After registering, Shi Qingyang saw Wang Qing dressed as Cheng Xuze sitting on the co-pilot, through the window, no matter how others could not guess the person in front of him would be Wang Qing.

"okay? Go to the hotel." See Shi Qingyang and Cheng Ran out, Wang Qing laughed, voice appearance and Cheng Xuze no difference.

Although he usually does not stick to words and smiles, he has been following Cheng Xuze for a long time. It is not difficult to make Cheng Xuze's facial expression. As for the voice, he has put a voice changer in his mouth now. This will make him feel uncomfortable, but there is no doubt that it can change his voice.

In order not to make Li Rong suspicious, they specially arranged a trip today. After registering, they would go to the hotel to have a meal. In the afternoon, they also prepared something for Shi Qingyang and others to barbecue at home.

For Wang Qing, the most important thing is to show up at the hotel and come out for a barbecue at the villa gate in the afternoon.

Shi Qingyang and Cheng Ran got on the bus soon. At that time, many people had already gathered. If they stayed longer, there would be more and more people.

Although these people were just watching, Shi Qingyang did not like being watched at all.

Cheng Ran sat in the car, holding his contact terminal to watch. After the couple got married, a lot of information in the contact terminal would change, even some information would be common, for example, the account under his name would be common, and he could also know the location of the other party through location query.

Of course, these can also be blocked, and many people who make do and pass will choose to do so.

Shi Qingyang did not mind showing these in front of Cheng Ran at all. Even, he cheerfully took his contact terminal to see Cheng Ran's data. He was even happier when he saw the points representing himself and Cheng Ran put together in the query location.

"Qingyang, there is a lot of money." Cheng Ran also turned over these, accidentally see Shi Qingyang account, some surprise.

"This is a reward from Zheng Gaoyuan's grandparents." Shi Qingyang laughed. If it weren't for the money Cheng Xuze gave me not to be hungry in the anonymous account, Cheng Ran couldn't see it, I'm afraid I would be even more shocked.

"Do you want to be nice to him?" Cheng Ran asked, Zheng Gaoyuan these days, really sad.

"No, his grandparents gave him so much because I was strict with him." Shi Qingyang said, in fact, the Zheng family estimated that they had long wanted to discipline Zheng Gaoyuan well. They were only treating their own children. Even if they knew that some of his behaviors were wrong, they would not do anything…

Moreover, Zheng Gaoyuan said that he has not really done any bad things. He has already been a bit foolish. Where is his grandparents willing to give him nothing to eat?

"Then let's be stricter." Cheng Ran laughed, then went to look up the family information of teacher Qingyang: "Qingyang, your parents were born in Anhang city?"

"Yes, they are from Anhang City, but my grandparents are no longer there. My grandparents divorced when my mother was very young. They didn't even know my mother married my father, and they never contacted me. Don't worry." Shi Qingyang said that his parents had a hard time in Anhang City, so they chose to settle in Xinghuo City. Who would have thought that they died unexpectedly?

As for his parents' relatives, he had not contacted them in his previous life, and this time, of course, it was the same.

"I shouldn't have asked…" Cheng Ran was apologetic.

"These are nothing." Shi Qingyang laughed, opened the Cheng Ran data, only to find that Cheng Ran parents column clearly write Cheng Hong Qin Liu.

Clearly Cheng Ran is not Qin Liu's child, I don't know why it was written in the end…You know, these things will be recorded when the child was born, and Qin Liu…Cheng Xuze found someone to follow Qin Liu, but found nothing suspicious, this undoubtedly let Shi Qingyang disappointed.

The excitement of the two men was about the same when they arrived at the hotel. Wang Qing was the first to get off the bus. They quickly followed Wang Qing and headed for the hotel. On the back of the bus, Zheng Gaoyuan Gu Changjin had several Cheng Xuze bodyguards.

