The so-called internal aid Zheng Gaoyuan sought was Ye Jinyu.

The scene he met with Ye Jinyu at the beginning can be said to be very embarrassing, so later in front of Ye Jinyu, he was always a little uncomfortable, after knowing what he did at that time, he felt sorry for Ye Jinyu, but Ye Jinyu was a very gentle person, did not blame him, and the two later became friends.

This time, Zheng Gaoyuan contacted Ye Jinyu to inquire about Mu Tianshi.

Six years ago Mu Tianshi was a genius of the Institute of Radiation Energy. Now he has become a teacher of the Institute of Radiation Energy…Zheng Gaoyuan remembered that he had always wanted to join the team. Now he has chosen not to go out of town to hunt as a teacher. I'm afraid he is worried that someone will find him trouble outside the city.

"Eldest brother! Cheng Ge!" Just arrived at the gate of the Institute of Radiation Energy, Zheng Gaoyuan saw Ye Jinyu and Li Jiajia running up and saying hello while running.

Cheng Ran was actually a little younger than them, but he was Shi Qingyang's partner. At last, everyone called him Cheng Ge. Of course, he also called his eldest sister-in-law privately.

"Xiaoyu, why don't you say hello to me?" Zheng Gaoyuan immediately the baggage and take the journey.

"Fat!" Ye Jinyu side Li Jiajia immediately the baggage and take the journey.

"Where have I gained weight and where have I gained weight?" Zheng Gaoyuan didn't like it. His current figure is definitely a lady's favorite!

Ye Jinyu covered her mouth and smiled: "Well, Zheng Gaoyuan, what are you asking me to find Mu Tianshi for?"

"I have a big deal!" Zheng Gaoyuan bared his teeth: "Do you know where he is?"

"You look like this…" Ye Jinyu was speechless: "I don't know where Mu Tianshi is, but I know where Mu Tianjin, Mu Tianshi's younger brother, will be. If you have enemies with Mu Tianshi, you can find Mu Tianjin first."

"How do you know I have enemies with Mu Tianshi?" Zheng Gaoyuan asked curiously, Mu Tianjin he also knows, in Mu Tianshi's mouth, his younger brother is very motivated and ambitious, but since he hates Mu Tianshi, he naturally hates Mu Tianjin now.

"Look at your expression, everyone knows that you have enemies with him." Ye Jinyu said: "Besides, you told me from the beginning that you were looking for an enemy."

"is it? Did I say that? Ha ha." Zheng Gao came a long way, and just as his voice fell, he saw a young man coming up in the distance.

"Ye Jinyu, what a coincidence!" When the man saw Ye Jinyu, his face was full of smiles: "Since we met, the beautiful woman will accompany me to dinner. Help yourself to whatever you want."

"Mu Tianjin, as I said, we are not familiar." Ye Jinyu frowned and dodged Mu Tianjin's outstretched hand.

"Meet, not ripe? Ye Jinyu, after you follow me, there must be many benefits." Mu Tianjin touched Ye Jinyu's face again.

Ye Jinyu's face immediately changed. Mu Tianjin has been looking for her trouble these days. In the end, she can only hide around, but she didn't expect that in public, the other party would dare to do anything.

"Mu Tianjin?" Zheng Gaoyuan stopped in front of Ye Jinyu, in front of the man, with Mu Tianshi also really a little alike.

"Who are you?" Mu Tianjin looked Zheng Gaoyuan up and down: "I advise you to mind your own business. I like Ye Jinyu and you'd better stay out of it." He has a crush on Ye Jinyu for some time. Ye Jinyu is beautiful, but he has no power. He came from a small place and won't cause troubles after playing.

"I'll take care of it!" Zheng Gaoyuan punched up.

"Ow!" Mu Tianjin has no actual combat experience at all. Where did he beat Zheng Gaoyuan? Zheng Gaoyuan beat her face black and blue and fell to the ground: "Do you know who I am? My brother is a school teacher!"

"I should ask you this, do you know who I am?" Zheng Gaoyuan bent his left leg to press the other side to continue beating. If Mu Tianjin uses radiation energy to block, he will use radiation energy. If Mu Tianjin does not use radiation energy, he will only rely on his own strength.

