This is a giant spider beast with a length of about 4 meters. Its action is very fast. It can easily hunt mantis animals. Not only that, it is also highly toxic.

The burrowing spider beast, named tiger-striped bird-catching spider, grew in the south and was very ferocious. When this female spider was found, it was eating the male spider with its flesh and blood-this tiger-striped bird-catching spider would eat the male spider in the mating process. Generally, when mating was over, the male spider would have been only half.

Now, more than a dozen people are surrounding the spider beast. They are divided into two groups. They attack the spider beast with various attacks. Once one group of people has attacked the spider beast and angered the spider beast to pursue, they will immediately retreat, and then another group of people will attack from the other side.

These people cooperate with the tacit understanding, strength and good, want to kill the spider beast is a piece of cake, now, like going to capture alive.

"You stay away from it, beware of spider poison!" Shi Qingyang stood at the top of the mobile fortress nearby and did not make any moves.

"Master, you actually want to tell us not to let this spider beast waste spider poison?" A man deftly attacking the spider beast shouted, "For the sake of the master, you have to send the spider poison to the teacher's mother! We are now throwing caution to the wind!"

"If you don't like it, you can come back." Shi Qingyang gave the man a look.

"Willing to, I'm very happy! Master, you gave us a chance to experience. How can we not grasp it well?" The man hurriedly said, with a sad face-why does he always say the wrong thing when his brain is confused?

Want to know, they have also dealt with a few tiger-striped bird spiders before, but all of them were shot by Shi Qingyang alone, beating them down directly, without giving them a chance to exercise. Now they are very not easy to shoot, how can they not grasp the opportunity well?

Shi Qingyang didn't continue to talk, just looking at the spider beast, let the other party can't hurt at will, at the same time control their desire to want to sell |.

He died in his last life under the attack of the spider beast, naturally very disgusted with the spider beast, usually see spider beast, is directly to arrange, this time he is going to send Cheng Ran spider poison, but also cheerfully a person to deal with several…If it weren't for suddenly found that the people who followed haven't hunted for several days, he would have robbed the spider beast directly, after all, gave Cheng Ran gifts, all by himself is the most intentional.

Of course, he didn't end up dealing with this spider beast. In fact, there are other reasons, that is, he broke through again. Such a spider beast used to be interesting to deal with, but now he is really not interested.

Six years have passed since Cheng Ran told Cheng Xuze on his 18th birthday that he would go out to experience. Soon, it will be Cheng Ran's 24th birthday.

At the beginning, he was promoted to level 3 and level 4 in the ant colony. The speed was very fast. It was naturally impossible to think so fast afterwards. But even so, his promotion speed was far faster than that of ordinary people.

He reached level 5 from level 4 when he was 20 years old and level 6 when he was 22 years old after two years of accumulation. now he is 24 years old. in the previous month's experience, he has even reached level 7!

Twenty-four-year-old six-level radiation energy fighters still exist in the history of China, but twenty-four-year-old seven-level radiation energy fighters…This has never happened in the history of China, for no other reason, because from the beginning of six levels, upgrading will become more and more difficult.

A lot of people, even if they have good talent, will stay in level 6 for the rest of their lives and cannot reach level 7…Shi Qingyang looked at those people who cooperate with the tacit understanding below and smiled. in previous life, he once stayed in level 6 for five years, but he has already reached level 7 and even reached level 8…

For others, the upgrade may encounter various troubles, but for him, as long as there is enough radiation in the body, the upgrade will follow suit.

"Finally caught it!" At the same time, the National People's Congress, which had just called Master Shi Qingyang, shouted that Shi Qingyang saw this and immediately jumped down from the top of the mobile fortress, then easily suppressed the spider beast, then took out a bottle and began to take spider poison.

"Master, when you send the poison of spider to the teacher's mother, the teacher's mother will like it?" Some noisy young people gathered up again. The face under the mask looked very handsome.

"Of course I will. Who knows better than me what he likes?" Shi Qingyang is somewhat proud.

"Master, we are all bachelors. You can't show your love in front of us like this!" The young man added.

"Zheng Gaoyuan, if you can't see it, why don't you find one yourself?" Shi Qingyang held out a finger and lit a spot on the other side. The man immediately flew backwards.

Yes, the young man in front of me is the once fat man. Of course, he is not fat at all now.

"Master, you can't do this to me…" Zheng Gaoyuan sobbed.

"I didn't let you follow me." Shi Qingyang was somewhat helpless. When he began his training, he asked those who had been training with him if they would like to go with him. As a result, all of them agreed. Even Fu Xiaoyang joined the team after sending his grandmother to the sanatorium. Zheng Gaoyuan naturally did not fall behind.

