Shi Qingyang and others will eat the food they found that day outside the city. Even if there is any surplus, they will also let Fu Xiaoyang and others take it back. Therefore, there are only vegetables in the kitchen of the mobile fortress.

The kidnappers were gangsters and were impatient to make fancy food, so in the end they only cooked vegetables and queen ant meat into a pot. After cooking, a group of people took turns to eat in two shifts.

Shi Qingyang arrived at this time and did not even have time to take care of Zheng Gaoyuan's reaction. Instead, all his thoughts were on Li Rong and he was afraid Li Rong would not eat.

Fortunately, those people gave Li Rong the first serving after cooking the food and even baked a piece of meat in the oven specially for him.

The queen ant's meat will cause radiation riots in the body, causing severe pain all over the body. However, the attack will have to wait for a while. Shi Qingyang sat quietly on one side. After the second group of eaters ate the cooked meat, he saw Li Rong suddenly cover his stomach: "This soup is poisonous! Who is it?"

Only then did he say a word, Li Rong's face became more and more ugly. after him, the others covered their bellies: "who did the poison?" Li Rong once again gnashed his teeth. At first he suspected his own men, but then he looked at Shi Qingyang.

At the same time, Shi Qingyang's bomb suddenly lost its effect with a "dripping" sound. He jumped up, picked up Zheng Gaoyuan and threw him into the next room: "However, do it!"

The bomb on Cheng Ran has been damaged by his radiation, but he did not hide in the room like Shi Qingyang carrying Wang Qing with him, but ran towards Gu Changjin Cheng Hong on the other side.

At the same time, Wang Qing unexpectedly also stood up, broke the rope tied to his hand, and then a foot may be dipped in the side of a guard him, the man had just eaten something, now there is no attack, the gun on his hand was aimed at Cheng Ran was about to shoot, but under a kick he lost sight, hit the ceiling.

Shi Qingyang looked at it and knew that it was mostly Cheng Ran who helped the king remove the medicine from his body. He was pleasantly surprised. Although his radiation energy has produced some changes, it is still violent and harmful to his body. It doesn't matter to remove the radiation energy in his body. There is no way out for others, but Cheng Ran is different. His radiation energy is unusually slow…

Shi Qingyang Hao did not delay. He kicked another man who fired the gun. Then he saw that Cheng Ran had caught Gu Changjin and threw Gu Changjin into another room at the same time.

"Cheng Ran, what are you messing around with!" Cheng Hong was shocked and angry when he saw this scene. In his view, since Li Rong did not intend to kill them, they should not resist so as not to be in danger. As a result, Shi Qingyang and Cheng Ran just resisted. Not only that, Cheng Ran saved Gu Changjin first when saving people!

He is Cheng Ran's father!

"If you still want the antidote, you'd better not shoot!" Shi Qingyang shouted.

The people who ate the meat at the back were not unwell. At that time, they had already taken out their guns, but they hesitated after hearing these words. They did not know what poison they had been poisoned, but judging from Li Rong's reaction with others, they knew that the poison was very strong.

No one wants to die, at this moment, everyone has a moment of hesitation.

However, others hesitated, Li Rong did not. He installed a bomb on the mobile fortress. He was originally planning to leave with Shi Qingyang and others after approaching the city. Then he blew up the mobile fortress and destroyed everything. Now he plans to detonate it in advance-he will have to be buried with others when he dies.

Li Rong's hand trembled and pressed against the bomb beside him. Shi Qingyang and Wang Qing shot the arm with the gun. his arm was punctured by the bullet. now it was soft to the ground, and countless blood appeared on him. the blood oozing from each pore instantly turned him into a blood man. after struggling for several times, there was no movement.

"Kill them, there is no antidote to this poison!" Seeing Li Rong's death, some people screamed, even Shi Qingyang was stunned when he saw it. He knew that the queen ant's meat would make people suffer pain and make some changes, but he never expected Li Rong to die so soon.

In contrast, other people's symptoms were lighter. Although the people who ate with Li Rong were still rolling on the ground, they did not die, but their bodies, like Li Rong's, showed countless blood and no resistance.

