Sheng Lin is a very common level 3 radiation energy fighter in Hang Cheng. Such strength is not particularly strong, but it is not bad. His parents have always hoped that he can stay in the city to work, even if it will earn less, but at least it is safe, but sheng Lin is not willing to, he likes fighting, likes taking risks, and prefers the feeling of fighting outside the city.

Those who dare to fight can always get more chances of success. At the age of 28, Sheng Lin had already bought two chariots on his own and started a small team at the same time.

These two chariots were bought from a retired radiation fighter with all the money he had saved from years of hunting. Although some of them are old, they are good to use. Today, he even worked with his three partners and finally hunted a grasshopper beast.

"Eldest brother, you have too much control over radiation energy to use the wind blade to scrap the breathing hole in the leg of this grasshopper beast!" Wu Siwen, a former classmate of Sheng Lin and later a comrade-in-arms of Sheng Lin, excitedly tied up the body of the grasshopper beast. The grasshopper beast had been flying kites for a long time because it was not willing to waste bullets and had not been able to kill it. Unexpectedly, Sheng Lin could use the wind blade to scrap its breathing hole.

"This is also a coincidence." Although Sheng Lin said so, he was somewhat satisfied. This grasshopper beast is their third prey today, and together with the two caterpillar beasts captured before, they can make a lot of money today.

"Eldest brother, this is clearly your marksmanship!" Wu Siwen added, then looked around doubtfully: "hey, where is this?"

"We are running towards Anhang City, here…" Sheng Lin looked at the nearby environment: "This seems to be the marshland in the west of the city. This place used to catch many young mosquitoes and animals. Now the water is getting less and less, there is nothing left, and few people come here again. We can have a good rest."

Sheng Lin had just said his plan, but suddenly he heard someone calling for help.

"Eldest brother, someone asked for help!"

"Let's go and have a look!" Sheng Lin immediately said, all of them out of the city hunting, will abide by a convention, that is, when others ask for help, as long as you can, to save people.

Humans have been driven to near extinction by foreign animals. If it weren't for the final unity, there is absolutely no possibility of survival. Under such circumstances, it is natural to stick to the consistent external.

As soon as Sheng Lin made the decision, the others took their weapons. Their strength was not strong and they became more and more careful. At the same time, they also found that the cry for help came from the nearby mud pond.

Around the mud pond was covered with water bamboo, during which many small animals of palm size were flying. Several people cut several water bamboo with knives and soon saw an amazing scene.

In this swamp, a fat man in a lifetime combat uniform is running forward, rolling and crawling, while behind the fat man, two caterpillar beasts are chasing him.

The fat man probably rolled in the swamp for a long time, now covered in mud, even the helmet was covered with mud paste, Sheng Lin even doubt now he can see the road ahead.

The caterpillar beast behind the fat man also has a lot of mud, which makes it run fast even though it has a lot of feet, but even so, they are watching to catch up with the fat man.

"Don't do it!" As Sheng Lin and others raised their guns to kill the caterpillar beast to save lives and harvest two more prey by the way, a voice suddenly sounded.

The man chased by the caterpillar beast was not in danger for the time being, and Sheng Lin was not in a hurry. he turned around and found that there was more than one person in the swamp. in front of him, there was a man dressed in a normal combat uniform, tall and straight, with a face under a protective mask, and some familiarity…

"Shi Qingyang?" Sheng Lin recognized each other, a full face of surprise.

"hello." Shi Qingyang smiled and nodded his head, very kind, at the same time his feet kept tapping on the mud. Probably because of his action speed is too fast, his combat uniform is clean, there is not even a bit of mud star, seems to have never got stuck in the mud.

"Shi Qingyang, why don't you save people?" Wu Siwen frowned, now the fat man is still crying for help, Shi Qingyang indifferent, even stopped in front of them…

"He's fine. It's just a matter of habit to cry for help. Hanging his throat while doing so consumes heat." Shi Qingyang laughed.

"Habit? Throwing?" Sheng Lin looked at the fat man in the distance to continue to climb forward, behind the caterpillar beast is getting closer and closer to him, some can't understand.

Shi Qingyang nodded while using his hands and feet to prevent himself from sinking into the swamp: "He is losing weight. Besides, the two caterpillar beasts are the most common cabbage worms, and it's nothing if they catch up with them."

Sheng Lin froze, this just found that is true, although some caterpillar beast attack is very strong, but this kind of cabbage worm like aphid beast no attack, generally as long as found, will be able to hunt, is one of the best capture animals.

