Shi Qingyang that words come out, in addition to Zheng Gaoyuan also thinking about the wedding banquet, others were all speechless.

Especially Sheng Lin Fu Xiaohua and others, they followed Shi Qingyang for a few days, and men were careless, so before they could find Shi Qingyang and Cheng Ran's ambiguity, they already admired Shi Qingyang very much and looked at Cheng Ran with special respect…as a result, the two men were going to get married.

If this is known to others, it is definitely big news! You know, there are still many people guessing which granddaughter Cheng Xuze will marry Shi Qingyang.

Moreover, Shi Qingyang's eagerness…I can't believe that Shi Qingyang, who looks calm, should be so impatient.

Sheng Lin is eager to share the gossip he knows with others, but he finally decides not to say anything after thinking about the possible consequences after sharing.

In contrast, Li Jiajia and Ye Jinyu are much calmer. They followed Shi Qingyang for a longer period of time. Naturally, they knew Shi Qingyang's thoughts on Cheng Ran. They just felt a slight sadness-a good man was only 18 years old, and they decided to marry another good man…

Wang Qing paused for a moment, then silently picked up the meat that had fallen back on the plate and put it back into his mouth. He was really old and could not compare with the young.

Cheng Ran was very happy. he had been thinking about this matter since he had confirmed his love relationship with Shi Qingyang. now he finally has the result: "Qingyang, where will we settle down in the future? Do you want to have children? How many children do you want?"

"…" Even though he said ahead of time about getting married, he still lost, because Cheng Ran thought deeply…Shi Qingyang was somewhat helpless: "Children or something, forget it…" How old is he now? Moreover, as long as he thinks about the beast tide 20 years later, he can't think about it.

He now has enough money to raise a child in central city, but he cannot be responsible for the child.

"I think so, too. It's good to have no children, as long as the two of us are together." Cheng Ran nodded. In fact, if he hadn't read many posts recently, he wouldn't have thought of having children.

I was told in public that I was in love again…Shi Qingyang managed to control himself to maintain a serious expression, then immediately looked at the people around me and stared at him: "you have eaten well, don't you go to training soon?"

Li Jiajia and Ye Jinyu responded fastest, seeing that the mobile fortress had arrived near the swamp when they were eating, and they were walking out while putting on combat uniforms. Sheng Lin and others were a little slower, but not much slower. Only Zheng Gaoyuan was still reluctant: "Didn't you say to rest for an hour? There are 15 minutes…"

Zheng Gaoyuan was finally thrown into the swamp by Shi Qingyang.

This afternoon, everyone performed very well. Shi Qingyang's reaction was somewhat different. He used to run several laps in the mud midway. This time, he didn't let his feet touch the mud from beginning to end. In order to prevent his radiation from failing, he even prepared several huge leaves for him to stay when he could not.

He stood beside a group of people covered in mud with his shoes so clean and outstanding.

People who are about to get married must always keep a good image in front of those they like! Shi Qingyang watched Cheng Ran climb out of the mud again. The protective mask was covered with mud. He couldn't see the appearance. Suddenly he felt a little sad-why didn't Cheng Ran notice the personable him?

Because Shi Qingyang found Sheng Lin Fu Xiaohua and others to join his team for the first time, some people recommended themselves to him these days. When he returned to the city that night, he was no exception. There were 4-level radiation energy fighters who found him and said they were strong, and there were also younger radiation energy fighters who found him and said they were poor.

Shi Qingyang rejected all these people. This time he chose all the people who helped him at the beginning, but in the sight of these self-recommended…

Some of these people are aiming at the name of the Cheng family, others are paying more attention to Wang Qing than he is…There is no doubt that if they keep up with their life, they will never pay attention to him.

When Shi Qingyang and Cheng Ran returned to their residence, Cheng Xuze was standing at the door. As soon as they saw Shi Qingyang, they immediately asked, "Are you getting married tomorrow?"

"Yes, Grandpa." Shi Qingyang smiled and nodded: "Let's register first, and when we have the chance, I will definitely hold a grand wedding!"

Cheng Xuze's expression was a bit odd, but he finally smiled: "I was thinking of asking you not to go out of town tomorrow, but I didn't think it happened, and I don't know if it was fate…"

"Grandpa?" Shi Qingyang asked curiously.

