The Zheng family is not a big family in the central city, but it is definitely one of the richest people. The villa where the Zheng family lives even has a garden. All kinds of plants without variation decorate the garden beautifully.

Shi Qingyang and Cheng Ran followed Zheng Gaoyuan into the building. Before they took a few steps, they saw a pair of old people looking at them excitedly-although Zheng Gaoyuan did not tell his family about his arrival in the central city, it was obvious that Zheng's grandparents already knew.

"Xiaoyuan…" Grandpa Zheng is about the same age as Cheng Xuze. Although he didn't see his grandson less in video chat before, he really met now, but he was also very excited. He looked at Zheng Gaoyuan up and down and his lips trembled uncontrollably.

"Xiao Yuan is really handsome now!" Zheng Gaoyuan's grandmother took tears from her eyes and secretly wiped them away with her hands. When Zheng Gaoyuan was a child, they were still working, so much so that the child suffered great injustice. She has always regretted this. Now she is delighted to see Zheng Gaoyuan return to normal.

"Grandpa, Grandma." Zheng Gaoyuan's uneasy face disappeared. He took a sniff and brought a little cry when he spoke. Although he didn't come back in recent years, he always talked with his grandparents. Although he was afraid of his hometown at first, all his feelings came back.

"Shi Qingyang, thank you very much. If it weren't for you, Xiaoyuan wouldn't have had the chance." Zheng Gaoyuan's grandfather had already focused on Shi Qingyang at this time.

With this kind of thanks, Shi Qingyang has heard it many times, and now he smiles: "This is also his own effort." Although Zheng Gaoyuan was forced by him at the beginning, he later also relied on his own efforts to reach Grade 5-if he didn't work hard, even if he ate the queen's meat, I'm afraid he wouldn't be so good.

"If it weren't for you, where would he work hard? I've always wanted to thank you in person, but it happened that another old bones won't go a long way…please come in!" Zheng grandpa hurriedly way.

"Grandpa, you knew I was back?" Zheng Gaoyuan was surprised to see the prepared tea snacks in the room.

"I know from Feng Linqiu, but that he contacted me yesterday, I didn't know about it, you…" Grandpa Zheng sighed.

"Grandpa, don't I know what to say?" Zheng Gaoyuan scratched his head: "Grandpa, I didn't come back early in the morning?"

"Well, since I'm back, I'd like to stay at home. Your father misses you very much over the years. As for the others, you don't have to care." Grandma Zheng urged.

"Grandpa, I'm not used to living, but I'd better live with master. I…" Zheng Gaoyuan touched his hair and finally came up with a reason: "I want to compete in the competition of radiation energy and train every day!"

"The Radicals Competition?" Zheng Gaoyuan's grandfather asked in surprise, "Is there any danger, Xiaoyuan? You are currently in Grade 4, but it is not interesting to attend. It is better to go to Central University and take over your family business in the future." Before, Zheng Gaoyuan's brain was broken, so the Zheng family's inheritance rights were gone, but now Zheng Gaoyuan is normal.

"Grandpa, you'd better let me go. I'm not a student. I can't turn my head around. Cheng Ge is the right person to study." Zheng Gaoyuan was busy. In front of his grandparents, he finally stopped calling people casually. Instead, he called Zheng Gaolong brother: "Grandpa, do you know anyone from Central University? Cheng Ge is going to study!"

"I have several people I know at Central University. I'll ask them right away." Grandpa Zheng immediately said, seeing that his grandson obviously didn't want to stay, he didn't insist: "but to enter the central university, you have to take the entrance examination…"

"This is certainly no problem. Grandpa Zheng, what if you want to go to the Central Radiation Energy Institute for further study?" Shi Qingyang asked, this time he will stay in the central city for a long time. It is not the same thing to stay at home, so he has the plan to go to the Central Radiation Energy Institute.

There is the most thorough research on radiation energy in the whole country of China…He was already very strong when he came to Central City in his last life and was hired as honorary professor there, but he didn't have a chance to study there, which is a pity.

"The Central Institute of Radiological Energy also needs an examination, but if it is strong, it is better to go directly. You are already a Grade 5 Radiological Energy Fighter and are less than 25 years old. Just go through the formalities and I'll say hello." Zheng grandpa immediately the baggage and take the journey.

"thank you." Shi Qingyang laughed.

