Shi Qingyang learned Qin Liu's plan to come here that night from Cheng Xuze.

This month, Cheng Xuze has been looking for the man behind the Yin family, also locked several candidates, but are not sure, and Qin Liu this time round, is to send him a good thing.

A kind of poison aimed at human brain, which makes people have to tell the truth.

"I also don't know where Qin Liu got this medicine. If the efficacy is as good as what she said, the route would be normal." Cheng Xuze looked at the other side of the I don't hungry, although I don't know each other's identity, but still said the truth.

"Is there any side effect of this medicine that will damage the brain?" Shi Qingyang fixed his mind and laid down a line of words.

"Yes, Qin Liu said, this medicine has a great chance of damaging the brain, so I must be careful not to let people hold it." Cheng Xuze nodded: "Cheng Hong's life has not been very good for more than a month. Qin Liu and his two children have also been affected. It is estimated that this is why she came to me. However, she just doesn't know where her medicine came from. Can she really buy such things on the black market?"

Shi Qingyang saw Cheng Xuze's serious expression at the end of the screen, and his face became more and more solemn: "If I didn't guess wrong, this medicine should have come from Feng Jia."

"Closed home?" Cheng Xuze has already said: "The Feng family of Fengyun Hong?"

"That's right, it's a closed house. The closed house has a research institute in Imperial City, which has studied many banned drugs. This drug should be one of them, but I don't know how your daughter-in-law got it." Shi Qingyang has written a line of words. He is actually very familiar with this medicine because he has taken it before.

At that time, the drug had been improved. At least, the damage to the brain was reduced. If it were not for this, the side effect would not only be a long period of thinking disorder after taking too much.

This kind of medicine, is not can't resist, as long as the willpower is amazing, at least can keep a little mind, at the beginning Feng family want to know the reason why he became stronger, after feeding him the medicine, he still has some thoughts, plus he was on why he became stronger this is not very clear, finally just didn't tell the nest.

Later, Yin's family found nothing from him, he was confused again, and his custody was relaxed a lot…If it weren't for this, he would never have known the prescription of all-powerful medicine.

Shi Qingyang looked pale at the thought of what happened at that time. He knew that the medicine of the research institute had been given to many people, but such things were forbidden, so there was no special relationship. No one could get such medicine from the research institute. Where did Qin Liu get it?

Does Qin Liu have anything to do with the research institute?

"Feng family should study such things?" Cheng Xuze was also somewhat shocked: "If I use this medicine, it will be known to others…"

"It's okay. It's difficult to find out this medicine. As long as you are careful, there will be no flaw. You can use it completely, but you should pay more attention to Cheng Hong and Qin Liu." Shi Qingyang continued typing. In the current situation, this medicine is the best one to use. He felt that he wanted to tell everything and knew more about how good this medicine is.

"I will." Cheng Hong nodded. If it weren't for the words "I don't want to be hungry", he might not doubt too much, but now he has made up his mind to look after his son.

Cheng Hong is not very smart. If he is shot…

Shi Qingyang and Cheng Xuze soon ended the conversation, but at that time, the expression was not gentle until Cheng Ran came in from the outside: "Qingyang, why do you look so ugly?"

Shi Qingyang turned off his computer and smiled: "I was thinking about something just now. However, how did the medicine match?" Cheng Ran recently had to train every day during the day. He put the learning of pharmacy production into the evening. If he hadn't arranged the time so tightly, he wouldn't have fallen asleep when Shi Qingyang rubbed his back…

"Today, I learned another medicine that needs to be added with radiation energy for configuration, but I almost failed…" Cheng Ran yawned and wanted to lie down very much. However, I thought of how excited Shi Qingyang was when he returned to the city: "Qingyang, do you want it?"

"No, let's sleep." Shi Qingyang kissed Cheng Ran on the face. Cheng Ran was already so tired, of course he wouldn't do anything crazy anymore.

Although I'd like to know who is the man behind the Yin family, Shi Qingyang also knew it was urgent, so the next day, as usual, he entered Zheng Gaoyuan's room early in the morning, and then dragged Zheng Gaoyuan out of bed.

"Qingyang, if you are going hunting today, let Wang Qing follow." At breakfast, Cheng Xuze said.

In response, Shi Qingyang was very pleased: "Thank you, Grandpa! Grandpa Wang will be in trouble."

"It's good to be out of town." Wang Qing nodded his head.

