When arriving at Cheng Xuze's residence, Ye Jinyu Li Jiajia and Sheng Lin and others had arrived. Shi Qingyang knew such people in Anhang City and invited them to barbecue today to celebrate his marriage with Cheng Ran by the way.

Li Jiajia and Ye Jinyu both prepared gifts. They were quite familiar with Shi Qingyang and did not have much fear at this time. But Sheng Lin and others were relatively stiff, especially Fu Xiaohua. The others brought gifts more or less, but he didn't remember what to bring. At the moment, he was embarrassed and didn't know where to put his hands.

If in the past, Shi Qingyang this time a few words can put the atmosphere active, but now he is not in the mood, along the way, although Wang Qing told Cheng Hong things, said Cheng Xuze plan, Cheng Hong also promised not to make a fuss, but know Cheng Xuze absence, but he held his head high, no longer put others in the eye, and bear the brunt of his target, is Shi Qingyang.

Just now, Shi Qingyang, an 18-year-old boy, actually dragged him into the car and let the radiation in his body go wrong…Cheng Hong became more and more uncomfortable with Shi Qingyang.

Shi Qingyang has a very high talent. He also knows that, as his wife said, it is the most appropriate way to woo Shi Qingyang. However, he can't do this: "These are the friends you taught? He is too timid to come to the table at all!"

"Dad, don't you and Grandpa have something to say?" Shi Qingyang frowned. If he could, he didn't want to call the person in front of him "Dad" at all. Unfortunately, in front of outsiders…

"It's just a matter of saying something. It's not urgent. It's you who made me so reluctant?" Cheng Hong looked at Shi Qingyang, suddenly thought of, Shi Qingyang now that you have married his son, will always be his junior, even if Shi Qingyang have ambition in the future, always respectfully to him…

"Cheng Hong, you come in with me. Do you still want to cause trouble?" Wang Qing.

Cheng Hong face a change, for Wang Qing unexpectedly dare to yelling at him, he felt abnormal dissatisfaction, but also know that if you really destroyed Cheng Xuze plan, will be in big trouble in the future, now follow Wang Qing toward inside.

Shi Qingyang said, finally breathed a sigh of relief, and will have prepared barbecue materials moved to the yard, Zheng Gaoyuan eagerly watching, listlessly sitting on one side, at noon after only eat some vegetables leaves, he has no hope of anything else.

Different from him, the others were in high spirits and soon began to roast meat.

Cheng Ran used to be a vegetarian most of the time and could not eat more meat at all, but now this problem no longer exists. Even, his appetite is much better.

Even though I ate a lot not long ago, I can still eat it now.

"However, don't eat too much, be careful to eat your stomach." Shi Qingyang saw this situation and urged.

Cheng Ran nodded, not knowing what he was thinking, suddenly his face turned red: "I know, I won't eat."

"There is no need not to eat, just eat less." Shi Qingyang kissed him on the face and was somewhat satisfied-this was the first time he had done such an action in front of others, and he always felt very satisfied.

"If you eat too much, you will have loose bowels, otherwise constipation will not be good." Cheng Ran spoke with a voice only Shi Qingyang could hear.

Shi Qingyang didn't want to understand at the beginning, but at this time suddenly think clearly the reason-he and Cheng Ran are married, always want to do something at night, Cheng Ran have such scruples is normal.

However, he didn't even know what it was like to climb a bed before, but now he has already thought of these things…this is really too impure!

Of course, he likes it very much.

Shi Qingyang was worried about Li Rong, but he also knew that as things stood, he didn't worry much, and he didn't think much, anyway, at most Li Rong didn't fall for it.

However, he soon knew that his thinking was too simple.

Just when everyone ate a lot of food and Fu Xiaohua, who was originally the most restrained, relaxed, all the contact terminals issued a faulty "beep" because they could not connect to the Internet.

Nowadays, people's communication is completely dependent on the network, and life is inseparable from the network. Once there is no network, many things can no longer be done. Normally, the contact terminals cannot be connected to the network, which is definitely because the contact terminals are broken, but now all the contact terminals cannot be connected to the network…

The broadcast installed in various areas of Anhang City suddenly rang: "Attention all residents, attention all residents, there is something wrong with the city's network. We have already sent someone to repair it. Please don't panic…"

Speakers played over and over again words to appease the people, but even so, the people in the city could not calm down completely.

