Shi Qingyang felt the smell of fish and rice was great when he was outside. After entering, he found that it was bigger than he imagined.

Fish, rice and incense are on the first floor and on the third floor. The underground is the kitchen, the first floor is the lobby, and the second floor and the third floor are the balcony. I don't know how many there are.

The enclosed balcony is on the third floor. It is very large and has all kinds of facilities. It doesn't look like a balcony, but a presidential suite without a bedroom.

Feng Linqiu is obviously very familiar with this place. He is also very enthusiastic and even takes the initiative to make tea and water for the people present.

"Captain, let me do it." Cheng Sisi saw this scene, hurriedly said.

"Today you are all my guests, of course you want me to come." Feng Linqiu smiled softly. Cheng Sisi's face turned red again.

"It's really rare that Sisi even knew she was going to pour water." Cheng Xuze laughed. Cheng Hui's two daughters grew up in front of Cheng Xuze. He knew them very well. Cheng Shanshan was gentle, but Cheng Sisi was angry. He never saw Cheng Sisi like this: "When I came to Central City, I think you know a lot."

"Grandpa, did I not understand before?" At Cheng Xuze Cheng Sisi lightly chastising, provoked Cheng Xuze laughed.

Cheng Xuze didn't think much about his granddaughter, Shi Qingyang was very clear about Lin Qiu's behavior. Lin Qiu generally won't promise others, only some ambiguous actions. In the end, others are deeply in love, but he can say that he has no idea to treat others as friends…

Now, it seems that he did not have too close contact with Cheng Sisi, and it is estimated that he did not intend to have too much development with Cheng Sisi, but Cheng Sisi has obviously become interested in him.

Cheng Sisi, after all, is Cheng Ran's cousin, Shi Qingyang also can't really let her with Lin Qiu mixed together, really want to do that, hurt a girl, he will have trouble to revenge…Such a thought, Shi Qingyang sent Cheng Xuze information.

Cheng Xuze looked at the hands of the contact terminal, some surprise-Shi Qingyang let him explain that Cheng Sisi has no inheritance, see Lin Qiu reaction…Can Lin Qiu talent suffering, does he really need to use other means?

Feng Linqiu brewed tea at this time, brought it up, and gave the first cup to Cheng Xuze: "I have long wanted to visit Grandpa Cheng, and now I am lucky to have this opportunity."

"This is Shi Qingyang? Heard that you are already a level 5 radiation fighter? When can we exchange views and learn from each other?"

"You are Cheng Ran? I'm afraid I'm going to strike up a conversation with you in a very vulgar way-I think you look familiar."

"Zheng Gaoyuan, we have seen before, don't know if you remember? Now you look like this, grandpa Zheng and grandma Zheng will be very happy to see it."

Feng Linqiu said, while serving tea to others, until Zheng Gaoyuan also served it, and finally conveniently let Cheng Sisi "rob" the work in his hand and send tea to others who followed.

"I call you Lin Qiu ok? Come and sit down quickly. Why are you so polite?" Cheng Xuze greeted Feng Linqiu.

Feng Linqiu conveniently sat down: "Grandpa Cheng called me Linqiu, but it would be better to give me directions."

Cheng Xuze was flattered and laughed: "What can I tell you? Soon you will be better than me."

"Even my grandfather was full of praise for Grandpa Cheng's skill, and it is my honor to get advice from Grandpa Cheng." Feng Linqiu immediately the baggage and take the journey.

Cheng Xuze laughed again, then asked about the previous things: "Feng He asked you to bring me a message?"

"Grandpa Cheng, my grandpa has something to ask for." Feng Linqiu's face was a little embarrassed: "I'm afraid this will be a kind invitation…"

"Just say it." Cheng Xuze said generously, but did not promise.

"Well, Grandpa Cheng, my grandpa has been taking various kinds of radiation relaxants over the years, and the soothing agent made by the mysterious pharmacist in Cheng's family is the best one he has ever drunk. My grandpa wants to ask him to prepare the soothing agent. Of course, we will provide prescription and medicinal materials. If the master wants to prepare for others, we will not object." Feng Linqiu laughed.

Provide prescription and medicine please configure medicine, also allow to others configuration…This is not an unwise invitation, is clearly delivered to the benefits of-Feng family out to configure the prescription for Feng Yunhong drink, is it still bad?

Cheng Xuze was a little shocked at that time. fortunately, he restrained himself from going to see Cheng Ran: "I have to ask the master about this first." He knew Cheng Ran configuration of potions is very good, but how also didn't expect to Feng family after.

