Before Li Rong was on the chariot, he divided all the people into two groups to be held for safety. after he entered the mobile fortress, he chose the hall in the middle of the mobile fortress. then he divided Shi Qingyang and others into three groups in pairs, placed them in the corner and looked for someone to guard them.

More than 20 people guard six limbs weak after being injected with drugs, it is not difficult, but even so, Li Rong still don't trust, specially took out two bombs, respectively installed in the Shi Qingyang and Cheng Ran.

Cheng Hong he despises eye, Wang Qing and Gu Changjin is inferior, Zheng Gaoyuan completely negligible…Now the most important, there is no doubt that is Shi Qingyang and Cheng Ran.

After all this, he smiled and patted Shi Qingyang on the shoulder: "Shi Qingyang, you'd better cooperate with me obediently, otherwise no one will know what Cheng Ran will become."

Shi Qingyang did not speak, closed his eyes, but continued to use extremely slow speed to run the radiation energy in the body.

He is used to relying on himself in all things. Naturally, he will have to find ways to save himself at this time. The most urgent thing is to unlock the drug properties in his body and remove this bomb from his body.

At this time, he may be lucky that Li Rong chose to take the mobile fortress given him by Cheng Xunze, and he also made some arrangements on the mobile fortress during this period of time.

Looking at the whole mobile fortress checked by Li Rong's commanding staff, all the dangerous things were found out. Shi Qingyang looked at one of the boxes and was thoughtful.

"Eldest brother, do you want to put bombs on others?" A man beside Li Rong asked, as soon as his words were spoken, other people around him in combat uniforms immediately fixed their eyes on him.

"Two people are enough." Li Rong also saw the reaction of those people. Although the man in front of him was loyal, the others who followed him were not.

These people would never have done such dangerous things if he hadn't got something on them. One or two bombs are enough. Once the bombs explode, the caretakers will not want to live. Even if he wants to, those people will not agree.

Moreover, people like Wang Qing and Gu Changjin, who knows if they have any special means? If they use their bombs to carry out suicide attacks…

"Li Rong, what do you really want to do? You are breaking the law and committing a crime!" Cheng Hong was knocked unconscious by Li Rong without hesitation before. At that time, he woke up with a full face of anger.

"Cheng Hong, don't say that you don't seem to have done anything illegal." Li Rong sneer at a way, he knows a lot about Cheng Hong, Cheng Hong also know a lot of things done, Cheng Hong this person ostensibly hypocritical, but really want to say, but also is just a hypocrite.

"You…" Cheng Hong glared at calendar glory, ruthlessly stare at Shi Qingyang and Cheng Ran soon, Cheng Ran is his tormentor, as long as associated with Cheng Ran, is certainly not good, as for Shi Qingyang, if it weren't for Shi Qingyang caught him into the car, how could he fall to this point now?

Shi Qingyang only felt that the radiation energy in his body was on the rampage, but such an impact also made the toxins in his body disappear.

Although the toxin in the body is gone, he still leans softly on the softer Zheng Gaoyuan-now he and Zheng Gaoyuan are tied together, Wang Qing and Cheng Ran is tied together, Cheng Hong and Gu Changjin are tied together, far away from each other.

Woke up by Cheng Hong's words, Shi Qingyang swallowed another mouthful of blood and smelled a strong smell of blood at the same time-everyone else was all right, but Zheng Gaoyuan beside him was covered with wounds, but it was really not so good to watch: "Are you…going to let Zheng Gaoyuan's blood run out?"

"heal him." Li Rong glanced at Zheng Gaoyuan, who was lying panting." Master Zheng is not cheap, but he cannot be allowed to die."

"Yes." Li Rong's people soon helped Zheng Gaoyuan to get treatment with medical equipment.

Shi Qingyang leans aside and finally confirms that Li Rong does not want to kill them. This is undoubtedly a good thing.

However, Zheng Gaoyuan is too fat. Although he looks seriously injured, he is actually suffering from skin injury. This is also a good thing.

Of course, even if there is such a "good thing", he cannot relax. Wang Qing Gu Changjin was given priority attention, but now he can't count on it. Not to mention Zheng Gaoyuan and Cheng Hong, only he and Cheng Ran can rely on what he wants to do.