He used to weigh 400 pounds, and he has been trained to look like this through exercise…You know, concentration is the essence. He is now covered in muscle, and he can definitely beat Mu Tianjin, a small white face, to cry for his father and mother.

"Elder brother, elder brother, I was beaten at the school gate. Help me!" Mu Tianjin did not have the strength to fight back, but only caught the opportunity to inform his eldest brother.

Zheng Gaoyuan did not stop his behavior at all. His target was this man's eldest brother, fearing that the other party would not notify him.

There was a fight at the entrance of the Radiation Energy College, which naturally attracted the attention of many people. People in their own school had been beaten and everyone should be excited. However, if you look at Mu Tianjin who was beaten and Li Jiajia and Ye Jinyu standing beside him, you simply can't see.

Mu Tianjin relied on his eldest brother as a school teacher and often played with girls. Now he is clearly being punished. No one feels sorry for him.

"Stop, what are you doing?" At this time, a voice sounded, and then a man dressed as a teacher came out of the school, it was Mu Tianshi. He is about the same age as Zheng Gaoyuan. He is very handsome, but now he is frowning.

"Mu Tianshi, who did well, even became a teacher." Zheng Gaoyuan sneered. He remembered that once someone said he wanted to see the fat man's chest, Mu Tianshi secretly tore his clothes in this place, let him show his breasts, let a group of people laugh at him for using a cover only used by women…

Obviously, he gave Mu Tianshi all the money for his study. because he was stupid, Mu Tianshi could do it? Of course, this is really nothing. At that time, many people bullied him. Even Nye, whom he had always trusted, took him to the mobile town. However, there was a problem with the company, and it was obviously related to Mu Tianshi, which he could not accept.

"Did my brother do anything wrong? I apologize to you on his behalf…" Mu Tianshi saw this scene and immediately said," Mu Tianjin, when can you let me worry a little?"

Mu Tianjin felt a little aggrieved: "Eldest brother, he hit me when I didn't do anything at all…" He couldn't say anything in half because Zheng Gaoyuan punched Mu Tianshi in the face.

"Do you know where this is?" Mu Tianshi covered his face, a full face of anger, he knew that his younger brother likes to make troubles, so he put it very low as soon as he came out. As a result, this man dared to beat him!

"Of course I know." Zheng Gaoyuan is a punch in the past, he has already inquired about, Mu Tianshi is now level 5 radiation fighter, he doesn't have to be afraid.

Zheng Gaoyuan did have the upper hand, but people who were watching the scene of bustle saw Zheng Gaoyuan beating even the teachers in the school, but they finally gathered around: "Who are you and what are you doing in our school?"

"I have come to seek revenge!" Zheng Gaoyuan spoke domineering: "This man owes me millions, and I want him to pay me back!"

"What are you talking about? When do I owe you money?" Mu Tianshi was kicked in the stomach and bent in pain.

"Why don't you owe me money? If you don't owe me money, where did you get the money to read books?" Zheng Gaoyuan sneer at a way.

Mu Tianshi froze: "You, you are…"

"Mu Tianshi, you don't even recognize me?"

"Zheng…Zheng Gaoyuan?" Mu Tianshi looked at the people in front of him in shock. All kinds of emotions flashed through his eyes, and finally he stopped to hate: "Zheng Gaoyuan, you are back! You have the guts to compete with me!"

"Yes, it is better to fight than to fight." Zheng Gaoyuan let go and started fighting at somebody else's gate. Instead, he didn't take the blame. Since Mu Tianshi was better than fighting, it would be better.

How proud was Mu Tianshi? I always felt that I was the best. I felt that if I hadn't been born well and had no resources, I would have been in Grade 8 and Grade 9…If this person had been beaten down by him today, I don't know how he would feel.

Mu Tianshi stood up and Mu Tianjin immediately ran over: "Elder brother, elder brother, this man…"

"You shut up!" Mu Tianshi glanced coldly at Mu Tianjin and then at Zheng Gaoyuan: "Zheng Gaoyuan, you are cruel. I will never leave my hand today!"