Several people arrived at the entrance very early, but Sheng Lin, Wu Siwen and others, as well as Li Jiajia Ye Jinyu, were already waiting there, with their equipment still hanging on their bodies. When they saw them, their faces lit up.

Shi Qingyang did not rush out of the city, but looked around at the gate of the city. Finally, he looked at a thin man in shabby clothes: "Are you looking for work here? Would you like to follow us out of the city and help us pick up our prey?"

These days, it is not easy to wear rags, because many people donate clothes they no longer wear, but Fu Xiaohua's suit is definitely rags. of course, this is also because he is not wearing ordinary clothes that can be obtained through donation channels-he has five or six sets of worn combat uniforms on himself.

Fu Xiaohua is a person from Hang Cheng, who lives with his grandmother. Although the two originally lived a hard life, his grandmother had a pension and would not be unable to survive. It happened that his grandmother had Alzheimer's disease. The whole people became a bit eccentric and forgot many things.

Fu Xiaohua used all the old man's pension to buy medicine for her, but there was still no improvement. He was almost unable to eat. Moreover, although he was still in school, he was already an adult and had no way to get relief money…

After much deliberation, Fu Xiaohua decided to try his luck outside the city, but his courage was not great. He simply found many combat uniforms that others did not want, and wore six layers on himself layer by layer, hoping to add some defense to himself.

Because the combat uniform is windtight, each combat uniform has a small temperature control system on it. The system on the broken combat uniform has long been useless. Fu Xiaoyang now wears a total of six pieces, sweating profusely, and looks down and out.

Shi Qingyang suddenly spoke to him. Fu Xiaoyang obviously couldn't understand him and pointed to himself in surprise: "Me?"

"Yes, I want to find someone to help me pick up the prey. Would you like to?" Shi Qingyang asked again.

"Yes, of course!" Fu Xiaohua immediately said that he was alone and did not dare to go out of the city. Now some people are willing to take it with them, which is more than happy.

"Master Shifu, I'd like to, too. My strength is much greater than that of this little man. You'd better find me!"

"Master Shifu, and me, I know a lot about the wild and have rich experience. I can definitely do this job well!"

"Master Shifu, take me with you. I can't only pick up prey, but also hunt!"


Fu Xiaohua just agreed, and immediately many people crowded up and introduced themselves to Shi Qingyang.

"No, I only need one, and he doesn't look very well off." Shi Qingyang smiled and rejected the others.

Fu Xiaohua was a comrade-in-arms in his last life, so he would suddenly find him and others would forget it.

Moreover, he has to do so now, you know, in the previous life, Fu Xiaohua could not hunt at the beginning, but he could only live by picking up animals behind the mad Ye Houan and treating his grandmother by the way. but now Ye Houan is not mad at all, not only is he not mad, but his career has gone to the next level…

If he doesn't take Fu Xiaohua, he will run out alone, perhaps he will be in danger…

Those people looked at Fu Xiaohua wearing rags, finally depressed to retreat to the side, and Fu Xiaohua, he is still a blank.

At first Shi Qingyang asked him if he would like to follow. In fact, he didn't recognize Shi Qingyang at all. It was not until he found that everyone else was extremely enthusiastic that he suddenly found himself smashed by the pie falling from the sky.

His luck was so good that he was attracted by Shi Qingyang!

"What are you thinking? Don't you hurry up?" Shi Qingyang urged.

"Hee hee, I wonder why you have a crush on me?" Fu Xiaohua's face was full of excitement.

"…" Shi Qingyang gave him a speechless look: "I didn't see you."

"ah?" Fu Xiaohua a face of doubt.

"Master Shifu already has heart, you have no chance." Li Jiajia patted Fu Xiaohua on the shoulder.

Fu Xiaohua pondered for a moment, then hurriedly ran: "Master, Master, that's not what I mean. You certainly won't have a crush on me. How can you have a crush on me? I mean me…"

"Are you the latest combat uniform?" As Fu Xiaohua scratching their heads, Zheng Gaoyuan finally asked, he remembered a person he knew in the central city, like to wear such clothes, it is said that this is the trend, at that time, he was scolded after being a fool, in order to catch the trend, also let Nye also gave him such a suit.

However, his clothes at that time were obviously not as natural as Fu Xiaohua's.

"ah?" Fu Xiaohua looked awkwardly at his combat uniform. He was too timid to wear so many layers…

"How much did you buy this dress? I also want to buy one." Zheng Gaoyuan added, this combat uniform looks worn out, but it is very thick and must be able to block foreign animals!