"You come in, I have something to say to you." Cheng Xuze spoke.

What Cheng Xuze wants to say is about Li Rong. He had already worked out a plan to lure the snake out of the hole, and the date of implementation of the plan was set at these two days.

Originally, according to Cheng Xuze's plan, he would personally "secretly" send Yin's family and Aozhi to the Yangtze River City in these two days, and revealed that this time he was going to the Yangtze River City for interrogation.

Li Rong, in order not to let others know what he has done, will certainly try to kill Aozhi and others in case of such a thing. At that time, he can wait for himself to fall into the trap.

Of course, Li Rong was not stupid and did not dare to shoot easily. Because of this, he must not let others know that he followed the escort team of Yin family and needed to stay in the city.

Originally, Cheng Xuze was still wondering what kind of reason to stay in the city, but I didn't think Shi Qingyang and Cheng Ran decided to register…

Although he thought it was too early for the two children to register so quickly, there was no denying that the reason seemed good-it was normal for the grandson to get married and not to escort the prisoners.

"Grandpa, do you mean that you will secretly follow the team that escorted the prisoners to Changjiang City, and then you will need to find someone to pretend to be you in Anhang City so that Li Rong will think that you are not out of town?" Shi Qingyang simply asked.

"That's right, that's it. Then I'll exchange my identity with Wang Qing and let Wang Qing follow you." Cheng Xuze spoke with a little regret on his face and looked at Cheng Ran at the same time: "Xiao Ran, grandpa will not be able to follow you then, but grandpa will certainly arrange a grand wedding for you in the future."

"Thank you, Grandpa." Cheng Ran laughed.

"Then tomorrow, Xiao Ran, you must get up early, or make up grandpa." Cheng Xuze said that he would dress up as Wang Qing and follow the team out of the city tomorrow, while Wang Qing would dress up as him to witness the marriage of Shi Qingyang and Cheng Ran. Makeup is naturally necessary.

And this happens to be what Cheng Ran is good at.

"Grandpa, I will definitely get up early!" Cheng Ran promised that he didn't do it in the end, not because he slept late, but because he didn't sleep all night.

As for the fact that he was going to be with Shi Qingyang, Cheng Ran always felt a little unbelievable. He was tired for a day. A few days ago, after such high-intensity training, he basically fell asleep, but today, he just couldn't sleep.

Several times I was going to sleep in a daze, and finally suddenly thought of what to do tomorrow and woke up again.

In fact, if he comes to Shi Qingyang's side, he might still have a good sleep, but this evening, he doesn't know what's going on and just doesn't want to go there.

After thinking for a while, he simply stopped sleeping and took out a small box from the side to open it. He looked at the contents in the same way.

He always takes these things with him and often cannot help taking them out.

Cheng Ran couldn't sleep, and Shi Qingyang was similar to him. He was chased by others in his previous life. Later he also promised to be with Liang Liang, but it was definitely the first time to register for marriage or something. Finally, it was inevitable that some people felt uneasy.

Originally, after feeling uneasy, he was thinking of waiting for Cheng Ran to come to his room to talk, but I didn't think Cheng Ran had never come…

Wait to wait to wait less than Cheng Ran, Shi Qingyang decided to take the initiative, knocking on the door of Cheng Ran.

Cheng Ran didn't sleep like him, and naturally opened the door soon. Seeing Shi Qingyang, he was at a loss. For a while, he even wanted to close the door immediately.

"However, don't let me in?" Shi Qingyang see Cheng Ran stiff appearance, the original anxiety all disappear, smile to ask.

Cheng Ran silently get out of the way the position, know Shi Qingyang went in, just suddenly thought of what, and then immediately to tidy up the bed.

"What is this?" Shi Qingyang had already seen the odds and ends of the bed and walked past curiously.

"Nothing…" Cheng Ran more embarrassed.

"The rabbit robot I sent you before?" Shi Qingyang saw the biggest thing at a glance, then looked at the other.

A pile of small metal rods, a small box, and some miscellaneous things…

At first, he saw these things didn't react, then contact the rabbit robot to think about it, only to find that these are all the things he once gave Cheng Ran, including he once won a medal in the Spark College competition, also he bought Cheng Ran candy the rest of the cans, he used to hunt animals bones to make gadgets, and he bought Cheng Ran's special game machine.