Shi Qingyang although confused, but at this time did not dare to hesitate, directly with the gun to shoot to the people who have not yet attack, those who naturally also resist, more people threw grenades at them.

Those people to be on the safe side opened the doors of all the rooms, with this, Shi Qingyang directly with spoke can stop throwing grenades to him, will be sent to the next room-this mobile town materials is very good, such grenades, can never blow up the walls of the room!

However, if he can do so, Wang Qing will not be able to do so. His radiation energy is too high-handed. In the end, he can only use his internal radiation energy to smash a grenade in advance and defend himself at the same time.

There were not only these two grenades, but also one that flew towards Cheng Ran and Cheng Hong. Shi Qingyang had no time to stop them, but he only snapped, "Hide!"

Cheng Ran speed is very fast, directly to hide next to, to half of the time remembered by his forgotten Cheng Hong, now hold Cheng Hong went next to a roll, the radiation in the body is attached to the body, but even so, his body was cut, completely motionless Cheng Hong even can be called bloodied.

At this time, with a "bang" sound, the protective cover above the mobile fortress was scattered, and Cheng Xuze, a full face of indignation, appeared in front of everyone: "Li Rong! Stop it!"

Without the protective cover, the radiation outside poured in instantly. At the same time, the huge pressure brought by Cheng Xuze also made all the people below unable to move.

Although the appearance of abnormal pull wind, Cheng Xuze was quickly froze, after he killed the witnesses, he has been following the mobile fortress, before seeing the mobile fortress suddenly stopped, and explosions, will blunt come over, thought it was calendar glory want to kill people, but I didn't expect to see the scene that shocked him-calendar glory so dead? All the gangsters just fell down?

Yes, all the people on Li Rong's side have fallen down now. Shi Qingyang was so painful that he couldn't even crawl and fall down in the ant nest. In front of him, each of these people is more serious than he is. In the current situation, the more powerful people are, the more serious the situation is.

"Teacher…teacher Qingyang, what is going on?" Cheng Xuze asked, when he broke the shield, he thought a lot of scenes, he thought he would see Shi Qingyang Cheng Ran fall in a pool of blood, he thought he would see his side of the people were killed, but the final situation was just the opposite.

A full face of pain and sadness instantly solidified, Cheng Xuze even some reaction not to come over.

"Grandpa, they ate poison." Shi Qingyang said as he ran to Cheng Ran: "However, are you all right?" Since Cheng Xuze has come, he need not worry about anything else.

Cheng Xuze follow Shi Qingyang eyes, also saw Cheng Ran and Cheng Hong, Cheng Ran back injury, this time already sat up, Cheng Hong has fainted, compared with a spoke to protect their Cheng Ran, his back bloody, one leg is broken, looks very sad.

Cheng Xuze "thumped" in his heart until he felt Cheng Hong's breathing and heartbeat still alive. He took a breath and looked at Cheng Ran with guilt: "Xiao Ran, are you not feeling well? Grandpa is too rash to break the shield…"

Cheng Ran is an ordinary person, and has not yet put on combat uniform…Cheng Xuze looked at Cheng Ran anxiously while taking out a bottle of medicine to fill Cheng Hong down.

"Grandpa, I'm fine. Does the shield cost a lot of money?" Cheng Ran was in severe pain, but suddenly remembered the amount of money in Shi Qingyang's account and the price of the mobile fortress shield when he registered this morning.

"ah? Ha ha…Grandpa is planning a new material, which will be put into production soon. Then he will change it for you." Cheng Xuze embarrassed smile, holding the Cheng Hong put him into the mobile fortress above the airtight medical cabin.

Shi Qingyang saw that Cheng Ran was fine and did not continue to ask, but immediately opened the door next to him-he always felt that although the queen ant's meat was painful, it was also good, which would allow those people to eat for Zheng Gaoyuan. As a result, not only Li Rong was dead now, but others looked at it and could not live…

Even though Zheng Gaoyuan's symptoms are lighter than those of these people, he is still very worried.

If something happens to Zheng Gaoyuan…Shi Qingyang opens the door with a frown, only to see the round Zheng Gaoyuan rush out and burst out laughing at the gangsters: "I told you to kidnap me, I told you to hit me, and I won't sue you for poison! Poison you!"