"However, how do you feel? Is there any discomfort?" Shi Qingyang looked at Cheng Ran, Cheng Ran had not said a word before, did not move…The last nest thing, has shown that Cheng Ran is very calm at the critical moment, now Shi Qingyang nature also won't think he didn't do anything.

In fact, Cheng Ran, who has no radiation energy in the eyes of others, is much easier to do something in private than he is.

"I'm fine." Cheng Ran smiled at Shi Qingyang and gave a reassuring expression.

"But don't be afraid. Have you studied bombs?" Shi Qingyang asked again.

"As long as the radiation can destroy the control chip on the bomb, the bomb can be destroyed." Cheng Ran smiled again.

Seeing this scene, the guards of Cheng Ran kicked Cheng Ran with one foot, criticizing him: "What nonsense? Indeed as expected there is no radiation, such a thing also want to come out, with radiation can destroy the bomb? I'm afraid this will only increase the explosive power of the bomb!"

"what are you doing!" Shi Qingyang immediately looked at the man with a full face of anger, the in the mind is to relax a lot, he just lest Cheng Ran don't know to use radiation can remove the potion, lest Cheng Ran don't know how to deal with the bomb, now it seems, Cheng Ran all know.

"What am I doing? I am teaching my turtle grandson!" The man burst out laughing.

"These people still have to keep it and don't get themselves into trouble." Li Rong gave the speaker a look. The man knew what was right and what was wrong, and immediately stopped talking.

Li Rong came out of the city by going out of the city to repair optical fibers, but actually he was chasing Cheng Xuze, because Cheng Xuze and others had already set out, and they also drove the mobile fortress to the fastest speed.

The turbulence brought by the high speed was very unpleasant. Shi Qingyang closed his eyes and began to study various coping methods.

Anhang City is not close to the Yangtze River City, and there is even a big river in the middle. Even if there is a road left by the long-term travel of a mobile fortress between the two, the road will take 15 hours. Cheng Xuze and others traveled to the Yangtze River City this time, taking a small mobile fortress to be on the safe side, and the speed of progress is very slow.

"Mr Cheng, are those people really going to intercept us?" The Yangtze city sheriff looked at Cheng Xuze, some doubts.

"As long as there is no accident, there will be." Cheng Xuze openings, calendar glory is six levels of the strong, is not the kind of strong with drugs have never been out of the city to fight, if he knew Wang Qing took the witness to the Yangtze river city, will sell.

Want to know, they released the news, because Li Rong's status is too high, so want to take the witness to the Yangtze river city case trial…

The Yangtze River city sheriff saw Cheng Xuze betting, finally calm down and walked back, Cheng Xuze standing in the mobile fortress shield, through the shield to see the situation in the rear, but not some worry-they deliberately slowed down when marching, but the people behind, but has not been able to catch up with…

Is Li Rong finding something, or is he too timid to catch up?

Time passed quickly. Cheng Xuze and his party set out in the morning, but it turned out to be in the evening. They had already driven to the central areas of Anhang City and Yangtze River City, and even had just passed the big river that lies between the two cities.

At this time, suddenly there was a chariot chasing up from behind them. seeing the chariot, Cheng Xuze's first reaction was "coming".

Soon, but feel wrong again, although there are few chariots in this area, but calendar glory, is arguably not only a chariot.

While Cheng Xuze was in doubt, the chariot suddenly accelerated, crossed their mobile fortress and blocked the road.

People on the mobile fortress have long been ready, at this time is to take out all the weapons, Cheng Xuze is looking solemn, he was about to make moves, but suddenly saw Shi Qingyang came down from the chariot.

How can it be Shi Qingyang?

"Sir…" The Yangtze river city sheriff know Shi Qingyang, natural at this time a full face of curiosity.

"I'll go and see." Cheng Xuze said, Shi Qingyang cannot suddenly appear here, he must go and have a look.

What's more, like his eight radiation energy fighters, also only in the wild, can play the greatest power.

As soon as Cheng Xuze left the mobile town, he saw Shi Qingyang with a bomb tied to him and guessed the reason. Suddenly, the radiation energy around him seemed to be all under his control. In this area, he is the king. The chariot in front of him and the people in the chariot even have the feeling of being unable to move, as if they would be crushed to pieces as long as they move.

