and take the journey, Cheng Ran's strength he knew, at the beginning he was so fat, Cheng Ran was able to carry him…however, his master was really stingy, then he wouldn't let Cheng Ran carry him.

Shi Qingyang had already entered Bidou with Feng Linqiu at this time, and at the same time remembered when he first came to Central City in his previous life. At that time, Feng Linqiu made friends with him, and he also took Feng Linqiu as a friend. when Feng Linqiu sparred with him, he did not leave his hand. he won Feng Linqiu but did not say anything. after that, he also discussed his flaw with Feng Linqiu…

At that time, he always thought it was boring to hide among friends, but at that time, Feng Linqiu might have hated him.

"Shi Qingyang, let's start."

"good." Shi Qingyang smiled, originally he was going to take the lead to win Lin Qiu, but since Lin Qiu said he didn't have to use six levels of fighting skills, then he could take it slowly and let others see Lin Qiu's "skill".

Feng family has a lot of original tactics. when Feng Linqiu saw Shi Qingyang's unconcerned expression, he pulled off his mouth and directly used a powerful tactic-"dragon warfare".

Under Feng Linqiu's inducement, almost all the radiation energy in the protective cover was attracted by him, and finally it was twisted into a long rope composed of thick radiation energy. Of course, Feng family called this long strip a dragon.

This tactical skill is very strong, because the radiation energy that makes up the long rope actually rotates all the time. If it touches it, it will split open and use other tactical skills to block it. In the end, the radiation energy will instead become a part of the long rope in its rotation.

Of course, this is not without a way to resist. After this long rope appears, there will be no head or tail. Feng Linqiu can control it over there. Of course, others can control it over here on the other side.

Shi Qingyang allowed the long rope to approach him and then controlled it with his own radiation energy in Feng Linqiu's proud eyes. Later, when his hand was thrown, the rope seemed to be under his control and headed for Feng Linqiu.

Feng Linqiu's face changed and he put a protective cover on himself. Then he immediately said, "I give up!"

Shi Qingyang suddenly had a feeling of choking. He always knew that Feng Linqiu knew the times very well. He never dared to fight with others when fighting, but he didn't expect him to throw in the towel so soon.

"Shi Qingyang, you are really good at cracking my fighting skills. Can we have a good talk?" Feng Linqiu smiled and said.

This kind of feeling, like a punch, but hit the cotton…Shi Qingyang took a deep breath and found himself really despise Lin Qiu, now Lin Qiu although strength is not enough, but how to maximize the benefits is very clear, now two people fight Lin Qiu although lost a recruit, but still performance, even if give up at this time, also won't be too ugly.

After all, in other people's eyes, Lin Qiu is level 6, stronger than he is, and he might even feel that Lin Qiu is giving up to give him face.

Shi Qingyang suddenly regretted that he didn't "enlarge" the move from the beginning in order to be handsome. However, although Feng Linqiu looked good on the surface, he was probably angry in private…Shi Qingyang didn't mind making him angry at all: "I'm afraid I can't, I have things to do, and this tactic is very easy to crack. What is there to talk about?"

Feng Linqiu is really angry, wasting his radiation energy and condensing his fighting skills into Shi Qingyang's weapon. How could he not be angry? It happened that although he can crack the lighter just now, he will make himself very embarrassed, he is not sure whether Shi Qingyang will have a recruit…

So he simply threw in the towel, but lost to Shi Qingyang, where will he feel?" Shi Qingyang, are you kidding, this lighter is my grandpa's original creation, you can crack, should be because of grandpa Cheng? I remember my grandfather and grandfather Cheng used this tactic when they were sparring."

"The lighter is very severe? Is it not to move the left hand first, use four to guide the four radiation energy lines, then move the right hand to lead out the same four radiation energy lines, with two hands interacting…"Shi Qingyang said again slowly using the tactical method, while still practicing in his hand.

After he cracked this tactic in the previous life, Feng Linqiu also asked him. He liked to study it. The two men discussed it together. Just like the tactic he gave Cheng Xuze at the beginning, he also understood a clear idea of this tactic.

Speaking, Feng Linqiu discussed these with him after his physical problems were discovered by Feng Linqiu and Liang Liang. At that time, I'm afraid Feng Linqiu had already decided to deal with him. He asked these questions to extract the surplus utilization value: "I've seen other people use the same thing before. I really don't think how powerful this tactic is. The sole tactic for Feng family is so simple?"

Shi Qingyang face innocent, Lin Qiu face is changed and changed, again remind of his grandfather let him pay attention to Cheng Ran and Shi Qingyang things-Shi Qingyang really can't look down upon!

One day, he will make Shi Qingyang look good!

Feng Linqiu was so angry that the people watching the war had all watched the video-Shi Qingyang spoke so clearly and demonstrated it. Although they did not learn it at once, they figured it out a few times more, tried it a few times more, and learned the exclusive tactics of Feng family.

Although this tactic does not seem to be as powerful as when Lin Qiu was used before…

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