Zheng Gaoyuan really lost weight very slowly. It took him two years to return to his normal body shape under the condition of both exercise and medicine. At that time, everyone realized that he was not bad.

Think about it, too, Fire Phoenix company also spread for several generations, with such a big company in, beep people marry must be beauty, generations of genetic optimization, Zheng Gaoyuan how can ugly?

After Zheng Gaoyuan lost weight, he not only looked good, but also had a clear mind. Even his strength had made great progress. At that time, he had even reached Grade 3.

At that time, Shi Qingyang had let him go back to the central city, but he didn't agree. Instead, he followed Shi Qingyang around for four years. Of course, he didn't waste these four years.

Shi Qingyang had brought out from Anhang City, Zheng Gaoyuan and Li Jiajia were the highest in terms of grade alone. Both reached Grade 5, even Zheng Gaoyuan reached earlier than Li Jiajia.

This situation makes everyone sit up and take notice of Zheng Gaoyuan, Zheng Gaoyuan's grandparents are extremely excited, they thought at first to let Zheng Gaoyuan go back, but now they wish Zheng Gaoyuan has been following Shi Qingyang, not only that, they also paid Shi Qingyang six years as a day, finally even Zheng Gaoyuan pocket money, began to hit Shi Qingyang's account…

Zheng Gaoyuan is the richest person in the team, but now he is definitely the poorest one.

Of course, although Zheng Gaoyuan's money was on Shi Qingyang, he didn't mistreat Zheng Gaoyuan either. After Zheng Gaoyuan refused to return to the central city but insisted on staying, he accepted Zheng Gaoyuan as a disciple. After that, all kinds of drugs never lacked him. The drugs made by Cheng Ran himself were always valuable and marketable in the market.

"Teacher, I have been following you! Master, you are the indicator light on my way to life, you are the indicator on my way forward, and you are me…ahem, what can I do without you…"Zheng Gaoyuan wanted to sing praises to Shi Qingyang with a parallelism sentence, but when he suddenly found that he had forgotten the words, he had to give up.

"I would be very happy if you had told me that last sentence. Are you…are you sure you don't want to fall again?" Shi Qingyang collected the spider poison and immediately refrigerated it. At the same time, he directly killed the spider beast in front of him.

"It is said that this spider poison is one of the most poisonous things. Teacher Niang really likes it." Zheng Gaoyuan coughed a few times and changed the subject.

"You should learn Chinese well and stop saying things that make people feel ambiguous." At Zheng Gaoyuan Shi Qingyang.

"Master, I didn't even graduate from primary school. At the beginning, it was said that my grandparents had stuffed a lot of money to get into secondary school. You can't force it!" Zheng Gaoyuan immediately the baggage and take the journey.

"…" Shi Qingyang thought of Zheng Gaoyuan before even can't recognize all the words, suddenly don't know what else to say.

"Eldest brother, we are again around? Or go straight back?" Fu Xiaoyang has cleaned up the spider beast's body and asked.

"Go straight back." Shi Qingyang didn't want to think about it either. He immediately said, and his facial expression softened: "Soon, it will be Ran Ran's birthday…" It is still his wedding anniversary with Cheng Ran.

Before out hunting Cheng Ran will follow, they hunt outside, Cheng Ran in mobile fortress practice configuration of potions, but this time is different, soon future home laboratory research on the queen had a breakthrough, Cheng Ran as an important figure in the laboratory can't take off the sound, also did not go with him.

After careful calculation, the two men haven't seen each other for 43 days and 9 hours…Shi Qingyang sighed and missed them even more. It happened that he went a little far in this hunt, and his men haven't sent any news yet.

When Shi Qingyang planned to go out for training, he was thinking of developing his own power. He did not waste the six years.

Now there are dozens of people who are close to him, all of whom are loyal. In addition, the Qinghe Fund he set up has also injected capital into many enterprises in recent years, as well as supporting many radiation fighters with difficult life.

The Qinghe Fund supports mainly radiation fighters who are injured outside the city and cannot continue to work, because Shi Qingyang has always felt that giving people fish is not as good as giving them fish. It does not just give money as some funds do, but provides jobs-the Qinghe Fund has set up a Qinghe tavern in every city, and all its employees are radiation fighters suffering from life and even deep disabilities.

Qinghe tavern is completely different from the previous bars. While all other bars serve people with handsome men and beautiful women, many employees in Qinghe tavern are wearing artificial limbs and are covered with scars.

