The caterpillar beast and ant beast caught to help train were finally sent to Sheng Lin by Shi Qingyang. He no longer sees such animals, but Sheng Lin was very happy. He spent a lot of time dragging the two caterpillar beasts out of the mud and carefully cleaning them up.

When they packed up the animals and loaded them all onto the bus, Cheng Ran and Li Jiajia Ye Jinyu both had already cleaned themselves up and drank the potion to sit inside the mobile fortress to rest at the same time. Only Zheng Gaoyuan remained motionless.

Shi Qingyang has long been accustomed to Zheng Gaoyuan's virtue. He threw a cleaning robot directly to clean him up, and then threw it on the floor of the mobile fortress. However, he returned to the room with Cheng Ran.

"Master elder brother, do you really want to set up a hunting team to hunt?" Li Jiajia knocked on the door.

Since she left the city with Ye Jinyu and the three people who lost her, she has made up her mind to become stronger. Because of this, she still insisted on leaving the city for exercise when others were too afraid to leave the city.

And Ye Jinyu's idea is similar to hers. After returning from the mobile town, Ye Jinyu received the sympathy of countless people, but she didn't want such sympathy…Finally, Ye Jinyu came to find her and went out of the city with her.

Before that happened, Ye Houan naturally did not dare to let her daughter go out alone, so for the first few days, Ye Houan followed the two of them until he met Shi Qingyang.

Shi Qingyang chose this swamp as a good location. There is a patrol stronghold nearby, which is very safe. Moreover, Shi Qingyang's own strength is not low…

When they saw Shi Qingyang and Zheng Gaoyuan training here, they wanted to join the team just like Sheng Lin. They also thought Shi Qingyang would not agree, just like Sheng Lin, but Shi Qingyang agreed.

"Yes, hunting in the morning and physical training in the afternoon are better than simple training." Shi Qingyang drank the medicine while saying that a month passed, although Zheng Gaoyuan still looked fat, his body was already much stronger under the dual effects of medicine and exercise. Not only that, after he was once overwhelmed by caterpillar beasts, he even attracted the surrounding radiation energy…

Shi Qingyang felt deeply that he should add another fire to Zheng Gaoyuan…

I don't know why, although at the beginning he felt very helpless about the need to teach Zheng Gaoyuan himself, but at the end of this month, seeing several other people getting stronger little by little under his nose, he came to have fun.

In particular, Cheng Ran, although he was better after eating the queen ant's meat, he always felt a little emaciated until now.

Although Shi Qingyang was talking to Li Jiajia, his eyes could not help but fell on Cheng Ran, who was taking off his combat uniform. After he had passed the adaptation period for the first few days, his appetite grew steadily. He was not 18 years old. After he could eat so well, both his height and weight increased, but after a month, he looked much stronger.

He likes Cheng Ran's soft appearance before, but he also prefers Cheng Ran's healthy appearance now.

"Can we join in?" Li Jiajia asked.

"Of course, I would have included you." Shi Qingyang smiled and nodded. His previous training was cruel. As a result, Li Jiajia and Ye Jinyu both survived. They were not only gifted but also determined.

He needs to expand his strength now, and naturally he will not give up these talents at this time.

"thank you!" Li Jiajia thanked her loudly and smiled cunningly: "I will not disturb your conjugal love, goodbye!"

At first, when she was beaten down by Shi Qingyang in the challenge arena, she thought Shi Qingyang was really hateful, but later Shi Qingyang accompanied her and Ye Houan out of the city to find Ye Jinyu and others, but let her have a good feeling for Shi Qingyang.

Later, after learning that Shi Qingyang had saved Ye Jinyu and others, she went to see the video of the battle that had embarrassed her so much that she didn't feel embarrassed. She was vaguely moved.

Originally, when she first came to train, she thought that she might have had a long relationship with Shi Qingyang. As a result…

Shi Qingyang's attitude towards her and Ye Jinyu is exactly the same as Zheng Gaoyuan's. Instead, Cheng Ran…People with long eyes can see how precious Shi Qingyang is. At least, it's been so long. She has never seen any time when Shi Qingyang really let the animals chasing them meet Cheng Ran.

Not only that, the rings worn by these two people are obviously still a pair…The two high-quality men will die like this, and Li Jiajia always feels very sad.

When Li Jiajia left, he also took two bottles of medicine, apparently to rub the medicine. Shi Qingyang looked at this and immediately took one bottle and looked at Cheng Ran." However, can I help you rub the medicine?"

"Can I help you too?" Cheng Ran immediately the baggage and take the journey.

"Here is the mobile fortress…" Shi Qingyang thought of wiping medicine with each other frankly, suddenly feel some dry throat.