At that time, no one can even break this kind of pressure.

Li Rong sat in the back seat of the car and did not get off before. Feeling the pressure, he subconsciously tried to resist, but nearly vomited one mouthful blood.

At that time, he is clearly felt the gap between himself and Cheng Xuze, if he doesn't know the existence of Cheng Xuze, running to kill…

With his eyes closed, Li Rong stepped out of the car under pressure: "Cheng Xuze, you'd better not do anything to me. If something happens to me, the others I catch will be killed immediately."

He said, playing a long-stored video on his palm computer. In the video, Cheng Ran Cheng Hong, Gu Changjin Wang Qing and others were all pointed at with guns.

"Are you Li Rong? Before you threaten me, don't forget that this place is in the wild. I am a Class 8 radiation fighter." Cheng Xuze cold snorted, tightly staring at the eyes of the people.

"Are you sure you can catch me and all of us before the bomb explodes? We are dead and it would be nice to have your son and grandson buried with us." Li Rong's eyes narrowed under his mask: "Whether I am killed or captured, the people who follow me will kill the captives and run for their lives. After all, they have all committed crimes. Once I die, the evidence will be completely exposed on the Internet."

The pressure brought by Cheng Xuze messed up the radiation energy in his body, but Li Rong laughed instead.

"What do you really want?" Cheng Xuze glanced at Shi Qingyang. Shi Qingyang was loaded with a bomb because the remote control signal in the field could not be transmitted. Now Li Rong took a line between them. There is no doubt that once Li Rong tore off the line, the bomb on Shi Qingyang will explode immediately.

In front of Shi Qingyang is in danger, let alone Cheng Ran and others.

"I want you to kill Aozhi and the Yin family in front of me." Li Rong immediately the baggage and take the journey.

"What do you want to do?" Cheng Xuze a surprised.

"You drove me to a dead end, but I didn't want to be stranded outside the city…" Li Rong looped the thread connecting Shi Qingyang around his finger several times: "When you kill someone, I will record it. If you target me again in the future, I'm afraid it will appear on the Internet."

Cheng Xuze face a change, immediately understand the plan of calendar glory.

Both Aozhi and Yin's family were witnesses to the mobile town incident. If Li Rong had a video of him killing these people, he could naturally threaten him, because he could not explain to the public why he wanted to kill those witnesses-even if the public did not think he was behind it, they would certainly suspect Cheng Hui or Cheng Hong.

At the same time, there is no witness who can testify against Li Rong. Li Rong can naturally return to the city in a clean and white manner. then even if they tell the truth, Li Rong can also say that they are framed.

After the video of him killing the witnesses fell into Li Rong's hands, he was afraid that he would have to help Li Rong cover up what Li Rong had done.

The originally designed plan to draw the snake out of the hole was finally bitten by the snake.

Li Rong looked at Cheng Xuze's face and was even more happy: "you can go back to the mobile fortress now and follow me with all the witnesses. when you reach a distance, you can kill again. I will only give you half an hour." He and Cheng Xuze are not close to the mobile fortress behind. People in the mobile fortress can record, but they can't hear the sound clearly.

As a matter of fact, what if you hear it clearly? He changed his voice and his face mask only showed his eyes. Cheng Xuze could guess that he was Li Rong, but he could not prove to others that he was Li Rong.

Cheng Xuze had planned to delay the time, but at that time he also knew that this was no longer feasible. He glanced at Shi Qingyang and gnashed his teeth." All right, I'll kill you!" Those of the Yin family who were not deeply involved in the mobile town did not take them with them this time. For example, Yin Tiancheng was unable to be a witness because he was not old and had not been to the mobile town. Finally, he stayed in Anhang City and waited to be sent back to Xinghuo City for service.

This time with people, an innocent one did not, even if he wants to kill people, also won't have psychological burden, just after he did so…

Li Rong laughed triumphantly.

When Li Rong returned to the mobile fortress with Shi Qingyang, his face was full of pride. As soon as he arrived at the place, he pushed Shi Qingyang aside, then opened his palm computer and released the previous video.

In the video, Cheng Xuze killed several people with the 8-level fighting skill that everyone knows. The video has not been edited. Only 8-level radiation fighters can use the 8-level fighting skill. It is Cheng Xuze who can be seen to kill at a glance.