Cheng Xuze already booked the top floor box of this five-story hotel one day in advance. The box here is far more luxurious than Spark Hotel, and the price is higher, of course. However, with Cheng Xuze in, the hotel manager insisted on a discount. This discount…I'm afraid I can't pay much in the end.

"Whether it's a discount or something else, ordering is the most important thing. Please quickly serve all the delicious specialty dishes here!" Zheng Gaoyuan often haunts such places. He is very domineering when speaking. At the same time, he starts staring at the menu in front of him with a bold expression.

This time out for dinner, Shi Qingyang did not fall behind him and had to take it with him. Now he is definitely the most excited one.

"I don't need to serve all of them. Please serve them on this table." Shi Qingyang, as the groom, has the right to order dishes. He flipped through the menu and finally pointed to a well-matched table top.

"Please wait a moment, the dishes will be served immediately." The waiter retreated respectfully. Now, as long as you click on the menu, you can order your dishes. You can also see where your order is placed and how long it can be served. However, in such a box, it is still a manual service. Not only that, you will also specially draw out people to cook.

Almost not for a while, plates of dishes were served, filled the whole table, Zheng Gaoyuan saw these, eyes are green, if it weren't for see Cheng Xuze didn't move, I'm afraid he would have pounced on the food in front of him.

"Eat quickly." Wang Qing smiled and said hello.

Zheng Gaoyuan's chopsticks stretched out to the sweet and sour meat ball in front of him, but he didn't want to be stopped only halfway.

"Shi Qingyang…Shi Laoda?" Zheng Gaoyuan carefully looked at Shi Qingyang.

"You eat this." Shi Qingyang placed a plate of vegetable salad in front of him: "You haven't eaten meat for a long time, and suddenly your intestines and stomach can't stand eating big fish and big meat, and you will have diarrhea."

"I don't mind diarrhea, really! And if I had diarrhea, wouldn't I still be able to lose weight?" Zheng Gaoyuan said eagerly.

"But if you have diarrhea, you will not be able to take part in tomorrow's exercise." Shi Qingyang said with a smile, he wanted to exercise Zheng Gaoyuan, but he didn't intend to break Zheng Gaoyuan's body.

"You let me eat this? How can you just let me eat this…"Zheng Gaoyuan looked at the dish of vegetable salad with indignation.

"This is really not good…" Shi Qingyang smiled and picked out all the potatoes in the vegetable salad with chopsticks: "The heat of potatoes is too high."

Zheng Gaoyuan never dared to speak again.

Just like every day before, everyone except Zheng Gaoyuan was happy to eat. After eating, Shi Qingyang opened the contact terminal and brushed the news.

Although it hasn't been long, his marriage with Cheng Ran today has now become one of the hottest news.

As for his marriage with Cheng Ran so early, the following people also gave various speculations. Of course, although there was speculation, many people expressed their wishes.

"How does it feel to see all those online speculations?" Wang Qing saw Shi Qingyang's action and smiled. Although there were no outsiders here, he still played Cheng Xuze faithfully.

"It's quite good." Shi Qingyang smiled. As things stand now, if it weren't for Cheng Ran being a man, it is estimated that everyone would think they are getting married in a shotgun…"By the way, Grandpa, Uncle Cheng…"

Shi Qingyang saw in the commentary that some people were thinking about what Cheng Hong would think, and suddenly he felt that he was a little careless.

"I already notified him yesterday and he said he didn't care." Wang Qing, Cheng Xuze thought of this matter yesterday, and also specially notified Cheng Hong. as a result, Cheng Hong said directly that he didn't care…

Shi Qingyang was relieved to receive such an answer, but he was obviously happy too early, because when they went downstairs to leave, they saw Cheng Hong walking in with a dark face.

This more than a month, Cheng Hong life is very difficult, after Cheng Xuze completely don't help him, even don't give him money, he immediately from being curry favor with, turned into being avoided.