"then please grandpa Cheng, grandpa Cheng, the prescription my grandpa asked me to give grandpa Cheng is right here with me. would you please accept it?"

"Now the master has not agreed…"

"Since we need the help of the master, we naturally need to show the prescription to the master first." Feng Linqiu said, after connecting with the contact terminal, he sent the prescription directly.

Cheng Xuze received the prescription, glanced at it and immediately stopped-this prescription, is it not at the beginning I don't want to give him hungry?

"Grandpa Cheng is also a Class 8 radiation fighter. This prescription should also be useful to Grandpa Cheng." Feng Linqiu smiled. Although the Cheng family has developed rapidly, its foundation is shallow. Even though the pharmacist is very capable, he never sells Grade 8 radiation energy soothing agents. He only sells Grade 7 ones. Obviously, there is no Grade 8 prescription.

Cheng Xuze is full of doubts, Lin Qiu so enthusiastic, he thought it was just Lin Qiu want to woo Cheng Gu, after all, Cheng Gu development in recent years is particularly fast, but now…These two prescriptions, how can the same? Don't I want to be hungry is Feng Yunhong?

"Lin Qiu, does your grandfather have anything else to say?" Cheng Xuze asked curiously, when talking sincere.

Feng Linqiu saw Cheng Xuze's attitude change and only thought that the medicine prescription he sent had played a role: "My grandfather still wants to talk to you, don't know if you are free?"

Shi Qingyang has been watching Cheng Xuze and Lin Qiu, see Cheng Xuze expression changes, naturally think of oneself give Cheng Xuze the medicine prescription Lin Qiu gave him to do human feelings, also thought of Lin Qiu will send may be the same piece, can only borrow Cheng Ran shade, quickly sent Cheng Xuze a message.

Cheng Ran helped him block the view of others very well. He didn't get out of the way until he finished his hair.

"Well, I'll be there tomorrow." Cheng Xuze nodded and agreed, just agreed, hand contact terminal rang, the voice was specially formulated by him.

Sure enough, as soon as he bowed his head, he saw the message that I don't want to be hungry. he opened it and saw an unexpected remark: "I am not in the central city, but since you are in the central city, you must be careful to Feng family. the medicine prescription I gave you was stolen from the Feng."

At that time, Cheng Xuze froze on the spot, I don't want to go hungry and steal the medicine prescription from the Feng family? What the hell is going on here? Moreover, why did this message come early and late, but after he promised to Feng family?

Such as Cheng Xuze looked up again, how to adjust their expressions, don't know how to face Lin Qiu is good.

Feng Linqiu also had some unknown so. Fortunately, at this time, the serving people came.

It is not unreasonable that Zheng Gaoyuan will highly praise this hotel. The food in this hotel looks delicious and very good.

But by this time, Cheng Xuze has not much appetite for dinner, only Cheng Sisi is very happy, has been to help him clip vegetables, also said a lot of things after joining Lin Qiu team.

Cheng Xuze saw this scene and immediately thought of the message Shi Qingyang sent him at the beginning.

If the Cheng family did not give Cheng Sisi anything and Cheng Sisi did not have the right to inherit, would Feng Linqiu still be so enthusiastic about Cheng Sisi?

"However, these things are very good. Try them." Cheng Xuze gave Cheng Ran some dishes immediately after he had them in Cheng Sisi. Then he looked at Cheng Sisi and said, "Sisi, how are you studying these days?"

"Grandpa, that's what it looks like." Cheng Sisi laughed.

"You can't slacken off. You must study hard and learn from your sister." Cheng Xuze said, "Your sister grows medicinal herbs, and then the pharmacy factory opens a branch here, which will be able to purchase them at a low price." He said so, also be in show Cheng home everything has nothing to do with Cheng Sisi.

"I know grandpa." Cheng Sisi's mind is not on this, didn't listen to anything.

"You are a girl, how still join the team? A girl should take good care of her husband and children at home. What else should she do?" Cheng Xuze added

"Grandpa, you don't blather!" Cheng Sisi discontentedly looked at Cheng Xuze, if it weren't for Lin Qiu in, she will compete with his grandfather!

Seeing Cheng Sisi like this, Cheng Xuze did not know what to say at that time, nor did he really bully his granddaughter. He looked at Cheng Ran: "Xiao Ran, have you been contacted recently by the master, and how is his medication?"

Cheng Xuze asked if the master of medicine was himself. Cheng Ran quickly responded: "grandpa, the master has prepared many medicines these days. he said he will send them to master Ran Xue soon." Along the way, he can configure many potions on the mobile fortress.