It's just that you need this to lose weight?

Just when he was wondering, the fat man was finally chased by the caterpillar beast. The two caterpillar beasts climbed onto the fat man, making his shrieks louder.

Sheng Lin shook and was about to say something when he saw Shi Qingyang, who had been talking to him, running quickly in the past. At the same time, he grabbed the fat man, pulled him out of the mud and put him more than ten meters away from the caterpillar beast. At the same time, he also took out a water bottle and poured something on the fat man.

The two caterpillar beasts began to chase the fat man again. The fat man screamed and ran away: "Eldest brother, ancestor, I beg you, don't you want to find such disgusting caterpillar beasts chasing me? Ahhh! Help!"

"Do you know how much I spent to let them chase you? The potion on your body is not cheap. If you are caught up by them soon, I will let you have a good contact with them." Shi Qingyang said, watching the fat man rolling and crawling and running for his life again, he returned to Sheng Lin: "You can see, he is fine, we are training."

Sheng Lin did not speak, but looked at Shi Qingyang's feet with some surprise-there was not a bit of soil on those conjoined boots.

He thought Shi Qingyang could not sink into the mud because he ran fast, but now it seems that this is not the case? Just now Shi Qingyang fished the fat man out of the mud. With such great effort, he would have got stuck in the mud.

"Have you found? I'm also training. I'm under my feet and have gathered radiation energy…"Shi Qingyang laughed and suddenly fell into the mud."  I've been using radiation energy to support myself just now, and now I've used it almost…"

"Is it not only senior radiation fighters who can get their feet off the ground?" Wu Siwen was surprised. Seven-level radiation energy fighters can walk on the water with the help of radiation energy and jump very high. Eight-level radiation energy fighters can fly directly in mid-air, but Shi Qingyang should be very far away from these two types, right? Although there are rumors that Shi Qingyang may have reached level 4, it is only level 4.

"I'm not off the ground, and I'm still moving." Shi Qingyang smiled slightly. Although he condensed a round shield composed of radiation energy under his feet, it was actually very easy to break. He did so only to exercise his control over radiation energy.

"You're amazing!" Sheng Lin sincerely speak, and looked at the distance crying fatty, at this time, he suddenly found that there are three people ran towards here.

It was three people covered in mud like the fat man, and behind them, dozens of ants and beasts were chasing behind…

The three men did not cry for help like the fat man, nor did they use their hands and feet like the fat man. Their hands were held together. The middle man ran in front and pulled the left and right sides. They pulled their feet out of the mud again and again and ran forward together. The speed at which they ran in the bog, which was difficult to reach, had already caught up with the speed of ordinary people on the flat ground.

They are exercising! Sheng Lin saw this scene, immediately understand a lot of things, for in front of these people more admiration.

Today, most people, after possessing radiation energy, will always practice radiation energy, but these people in front of them are exercising their bodies, and they can also use this method to themselves…They will definitely become powerful radiation energy fighters!

Sheng Lin admires these people in front of him very much, but there is no doubt that they are as flustered as the fat man.

They should have run for a long time, now the speed will slow down, while the ants and beasts behind them are still tireless…

Although the man in the middle still had spare capacity to pull the people on the left and right, the people on the left staggered and fell to the ground, eventually bringing down three people.

Just now Shi Qingyang watched helplessly as the fat man was tortured by the caterpillar beast for a while before saving lives. Sheng Lin thought he would do the same this time. Unexpectedly, he ran quickly in the past and then quickly blocked the ant beast without letting them meet the three men.

Then, he ran on the left and right sides, the two men who were already exhausted returned to Sheng Lin and put the two clay figurines on the side. As for the one who ran in the middle, he ran again…

"This is how you usually train?" Sheng Lin could not help but ask.

"Yes, that's how we usually train."

"No wonder you won the championship! No wonder you are so good! Before, I thought you got more resources than we did…"Wu Siwen was embarrassed. after he knew the existence of Shi Qingyang, he was very jealous of Shi Qingyang, but now he can't be jealous of seeing the other side training so hard.

Sheng Lin's other two team members took out a cleaner at this time to help those two people who collapsed on the ground and could not move, and even their protective masks were all covered with mud.

Wipe off the mud on the protective mask, I saw the two people lying on the ground, Sheng Lin this just found that the two men were women!

The two men who were chased in the mud and covered in mud and dirt did not care, turned out to be women! At that time, sheng Lin even felt a little ashamed.