At first, everyone felt that such a pub could not be opened, but the final result surprised everyone.

As long as they are radiation fighters who go out of town to hunt, it is impossible not to encounter danger. They naturally have some sympathy for those who have been injured, and those who have been injured before, they also know many people. Because of this, when pubs first appeared, their fame spread.

Then, people found that when singing and dancing were held in other bars every night, people in Qinghe tavern would explain the tactics and experience of fighting enemies in the wild in a unified way all over the country every night. After the talk, the bar people would also help answer questions…These things are really nothing to those who are born with good talent and can be learned in schools and elders. However, Qinghe tavern is originally aimed at low-level radiation fighters, and these things naturally make those people treasure.

In addition, there is another reason why Qinghe Hotel is booming. This is "clean". Want to know, green grain hotel grow medium upper few people, these people, the general age is not small, to also is three big five thick radiation fighter, feeling | color trading such a thing, nature all have No . .

After a tiring day outside, the radiation fighters always want to find a place to relax. their wives will stop them when they go to other bars, but absolutely no one will stop them when they come to Qinghe pub. they can even bring their wives and children here to let their families know how hard they are…

Nowadays, all cities in China have the existence of Qinghe tavern. Most cities have more than one tavern. Every tavern has a person trusted by Shi Qingyang. In addition to the income, the greatest harvest these taverns bring to Shi Qingyang is all kinds of intelligence.

Moreover, with the constant explanation of tactics every night, more and more low-level radiation fighters have developed a sense of belonging to the Green River Tavern. Some people feel uncomfortable even if they don't come to have a drink to see the explanation of tactics…

Qinghe Tavern, like a huge net, covers the whole country of China and has exerted great influence among low-level radiation energy fighters.

In six years time to achieve this step, this is Shi Qingyang himself did not expect, of course, this also depends on Cheng Xuze spare no effort to support.

Today, both the pharmacy factory and the factory that produces special masks are called "daily cash", and not only will less than a half of these proceeds go directly to Shi Qingyang's account, but Cheng Xuze will also use his relationship to help Shi Qingyang develop his power.

Shi Qingyang knew that he had embarked on a completely different path from his life.

Yangtze River City is a first-class city, much larger than Anhang City. As the largest first-class city in the south, it has dozens of entrances to the city, but even so, every entrance to the city is still very lively.

In Spark City, suddenly there was a moving fort approaching, everyone would look at it a few times, but here, no one paid attention at all.

Because more and more people followed Shi Qingyang, besides the original mobile fortress, Shi Qingyang bought another one. A line of people came down from the two mobile fortresses and saw the city that had been separated for a long time.

Everything on the mobile fortress was well prepared, so although everyone was neatly dressed after going out for more than a month, the wild life for more than a month really made people feel a little uncomfortable.

After brushing the contact terminal into the city, almost everyone immediately opened the contact terminal and began to watch the news.

Shi Qingyang was not as impatient as the others, and finally remembered the business. He contacted Cheng Xuze first and then looked at all kinds of information in the contact terminal.

Most of these messages were sent to him by Cheng Ran, while others came in pieces from various people. There were also many messages from Cheng Xuze not to be hungry.

Shi Qingyang looked at the important things given by his subordinates first, and then immediately ordered the information sent by Cheng Ran.

Cheng Ran's information is available at any time. Basically, as long as he has something to say, he will send one. But that's all. Shi Qingyang likes it very much.

If it weren't for fear of affecting Cheng Ran's experiment, he would have contacted Cheng Ran immediately.

"Teacher, big news! Some people in the central city have become strong in level 6 before they are 24!" Zheng Gaoyuan suddenly said, with little admiration on his face and a faint disdain: "Master, it says that he is a genius rarely seen in a hundred years. The next level 9 strong man also said that he is the best among the younger generation in the whole Chinese nation…What is all this and what? Clearly, Master, you are the best!"

"Don't say anything." Shi Qingyang gave him a look: "He is really outstanding. When you were 24 years old, what grade were you in?"

Zheng Gaoyuan is still angry, he was only four when he was 24 years old, but he wasted a whole five years in front of him…More importantly, Shi Qingyang is now seven…Although he didn't break through until he was 24 years old, but the one in the central city, he wants to break through to seven, what will it take him several more years?

"Also, I am now in Grade 5, and you are in Grade 4, okay?" Shi Qingyang looked at Zheng Gaoyuan. He needed to improve his strength to ensure his own safety, but he could not expose such strength. If he really did, he would certainly cause great trouble.