"Li Rong, what do you have in mind?" Cheng Hong watched the scene in horror.

"Cheng Hong, do you think if this video is released, will others think that you are behind the mobile town?"

The fear on Cheng Hong's face deepened.

Shi Qingyang took a deep breath, to calm down his mood, his body is already good about the same, if it weren't for fear of Li Rong found that he can destroy the bomb was placed in the body at any time, but in front of these people, but difficult to deal with.

Today is his wedding day. It was supposed to be a wedding night to be expected. He even bought candles according to other people's recommendation and planned to do something by candlelight. Now everything has gone to waste.

Li Rong did not intend to kill them. In fact, under the current situation, it is no problem for them to return to the city in peace and contentment. However, being forced to this extent is really unacceptable.

Moreover, if I really want to go back like this, Li Rong will probably threaten them again and again with this video.

Shi Qingyang closed his eyes and suddenly opened them again. He poked Zheng Gaoyuan around him and looked at Cheng Ran: "However, are you feeling uncomfortable, hungry or cold?"

Shi Qingyang asked Cheng Ran, but Zheng Gaoyuan, who had collapsed beside him, suddenly opened his eyes after hearing the words "hungry or not."  I'm hungry, I'm starving, you caught people, and you have to give something to eat, right?

Shi Qingyang has long noticed that these people in front of him have not eaten for a long time. By contrast, they had eaten a lot of roast meat before coming here. Although they are hungry now, they are not hungry.

Li Rong has already made several copies of the video for his confidant to keep. At this time, I heard Zheng Gaoyuan shouting and felt hungry.

He has been tense all day today. He has not eaten anything. Radiological warriors can't stand hunger more than ordinary people.

"Go to the kitchen and see what you have to eat." Li Rong looked at his men. He was in a hurry to return to the city. Naturally, it was impossible to delay time to hunt.

"There are only some vegetables and potatoes in the kitchen." The subordinate next to Li Rong said, "but boss, we found a frozen prey in Shi Qingyang's room before."

"In the room?" Li Rong frowned.

"Eldest brother, Shi Qingyang probably has a habit of collecting food. He has been in the city before, but we found a lot of food and water from him." The man added.

Li Rong also knew about the search for teacher Qing yang: "then cook all the meat."

"good!" Li Rong's subordinate opened his mouth and opened the box that had been dragged out before. In the box was the queen ant that had been eaten by half.

After Shi Qingyang arrived in Anhang City, he brought all the ant eggs into the city, and finally rented a refrigerator to store them. He also divided the three-person queen ant and kept a lot of them in the refrigerator.

He didn't want to use the things there for the time being. For convenience, he left half of the huge queen ant's body on the mobile fort, intending to find an opportunity to send it anonymously to the research institute outside his home.

He deliberately mentioned that he was hungry. In fact, he wished that these people would eat the queen ant's meat. Although this meat is very magical, after eating it, they would feel pain all over…

He couldn't move because of the pain at the beginning, and Li Rong and others naturally won't have any accidents…it's no problem to treat them as free subjects.

"Wait." Li Rong suddenly stopped his men. He was always cautious. Although the meat was not a problem, he did not dare to move casually. He cut off a small piece with a knife and stuffed it into Zheng Gaoyuan's mouth, which was still screaming and hungry.

It is only natural to find the weakest person to try poison. Cheng Ran is an ordinary person who might have problems eating raw meat. Zheng Gaoyuan will be fine.

"Do you know who I am? You gave me raw meat! You B*stards!" One not careful, the meat has slipped into Zheng Gaoyuan throat, he immediately cried, gas dye-in-the-wood.

Li Rong's men saw that he did not have any unusual appearance and directly dug the rest of the meat from the queen's body and sent it to the kitchen.

There was a smell in the kitchen, but Zheng Gaoyuan continued to cry and scold, looking the same as usual, but Shi Qingyang beside him could feel his whole body shaking.

Not only that, Zheng Gaoyuan, also like he had left some blood bead, if it weren't for Zheng Gaoyuan was covered in blood, face is a mixture of blood and tears, even would have let a person see something is wrong.

Under such circumstances, Zheng Gaoyuan could even endure it. Shi Qingyang suddenly had a feeling of looking at him with special respect.

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