Qinghe Tavern is available in every city, while in Yangtze River City, it has the largest number, and it is also the origin of Qinghe Tavern. The reason for this is naturally inseparable from Cheng Xuze's support.

Shi Qingyang and Cheng Ran went to the largest Qinghe Tavern in Yangtze River City. Of course, although it is very large, it is still located underground-the rent of underground city is much cheaper than that on the ground.

This Qinghe tavern covers a large area. The door of the tavern is written with the characters "Qinghe" in ancient calligraphy. It looks very atmospheric. After entering the tavern, the light is unexpectedly bright.

"Eldest brother, master Cheng!" Shi Qingyang had hardly entered when he saw Fu Xiaoyang standing in front of the bar. He was talking to the bartender in the bar.

The bartender master, who is not too young to look down upon, has fought in the wild for 20 years when he was young. He may not know anything about the romantic arena, but he can freely say things related to exotic animals, so he can talk to all the radiation energy fighters.

"Fu Xiaoyang, are you here?" Shi Qingyang asked.

"Yes, I'm here to drink…" Fu Xiaoyang seems a little embarrassed, head down.

"Are you looking for Shang Mufeng?" Shi Qingyang saw his expression and immediately understood it.

Fu Xiaoyang moved his mouth and said nothing, but his face turned red. Shi Qingyang knew his shyness and didn't care. Instead, he looked at the bartender and said, "Old Sun, is Shang Mufeng there?"

As soon as Shi Qingyang asked this, Fu Xiaoyang's ears pricked up. the man called sun Lao by Shi Qingyang smiled: "little boss, little is still waiting in box 1 upstairs."

"I'll go up and have a look." Shi Qingyang smiled, then looked at Fu Xiaoyang, who was poking around, "If you want to go, follow." The few people he took away from the Yangtze River City, although they had a very good relationship with him in their previous life, after all their talents were very ordinary. Therefore, in the past six years, they all left his team one after another and chose to develop in him or other industries in the Cheng family. Most of them were married and had children, and only Fu Xiaoyang followed him.

This man, who lived by picking up prey after crazy Ye Houan in his previous life and slowly improved after following Shi Qingyang, has been promoted by Shi Qingyang at the beginning, and his life is much smoother. But I don't know whether it is because of this reason that he is more shy than Shi Qingyang in memory, even his emotional experience has become different.

Fu Xiaoyang didn't get married until the death of Shi Qingyang in his previous life. In this life, he had an early crush on one person, who is now helping Shi Qingyang to take care of the Shang Mufeng in all the Qinghe taverns.

This pub is divided into two floors, the lobby is on the lower floor, the patio is in the middle of the upper floor, but there is a circle of boxes around, box 1 is one of them.

Shi Qingyang in the past, Shang Mufeng has opened the door of box 1 waiting, he is as high as Shi Qingyang, but thinner, in the light of the pub, looks handsome he looks a little white too much.

"If you hide in the ground all day long, you might be like a vampire in the future." Shi Qingyang saw each other's appearance and said.

"People have called me that for a long time. Vampires in stores." Shang Mufeng called people in, stretched out his left hand to close the door, the right hand is motionless hanging uselessly.

"How is your right hand getting used to?" Shi Qingyang took one look and asked, most of the employees in the Qinghe tavern have lost their fighting capacity, and so has Shang Mufeng-his right arm is down from his elbow, which is completely gone.

"I've adapted well." Shang Mu Feng moved his right hand. Now his right hand is made of metal. Each finger is a blade, which is completely a murder weapon.

The pale face coupled with this hand made him look a little scary.

"That's good." Shi Qingyang sat down. Although Shang Mu wind is cold and not popular now, it is much more normal than before. When he first saw this man in the pub, his face looked paler than now. Not only that, Shang Mu wind without his right arm also installed a iron rod and a tray on his right hand to facilitate the delivery of wine. The whole person looked like a robot.

At that time, Shi Qingyang almost couldn't control his expression, for no other reason, because this Shang Mufeng is very famous in his memory.

