After saying goodbye to Cheng Xuze, Shi Qingyang went straight back to the room, and as soon as he entered, he saw Cheng Ran sleeping soundly on his bed.

Cheng Ran is now 24 years old. After following Shi Qingyang's experience everywhere, he is no longer as thin and small as before. His body also has muscles, but it is not obvious. He has no scars and is white and smooth.

This kind of skin, or Cheng Ran out with drugs…Shi Qingyang leaned over and kissed on Cheng Ran face, again remind of the previous things.

After getting married, the two of them had close contact. Cheng Ran also saw the scars on his body. He didn't think there was anything wrong with those scars, but Cheng Ran produced some medicine shortly afterwards.

He had a scar in his previous life to record his record, but under the action of the medicine, he had no scar in his body in this life, and even problems such as large pores did not exist.

He is like this, let alone Cheng Ran, now Cheng Ran skin, is absolutely enviable!

Shi Qingyang thought of here and couldn't help kissing a few more. Until Cheng Ran moved, he finally let go and took a bath as fast as he could.

He is not tired now, but see Cheng Ran sleeping appearance, but also have sleep…Shi Qingyang gently lifted the quilt, is going to lie in, but don't want to unexpectedly saw the scene of his blood flow faster-Cheng Ran didn't wear clothes!

I took off my pajamas, and Shi Qingyang lay quietly inside. then, I couldn't help but hold my arms tightly and kissed several people-I don't know why, every time I saw Cheng Ran, he wanted to kiss several people. sometimes I even could not help but wonder whether Cheng Ran or he was suffering from skin hunger and thirst.

The feeling of such a tight hug is very good, but it is just too good…After a while, Shi Qingyang had no choice but to climb out of the quilt and put on his pajamas and pajamas. Then he slept next to Cheng Ran.

This sleep for a long time, until there is movement around, Shi Qingyang just opened his eyes, and then see Cheng Ran absently looked at himself, that some ignorant eyes, let he couldn't help but kiss a few mouth again.

"Qingyang, are you back?" Cheng Ran asked pleasantly surprised. he had just rushed up and found himself naked: "I was too tired to take a shower before, and I was in a hurry to sleep …" at that time, his whole face turned red.

"It's okay, we can still sleep like this!" Shi Qingyang immediately the baggage and take the journey.

Cheng Ran face more red.

Shi Qingyang kissed several times as usual: "However, you have slept for a long time. Do you want to eat something?"

"I ate before I went to bed, not hungry." Cheng Ran shook his head.

"Eat before going to bed? However, have you been staying up late recently?" Shi Qingyang hugged Cheng Ran. He didn't pay attention to his body when he was young in his previous life, but it was too late to regret later. Because of this, he has been very careful about himself and Cheng Ran's body.

"This study is very important, and I will definitely not do so in the future." Cheng Ran some guilt.

However, when Cheng Ran was so kind as to admit his mistake, Shi Qingyang could not blame him anymore: "I will definitely stare at you in the future!"

Cheng Ran, eager for this, nodded his head and talked about what he was anxious to tell Shi Qingyang: "Qingyang, we have finally developed a substance from the queen ant's body these days. The substance is very strange and cannot be synthesized artificially. We suspect that it can be used as a radiation inducer."

"Radiation Inducer?" Shi Qingyang subconsciously asked, but some can't concentrate-Cheng Ran can now have been naked on him!

"Yes, the radiation energy inducer, which induces radiation energy, is more gentle than usual…but my situation seems to be a special case." Cheng Ran was very attentive when talking about professional problems, and did not find anything different about Shi Qingyang.

Shi Qingyang only felt that he should stop early: "However, let's get up."

"What's the matter?" Cheng Ran asked curiously, quickly blushing again-he already felt the "reason".

"Now it's time for dinner." Shi Qingyang kissed Cheng Ran. Although he wanted to, he didn't want to do anything when he knew Cheng Ran was very tired.

"Qingyang, I recently prepared a kind of ointment, we can try it…" Cheng Ran suddenly said, the first time he and Shi Qingyang, because both of them are inexperienced, really a little bitter, then he learned to make some ointment to make himself easier.

Just still blush with shame now so active, Shi Qingyang looked at Cheng Ran itching, feel no need to endure.

Shi Qingyang and Cheng Ran finally failed to get up. After eating the food and water Shi Qingyang brought, they embraced and slept again. When they got up again, it was already the afternoon of the second day, and tomorrow was Cheng Ran's birthday.