A few days ago, Cheng Ran trained all day during the day and would be very tired at night. At that time, he would wipe Cheng Ran's medicine every night. If he accidentally wiped his gun, it went off accidentally…

Of course, the so-called accidental discharge of a gun is only a matter of soothing each other with hands, but even so, for the young and strong, there is still a lot of expectation.

"so tired, do you still have the strength?" Cheng Ran was somewhat shocked. He simply liked the feeling of touching Shi Qingyang's skin and didn't think so far.

"Of course I have the strength! And they were afraid you didn't have the strength…"Shi Qingyang sighed, Cheng Ran helped him to half last night, unexpectedly fell asleep…

Of course, he did not suffer, but took advantage of it severely.

"I won't…yesterday because you touched me too comfortable…" Cheng Ran blushed, Shi Qingyang up and down to touch his back, he didn't resist, fell asleep…

"Well, let's wipe the medicine quickly, otherwise it will be too late, this mobile fortress will return to the city soon!" Shi Qingyang looked at the time and was worried. If he wasted it again, he would not even have a chance to eat tofu.

Cheng Ran has been wearing the best anti-radiation clothing. Now he has radiation energy. He has no radiation damage. Now his face is still white, tender and tender. He looks at Shi Qingyang in a hurry and his face slowly turns red.

In less than an hour, the mobile fortress had already returned to the city. Now the people at the entrance to the city have already known them. They saw Shi Qingyang coming down from the mobile fortress with a big fat man in his hand. Everyone was not surprised, but they were extremely concerned about Sheng Lin's two chariots behind the mobile fortress-they had never seen anyone follow Shi Qingyang's mobile fortress before. Moreover, Shi Qingyang even spoke to the people on the two broken chariots after coming down.

Among them, there are people sheng Lin knew, curiously pulled him to ask.

Although Sheng Lin has always been very calm, but at this time, but also because of very excited and want to show off, but he is worried that Shi Qingyang will not be happy, finally can only bite the bullet and suppress extremely uncomfortable.

In addition, Cheng Xuze has stayed in Anhang City for two months. His residence here is getting better and better. Shi Qingyang even has feelings for it.

Only today when he was taking people back, he saw an unexpected person, that is a 16-year-old boy, looks very much like Cheng Ran, who is not Cheng Hong's son Cheng Zhen?

How can Cheng Zhen sit in the hall?

Cheng Hong has been ignoring Cheng Ran, but he is very good to Cheng Zhen, almost in accordance with the best, and for Cheng Zhen, he has parents, sisters, but not Cheng Ran this brother, so for a long time, Cheng Zhen is very exclusive to Cheng Ran, now see Cheng Ran came in from the outside, but also cold snorted, turned away as didn't see Cheng Ran.

If it had been before, Cheng Ran would have been a little sad to meet such a thing. However, now that Shi Qingyang is around, he did not care at all. He even ignored Cheng Zhen: "Qingyang, I'm hungry."

"I'll look in the kitchen." Shi Qingyang laughed and thought he had not seen Cheng Zhen.

"There are guests in you didn't see? Don't even know to entertain guests? Indeed as expected is an illegitimate child, what all don't understand…"Cheng Zhen saw this situation, angry.

"Xiao Zhen, don't talk." At the same time, a woman came out of the room, it was Cheng Hong's wife Qin Liu.

She reprimanded Cheng Zhen and apologized to Cheng Ran: "Xiao Ran, I'm sorry, your brother doesn't understand." Qin Liu was very polite, but her unfamiliar behavior undoubtedly confirmed Cheng Zhen's "illegitimate child".

"It doesn't matter." Cheng Ran said that he could not tell how he felt. He used to watch the video Gu Changjin found called Mom and Dad, hoping that his parents could care about themselves after they became stronger. Now he is becoming stronger and his relationship with his parents is even further away.

Fortunately, he doesn't care much about these anymore.

At Cheng Zhen Qin Liu some hate iron not to produce steel, soon took him away, this time, Cheng Xuze just came out from the inside, still frowning slightly on his face.

"Grandpa, what's the matter?" Shi Qingyang asked curiously.

"Nothing, are you hungry? I've already had the food prepared, so hurry up and eat." Cheng Xuze obviously does not intend to say anything.

See this situation, Shi Qingyang simply don't ask, Cheng Xuze always think they are still young, there are some things I don't want to tell them, but he don't hungry in the face of me, but what will say…Even if he doesn't know now, later can also change the identity to talk to Cheng Xuze.