When I was young, I was injured by an exotic animal and lost an arm. Then I fought for ten years. I only used one left hand to practice many tactics. I also hit a prosthetic limb on my right hand. The one-armed god of war, whose fighting capacity was not inferior to that of a fully-equipped man, actually served wine in his tavern!

The use of tactical skills depends on the movement of fingers and arms. With only one arm left, the combat effectiveness should be reduced by half. It is conceivable how much it cost for Shang Mu Feng to become the god of war.

Shang Mufeng is somewhat similar to what he used to be, so seeing Shang Mufeng in distress, Shi Qingyang also gave him many conveniences.

Shang Mufeng, who was originally just a waiter, joined his team after signing an agreement to "sell himself" to him for 15 years. He also found someone to order a costly arm for him.

At that time, Shi Qingyang felt that Shang Mufeng would be a strong man who would kill all sides. Therefore, he did not cultivate Shang Mufeng's fighting talent less. Unexpectedly, Shang Mufeng rejected his proposal and instead proposed to do business…

It was also at that time that Shi Qingyang discovered that although Shang Mufeng was a one-armed god of war in his previous life, his talent in business was obviously higher than that in combat.

At present, the Qinghe tavern in all parts of the country is all under the responsibility of Shang Mufeng. It is also Shang Mufeng, which makes the Qinghe tavern, which Shi Qingyang has been losing money at the beginning, slowly begin to make profits.

"Shang Mufeng, I'm going to Central City." Shi Qingyang added.

"So?" Shang Mu wind was puzzled.

"Central City is a super city above the first-class city, but there are few Qinghe taverns there…I hope you will come with me and expand the intelligence system of Central City." Shi Qingyang said that the Qinghe tavern is also an intelligence system. He was afraid of being locked up or targeted by other large families in the central city, and did not dare to develop too much in the central city. He only opened a few small ones. Now the time is almost up.

He has been out for six years, often observing animals, and also trying to find out the reason why the animals rioted in the previous life, but he found nothing. This time he went to Central City, if he could, he also wanted to find out the information in this respect. Of course, more importantly, he wanted to destroy the research institute that Feng family.

The place where the living are used for research should not exist at all!

Hearing Shi Qingyang's words, Shang Mufeng was slightly silent for a moment and nodded quickly: "Good."

"If you have any assistants you want to bring, you can bring them and go with us." Shi Qingyang added, seeing Shang Mufeng nodded, he immediately changed the subject: "Is it time to explain the tactics?"

"Yes." Shang Mufeng opened his mouth. He pressed the switch next to him. The wall of the balcony facing the central patio became transparent. In the middle of the pub, a square projector with screens on all sides played today's content.

Today, I am not talking about tactics, but about an exotic animal and the methods to deal with it. During this period, not only were some people explaining, but also the video of hunting the exotic animal in the wild. I even mentioned how to flee for life when encountering the exotic animal, which is very practical.

At the same time, such pictures and texts, as well as video explanations, will not make viewers feel bored.

Shi Qingyang did not need skills to deal with such animals, but he actually finished it very seriously.

"Now we will find someone to shoot the content of each episode, and then we will find a director to edit it to ensure it looks good. Although the cost will be relatively high, we can only earn more and more by selling it online after sorting it out. Now many radiation energy schools will recommend children to watch our documentary." Shang Mufeng explained beside.

"It's really good." Cheng Ran nodded. He and Shi Qingyang were both very busy. The last time he came to Qinghe Tavern was already a year ago. As the year passed, there was indeed a lot of changes here.

Shi Qingyang saw Cheng Ran concentrate and kissed Cheng Ran on the forehead: "This was my idea, how about it?"

"Very impressive!" Cheng Ran very proud to praise.

The Qinghe Tavern in the Yangtze River City has long been on the right track and does not need to be supervised by Qingyang. Therefore, he left the Yangtze River City soon with Shang Mu wind and a mobile fortress.