Cheng Ran didn't attach much importance to his birthday until he was 18 years old, but after he was 18 years old, he began to attach great importance to his birthday. Of course, attaching importance to his birthday, he didn't like lively, so every birthday was just a meal with a few close people, and then he began to live alone with Shi Qingyang. This time, of course, it was no exception.

Cheng Xuze, Wang Qing, Gu Changjin, Zheng Gaoyuan and Ran Xue are the people Cheng Ran invited for his birthday, and also the people who fully know the secrets of him and Shi Qingyang.

Although he has been following Shi Qingyang team together, but because the radiation energy in his body can't induce the radiation energy in the air, so he never took part in the battle, others will not know that he has radiation energy naturally, this is also in order to protect him, after all, his radiation energy is too special.

Because his radiation energy is too special, even the medicine he has prepared is different.

"Xiao Ran, the research has come to an end. Do you have time to prepare some medicine?" After finishing the sumptuous meal prepared by Gu Changjin, Ran Xue asked, "Recently, the medicine you prepared in my place is running out. However, people are still competing for the medicine you prepared."

"Teacher, I will configure it whenever I am free." Cheng Ran said.

"You can rest for a few days first. It doesn't matter if the medicine stops." Shi Qingyang couldn't help opening his mouth, but he was thinking of having fun with Cheng Ran for a few days…

"If I really want to stop, those people will definitely make a scene…Now Xiao Ran is almost the most expensive pharmacist. As soon as I go out, I will be arrested and asked about the mysterious pharmacist of the Cheng family." Ran Xue was somewhat helpless.

Six years ago, she was suddenly told that Cheng Ran had radiation energy, and then she signed an agreement with the Cheng family to start the course of making medicine. At first, she felt very excited, because Cheng Ran was a good student. Before long, she began to be shocked, because some of Cheng Ran's performances were too special. Up to now, she even had no strength for shock.

Cheng Ran's radiation energy is very stable. The medicine he configured is naturally more stable and safer than that of others. In particular, the radiation energy soothing agent he configured is far more effective than that configured by others.

This was nothing, but just two years ago, Cheng Ran commissioned her to sell some of the drugs he could not use up after configuring them for the purpose of "supporting his family".

At first, everyone thought that she had prepared those drugs, but soon they found the problem-the same seven-level radiation energy relaxant, Cheng Ran prepared twice as much effect as she did, and the damage to her body was less than half!

However, in a short period of two years, Cheng Ran has already had many loyal customers. Now outside, everyone is full of praise whenever he mentions the mysterious pharmacist of Cheng's family.

Many of her former friends thought that she had received the advice of the pharmacist to improve so much, but absolutely no one would have thought that she had taught the mysterious pharmacist.

"I'm fine and I don't feel tired. I like to prepare medicine." Cheng Ran looked at Shi Qingyang and explained that he had always wanted to make money to raise Shi Qingyang. If hunting was not possible, it would naturally be necessary to prepare drugs, which was not difficult for him.

If it is replaced by another pharmacist, even if the configuration is successful this time, he may still fail next time, but he does not have such problems and the success rate of configuration is very high. On the one hand, he has a good memory, on the other hand, he has strong control over radiation energy.

Now, he only said that the amount of radiation energy in the body has reached the level of six, and the allocation of some drugs will not feel tired at all, and it will take some time at most.

"That's good, not too much anyway." Ran Xue smiled. Cheng Ran often went out of the city, or studied queens at Cheng's research institute. Usually she had a small stock of them: "By the way, how are you thinking about going to Central City in Xiao Ran?"

"Central City?" Shi Qingyang asked curiously, he never heard Cheng Ran talk about it.

"Qingyang, I want to take an examination of doctoral students in the Central University," Cheng Ran suddenly remembered this matter and immediately looked at Shi Qingyang." This is what we have just thought of in the past two days. We found that the substance is similar to the radioactive inducer, but we do not know the specific composition of the radioactive inducer. Several people in the research institute have not learned this knowledge, so I want to go to the Central City to have a look…Qingyang, I don't have to be there all the time. With the identity of a doctoral student, I can visit the Central University's database, write down some data completely and then go to the mobile fortress for research, even if there are doubts.

Cheng family set up a research institute six years ago, but there were only about a dozen people in the research institute. These people only studied the queen ant. Now the research has made a breakthrough, and a substance has been developed from it. At the same time, it has also fallen into a bottleneck, because no one knows how to use this substance most appropriately.