"…" Shi Qingyang suddenly felt that he felt that he had fallen from the sky at this moment only to find that they were all fine. Cheng Xuze should have a common language: "Are you all right?"

"nothing, just a little pain at first, just like my stomach when I ate it." Zheng Gaoyuan waved his hand and did not care: "The pain is over by now."

Shi Qingyang gave him a surprised look and then went to see the others lying on the ground.

"These radiation energy in the human body have caused riots, this is a kind of poison for radiation energy fighters? It seems that the stronger the radiation fighter, the easier it is to have an accident." Wang Qing looked at a man who had just died nearby: "Zheng Gaoyuan is fine, should it be because he is not even a radiation fighter?"

Shi Qingyang heard these words, but Zheng, before he guessed vaguely that I'm afraid I can't eat more meat of the queen ant, now see this scene, surer of this.

No wonder he is much more painful in this life than in the previous one. There is no doubt that it is because he is stronger in this life than in the previous one.

He fell into the ant nest in the previous life only when he was in the first grade. he became the second grade after eating the ant eggs. then he fought hard with the queen and exhausted his radiation energy in the body. finally, he ate the queen's meat. although it was painful, because there were ant eggs in front of him as a buffer, it was similar to Zheng Gaoyuan. he felt nothing different in his life. when he entered the ant nest, he was already a second grade radiation energy fighter. when he ate the queen's meat, his radiation energy was sufficient in the body.

As for Gu Changjin, although he is level 5, he does not have any radiation energy in the body because of potential drugs, and he also ate ant eggs as a buffer, so after eating the queen's meat, although the pain is not too big a problem…

"Among these people, the four-level radiation energy fighters have all died, and the remaining three-level radiation energy fighters will also die. This poison is really overbearing!" Cheng Xuze settled Cheng Hong, also noticed the situation outside.

Those three-level radiation energy fighters had passed out in pain. Shi Qingyang thought that as a three-level radiation energy fighter before, he ate a lot of queen ant meat with careless manner, and suddenly he was a little scared.

If it weren't for he ate a lot of ant eggs at the beginning, if it weren't for later Cheng Ran with spoke can help him relieve, he might have died now.

"Master, how is Master Er?" Wang Qing looked at Cheng Xuze. Although he didn't like Cheng Hong, Cheng Hong was, after all, the most injured person here.

"His leg is completely rotten. He has to be fitted with artificial limbs and has suffered serious injuries. Judging from the current situation, I am afraid he will not be tired for the rest of his life." Cheng Xuze sighed, his son suffered such an injury, he should be very sad, but this time, originally has nothing to do with Cheng Hong, Cheng Hong exposed their plans to attract the disaster, such a thought, although he pitied his children, but also think that he deserved it.

This time out of such a thing, Cheng Hong later I'm afraid it is difficult to become a politician, maybe so he instead of settling down.

"Grandpa, I didn't pay attention to…" Cheng Ran some chagrin, but also not sad, Cheng Hong and Gu Changjin together, he will subconsciously save Gu Changjin first really is very normal, after all, took care of him for more than ten years is Gu Changjin, as for Cheng Hong…he can't get close to him completely, even some fear, nature also can't do the first time to save him.

"It's okay, Xiao Ran. I wish you weren't hurt yourself…Xiao Ran, aren't you afraid of radiation?" Cheng Xuze suddenly found a problem-Cheng Ran identity ordinary people, exposed to radiation energy did not have a problem!

"Master has radiation energy?" Wang Qing also asked his doubts. Before he was put together with Cheng Ran, he was poisoned. At that time, he was very worried about Cheng Ran, lest Cheng Ran should have an accident. However, it was Cheng Ran who took his hand and helped him get rid of the radiation energy in the body.

"But now he is blessed." Cheng Hong is still dizzy. Shi Qingyang simply told the story: "From the ant colony, he will have radiation energy."

"What the hell is going on?" Cheng Xuze asked in surprise.