"Neither will I." Zheng Gaoyuan looked at Mu Tianshi with some surprise. He thought Mu Tianshi would be very guilty. He didn't expect Mu Tianshi to be very hostile to him. He really deserves to be white-eyed wolf.

The Central Radiation Energy Institute has several competition venues. Mu Tianshi chose the one closest to them. Zheng Gaoyuan signed an agreement with him and entered the competition venue.

At the beginning when Shi Qingyang and Yin Tiancheng competed in the Spark College, because they were not adults and were both students, they were driving at the lowest level. However, this time they did not work. Mu Tianshi and Zheng Gaoyuan set out to compete at the highest level together. After the competition began, they would not stop unless someone was seriously injured or threw in the towel.

Shi Qingyang saw this scene and did not worry. He sat directly on the watch table beside him. Zheng Gaoyuan's strength he knows, eating the queen's meat made Zheng Gaoyuan reach level 5 in a short span of six years, and this six years followed him around, but also made him rich in actual combat experience. If such Zheng Gaoyuan still beat a Mu Tianshi who had never been out of the city, it would be strange.

"Qingyang, when we are here to watch others fight, will it delay you from going through the formalities for further study?" Cheng Ran's concerns are equally strange. After all, it is because he has confidence in Zheng Gaoyuan.

"The formalities can also be handled tomorrow." Shi Qingyang smiled. The words just fell, but he didn't want to see Feng Linqiu coming towards him. He looked at Cheng Ran with a smile: "Cheng Ran, I didn't think it was such a coincidence. We met again."

Shi Qingyang suddenly imagined Zheng Gaoyuan doing the same thing before, punching Feng Linqiu in the face.

Of course, this is just thinking. Shi Qingyang looked coldly at Feng Linqiu sitting on the other side of Cheng Ran, then looked at Cheng Ran: "however, let's change seats."

"Change seats? Shi Qingyang, are you worried that I took Cheng Ran? Or are you interested in me and want to sit next to me?" Feng Linqiu looked at Shi Qingyang with a smile. He said clearly with malicious words as if he were joking. People around him also thought he was joking.

Shi Qingyang took one look at Feng Linqiu with a look of idiocy and directly sat down with Cheng Ran on the other row of seats.

Feng Linqiu thought Shi Qingyang just wanted to change seats with Cheng Ran, but finally he dodged directly and his eyes suddenly became gloomy.

"Feng Shao, the man did not give less face, do you want me to teach him?" People around Lin Qiu immediately asked.

"No." Feng Linqiu followed him with a smile and sat down beside Cheng Ran: "Cheng Ran, I will be sad if you hide from me like this."

Cheng Ran always felt that Feng Linqiu was not feeling well for him. Seeing Feng Linqiu following him, he simply stood up and sat down on the other side of Shi Qingyang. Before, Shi Qingyang proudly took Cheng Ran's hand-seeing the enemy ignored, how did it feel so good?

Feng Linqiu's face changed and he did not change his position at last: "Shi Qingyang, who do you think will win this match?"

"Zheng Gaoyuan, of course." Shi Qingyang Road.

"is it? Zheng Gaoyuan is only a four-level radiation fighter, right? Mu Tianshi but level 5, and Mu Tianshi although not out of the city hunting, but never stopped training one day…"

"If you want to know the result, just watch the match?" Shi Qingyang chuckled.

Now on the competition table, the competition has already started.

Zheng Gaoyuan brushed the contact terminal when he entered the pit, and his information was simply revealed-"Zheng Gaoyuan, 27 years old."

Mu Tianshi is 28 years old, still a college teacher and a five-level radiation fighter. Naturally, no one thinks he will lose to Zheng Gaoyuan. However, at the beginning of the battle, he fell into the situation of unilateral play.

Zheng Gaoyuan has good physical quality and quick response. His hands are dancing in front of him. One by one, he is fighting against Mu Tianshi. When Mu Tianshi starts to attack, he leaves quickly. The timing is very good. He also completely suppresses Mu Tianshi. It looks like Mu Tianshi is being played by him.

Feng Linqiu originally wanted to say something. Seeing this scene, his eyebrows slightly wrinkled. Judging from the news he received, Zheng Gaoyuan had only four grades, but judging from the current situation, Zheng Gaoyuan had at least five grades.