"I see." Zheng Gaoyuan shrank his neck. Although he has now reached Grade 5, he has not said much to the outside world. He was afraid that there would be trouble after he said it. Even his grandparents actually thought he was Grade 4 now.

"However, it is normal for you to despise him. Even if he is a genius, he is nothing." Shi Qingyang added.

The less than 24-year-old six-level radiation fighters, nature is shangbeizi sent him to the research institute of Lin Qiu. In his last life, he wanted resources but no resources. He was still in poor health and could make Feng Linqiu his defeated general. Naturally, there would be no accident this time.

"Master, if you are so arrogant, it is really not what you said." Zheng Gaoyuan looked at Shi Qingyang with some surprise. Shi Qingyang has been very low-key over the years and highly esteemed some weak people. How did the painting style suddenly change?

"I have different attitudes towards different people." Shi Qingyang said that Lin Qiu was indeed very good. He had a high opinion of Lin Qiu in his previous life, because it was almost impossible for him to break through to Grade 9 at that time, but Lin Qiu could. However, Feng Linqiu actually sent him to the research institute…"ok, here comes our car!"

People who follow Shi Qingyang will be sent to Shi Qingyang's residence in the Yangtze River City. Shi Qingyang and Zheng Gaoyuan will sit in Wang Qing's car and go to Cheng's house.

Six years later, the Cheng family has become the largest family in the Yangtze River City, covering more and more land. It took the car a while to get to the gate.

As soon as Shi Qingyang got off the bus, he saw Cheng Xuze standing at the door. Cheng Xuze was not young, but there was little change in the past six years. The whole person was extremely energetic. Seeing Shi Qingyang, he immediately smiled: "Qingyang, you are back."

"Grandpa, I'm back." Shi Qingyang smiled, "But how?"

"I knew you'd miss him as soon as you came back, but unfortunately he wasn't here," Cheng Xuze smiled." he did experiments for several days in a row and said that the day after tomorrow would be his birthday. you must come back to have enough energy…when you contacted me, he had just gone to sleep."

"There is no need to do experiments in such a hurry…" Shi Qingyang frowned: "How can you not sleep?"

"Xiao Ran also wants to finish his birthday and wedding anniversary with you quickly. You have been talking about you all these days." Cheng Xuze helped his grandson to speak.

Such words are naturally what Shi Qingyang likes to hear, but he is still a little unhappy: "I will definitely stare at him every day in the future!"

"Didn't you say you'd spend more time in the wild before the breakthrough?" Cheng Xuze asked curiously, suddenly his eyes widened again: "have you broken through?"

"Grandpa, I am in Grade 7." Shi Qingyang smiled.

Cheng Xuze's face was shocked. then he burst out laughing. the wrinkles on his smiling face all crowded together: "ha ha, breakthrough, you broke through! This is level 7! Twenty-four-year-old grade seven, ha ha ha ha…"

"Grandpa, calm down." Shi Qingyang Road.

Cheng Xuze still kept laughing: "I let the servants go back, you let me laugh enough! Ha ha ha ha!"

Shi Qingyang can reach Grade 9. He is more and more sure of this! As long as he thinks that his grandson's partner will be a top 9 player, he cannot help but be very proud.

Cheng Xuze smiled for a long time before stopping: "Qingyang, you have reached Grade 7 so quickly. It's really great. What is the Feng Linqiu who Feng family? I can only give you shoes! It's a pity that the foundation of the Cheng family is too weak, it must hide…"

"Grandpa, it's nothing." Shi Qingyang did not feel that there was anything wrong with hiding the matter.

"Yes, yes, that's irrelevant anyway…Qingyang, this good news, we'll inform your master right away!" Cheng Xuze added that he can't tell others what is extraordinary about Shi Qingyang and Cheng Ran now. He can only tell me not to go online hungry, so he expects me not to go online hungry every day: "Unfortunately, your master's person has too little time to go online, and he is just like timing. Basically, as long as you go out of town, he seldom goes online."

Shi Qingyang only felt cold sweat: "Grandpa, my master, he should have too many things…"

He borrowed the title of "I don't want to be hungry" for a lot of things, but now I'm going to lose my pocket…over the years, I've contacted Cheng Xuze less and less often, but I didn't expect Cheng Xuze to find the problem.

Before, in order to dispel Cheng Xuze's doubts, he even sneaked back to the city to contact Cheng Xuze halfway out of the city to hunt.

Not only that, he usually contact Cheng Xuze in the city is not easy, Cheng Ran has been with him, he finally can only take advantage of the Cheng Ran bath when doing potions contact Cheng Xuze…

Contact with Cheng Xuze is as tiring as cheating!

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