On the contrary, Shi Qingyang has many people rushing to curry favor with him because of his good talent…What he hates most is that some people have everything just because of their good talent.

This world is so unfair, he and Cheng Hui are the sons of Cheng Xuze, Cheng Hui is a natural spoke almighty, double A+ talent, is doomed to be favored from an early age, his talent is not good, will never compare with his brother…Now, because a wild child who doesn't know where talent is good, in the eyes of Cheng Xuze, unexpectedly is more important than him!

Even Qin Liu felt that he should have a good relationship with Shi Qingyang!

He has always felt very angry about this and is not willing to listen to Qin Liu's weakness. Yesterday Cheng Xuze contacted him and told him that Shi Qingyang was going to marry Cheng Ran. He only thought it was a joke.

Even if he hates Shi Qingyang, he does not think Shi Qingyang will marry Cheng Ran. After all, Cheng Ran is not only a man but also a man.

Because of this, waiting for Cheng Xuze active courtship results but waiting for such a news, he finally had a big fight with Cheng Xuze, also left the malicious words, Cheng Ran things has nothing to do with him, he doesn't care.

Although he said so, he always thought Cheng Ran would consult with him even if he really wanted to get married. As a result, early in the morning, he saw the news that Cheng Ran and Shi Qingyang were getting married.

When Cheng Hong saw them, he gave Shi Qingyang a cold look and turned to Cheng Ran: "Cheng Ran, do you know I am your father? When you get married, you won't even greet me? You didn't take me seriously, did you?"

"Cheng Hong! What are you doing? What did you say last night and forget?" Wang Qing harsh voice way.

"How do I know, my son is going to get married, would say all don't with me? Dad, do you think I am your son? Is Cheng Ran his father when I am?" No matter what happens again, it is impossible for things to get worse. Cheng Hong now has the idea of breaking the pot and throwing it. He is very aggressive.

"What are you doing here? Have something to go back to say!" Wang Qing immediately said that when Cheng Xuze contacted Cheng Hong yesterday, Cheng Hong kept saying not to see him, and they did not think too much about it, but they didn't want Cheng Hong to come to the door like this to challenge him.

"I'm going to ask a clear question!" Cheng Hong adamant4, in front of these people, Gu Changjin betrayed him, Cheng Ran is his most annoying person, Shi Qingyang everywhere let him feel bad…

"You go back with me! Don't embarrass yourself here!" Wang Qing added.

Cheng Hong wanted to say something else, but suddenly he looked at Wang Qing and frowned: "You…you…"

Wang Qing "thumped" in his heart: "You go back to me!" Cheng Ran exactly can't completely put on his makeup just like Cheng Xuze. In fact, if it weren't for Cheng Xuze's high status, many people wouldn't dare to stare at him, with bodyguards following them, and they wouldn't dare to carry out such a plan.

However, Cheng Xuze followed by bodyguards can stop others on the grounds that Cheng Ran married today and Cheng Xuze doesn't want to see outsiders, so as not to let them near, but can't stop Cheng Hong.

Moreover, Cheng Hong again say so is also the son of Cheng Xuze, he stared at Cheng Xuze, how could you not see the flaw?

"Sir, I have something to say." Gu Changjin also said.

Cheng Hong was shocked at that time, once in doubt, he naturally saw more suspects, at the same time clearly know, in front of the Cheng Xuze is false.

As Cheng Xuze, few people should dare to kill him, but in this case, how could anyone pretend to be him?

Cheng Hong know now even what's the problem, but think of this fake Cheng Xuze unexpectedly dare to scold yourself, but he was furious.

However, before Cheng Hong said anything, Shi Qingyang suddenly supported him: "Dad, we didn't inform you today, it was our fault. When we go back, we will definitely make amends to you, and you should not blame grandpa."

Cheng Hong wanted to question the fake Cheng Xuze in front of him, but suddenly found Shi Qingyang strength is very, very big, unexpectedly let him could not move, not only that, the radiation energy in his body also messed up.