"No, it's nothing. I'll let you in at the most quickly…it should be said that I am the one to thank. Xiao yuan is like this, which I never imagined before." Zheng grandpa immediately the baggage and take the journey, if it weren't for looking at Zheng Gaoyuan a little thin down, I'm afraid he can't recognize the grandson now.

The two old men thanked each other again and again, but Shi Qingyang couldn't adapt to it. At this time, someone outside suddenly reported that the second young master was coming.

Zheng Gaoyuan was already at ease. Hearing the word "second young master", his face became stiff. The second young master of Zheng's family was the child born to the woman who had hurt him. Before, when what the woman did to him was not discovered, he was inferior to his younger brother in everything and was not laughed at less.

After what the woman did was found out, his younger brother was also sent away for a period of time, but even so, the other party was still better than him, and many people liked to compare him with his younger brother, who even made trouble with him several times in private.

"What is he doing here?" Grandpa Zheng frowned. He guessed Zheng Gaoyuan might come today, but he didn't even tell his son, just to make Zheng Gaoyuan easier…

"Grandpa, it was Dad who asked me to send you something." Zheng Gaocheng came in from the outside with two keys in his hand: "Grandpa, you asked Dad to prepare you two latest chariots, and now I have them."

Zheng Gaocheng was a few years younger than Zheng Gaoyuan, but he looked much more mature. He respectfully gave his two car keys to his grandfather and looked at Shi Qingyang and others: "Grandpa, are they your guests? Indeed, they are all excellent."

Zheng grandpa smell speech froze, Zheng Gaocheng has been changing the way close to yourself, want to let oneself have a good feeling for him, this he knew long ago, also understand Zheng Gaocheng this time should be got the news of his reception guests, so specially looking for the opportunity to come over, but I didn't think this man didn't recognize Zheng Gaoyuan.

Think about it, too, in Zheng Gaocheng's memory, Zheng Gaoyuan hasn't lost weight. Not only that, they haven't told anyone about Zheng Gaoyuan's contact with them over the years, and they only showed their son Zheng Gaoyuan's photos…

Although his son did not even know that his wife had harmed his son at the beginning, it was related to his cold personality. Now he has already deprived Zheng Gaocheng of his inheritance right. Naturally, he will not show Zheng Gaoyuan's photo to him for no reason.

"Oh, am I outstanding?" Zheng Gaoyuan was ready when he saw his brother, but he didn't expect the other party to recognize him completely…

"The man who can let Grandpa deliver the chariot must be very outstanding." Zheng Gaocheng immediately said, "You are not from Central City, are you? Are you here to take part in the radiation energy competition?" Every year in the radiation energy competition, the Zheng family will take the opportunity to advertise chariots. now Zheng Gaocheng naturally thinks so. In his view, sitting in front of three people, Cheng Ran a look is not like a radiation fighter, in this case, the two chariots, nature is for Zheng Gaoyuan and Shi Qingyang.

Zheng Gaocheng's attitude was very enthusiastic, but Zheng Gaoyuan couldn't help laughing: "Yes, I'm here to take part in the radiation energy competition!"

"You have the same momentum as Feng Linqiu. I believe you will win." Zheng Gaocheng complimented that since the things his mother did were known, his life in the Zheng family had become difficult. Obviously, those things had nothing to do with him, but he was deprived of his inheritance. In the future, he could only get a little bonus like that fool Zheng Gaoyuan…Maybe, he took less than Zheng Gaoyuan.

Zheng Gaocheng would not be happy with such a result, of course, so he has been changing ways to gather together with his grandparents. Now he sees some people who are valued by grandparents and tries to curry favor with them.

Feng Linqiu was recognized as a genius. He had always looked down upon his younger brother and felt like Feng Linqiu. Zheng Gaoyuan's mood was complicated at that time. Suddenly he found himself completely unnecessary. make a fool of oneself said, "Second brother, I will be embarrassed if you praise me so much."

Zheng Gaocheng was overwhelmed by Zheng Gaoyuan's "second brother" and was completely speechless. In the whole hall, only Zheng Gaoyuan burst out laughing.

"You…you are Zheng Gaoyuan?" Zheng Gaocheng looked at Zheng Gaoyuan with disbelief. Now Zheng Gaoyuan is 27 or 28 years old. He looks handsome and has no appearance of the fat man at the beginning…How can this be Zheng Gaoyuan?

