"It turned out to be Li Rong?" To get this answer, Shi Qingyang was inevitably shocked. As the duke of Anhang City, Li Rong gave him a very good impression. If Xing Ou was a bully in have it both ways, then Li Rong gave the impression that he was a practical man.

The people behind the Yin family turned out to be Li Rong.

"Aozhi said after taking the medicine, and also said some other things, there will be no fake," Cheng Xuze sighed." Before Aozhi climbed and bit others everywhere, he also said Li Rong. At that time Li Rong also cooperated well with the investigation…I always thought he was a good person, but I didn't expect this to happen. And according to Aozhi, it was Li Rong who found someone to do the things that came after Xiao Ran and Shi Qingyang."

"why?" Shi Qingyang laid down three characters.

"I was confused at first, then I thought of the reason. In this election, Cheng Hong would have been Li Rong's rival, but if something happened to you, under his operation, Cheng Hong's fellow would not want to be the duke because of scandal. At the same time, Xing Ou was censured, and the Yin family could take over Spark City." Cheng Xuze although also know a lot of curved around, but his more thoughts are on improving the strength, think as long as the strength is strong, there is everything, these things on power but didn't think much, now only to find that his negligence.

Shi Qingyang is even worse than Cheng Xuze. He knows very well how to improve his strength, but he is completely blind to political matters. Now he knows the reason and only wishes to unload Li Rong into eight pieces: "In this case, let's hurry up and capture this Li Rong."

"I'm afraid not." Cheng Xuze looked pale: "The medicine was very domineering. Aozhi was delirious after taking it once. Although we recorded the situation at that time, Aozhi's present appearance obviously could not identify others. As for the video…If Aozhi didn't recruit anything at first, it might be useful to release it. However, Aozhi had bitten many people before, and Li Rong had been recruited by him. What's the use of such a video?"

Li Rong recruited many people before, and it was very useful to mix Li Rong, the real mastermind behind it. At least, even if they got such information now, they can't testify against Li Rong by this matter.

Shi Qingyang didn't type. Cheng Xuze looked at the black head of the computer because he refused to make a video call and sighed again: "Moreover, this medicine is too domineering and is prohibited. Although I used it, I must not let others know that I used it and I must not reuse it in front of others."

"Is there no way out?" Shi Qingyang asked again.

"Not necessarily, didn't you say before can lead the snake out of the hole? I originally wanted to drag things along and hold the yin family and Aozhi in my hand to expose the people behind me, but I didn't think they had any response in the past month…Li Rong was so calm before that that we could not find any evidence. but if he knew Aozhi had confessed now, I'm afraid he wouldn't be so calm. I can also follow Aozhi's advice to check him, startle him first, and then lead the snake out of the hole." Cheng Xuze finally had some confidence: "I don't believe he could not respond after knowing Aozhi had recruited him and I had already targeted the target!"

This is to wait for Li Rong to continue to do something wrong and make good arrangements. The effect will surely not be wrong. Shi Qingyang finally put down his heart, thought for a moment, and suddenly wrote a line: "Cheng Xuze, are you not interested in investing? Now there is a very good project, investment can make a lot of…"

Shi Qingyang is not a pharmacist after all. He can write down the prescription of medicine, that is, a few pieces that are useful to himself, and the others are not very attentive. Therefore, for more than a year, he has not been able to come up with the prescription of medicine. In contrast, Cheng Ran and Ran Xue have studied and improved several prescriptions, so that the Cheng family can put into production.

However, there is no prescription. He still knows something that will make a lot of money in the future. For example, a material that an old master accidentally made in a factory will have a huge impact in the future.

The old master is an ordinary person who works in a factory that makes combat helmets and is responsible for the material allocation of transparent masks. The mask produced by this factory is of very good quality, and the materials used are similar to those used to make city masks. However, this old master made a mistake and actually made the wrong combination of materials.

At that time, he was very afraid. In order to avoid being accused of spending money to buy a pile of materials that he failed to make and bring them home, he felt very unlucky. However, he did not know that the so-called failed product was actually a new transparent material. The radiation-proof effect and hardness of this new material were far better than those currently used by people.

This new type of material was not discovered until the death of this friendless old master ten years later. His neighbor accidentally took the material found in his place to identify it. Later, all the battle helmets and protective covers of mobile towns were replaced with this type of material. If it weren't for the high cost of replacing the city protective covers, I'm afraid even this one would be replaced.

"What kind of investment?" Cheng Xuze immediately asked.

Shi Qingyang gave a brief account of the brothers at the moment and added: "This is not really an investment either. Ask someone to buy this technology for some money."

Cheng Xuze was surprised and curious: "master, how do you know this?"

"Some of my intelligence agents told me." Shi Qingyang spun a yarn.

"Master yourself…" Cheng Xuze frowned, since the Fire Phoenix company happened, he will I don't hungry positioning became those big family, in this case, why he has a good thing not to use for his family?