At the same time, he also recognized the two men after watching the video of Anhang College and paying attention to Ye Houan's rescue of his daughter.

Li Jiajia, who was quickly defeated by Shi Qingyang during the war, and Ye Jinyu, daughter of Ye Houan.

Shi Qingyang's eyes were again on the two men who were still in the swamp. The fat man who was chased by the caterpillar beast was still crying for help, while the man who was chased by the ant beast was still running fast.

Sheng Lin said hello to Li Jiajia and Ye Jinyu. He also looked at them quietly. After the fat man was caught up by the caterpillar beast again, and after a howl of the wolf, he saw that the heat chased by the ant beast suddenly pulled out a gun and started fighting toward the ant beast behind him. His marksmanship was not good, but the gun in his hand was obviously good. Several ant beasts chasing him soon died under his grasp.

By this time, he seemed to have lost some strength and walked slowly towards them. He was not as flustered as the two girls before. At least the protective mask was not covered with mud. Therefore, when he came closer, Sheng Lin and others saw his appearance and were shocked again.

Cheng Ran, this person turned out to be the Cheng Ran who, as an ordinary person, can also configure medicine and is called the inspirational emperor!

Cheng Ran did not have radiation energy, but he learned to prepare medicine. Not only that, he was able to leave the city and kill foreign animals.

Sheng Lin was extremely admired at that time and felt even more ashamed. He always felt that the man who had persisted for so long under the pursuit of ants and beasts would be a powerful radiation fighter. Who ever thought that it was an ordinary person? Cheng Ran will be hurt by radiation if he doesn't wear combat uniform in the wild, but he can become so strong, and I don't know how much effort he has put into it.

Cheng Ran is an inspirational emperor, which is beyond doubt.

"However, what do you think?" Shi Qingyang looked at Cheng Ran.

"I'm fine." Cheng Ran took a deep breath and walked slowly beside him. After adjusting his breathing, he sat down.

"It's okay." Shi Qingyang looked at Zheng Gaoyuan in the distance, ran past, and finally brought Zheng Gaoyuan back.

Cheng Ran can still walk after running. Ye Jinyu and Li Jiajia both lost their strength just now, and now they are starting to relax their muscles, but Zheng Gaoyuan…

The fat man, after Shi Qingyang grabbed him from the mud, he was completely motionless, now after being put on the ground by Shi Qingyang, is completely quite resin.

Seeing this scene, Shi Qingyang was extremely helpless. Zheng Gaoyuan started training in his hand for a month. The results were gratifying, probably because of the large base. This month he lost a whole 50 kg, plus the meat was strong, and the whole people looked at him a little. But, I don't know when, he actually formed a practice is quite resin completely motionless habits!

Looking at this big fat man pretending to be dead, Shi Qingyang especially wants to kick him…yes, Zheng Gaoyuan is still fat, his base is too big, even if lost 50 kg, there are more than 300 kg…

Fat people's weight loss undertaking is definitely a long way off, very, very heavy!

Zheng Gaoyuan is who, at this time Sheng Lin they also recognize the nature, they don't understand to see in front of this a few people, although know oneself should go hunting, but still can't help but stay, want to see how these people will do.

After that, should they also train well?

Sheng Lin was thinking about his exercise plan when Shi Qingyang suddenly smiled at them: "Do you want to train with us?"

"We?" Sheng Lin looked at Shi Qingyang in surprise. There were only four of them, and they had no strong points…

"Yes, it is you." Shi Qingyang said firmly.

Sheng Lin had to admit that he was very moved, but he was no longer a student and had to support his family. The family circumstances of the four of them were not good…"We really want to, but we all need to hunt…"

"It's okay. We will train in actual combat in the future. We can give you the hunted prey. However, you should also help us train and teach them to hunt. After all, your combat experience should be very good." Shi Qingyang laughed.

"Why us?" Sheng Lin was pleasantly surprised and some couldn't believe it.

"Because of fate." Shi Qingyang spoke. There is no doubt that what he said is untrue.

This month, at first he took Cheng Ran and Zheng Gaoyuan to train here, and then Li Jiajia and Ye Jinyu who went out of town to train joined in. During this period, their behavior had been discovered by many people, but he directly took the ownership certificate of the land and drove those people away, and only Sheng Lin was the only one. He let them stay here for so long, for no other reason, only because Sheng Lin once picked up him from the ant nest and helped him a lot. The four people in front of him were all his former comrades.

In addition to these four people, there is actually another one, and now it is almost possible to find him.

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