Cheng Ran obviously left all the things he sent behind and collected them.

Shi Qingyang only felt full in his heart, but he soon found something that puzzled him. He picked up several metal rods nearby and asked, "What is this?"

"The rest of the stick lollipop…" Cheng Ran subconsciously replied.

Lollipop? Shi Qingyang was shocked and thought that he once took Cheng Ran to the amusement park, where Cheng Ran won many lollipops.

He almost forgot about it, but he didn't expect Cheng Ran to keep the lollipop stick.

Such a thought, Shi Qingyang did remember the origin of several things again, including even the box of dried meat he gave when he first met Cheng Ran…

My heart is warm and tingly…The corners of Shi Qingyang's mouth become warped higher and higher-when someone puts away everything he gives, good or bad, he should not be betrayed as before even if he delivers trust and affection.

He always suspected that Cheng Ran was still young and couldn't understand his feelings. Now that I think about it, he was suspicious all day long…

Shi Qingyang kissed Cheng Ran and fell on the bed with Cheng Ran.

"Wait, something is blocking me." Cheng Ran eagerly stretched out his hand to grope behind.

Shi Qingyang looked at Cheng Ran worried and suddenly couldn't help laughing.

Shi Qingyang and Cheng Ran did not sleep all night this evening. They leaned together and slowly began to say from the time they met. They even talked about some movement outside and still felt that they were not satisfied.

If Cheng Ran hadn't slept all night before, he would have been very haggard. But now, he can't see his face alone. Shi Qingyang took Cheng Ran downstairs, and both were in a better mood than ever before.

Cheng Xuze and Wang Qing both got up. Seeing them together, they didn't say anything. They just pulled Cheng Ran over and asked him to help make up.

Breakfast was made by Gu Changjin. He made a lot of food and looked at Cheng Ran, who was smearing something on Cheng Xuze's face. His mood was complicated. His master grew up today…

Cheng Ran's craft is very good, Wang Qing and Cheng Xuze, soon changed a face. Cheng Xuze and Wang Qing are about the same size. Some of them are very familiar with each other, and there is no pressure to play them.

However, it is easy to see the horse's feet when approaching…Fortunately, Cheng Xuze needs to wear a helmet when he arrives outside the city. Wang Qing is in the city and no one dares to approach him after he has dressed up as Cheng Xuze.

After the preparation work last night, Shi Qingyang took a look at Cheng Ran and took Cheng Ran directly to the marriage registration office.

Marriage registration is not difficult, as long as a simple routine examination is carried out, because the personal physical condition is recorded in the contact terminal, even the health examination is exempted.

When they went out, Shi Qingyang and Cheng Ran both wore hats and sunglasses to be on the safe side. When they got to the place, they didn't take them off either. Only after the registration of the couple in front of them was completed, they came forward to brush their contact terminals.

The staff member who registered the marriage was a woman. The first thing she saw was her age. She swept the two men's ages and paused on Cheng Ran's birthday. The man subconsciously asked, "Do you have children when you get married? Do your parents know? Has the child been examined yet? No…Cheng Ran? Shi Qingyang?"

I didn't expect that I would become famous so early in my life…Shi Qingyang pushed the hat up: "We are all men, we can't have children without the help of science and technology."

"Ha ha, that's…I just didn't expect it…" The staff checked the data and looked up at Shi Qingyang from time to time, his eyes full of curiosity.

"If you help us get things done quickly, you can talk to people and tell them." Shi Qingyang Road.

"ah ha ha, why didn't I think of that?" The staff member's speed suddenly accelerated. Soon, their contact terminal received a prompt box indicating whether they were willing to get married. Shi Qingyang ordered yes if he wanted to or not. Soon, he found that his information on the above had become married.

See things done, Shi Qingyang took people away without looking back, he can imagine, later there will be more lively-he doesn't want to be besieged with Cheng Ran!

Watching Cheng Ran and Shi Qingyang go away, the staff member opened the contact terminal to reveal the news to his family, but suddenly she regretted it-she really did it too fast just now, didn't come and get along with the two handsome boys for a while, and didn't even have time to take pictures…

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