"I don't have any relatives either. What's more, it's not for nothing. You have to give Shi Qingyang and Cheng Ran a total of 50% of the shares. Of course, you can sign an agreement so that they don't participate in the management of the company, just as if they use technology to become shareholders." Shi Qingyang said directly.

Technology shares or something…ahem, he just said it is such a big advantage, absolutely very earn, as for the old master, want to Cheng Xuze will not mistreat him.

This kind of business, he even want to do now can't do it, if it weren't for the family has two 8 radiation fighter, I'm afraid I can't town a son.

"Cheng Ran?" Cheng Xuze looked at the line in surprise. I don't want to be hungry. It's good for Shi Qingyang. He knew this for a long time, but how could there be Cheng Ran's name in it?

"Yes, it's Cheng Ran. Cheng Ran's birthday is coming soon, and he plans to marry Shi Qingyang. This will be regarded as a wedding gift I give them, each with 25% of the shares." Shi Qingyang said, Cheng Ran is two months younger than him, and his birthday is coming soon.

Originally, he always thought it was ridiculous to register as soon as he was an adult. even, he had been a late marriage activist in his previous life, but now…late marriage and so on are all floating clouds. he hoped he could be with Cheng Ran openly.

Cheng Xuze was still struggling with Li Rong just now, but I didn't expect the other party to change the subject so quickly, and almost couldn't turn around.

However, by this time, he told Shi Qingyang and Cheng Ran things, is already don't think what, faint still feel Cheng Ran luck.

At the same time, with the light of Cheng Ran, his luck is also very good.

The next day, Shi Qingyang went out of town to hunt and exercise as usual, while Wang Qing followed them as usual.

Before Cheng Xuze let Wang Qing follow Shi Qingyang and others, Wang Qing also intends to meet Shi Qingyang and others don't understand the problem, oneself must have a good teaching, but he obviously want to much-Shi Qingyang don't need his teaching, as for others, Shi Qingyang training method is good enough.

After seeing that the fat man of the Zheng family was forced by Shi Qingyang, he was able to fight with the good quality of the combat uniform he was wearing. he was even more admired after he was stressed to death by foreign animals.

Of course, admire, he also inevitably began to far away Zheng Gaoyuan-these days Shi Qingyang let Zheng Gaoyuan kill animals, are very disgusting!

Disgusted to the point that they all hide from Zheng Gaoyuan, and Zheng Gaoyuan, a glutton for meat all day, began to stop clamoring for meat.

Of course, among so many people, Wang Qing paid the most attention to Cheng Ran. After discovering that Cheng Ran had made such great progress, his opinion on Cheng Hong was even greater.

Shi Qingyang trained as usual every day, leaving the city in the early morning and returning to the city in the evening. During this period, Anhang City suddenly settled down.

Since the discovery of the mobile town, many people have been jailed in several cities such as Xinghuo City in Anhang City. The follow-up investigation has never stopped. The whole Anhang City has a feeling of jittery and trepidation, and the company commander Jiang has been implicated.

Recently, however, this feeling has disappeared. Although the investigation is still going on, many times it gives people a perfunctory feeling, which makes many people who were previously listed as suspects feel relieved at last.

However, other people breathed a sigh of relief, Li Rong felt worse and worse day by day, because he felt that the investigation team from Yangtze River City was watching him closely after relaxing its investigation of others.

Clearly all the evidence that should be destroyed has been destroyed, Aozhi will not recruit him. He has also produced some evidence that he has already prepared and that he has a problem with the Yin family. The Yin family's testimony will not be easily believed, but somehow, those people just suspect him.

Not only that, the investigation direction of those people is also very clear. For example, the contact point he arranged to contact with the mobile town was investigated several times back and forth. Fortunately, he had already destroyed everything that should have been destroyed…

After logging in to a spam website full of advertisements, clicking one of the advertisements, and entering a specific account number on the page to be registered that the advertisement jumped out of, Li Rong entered a website, then entered a string of numbers on it, and a dialog box jumped out.

He is a very cautious person and has different contact methods with different people. Here is his contact place with one of his subordinates, who is following the judicial officer of Changjiang City in investigating the mobile town.

Before that, he only contacted his subordinate once, and the information he got was good for him, so he stopped contacting him, but the recent situation was so bad that he had to click here again.

The video call was soon started. Li Rong looked at the environment behind the man and after making sure it was safe, he finally asked, "how was the man?" He asked Aozhi exactly.

"I haven't seen it for several days. Xu Ze came once in six days and didn't know what he said to the man. After that, the man was protected, and I haven't seen him again." The man across the street had some anxiety on his face.

"Where are the others?"

"No one else has seen him. He seems to be protected and Cheng Xuze comes to see him every day these days."

"Do you know why?" Li Rong asked again.

"I didn't get anything useful." The man opposite shook his head.