"Gao Cheng, he is your eldest brother. your eldest brother has been cured and is now a level 4 radiation fighter." Grandpa Zheng spoke proudly. Zheng's people are not very good at radiation energy. He only has Grade 4, his son only has Grade 4, and Zheng Gaocheng even has Grade 3 now.

"Level 4?" Zheng Gaocheng looked at Zheng Gaoyuan with shock. Six years ago, his elder brother could not even produce a lowest level of fighting skill. He is now in Grade 4.

"Grandpa, I'm not level 4." Zheng Gaoyuan waved.

"That is level 3? The third level is also very good." Zheng grandpa immediately the baggage and take the journey, also when Zheng Gaoyuan said before his strength brag.

"how could it be level 3, grandpa? I broke through to level 5 not long ago." Zheng Gaoyuan laughed, very proud.

Since he is going to take part in the radiation energy competition, this strength will naturally be exposed, and for his age, there are a lot of five-level young masters though.

"Level 5?" Grandpa Zheng and Gao Cheng all gasped. when grandpa Zheng went to see Shi Qingyang again, he was just like watching a savior.

As for Zheng Gaocheng, his face is uglier, originally everywhere is inferior to him, since the childhood is his foil suddenly more than him…Now he even wish to hit himself a few slap, let oneself swallow all said before.

Shi Qingyang's treatment in the Zheng family has been improved a lot. when he went back that night, he drove the latest chariot and did not say that he still had many gifts in his hand. as soon as he got home, he met Cheng Xuze, who had just returned from his family. like him, Cheng Xuze also had many gifts in his hand.

"Grandpa, are you back?"

"Yes, I finally came back!" Feng Linqiu had some feelings: "This is the first time I know that Feng Yunhong is such a warm and hospitable person."

He had seen Feng Yunhong before. At that time, Feng Yunhong did not talk much with him, but this time he was really enthusiastic and asked a lot about the pharmacist of Cheng family.

"The situation is different, so is the attitude. Grandpa, I don't think he is a good man." Shi Qingyang said that the Cheng family is not what it used to be. Every company in his hand is a hen laying golden eggs, which naturally attracts people's attention.

Although Feng family is a large family, it has power and power, but it does not have a company that makes special money. In the last life, they once made a lot of money by purchasing the Zheng family Fire Phoenix Company. In this life, they did not have this opportunity, and they might have targeted Cheng family.

"I know that although Feng Yunhong is an old fox, I am no worse than him." Cheng Xuze smiled: "well, let's stop standing at the door and go in."

Cheng Xuze now doesn't take Shi Qingyang as a child and says nothing like before. After entering the house, he said many things about Feng family. This time, he wrote a letter of recommendation to Cheng Ran and a letter of recommendation to Shi Qingyang. If they like, they can study with the letter of recommendation.

Such enthusiasm is not much different from when he first came to the central city…it is also a recommendation letter. the Zheng family's nature cannot compare with that of the Feng family, but Shi Qingyang still does not intend to use the Feng family's letter. he even deleted the recommendation letter sent to him by Cheng Xuze as soon as he finished talking with Cheng Xuze.

"That Feng Linqiu is not a good man." Cheng Ran saw this scene and affirmed Shi Qingyang's behavior.

"Yes, he is not a good man!" Shi Qingyang smiled and hugged Cheng Ran and began to deal with the central city. Early in the morning, Shang Mufeng went out to find a suitable house and planned to open several more Qinghe taverns. Now there are results.

Not only that, Shang Mufeng, who has just arrived in the central city, has also found some staff for Shi Qingyang, and the information has been sent to Shi Qingyang.

Shi Qingyang is not expected to do business. These things were handed over to the people recommended by Shang Mufeng and Cheng Xuze, so they were released after reading them. Then he turned around and hugged Cheng Ran: "However, let's go to Central University first tomorrow, then to the Institute of Radiation Energy, and we'll study together in the future?"

"good." Cheng Ran took Shi Qingyang's neck with both hands.

Although he could not see at all from the outside, Cheng Ran was indeed a six-level radiation fighter. so although Shi Qingyang was very "brave" last night, the next day, he could not see anything from him at all, but Cheng Ran couldn't help thinking after putting on his clothes: "Qingyang, I don't think this new ointment I made is suitable. there are too many herbs with cooling effect in it. yesterday I always felt chilly."