Before leaving, Cheng Ran also left all the medicines he made these days to Ran Xue. Those medicines can last for more than a month. By then, they should have arrived in the central city long ago and can send a batch of medicines to Ran Xue.

The central city lies to the north, starting from the Yangtze River city to the central city. The mobile fortress goes along the inter-city road. It takes five days to stop. Shi Qingyang and others did not go along the road. The road also took more time to deal with some exotic animals. It took half a month before they entered the safe area of the central city.

In the vicinity of the central city, everything is in perfect order. Animal farms and medicinal plants are one after another. Because the central city is too large and the surrounding land is also useful, it is basically impossible for people to hunt in the vicinity of the city. In the vicinity of the central city, eight satellite cities have also been established to allow people to go further.

All the satellite cities are outside the safety zone of the central city and are connected to the central city by underground cable cars. They are basically the size of small tertiary cities and finally form a huge residential area.

"It's really big here." Cheng Ran was the first time to visit the central city. Seeing everything around him, he could not help exclaiming.

"At first, this was the first city established by the survivors. It took in the largest number of people and is now the economic and cultural center of China. How is it unlikely?" Shi Qingyang laughed.

"I am looking forward to the Central University library more and more." Cheng Ran took a deep breath. Although a lot of information is shared nowadays, not everyone can read the highest and deepest knowledge. For example, the Central University must be a student or a teacher in order to enter the online library by scanning the identity chip.

"I hope your research can make a breakthrough." Shi Qingyang rubbed Cheng Ran's head: "It's a pity that I haven't found a mutant animal like that queen ant for six years."

The queen ant obviously changed. Over the past six years, Shi Qingyang has always wanted to find another one, but unfortunately he could not.

Cheng Ran also knew about the incident: "It's nothing. It would be strange if such animals were everywhere."

While the two were talking, their mobile fortress was also close to the central city. Other cities could park their mobile fortresses outside as long as they found a place for themselves. However, here, they needed to rent a venue. Of course, since all the people who could afford the mobile fortresses were rich, no one would think it inappropriate.

"Teacher, I'll take you to dinner! I used to like eating fish and rice. The food there is very delicious!" When I got to the place, I sat in the driver's seat of the chariot carried on the mobile fortress. Zheng Gaoyuan immediately got to the right.

"Then go to fish and rice." Cheng Xuze said that when he was young, he also lived in the central city for a long time, but he was busy exercising himself and improving his strength. He did not know anything about the delicious food.

After setting up automatic navigation, the car quickly drove towards the fish and rice fragrance. along the way, people who had not been to the city for a long time naturally also notified others with contact terminals.

Shi Qingyang's contact terminal is a good thing that Cheng Xuze got for him. He can have several contact numbers. Soon after he entered the city, he found that one of the contact numbers received a communication from Cheng Xuze, telling me not to be hungry. He came to the central city and asked me not to be hungry.

Look at this meaning, is clearly want to noodle base…Shi Qingyang decisively to ignore, and go to see Cheng Xuze, this just found sitting in front of him on the co-pilot position Cheng Xuze has begun to contact his two grandchildren.

Cheng Hui's son is 18 years old this year, and he is still studying in the Yangtze River City. However, his two daughters are both in the Central City. The older Cheng Shanshan got married last year and married one of her classmates. Now the husband and wife run a medicine plantation in the Central City, while the younger Cheng Sisi is still studying in the Central Radiation Energy College and is said to have joined a team.

In fact, in addition to the two of them, the Cheng Hong moved to Anhang City six years after the accident with Cheng Hong, but Cheng Xuze did not inform them.

Of course, even if notified, Cheng Hong will not come. Radiation energy is a kind of very domineering energy. He suffered a dark wound when he was forced to advance to the 7th grade. Later, he was seriously injured and broke his leg. Now he faces the pain of Radiation Energy Riot every day. The whole people have almost been abandoned. It is said that except Qin Liu, he basically sees no outsiders now.