Fu Xiaohua didn't know how to answer it at all. In the past, people teased him like this. He had already turned against him, but now he could not bear to get a new job…

"You don't talk and nobody thinks you are dumb!" Ye Jinyu stared Zheng Gaoyuan one eye.

Zheng Gaoyuan's head shrank into his body and he stopped talking. These days, under the supervision of Shi Qingyang, he completely said goodbye to the games he used to like to play. Instead, he watched many teaching videos, and someone told him what was going on in the mobile town…

Since then, when he saw Ye Jinyu again, he always felt a little guilty.

Others don't know Zheng Gaoyuan's brain has a problem, but Ye Jinyu knows that she smoked the corners of the mouth and handed Zheng Gaoyuan a palm computer, which belongs to her mother and is filled with all kinds of dog blood TV plays. The main characters are basically born poor and live in poverty.

Although this thing is very unreliable, Zheng Gaoyuan saw it and should know something. At least, he can also know that not everyone is as rich as he is.

Zheng Gaoyuan likes watching TV very much. He looked down at it and saw half of it. He was also too engrossed in his eyes.

Unfortunately, before he could see the protagonist reap happiness, Shi Qingyang suddenly appeared and carried him off the mobile fortress.

The hunt has begun.

The mobile fortress is actually a big weapon, with this one thing in it, even if you see the nest of foreign animals, as long as it is not particularly difficult, you can directly run over it and crush everything.

However, Shi Qingyang came out this time to let people exercise. Of course, this method will not be used. Therefore, he finally chose a tree on which several exotic animals climbed, and then beat down all the caterpillar beasts, ladybirds and the like, to let people hunt. He even specially assigned a caterpillar beast to Zheng Gaoyuan.

Caterpillar beast body soft bite not broken Zheng Gaoyuan radiation protection clothing, Zheng Gaoyuan and don't have enough means of attack, can only abut Shouting and crying, finally came up with a coup, pressure on the caterpillar beast, forcefully put caterpillar beast killed…

Shi Qingyang finally gave a good compliment to Zheng Gaoyuan, who was covered in green juice, but when Zheng Gaoyuan was lying on the ground pretending to be dead, he just didn't dare to mention him.

His own experience is not without, in fact, don't feel how disgusting, but see Cheng Ran face is white, he will not start work.

If Cheng Ran won't let him go to bed because he touched something disgusting, thanks?

Zheng Gaoyuan lay alone on the ground for a long time, only to find that everyone ignored him on the mobile fortress, and it seemed that it was time to eat…

He finally got up, cleaned himself with a cleaning robot and went back.

He later, must specially hire a few people, after Shi Qingyang forced him to train to carry him back!

During the morning hunt, Shi Qingyang also generously explained the tactics to others. In the afternoon, a group of people arrived in the swamp and began to exercise.

Sheng Lin and others didn't feel anything when they looked at it yesterday. Now they are in the swamp, only to find that it is really difficult to walk in the mud. Fu Xiaohua, who had no previous experience, is almost unable to move.

Because of this, they have more respect for Shi Qingyang and Cheng Ran, who can move freely.

After the training, Shi Qingyang generously divided the prey caught in the morning evenly to sheng Lin, Wu Siwen, Fu Xiaohua and others, and even gave Fu Xiaohua a brand-new combat uniform, allowing him to replace the beggar's clothes that hurt his eyes, and said that money would be deducted from wages-more help would help out revenge, which Shi Qingyang knows best.

As a result, Fu Xiaohua just excitedly took off his ugly clothes, but he didn't want them to return to the city. He actually saw a group of people dressed in tattered combat uniforms hanging around the entrance to the city, while several people who were probably from other cities were shocked and talking about whether Anhang City was really poor.

Shi Qingyang looked around silently. Cheng Ran, who has a good memory, has already pointed out one person: "Qingyang, do you think he is the one who will join the team this morning? He was wearing a 200,000-dollar combat uniform, but now he has also changed into a tattered combat uniform…

"I just found out the news, because Shi Qingyang pities others and will let them join the team, the price of today's shabby combat uniform is the highest ever." Wang Qing put down his palm computer.

Shi Qingyang spent a lot of time to go back, and as soon as he went back, he found Cheng Xuze expression some ugly, but Cheng Xuze didn't want to say much to them, in the end, he still put on a vest to find Cheng Xuze, just know the answer.

Aozhi recruited after taking the medicine, and the person behind it was Li Rong!

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