"There's nothing wrong with it, it's two days of ice and fire…" Shi Qingyang feeling is particularly good, cold chrysanthemum after a tight or something…

"If you like, keep using it." Cheng Ran nodded, in fact, he is mainly afraid of Shi Qingyang too cold and soft.

"Master, Cheng Ge, what ointment are you talking about?" Zheng Gaoyuan jumped out again.

"Didn't you stay in the beep yesterday? Why are you here again today?" Shi Qingyang was speechless. Zheng Gaoyuan was so happy to strike his younger brother yesterday that he decided to stay and continue to strike. Unexpectedly, he came back early in the morning.

"Master, the number of those people was too low. I had enough fun at home and decided to go somewhere else to continue." Zheng Gaoyuan immediately said, "Master, aren't you going to Central University? Next to the Central University is the Central Institute of Radiation Energy. I have an enemy who is still studying there. I think I need to find his trouble! It's so cool."

"…" Shi Qingyang was extremely helpless: "Can you not use the word' cool'?"

"Does Shuang have any synonyms?" Zheng Gaoyuan asked humbly.

Shi Qingyang simply ignored it.

Zheng's recommendation does not make Cheng Ran a student of the Central University, but makes it easier for him to conduct examinations. Since he has real skills, he is naturally not afraid of these.

After several rounds of running with the teacher in the morning, Cheng Ran has become a doctoral student under a professor at the Central University and can enter the library of the Central University.

Cheng Ran things done, it is time to do Shi Qingyang, three people now walked towards the central institute of radiation energy, along the way, Zheng Gaoyuan also kept sending messages.

"what are you doing?" Shi Qingyang asked, Zheng Gaoyuan is said to have come to the Institute of Radiation Energy to seek revenge. How can he smile like this now?

"Master, I am looking for internal help at the Radiation Energy Institute. Hee hee, if someone helps me, I can definitely beat down my big enemy!" Zheng Gaoyuan immediately said that although he had gained some weight, he was still well protected and had more money on him, so many people ingratiated themselves with him.

Like Nye who was beside him at the beginning, it was actually quite good. At least Zhao Lizhen took care of him, but some people still looked down upon him after spending his money.

He was very kind at that time, occasionally watching the news or something, he would feel that other people were very poor. His grandparents were willing to let him be so simple and kind, so they helped him contact some people and helped them to study.

His grandparents wanted to cultivate some power for him, hoping that those people would show kindness and care for him after they went, but they didn't expect to raise many white-eyed wolf in the end.

One of the most disgusting Zheng Gaoyuan is Mu Tianshi. Mu Tianshi was born in the satellite city of Central City No. 3. His family was poor and gifted, but he had a sick mother and a gambling father. He finally had no money to study.

At that time, Mu Tianshi uploaded a video on a help website, hoping to find a sponsor. At the end of the video, he just saw it. When he saw Mu Tianshi saying he did not have enough to eat, he felt that the man was really poor and gave him money.

Mu Tianshi also seemed very grateful and came to thank him specially. In the long run, he became familiar with Mu Tianshi and even often wanted to play with Mu Tianshi. Every time Mu Tianshi asked him for money, he never refused.

As a result, Mu Tianshi also intensified. Mu Tianshi once asked him to act as a bully and stop a beautiful girl to save her own life. He also made a bet with others that playing tricks on him made him feel embarrassed…Although he felt something was wrong at that time, he thought Mu Tianshi was his friend but didn't say anything. As a result, Mu Tianshi also got to know the engineers of HuoFeng Company through his relationship…

At the beginning, there was a problem with the Fire Phoenix company's chariots, which would explode if it was driven at high speed for a long time. this was not the negligence of the Fire Phoenix company at all, but because someone concealed the problem and did not report it.

The engineer was later investigated for responsibility, but Mu Tianshi cleared all responsibilities, but even so, his grandparents guessed some.

It is precisely because of this matter that his grandparents will let him leave the central city for a walk, hoping that he will grow up some, and specially let him thank Cheng Xuze-at that time if it weren't for the "I don't want to starve" Cheng Xuze knew to say this thing, maybe their company will have a big problem!

At the thought of the original thing, Zheng Gaoyuan's expression became serious. He did not know who was behind Mu Tianshi, but he knew that if he beat Mu Tianshi, others could not do anything to him.

Central City, he Zheng Gaoyuan is back!

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