As for Cheng Hong's children, affected by Cheng Hong, they are not close to the Cheng family at all, and Cheng Xuze, a grandfather, will not rush to please himself.

Fish and rice fragrance covers a large area and is resplendent and resplendent in decoration. Zheng Gaoyuan got off the bus and got to the door with great skill: "Prepare us a big box for 20 people!"

"Sir, we have to reserve the balcony here, and there is no vacancy now." The waiter at the door spoke respectfully.

"I have been here so many times before, when did I make a reservation?" Zheng Gaoyuan froze.

"I'm sorry, sir, we really need to reserve the box here." The waiter bowed again.

Zheng Gaoyuan's face was embarrassed when such a thing happened for the first time. He was originally a proud person, but now he felt even worse. He blurted out his old saying: "Do you know who I am?"

"Sir, if you like, you can have dinner in the lobby." The waiter had a good temper, but he also clearly showed that he did not know Zheng Gaoyuan.

Fish and rice fragrance is also a famous hotel in the central city, many of the boxes here have been booked for a long time, and the free ones have been booked for a long time. Zheng Gaoyuan, a person they don't know at all, is naturally unavailable.

Zheng Gaoyuan couldn't remember if he had made a reservation for dinner. At that time, he was a fat man who didn't care about anything but eating and sleeping. How could he care so much? But now…

"I'll contact my grandparents right away." Zheng Gaoyuan was full of chagrin. Because he was afraid of being close to his hometown, because he understood many things after waking up, he didn't have the first time to inform his family, but now he has to contact them.

"Grandpa!" At the same time, a voice sounded. Soon, a young girl jumped up and ran up. The young man who followed the girl came to the waiter: "The balcony is still there. Grandpa Cheng is a person whom even my grandpa respects very much. I invited him to dinner today."

"Feng Linqiu?" Zheng Gaoyuan looked at the young man in front of him in surprise. Shi Qingyang's pupil shrank.

In his last life, he was hurt by Feng Linqiu and Liang Liang. He thought about revenge more than once and wanted them to taste what they had tasted, but he didn't expect to meet so soon.

"Grandpa, our team was buying hunting supplies out of town. Upon receiving your contact, Captain Feng sent me." Cheng Sisi said later, a red face, and secretly saw Lin Qiu one eye.

Shi Qingyang saw here, which still don't understand? Feng Linqiu was born with good talent and is the most outstanding young man in Central City. No one else can match him. Naturally, he has attracted many people's admiration. Even if he got married early in his last life, there are still many people like him. Now he is not married, not to mention.

Although Cheng Sisi is one year older than him, he is also quite old. However, the Cheng family is not what it used to be. Even the family background is quite similar. Even there is some ambiguity between the two.

However, Cheng Sisi may take these ambiguities seriously, but Feng Linqiu is mostly just playing. This person has always been indifferent. When it comes to using a person, it is extremely good. When it comes to using it, he kicked it away. At the beginning, he was seemingly gentle to himself, but secretly he was very disdainful. He once argued with this "good friend" for this matter…

"Grandpa Cheng, Cheng Sisi and I are good friends. Today I will host a dinner for Grandpa Cheng." Feng Linqiu laughed: "Grandpa Cheng, don't refuse. My grandpa also asked me to take a message to Grandpa Cheng. I have something to trouble you."

Feng Linqiu's grandfather, who is one of the two nine-level masters of China, Feng Yunhong, said that Feng Linqiu would not refuse. He followed Feng Linqiu into the box.

It was not until this time that Zheng Gaoyuan suddenly remembered something: "Our Zheng family also has a special box here. All I have to do is brush the contact terminal!"

"Go in." Shi Qingyang saw his one eye, calm tone.

Cheng Ran quickly took Shi Qingyang's hand: "Qingyang, don't you like that person?"

"Yes." Shi Qingyang smiled.

"then I don't like him either." Cheng Ran immediately the baggage and take the journey, originally raised the familiar feeling was thrown behind him, only to Feng Linqiu don't like.

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