"That's good. Did the master say anything else?" Cheng Xuze talked with Cheng Ran and also talked about the latest research of the "medicine master" and the new products of Cheng family's medicine factory.

Cheng Ran is familiar with these, natural chat, and Cheng Xuze chat with him, also didn't forget to Feng Linqiu, even gave him a few samples of new products produced by Cheng Gu pharmaceutical factory.

Feng Lin received the autumn harvest and joined in the conversation. He was born and raised. He was taught from an early age to face up to all aspects. Whether it was medicine or anything else, he was able to speak well. At this point, he was much more enthusiastic about Cheng Ran: "Cheng Ran, you are much better than me in medicine. You have also received the advice of that master?"

"Mmm." Cheng Ran nodded at random, he felt Lin Qiu is very familiar with, but since Shi Qingyang doesn't like Lin Qiu, he is not willing to talk more.

Feng Linqiu also didn't care about Cheng Ran's coldness: "Cheng Ran, I don't know why, I always think you are a little familiar, obviously we haven't met before…I don't know if this is fate."

Cheng Ran some surprise, Feng Linqiu said so from the beginning, he is only a courtesy, now Feng Linqiu say so again…Just think so, Cheng Ran felt Shi Qingyang hand is sliding back and forth on his thigh, also a stamp.

Shi Qingyang such action, so like in pettish? Cheng Ran completely lost interest in talking to Feng Linqiu, smiled and looked at Shi Qingyang, and took Shi Qingyang's hand back.

Feng Linqiu was ignored, but he didn't take it seriously either. He also introduced Cheng Ran several kinds of food unique to fish and rice fragrance, and looked like he wanted to make friends with Cheng Ran very much.

At that time, under the efforts of Cheng Xuze and Lin Qiu, Cheng Ran unexpectedly became the focus of everyone, Shi Qingyang immediately had a feeling of shooting himself in the foot.

He let Cheng Xuze talk to Lin Qiu, let him know that the value of Cheng Sisi is not big to give up Cheng Sisi, unexpectedly Cheng Xuze after doing so, Lin Qiu goal should be on the Cheng Ran…

From Feng Linqiu appeared so fast today, the first time we met to send medicine prescription, Cheng Xuze want to come to the central city, he even knew from Cheng Sisi, Cheng Gu situation, he must have all been investigated, and as long as the investigation process home, will know Cheng Xuze attention to Cheng Ran.

In recent years, Cheng Xuze will send things to Cheng Ran and Shi Qingyang from time to time. As long as Cheng Ran goes back to the city, Cheng Xuze will let him live in the process mansion. Not only that, if you look further, you will find that Cheng Xuze has invested in the industry in recent years, and half of the profits will always be called Cheng Ran.

Cheng Xuze will make such a donation because Shi Qingyang and Cheng Ran use a public account, but in other people's eyes, this is his extraordinary attention to Cheng Ran.

In contrast, although Cheng Sisi has an 8-level radiation fighter as a father and does not lack pocket money, he knows nothing about the pharmacy and materials factory of the Cheng family and has never contacted the core of the process family…

Feng Linqiu at the moment, perhaps has moved the goal, looks Cheng Ran!

Shi Qingyang such a thought, unavoidably some depressed, pestering Cheng Ran more, little affectations, Cheng Ran sweet in my heart, attention to him…

Cheng Xuze saw this situation and knew Shi Qingyang was jealous. He was speechless. Fortunately, although the meal was eaten slowly, it ended soon.

Feng Linqiu resigned after dinner, but Cheng Sisi stayed and took Cheng Xuze to the villa they had found in advance.

Cheng Sisi, who had been chattering incessantly, was very silent all the way: "Grandpa, why did you say that before?" Feng Linqiu's different attitude towards her before and after may not have been noticed by others, but she felt it.

"Sisi, Grandpa just tries him to see if he is sincere." Cheng Xuze immediately said, Lin Qiu after all is too young, although has performed very well, shrewd but still a little bit worse, before and after the different attitude towards Cheng Sisi, looked at some obvious.

Had it not been for Shi Qingyang's initial reminder, he would certainly not have noticed this. Even if he did, he would only have felt that his granddaughter was romantic, but now it is different.