What the hell is going on here? A big fat man who has been abandoned can even develop a level 5 master…is this related to the mysterious pharmacist behind Cheng's house?

Feng Linqiu frowned slightly and remembered those words his grandfather sighed and told himself-they looked like flowers in the family, but there were many hidden dangers.

His grandfather had a total of two daughters from Si Er, but his talent was mediocre. His father was the strongest of them, but he was only forced to be promoted to Grade 8 not long ago. Since then, he even had to associate with drugs every day. Not only that, there are also financial problems in Feng family.

His grandfather has a research institute under his hand, which needs a large sum of money every month, but has few properties to close his home.

Originally, they had a chance to get the Fire Phoenix company six years ago, but they were later ruined. that is, from then on, they noticed the Cheng family, and the more attention they paid, the more they felt the Cheng family was really lucky.

Making money business after business, but also out of a mysterious pharmacist…

They have always wanted to find out who is behind the Cheng family and who "I don't want to be hungry" on the Internet, but they just couldn't find anything.

Feng Linqiu looked at the two men on the stage, but his thoughts drifted to Cheng Ran. According to his grandfather, it was best that he could manage to get the Cheng family's business. Originally they were going to marry Cheng Sisi. Now it seems that Cheng Sisi is nothing in the Cheng family, and he also dislikes Cheng Sisi very much.

In contrast, it is to Cheng Ran, his feeling is very strange, clearly Cheng Ran very cold to him, but he did not care, still want to close to Cheng Ran…

Shi Qingyang was so nervous Cheng Ran that he was not allowed to approach him. Was he worried that he had robbed Cheng Ran? The young married same-S*x middleman, now married for six years, Shi Qingyang and out of the city all day, want to feelings is generally general?

Feng Linqiu is thinking about Cheng Ran, than the situation on the bucket table, but there is a further development-Zheng Gaoyuan has hurt Mu Tianshi, Mu Tianshi is like crazy, crazy attack with blood all over.

See this scene, Lin Qiu heart "thumped", with him, all can't do as well as Zheng Gaoyuan, Zheng Gaoyuan…

"Mu Tianshi, when you ate my clothes, wore mine and used mine, I was very kind to you, but you betrayed me in an instant. Now I must let you pay the price!" Zheng Gaoyuan snorted coldly. What he said is still ambiguous.

"Zheng Gaoyuan, are you hurt me! It's all you!" Mu Tianshi shouted, his eyes are red. If it weren't for Zheng Gaoyuan, he had there need to accompany people laugh at is fat servant here? If it weren't for Zheng Gaoyuan, this six years he why be careful, even dare not out of the city?

Since he knew that Zheng Gaoyuan had funded him, he had never wanted to get rid of Zheng Gaoyuan, but Zheng Gaoyuan was obsessed with him.

Such a disgusting fat man has nothing, because he was born well and was destined to be the favored one. What about him? Even though he has put in more efforts, he cannot live this person's life. How can he not hate this person?

In the past, although he hated it, he also felt high above the others, because Zheng Gaoyuan could not compare with him. But now, Zheng Gaoyuan could win him? I don't know how many good things Zheng ate for him…

Zheng Gaoyuan continued to add wounds to Mu Tianshi: "If you think I have hurt you, you should have paid back the money I gave you earlier!"

Zheng Gaoyuan was torturing his enemy when the people watching the war finally recognized Zheng Gaoyuan.

The central city is very large, and the people in the central city also have a sense of superiority, so they seldom pay attention to the news in small places. Therefore, although Shi Qingyang is very famous in Hang Cheng, few people know him here. On the contrary, Zheng Gaoyuan is the name that many people are familiar with.

At the beginning of the fat man, a lot of people know, but because there is too much difference just now no one dare to recognize, now hear Zheng Gaoyuan, these people immediately thought of him.

Once fat, unexpectedly turned into a handsome man? Countless people exchanged some links, and the video once left by Zheng Gaoyuan was clicked again and again…

Shi Qingyang faintly heard that many people had already worshipped Zheng Gaoyuan. At this time, Zheng Gaoyuan finally accidentally let Mu Tianshi faint, unable to continue the competition, so he had to leave the match.

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