Cheng Xuze prepared Cheng Ran a large piece of roast meat, potato cakes and stir-fried vegetables, but in front of Zheng Gaoyuan, there was only a bowl of vegetable soup, plus a vegetable dumplings.

Zheng Gaoyuan took a sip of soup and took a look at the meat in front of others. It was like being abused. If it had been done in the past, Cheng Xuze would have looked at him pitifully and might have given him a piece of meat the size of a fingernail. But today, everyone's attention is on another person.

"The young master's appetite is getting better and better." Gu Changjin saw Cheng Ran eating quickly, and felt very suspicious. Before Cheng Ran could not even eat meat, he was thin and small, and now he has finally got better.

"Grandpa Gu, these are delicious. You should eat more!" Cheng Ran laughed.

"Yes, master." Gu Changjin nodded his head and his appetite improved somewhat.

After he was rescued from outside the city, he has been living in the hospital. originally, his injuries were not good enough. he should continue to live there, but his physical condition is not suitable for hospitalization ….

From the very beginning, the doctor diagnosed that he would definitely become the same as ordinary people in the future and have no radiation energy, but these days, he feels that his body has radiation energy again and is slowly recovering…

Gu Changjin is very clear about the innocence of ordinary people and their crimes. If he and Shi Qingyang and Cheng Ran's abnormal situation were known, it would certainly cause quite a stir…After such a thought, Gu Changjin would not want to stay in the hospital any longer, instead, he packed up his things and came back early.

Anyway, most of his injuries have been healed. It doesn't matter even if he recovers from injuries outside. As for radiation energy, some changes have taken place in his radiation energy. Without professional tools, it must be impossible to detect and understand…

Although it is basically impossible to return to the former appearance, Gu Changjin is very satisfied with the present situation. Seeing Cheng Ran getting healthier, he even appreciated the ants and beasts.

"Grandpa Gu, when you're cured, we'll take you out of town to see the scenery." Shi Qingyang also said.

"Well, I'll definitely go then." Gu Changjin agreed with a smile.

This meal, in addition to Zheng Gaoyuan, everyone was very happy to eat, and Zheng Gaoyuan, after eating dinner, also got a very exciting news-his grandparents, after turning a blind eye to him for a month, finally decided to video call with him!

Knowing the news, Zheng Gaoyuan couldn't help but burst into tears. Even after connecting the call, he immediately rushed up and said: "Grandma, grandma, they don't give me meat. Grandma, please tell Shi Qingyang and let him give me some meat!"

He actually wanted to complain and tell us all about his poignant exercise experience, but when he thought that Shi Qingyang had been exercising with him these days, Cheng Ran performed countless times better than him, and he was embarrassed to say anything more.

"Gao Yuan? Are you lofty?" Zheng Gaoyuan's grandparents looked at their grandson in shock. They could even see their grandson's eyes!

"Grandpa, I want to eat meat…" Zheng Gaoyuan teary-eyed, but I didn't think his grandparents didn't notice him at all. Instead, they gratefully looked at Cheng Xuze: "Gao Yuan has lost so much weight. It's really great, Mr. Cheng, thanks to you! I just wanted someone to take care of him, but I didn't expect you to make him thinner…Mr. Cheng, we will give him double commission, you can continue to take care of him, it doesn't matter if you are strict, it doesn't matter if you are hungry!"

How many hungry meals? Zheng Gaoyuan despair.

However, his grandparents are still very excited: "Gao Yuan is so fat, we have been afraid that he will die of illness when, now it is really too good…" Zheng Gaoyuan used to have very wide meat, now he has lost 50 kg plus a lot of strength, the whole person has lost a circle, the visual effect is very amazing, and they are surprised to incoherent: "I didn't expect you to help us so!"

"Don't worry, I will let him continue to work hard! Now that he has developed radiation energy, he should be able to become a radiation energy fighter soon…However, you should not always thank me. I am very busy and have no time to take care of this child. He has been teaching by Shi Qingyang." Cheng Xuze also did not take credit and introduced Shi Qingyang with a smile.

Zheng Gaoyuan's grandfather did a great deal of business, but he was still a grandfather and loved his grandson very much. Zheng Gaoyuan was loved by him for being clever when he was a child. Later, when something happened, he felt even more guilty and wanted to compensate…

Because of this, he was extremely enthusiastic about Shi Qingyang, a younger generation. After giving him double compensation, he also promised a chariot.

Shi Qingyang smiled and answered, but he couldn't help but want to spit it out. He always thought that Zheng Gaoyuan's grandparents wanted him to transfer Zheng Gaoyuan | to teach a person, but he didn't expect them to be so happy with such achievements…

For the sake of double pay, he will certainly continue to work hard in the future!

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