Cheng Sisi bite lips didn't speak, although she has a bad temper, but very respect for his grandfather, listened to the words of Cheng Xuze a recall, also want to understand, before is clearly found Cheng Xuze Feng Linqiu Cheng Ran more attention, forget he began to surround Cheng Ran…

There is no denying that she is a little jealous of Cheng Ran's good luck, but considering that Cheng Ran said nothing from beginning to end, instead she was flirting with Shi Qingyang and thought it was Lin Qiu's problem: "Grandpa, that man asked me a lot about my family before…"

"He even wants to ask you, think, be careful of him in the future."

"I know." Cheng Sisi nodded. Before, she felt that Feng Linqiu inquired about her family because she attached importance to her. Now, it seems that Feng Linqiu doesn't like her at all!

Such a thought, her affection for Lin Qiu is much less, of course, she is not completely disappointed so soon, just made up his mind to see Lin Qiu next performance.

Cheng Xuze's heterosexual fever was all male. Cheng Sisi couldn't stay, so he sat down a little and went back to school. After he left, Cheng Xuze immediately called Shi Qingyang: "Qingyang, what's going on between your master and your family?"

"Grandpa, I don't know." Shi Qingyang said with great certainty that at the same time he was thinking of consulting Cheng Ran about what I should not be hungry. He believed that Cheng Ran would not betray him, and if Cheng Ran knew, he would have one more person to help fool Cheng Xuze in the future.

Cheng Xuze knew for a long time that he could not ask anything. He could only sigh: "Your master said something too late. I promised to Feng family. He told me that he had a problem with Feng family…"

It was you who agreed too quickly…Shi Qingyang was somewhat helpless: "Grandpa, it shouldn't matter if you go to Feng family."

"Of course I know and it's nothing…Speaking of which, the guy Feng Linqiu is far from you." Cheng Xuze grumpily said.

This is what Shi Qingyang likes to hear, but he also knows that he learned a lot of methods to Feng Linqiu in dealing with people and things after his rebirth.

However, even if he uses means, he will not harm others. Feng Linqiu never cares about others.

Although Cheng Xuze was reluctant, the next day he still wanted to visit his family. At the same time, Zheng Gaoyuan could not help returning to the Zheng family.

"Teacher, you go back with me to meet my grandparents! Please! My grandparents are very nice. They will certainly give you a big red envelope." Early in the morning, Zheng Gaoyuan was stuck at the gate of Shi Qingyang and Cheng Ran.

Shi Qingyang took Cheng Ran by the hand and was still thinking about loving each other well when he met such a door god. His face was almost black: "What does it matter to me if you want to bring someone to see your parents and find someone else?"

"Zheng Gaoyuan, can you consider the occasion when you speak?" Even Cheng Ran was not very happy, for no other reason. It was really Zheng Gaoyuan's words that were too like asking his girlfriend to go back to see her parents.

"Teacher…" Zheng Gaoyuan's voice made several turns.

"How are you well, dare not go home? Didn't you have a good chat last night?" Shi Qingyang asked, Zheng Gaoyuan was chatting with people all the time last night. He was very happy and seemed to have talked about the radiation energy war. Was it not a chat with his grandparents?

"Yesterday I was chatting with Ye Jinyu…" Zheng Gaoyuan whispered, although Ye Jinyu and Li Jiajia had joined Shi Qingyang's team, they were different from others. They were both students of Anhang College, or girls. Naturally, the family didn't want them to run outside all the time, and then they withdrew. The two also went to the central city to study together. They said they were going to join Shi Qingyang's team after returning from their studies.

Because Ye Jinyu came to the central city, finally Ye Houan, who took her daughter as a treasure, also specially went to the central city to develop.

"…" It turned out to be looking for a beautiful woman. No wonder the conversation was full of joy: "Did you tell your grandparents about your arrival?"

"No…" Zheng Gaoyuan bowed his head.

"You don't like your grandparents?" Shi Qingyang asked.

"Grandpa and grandma are very good, but there is still a father and a brother and sister in the family…" Zheng Gaoyuan looked at Shi Qingyang pitifully. His grandpa and grandma are really good to him, but there is no lack of guilt among them, while others…

His father is a workaholic, basically regardless of him, although the stepmother who killed him has been sent to exile, her son is still there, and later he also has a stepmother and younger brother and sister.

"Master, my grandparents know many people. Both the Central University and the Central Institute of Radiology have people they know…Master, you can come with me!"

"Well, let's go." Shi Qingyang spoke, although he has always liked to strike Zheng Gaoyuan, but after six years, he also had feelings. Since Zheng Gaoyuan has asked him, he certainly can't really not go.

In any case, he should also support Zheng Gaoyuan to keep up appearances.

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