"Because of eating the queen's meat…" Shi Qingyang told all about what happened in the nest: "After eating the queen's meat, we all got benefits. I thought these people would only suffer today, but for them, the queen's meat was no different from poison. Grandpa, it's lucky we didn't give you food because we were worried about the problem." Cheng Xuze strength is so strong, if they really give Cheng Xuze ate the queen's meat, I'm afraid he will be killed immediately.

Cheng Xuze initially felt a little unhappy about Shi Qingyang's concealment, but the thought that Shi Qingyang and Cheng Ran had changed their ways to let him ant eggs immediately vanished.

In the eyes of these children, it is obvious that he is very important…Cheng Xuze felt warm in his heart, and went back to think about it. He even thought that Shi Qingyang was the most appropriate to do so. After all, if such a thing were known, I'm afraid it would cause great trouble: "You did a good job, and Xiao Ran is blessed with good things and must hide them."

"Grandpa, I think the queen ant's meat is very strange. Can we find some people to study it?" Shi Qingyang added that he had always planned to find someone else to study and give it to the national research institute or research institutes other than his own. Now think about it, which research institute is better than his own?

Cheng Xuze now that you know the queens meat extraordinary place, will naturally be doubly careful in the future, never leak, and with Cheng's current situation, to build a research institute is not impossible.

"If the queen's meat is really as magical as you say…" Cheng Xuze look complicated.

"Grandpa, maybe you have a chance to break through to Grade 9." Shi Qingyang laughed.

"what are you talking about, your grandfather and I are in our early seventies this year…the promotion of radiation energy fighters is usually before the age of 40, and there are very few who can be promoted after the age of 50. there is no promotion beyond the age of 70…but for the prescription given by your master, I might have been killed by radiation energy riots now." Cheng Xuze said with emotion, but it cannot be denied that he is still very interested in this: "but I can't, you have no problem, grade 9…" Cheng Xuze's heart became hot.

Wang Qing stood aside, looking equally excited.

However, at this time, Zheng Gaoyuan suddenly cried again: "Everyone is dead! These people are all dead!"

Shi Qingyang turned his head to have a look, only to find that Zheng Gaoyuan's face went white and almost cried-when they talked about the ant colony, those people were all dead.

Most of these people brought by Li Rong are four-level radiation energy fighters, and some of them are three-level. according to the strength of radiation energy, all of them died completely.

"Grandpa, these people have taken several copies of the videos, but they can't access the Internet outside the city. It's no problem as long as it's destroyed…Is it okay for us to go back now?" Shi Qingyang Road.

"Li Rong destroyed the city network, kidnapped you out of the city, killed the witnesses, and was finally attacked by me." Cheng Xuze put things right again. Under such a framework, as long as he filled it properly, there would be no problem at all.

"Yes, that's it!" Shi Qingyang Road.

"Shi Qingyang, when things are over here, you can follow me back to the Yangtze River City. You can use the resources of the Cheng family and Xiao Ran. Since you have the radiation energy, you can also follow Ran Xue to learn how to make advanced medicine. I'm sure Ran Xue won't talk about it." Cheng Xuze again remind of the mentioned level 9 radiation energy fighters.

Grade 9, this is Grade 9…Now there are many Grade 8 students in China, but there are only two Grade 9 students! It is said that Feng Jia's generation has produced another genius, but it is not necessarily better than Shi Qingyang…

"Grandpa, I also want to say this." Shi Qingyang suddenly said, "Grandpa, I want to go out and experience."

"No, it's too dangerous." Cheng Xuze immediately the baggage and take the journey.

"Grandpa, Li Rong is gone now. As long as I hide my name, everything will be fine. Even if there are too many people who know me here, I can go to the north." Shi Qingyang has long known the importance of strength, and what is happening now reminds him of this.

"Xiao Ran…"

"Xiao Ran will go with me." Shi Qingyang smiled, "My teacher also asked me to try to develop my power." He knows a lot about the future and is not short of money now. As long as he grasps it well, he can establish a power of his own.

Cheng Xuze heard Shi Qingyang mention his master and thought of the things that Shi Qingyang suddenly found Fu Xiaoyang and others to cultivate. He nodded at once: "Since your master has said so, then do it…When we return to the city, I will talk to your master with you and the three of us will come up with a feasible method."

"…" Three people to discuss?

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