Shi Qingyang was even more surprised. He once participated in the construction of the city. What is going on in the city network is even more clear. Because signals cannot be transmitted in the wild nowadays, there are huge optical fibers connected between the cities. These optical fibers are deeply buried in the ground, very thick, and there are spare ones besides those normally used.

The optical fiber is buried in the ground, and the outside is wrapped with materials that animals do not like. Even if animals dig holes, they will bypass it. Generally, they will never be damaged. Even if damaged, they can quickly replace it with another spare one. But now…

Common and spare optical fibers are all out of order, absolutely artificial! And few people know where the fiber is located…

A name flashed into Shi Qingyang's mind-Li Rong.

Li Rong was the duke of Anhang City and also controlled a lot of people through the mobile town. It is not difficult for him to find out where the optical fiber is buried. As a six-level radiation fighter, there are many other people who want to cut off the optical fiber and paralyze the whole city's network, which is even simpler.

However, he would have done such a thing because of one person, which undoubtedly shocked Shi Qingyang. You know, the optical fiber in Anhang City is connected to the Yangtze River City, while the three tertiary cities around Anhang City were established in shorter time than Anhang City, and the optical fiber is only connected to Anhang City. This means that the networks of the three cities should also be paralyzed now.

Such a thing has only happened at the beginning of the establishment of each city in history. I didn't expect it to happen now.

"Hurry up and enter the room!" Shi Qingyang react and shouted directly.

Other people froze, although they still don't know the seriousness of the matter, but have become accustomed to listen to teacher Qingyang, immediately ran to the house.

"This house has a basement connected to the underground city, you hurry up and leave…" Shi Qingyang was about to say something, but suddenly he felt something was thrown towards them, he subconsciously tackled the Cheng Ran around him, and then saw it explode instantly.

This is just an ordinary grenade, its power is not strong, but now, after all, it is in the city, not in the wild, and everyone is not wearing combat uniform. where can it stand?

Shi Qingyang suffered a pain in his back and immediately understood that he should have been injured. Fortunately, he has been able to run his radiation in the body, so the injury will not be too serious.

If he were in the wild, he would be able to mobilize the radiation energy around him and set up a protective cover at this time. But now they are in the city and there is no radiation energy around them. Under such circumstances, the use of radiation energy in the body is very small.

What's more, their opponents have hot weapons.

Hot weapons prohibited from being brought into residence also appeared here, except Li Rong

"Run!" Shi Qingyang dare not neglect, harsh voice way, at this time, the second grenade also arrived here.

Shi Qingyang rolled on the spot with Cheng Ran in his arms and dodged the grenade. However, he did not want to escape. He heard a scream: "Help!"

The man who cried for help was Zheng Gaoyuan, who collapsed beside him and slept smelling the meat.

Because grenades target them, Sheng Lin they run fast again, this time did not suffer, but Zheng Gaoyuan is different, he is bulky, there is no time to hide, now the clothes have already been shrapnel cut open, blood is spilled from his wound, turned him into a blood man.

Shi Qingyang was shocked and was trying to save people. Suddenly, several people came out from the corner. These people were all dressed in combat uniforms, wearing protective helmets that could not see their faces, holding guns and hand grenades at their waist. The man in front of them even pointed the gun at Shi Qingyang directly: "Shi Qingyang, Cheng Ran, you had better not move. If you move again, I will not guarantee that only grenades will be thrown next time."

If there is only one person, Shi Qingyang will certainly try to escape, but there is more than one person here now…

Before, he was also besieged in the mobile town. At that time, he would not have been so relaxed but for the fact that those people did not take the two invaders to heart and he had hostages in his hand. But now, he has nothing.

"I've always been ruthless. If you don't surrender, everyone here and everyone around you will be buried with you!"

As Shi Qingyang hesitated, gunfire and explosions also came from inside the room. Before long, someone was holding up Wang Qing and Cheng Hong and came out. The bodyguards employed by Gu Changjin and Cheng Xuze were all under pressure now.

Both Cheng Hong and Wang Qing were injured, especially Cheng Hong, who had a big wound on his thigh and a full face of panic on his face.