This discovery shocked Cheng Hong. Even though he knew that he was unlikely to be in danger in the city, he was still terrified. At that moment, Shi Qingyang had already packed him into the car quickly.

Wang Qing also got into the cab, and the car soon started to run. Cheng Hong asked in panic, "What do you want to do? Where is my father?"

"Mr. 2, Mr. Wang has something to do today. you can't break his plan." Wang Qing resumed his voice.

Cheng Hong was shocked: "Wang Qing? What exactly do you want? You did this to me!"

"Second Master, you will ruin your master's plan!" Wang Qing only felt increasingly dissatisfied with Cheng Hong.

Although Shi Qingyang responded quickly just now, Cheng Hong's performance can definitely make people guess what…I only hope that Li Rong and his men have chased out of the city now, and there is no contact outside the city. As long as he is out of the city, news from the city will definitely not be available.

You know, in the case of Li Rong, it is very difficult for him to win over senior radiation energy fighters. if he really wants to deal with those prisoners, he will probably have to make his own moves…

Wang Qing hoped that Li Rong had already left the city, but Li Rong had not.

Li Rong is a six-level radiation energy fighter. When he was young, he also increased his participation in the team and became a minor celebrity in the central city. Later, he could not make any more achievements in radiation energy. Only then did he choose to enter the officialdom.

No matter ordinary people or radiation energy fighters, they can get involved in politics, but there is no doubt that people always prefer strong leaders in elections, and think that such leaders can give people a sense of security, while strong people have good family background…

Under such circumstances, later on, some important positions acquiesced in the need for the strong to be competent, and they also shouldered the responsibility of defending the city.

Although Li Rong was born in the central city, his background is not strong. if it weren't for this, he wouldn't even have to watch out for Cheng Hong. he would climb up step by step on his own and even rely on the mobile town to make money and woo people…

Under such circumstances, he naturally can't let a level 6 radiation fighter like him work for him.

It happened that Wang Qing, who guarded Aozhi and Yin family out of the city, was also a six-level radiation fighter…

Li Rong looked at the two bottles of potions in front of him, looking solemn. The two potions were actually related to the Yin family. Two years ago, the Yin family wanted to please him and sent some mature lotus flowers, and he looked for someone to make them into potions.

Furong, a drug that used to be addictive and exciting in ancient times, is now used to refine drugs that can stimulate potential and enhance strength in a short period of time.

The effect of this drug is the same as that of the potential drug, but its side effects are far smaller and last longer than that of the potential drug, because there is no pain on the body even after taking it, and the fighting capacity after taking it is stronger than that of taking the potential drug.

He kept this thing originally as a precaution, but now he must take it if he wants to kill those witnesses in Wang Qing's hands.

Li Rong looked at the medicine in front of him, but he couldn't make up his mind at that time. He was used to being cautious and cautious. He naturally had many doubts when faced with such a risky thing.

Hesitated for a moment, he connected another employee's communication: "How is Cheng Xuze now?" Cheng Xuze is probably think he is just a level 6 radiation fighter, this will only let Wang Qing to escort.

"Cheng Xuze took people to the hotel after Shi Qingyang and Cheng Ran got married, and then Cheng Hong went back." Li Rong's men gave a brief account of the situation.

"Send the video." Li Rong said, Cheng Xuze destroyed everything about him…

The video was soon sent. Li Rong watched the video for a long time and his face became more and more ugly.

He thought he still had the chance to reverse the deal. In the absence of material evidence, as long as those witnesses had problems, others had no evidence to deal with him. Unexpectedly…Although his staff did not find any abnormal situation, he saw Cheng Hong's abnormality at a glance.

This should be Cheng Xuze set up a bureau for him? It seems that Cheng Xuze has definitely confirmed that he is the murderer, and is also going to drive him to a dead end!

Li Rong's eyes flashed a trace of malicious crime. He was not willing to take risks…

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