In fact, if Li Rong and others hadn't helped "test drugs" before, I'm afraid their data collection is incomplete now.

"However, that we are really yet I feel the harmonious heart-beat of the Sacred Unicorn, I also plan to go to the central city. You can stay there, and I'll accompany you after you get your PhD from Central University." Shi Qingyang laughed.

He has been to many places in the past six years and the Central City, but he never stayed much. This is mainly because he feels that he is not strong enough, but now he is about the same. More importantly, in half a year, it will be the time for the four-year Radiation fighter Tournament.

He had a tournament the year he was born again, because he did not remember the contestant who won that year in his last life, so he did not participate in the tournament at all. Four years ago, he pointed out that Cheng Xuze had made a lot of money for the right person, but he only watched the war on the Internet. But this time, he wanted to see it.

Not only do you want to see, he also plans to let Zheng Gaoyuan take part in the competition-this radiation energy fighter competition, which only allows young people under the age of 30 to take part in. Zheng Gaoyuan may not be the best among them, but he has trained him for six years and should be able to win the top 100.

He spent the last ten years of his life in Central City in his last life. Now it is time to go back and have a look.

"Xiao Ran, if you want to go to the central city, grandpa will help you fix it up. Now your two cousins are studying in the central city. If you like, you can go to them to take care of you…No, you should still let Wang Qing accompany you. Your dad went to the central city a year ago, so if he finds you in trouble, he can also ask Wang Qing to come forward…this is still not enough. I'll go with you, so you can also have a care!" Cheng Xuze no matter how to think all feel inappropriate, finally made a decision to go with yourself-there are too many large families in the central city, if Cheng Ran and Shi Qingyang out of the question, what can I do?

As for Cheng Hong, he did not worry about it for a long time. Now Cheng Hong has grown into a waste and will not be in trouble with him.

"Grandpa, the Cheng family is in the Yangtze River city…" Shi Qingyang hesitated.

"In fact, usually don't need me to do anything, your uncle will take care of everything. What's more, the Radiation fighter Tournament is about to begin. By the way, I can also look at the memory, you know, I also won the second place!" Cheng Xuze suddenly found a reason for himself.

"So good, everyone go together! When I get to the central city, I'll host a dinner for everyone!" Zheng Gaoyuan had been eating hard before, but raised his head when he heard others mention the central city.

"Then we will wait!" Shi Qingyang laughed.

"Master, Master, Central City is a good place. There is everything there. When we get to Central City, I'll send you the latest Fire Phoenix chariot!" Thinking of the place where he grew up, Zheng Gaoyuan felt his heart was hot.

In fact, Shi Qingyang told him long ago that even if he still planned to follow Shi Qingyang in the future, he could go home and have a look, but he finally refused, for no other reason, just because he hoped he could be better, better, and return to his hometown in good stead.

He used to be a fat man who was a bit silly. He was laughed at a lot in the central city. Those who laughed at him did not understand before, but now they can recall it completely. They just don't know how those people would react if they knew that he had become a level 5 radiation energy fighter…

Thought of here, Zheng Gaoyuan couldn't help laughing proudly.

Before, Zheng Gaoyuan called Cheng Ran a teacher's mother one by one outside the city. Now in front of Cheng Ran, he immediately became a "teacher's father"…Shi Qingyang knew Zheng Gaoyuan's character long ago, and he was not surprised, but decided to tell him an unfortunate news at this time: "Central City is really good. I heard that you were wronged there before? My apprentice, it would be too bad to be looked down upon. this time back, you will immediately sign up for the tournament. if you don't get the top 20…hum!"

"Master, are you kidding?" Zheng Gaoyuan froze.

"Of course not." Shi Qingyang affirmed that although his expectation for Zheng Gaoyuan is the top 100, the target should be set higher. As for punishment, Zheng Gaoyuan should go hunting more in the future.

Zheng Gaoyuan saw Shi Qingyang's serious expression and wanted to cry.

After Shi Qingyang and Cheng Ran made their decision, they began to pack up the things to take to the central city. They were not in a hurry, so they planned to take their own mobile fort to slowly pass by. At the same time, Shi Qingyang also gave his men a vacation so that they could go home for a few days.

After all this, Shi Qingyang took Cheng Ran to the largest Qinghe Hotel in the Yangtze River City the day before he left the city.

The name of this hotel takes one word of his name and the radical of "Cheng". Naturally, he also has special feelings for this.

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