"Li Rong?" Shi Qingyang looked at the man who was walking in front. Although he could not see each other's face, he was of such a size that he should be Li Rong.

Li Rong did not look at Shi Qingyang either: "Inject them with drugs, relieve their mobility, kill others, and take them with you to leave quickly!"

Those people soon gathered around, with their guns pointing at Shi Qingyang and Cheng Ran.

Shi Qingyang has a lot of combat experience, but all of them are outside the city, facing foreign animals, facing people with hot weapons, and dragging down…

A total of 20 people came, they were well trained, Shi Qingyang was soon put into the carriage of a van, after a while, Wang Qing and Gu Changjin was thrown up, but Cheng Ran, Cheng Hong and Zheng Gaoyuan were taken to another chariot.

The compartment of the van is very spacious, but it feels bad to be a prisoner. At this time, Shi Qingyang also heard Li Rong's voice from outside: "I keep you because I don't want things to get out of hand. You can ask for help, but it's better not to announce today's events. If things get serious, the people I catch will die."

Hearing these words, Shi Qingyang breathed a sigh of relief. If Li Jiajia and others and the bodyguards he brought trouble with were all killed, they would always feel guilty. Fortunately, Li Rong still thought about power and did not do so.

Li Rong didn't kill anyone. He captured them alive. Most of them were still thinking about turning the tables. Maybe he would take them to find Cheng Xuze…

Shi Qingyang thought so and saw Li Rong climb in. He didn't take off his combat helmet, didn't even talk to them, just sat down beside him.

"Li Rong, if you let us go, don't hesitate to ask for anything!" In the end, Wang Qingxian spoke, but he was not afraid of death, but lest Li Rong hurt others.

"Let you go? Can you let my mother go?" Li Rong asked, suddenly softening his voice: "As long as you kill those witnesses and sign an agreement to release me, I can naturally release you. Now, I will take you to find Cheng Xuze first." He only wanted to kill Aozhi and others whom Cheng Xuze looked at by himself. It is no longer possible. Now he needs to find another way.

Shi Qingyang saw Li Rong gnashing his teeth and could not help but smile. Cheng Xuze's plan was half successful. At least Li Rong recruited Aozhi after he didn't know that Aozhi had taken the medicine, and he didn't know that Aozhi was out of his mind and couldn't testify against him. Therefore, he finally decided to take risks.

Unfortunately…Cheng Hong's appearance has turned everything into a bubble. Li Rong should have known that Cheng Xuze followed the prisoners to make such a big noise, just to hunt them down and let others not know that he did it.

After Li Rong said two sentences, he didn't speak again. Shi Qingyang wanted to understand the matter and didn't want to irritate him. He simply closed his eyes and began to try to use radiation to dissolve the injected drug in the body.

This kind of practice is absolutely not feasible if it is put on others, but it is different on him. His radiance is far more stable than others. If it is not as effective as Cheng Ran's, it will at least have an effect.

However, it is easy to think of it, but it is very troublesome to do it. Fu Neng can dissolve the toxin, and at the same time, his violent energy has also caused him a lot of injuries…

Shi Qingyang was trying to dissolve all the toxins, but Li Rong suddenly grabbed him and took him out of the chariot.

"You'd better behave yourself. If I have no way out, your Cheng Ran will accompany me to death immediately."

Fu Neng injured his internal organs while removing toxins. Shi Qingyang felt a fishy smell in his mouth. He swallowed saliva and smiled: "I will cooperate."

Now they are at the gate of the city. A person close to Li Rong has just finished negotiating with others with the duke's instructions. The reason for leaving the city is to repair the optical fiber. When leaving, he also repeatedly assured the patrol members at the gate of the city: "Don't worry, the network will be unblocked soon."

"stop your mobile fortress at the gate of the city. now the city is in danger, you will naturally lend it out to make it easier for us to repair optical fibers." Li Rong whispered that it was not appropriate for him to drive a chariot and use other mobile fortresses when he went out this time. Only this one by Shi Qingyang was the most suitable.

How to arrest people, how to get out of the city, how to find Cheng Xuze, see origin glory all planned…Shi Qingyang nodded, no resistance.

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