Li Rong frowned and thought of something else: "Where are the other people?" This time he was referring to the Yin family.

"Those people have been forced to be tight recently, and they are also somewhat unstable…The judicial officers of the Yangtze River City wanted to close the case earlier, but Cheng Xuze disagreed, and they are still dragging on now. Moreover, Cheng Xuze has also seen them several times."

"I know." Li Rong quickly closed the webpage and then cleaned up all traces.

Just after doing so, he was even more worried. When the incident first came out, he actually thought about looking for a scapegoat. Unfortunately, he was worried that he might be self-defeating and was found to have something on him. He didn't do it, and only planned to wait for the incident to fade away.

The Yin family has fully confessed the crime. He also gave evidence that he did not agree with the Yin family so that they could not testify against him. Aozhi said nothing and received anti-torture training…

In the face of this case on the push is very tight, still need to hurry up the case to stabilize the heart, in such circumstances, normally will not continue to check soon, but somehow, Cheng Xuze unexpectedly unusually insist…

Li Rong's brows knit more and more tightly. Judging from the current situation, it is clearly Aozhi who sold him. He only let Aozhi's mother die of illness, which really made him cheaper!

Aozhi has loosened his tongue and the Yin family will certainly not last long. If all these people testify against him…

When it was very hot in the room, Li Rong felt cold.

Today, the sky is mostly gray. It is not easy to see the sun, but today, it is very rare for the sun to appear in the sky.

Shi Qingyang watched Cheng Ran as he ran, working with Ye Jinyu to kill a grasshopper beast with a gun. His face smiled: "Everyone, get back to the mobile fort and eat. You have an hour's rest. When the time comes, start exercising!"

Today they went to this grassland to deal with grasshoppers and grasshoppers, and now they are reaping a lot.

"I'm going to die…" Zheng Gaoyuan, who was digging up the eggs of locusts, heard these words and suddenly fell to the ground, crushing a lot of grass, then stopped moving on his back.

"Originally, for the sake of your hard work today, I'm going to give you a meat dish, since you prefer to lie down…" Shi Qingyang looked at Zheng Gaoyuan and smiling.

I also don't know what's wrong with Zheng Gaoyuan. Now he is very hard at hunting and exercising, but when he is finished, he immediately lies down on the ground…

Originally, he would kindly carry people back, but more times, he would not want to.

"I'll get up right away!" Zheng Gaoyuan rolled, first lying on the ground, then "wheezing" to get up: "What can I eat for lunch?" There is no nutrition, no oil and water in the dumplings. They are definitely his most disgusting food. No one!

"You dug a lot of locust eggs today, and I'll give you a taste." Shi Qingyang laughed. Today Zheng Gaoyuan held the grasshopper beast's leg recklessly and let people hunt the grasshopper beast. Later, he dug up a lot of grasshopper eggs and did very well.

Zheng Gaoyuan's eyes lit up immediately. He had eaten locust eggs before and felt the taste was normal, but in retrospect, he couldn't help drooling.

Shi Qingyang is still very good, not too much, at least willing to give him meat…

Zheng Gaoyuan was full of expectation and sat happily at the table, waiting for his locust eggs to be brought up. But when the staff on the mobile fortress came up, he looked left and right, but did not see what he wanted to eat: "Where are the locust eggs?"

"In your soup." Shi Qingyang smiled: "Today, the cook made vegetable soup from locust eggs. Before putting meat in it, I gave you a bowl in full bloom."

They all ate fried meat, and even the soup was filled with meat. As for Zheng Gaoyuan, it was already his "benediction outside the law" to have some egg flowers in his soup.

Zheng Gaoyuan dared to be angry and dare not speak. He stared at the food in front of others, ate his own dumplings with a few bad mouthfuls, and spent a lot of time with a spoon to find a few small egg flowers: "I will never trust you again! What you said is all lies and lies!"

"really? I was going to say that there will be a holiday tomorrow…"

"Vacation?" Zheng Gaoyuan froze, he has been squeezed for more than a month, Shi Qingyang never let him rest, now how can suddenly have a holiday?

"Didn't you say I was lying?"

"How can, you always talk calculate words! This is not, you said to give me meat, I will eat locust eggs!" Zheng Gaoyuan immediately raised his spoon to show the egg flowers inside. After being oppressed for a long time, he finally woke up his flattering skills.

"Then everyone will have a day off tomorrow." Shi Qingyang laughed.

"What day is tomorrow?" Wang Qing asked curiously.

"Tomorrow is my birthday." Cheng Ran suddenly said that he had been thinking about the matter recently and would not forget it anyway.

"Yes, we will get married tomorrow!" Shi Qingyang immediately spoke, and they were afraid to be Cheng Ran beat again.

Although the wedding or something is still too early, there is no problem in registering in advance.

"Is there a wedding reception?" Zheng Gaoyuan tightly pegged to the teacher Qingyang, swallowed saliva.

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