Shi Qingyang dragged Zheng Gaoyuan, who was in a soft mass, back to the city, and received the attention of countless people. Fortunately, Cheng Xuze had already sent someone to wait at the entrance to the city, and didn't let him meet with being under siege.

Such a scene, Shi Qingyang also met only after reaching the seventh grade in his previous life. Now he always feels a little surprised. He turned over the Internet and only knew what Cheng Xuze said.

This plant was planted…What makes people feel speechless is that even those who helped him to do the test cried and said that they were threatened by the Yin family and did dereliction of duty, and that he was willing to bear a huge fine.

This fine, mostly Cheng Xuze will help him pay, look at his happy appearance, want to Cheng Xuze will also give him another sum of money.

As for the Yin family, they are now in danger and no one will believe anything they say.

Shi Qingyang saw these, and finally breathed a sigh of relief, with Cheng Xuze such a statement, he will no longer have to worry about being suspected of power problems, however, why would anyone think Cheng Xuze want to marry his granddaughter to himself?

"Qingyang, have you seen the news?" Cheng Ran also went online and immediately asked.

"However, some of the above is completely blather…"

"what? I don't think it's nonsense." Cheng Ran some puzzling.

"Is your grandfather to marry his granddaughter to me that…" Shi Qingyang decided to show loyalty, he always likes to have clear words.

"Turns out to be this, they are not speculation? You will definitely not marry your cousin, we are going to get married." Cheng Ran was very sure of this. Shi Qingyang said he would marry him. Those people were completely guessing.

He knew, Cheng Ran idea must be different from others, in Cheng Ran heart, there will be no emotional breakdown, infidelity betrayal and so on…Shi Qingyang face a big smile, at the same time in Cheng Ran kiss a mouthful of corners of the mouth.

Zheng Gaoyuan beside "wheezing" panting. Now the car is also custom-made and can fit him, but Shi Qingyang didn't adjust his position when he put him down, and he didn't have the strength to move. Now he can only maintain an awkward posture, with a fat face pressed flat against the seat. His words are not clear: "You are getting married, can you let me go home?"

"I will train you before I get married!" Shi Qingyang immediately the baggage and take the journey, when it comes to this is, he felt a little depressed-Cheng Ran now are not adults…

What's more, only by training Zheng Gaoyuan well and getting the money from the Zheng family can he spend money openly in the future…

Zheng Gaoyuan was carried back to his room. After a long day's ordeal, he was too tired to even walk. But after all this, he could still think about food and shouted for meat as soon as he lay in bed.

Unfortunately, after he fell into Shi Qingyang's hands, eating meat was already out of his reach. In the end, he got a large bowl of cabbage soup without any oil and water. Even the vegetables in it were only a little bit.

Zheng Gaoyuan drank the vegetable soup with tears in his eyes, because he was so hungry that he even let people pour water into it and drank the dishwashing water. If the bowl were not too clean, he might have licked it.

Shi Qingyang turned on the computer at this time and found Cheng Xuze as "I don't want to starve".

"Thank you very much for what happened to Shi Qingyang this time."

"You're welcome, you're welcome, this is what I should do, but Master, Shi Qingyang really has a chance to reach Grade 8?" Cheng Xuze couldn't help but ask, if Shi Qingyang really can go to that step, he even picked up the treasure!

"As long as there is no death or disability, it is certainly possible." Shi Qingyang answered with a smile, he has already walked this road once, and this time it will be smoother.

Moreover, he is now in much better health than before, and he has eaten more ant meat than before. In the future, he may even reach a higher level.

Cheng Xuze saw such a certain sentence, and was stunned at first, then laughed: "It seems that I really want to woo him well in the future."

"It's okay to woo, but not the granddaughter." Shi Qingyang conveniently made a joke.

"Those are reporters write! He is obviously the grandson's wife of the Cheng family!" Cheng Xuze immediately got to the point. After that, he smiled awkwardly again: "Ha ha, two men, in fact, said this was not interesting."

"…" Boring why do you say? Shi Qingyang was somewhat helpless and changed the subject: "Let's get down to business. Is the man behind the mobile town in sight now?" There are still people behind the Yin family, which is certain, but the man is too deep in hiding, and they have no news now.

"Not yet, but I am sure there is such a person." Cheng Xuze said that he has carefully analyzed all things in recent days, but unfortunately there are not too many clues.

"Can we find a way to lure the snake out of the hole?" Shi Qingyang asked again.

"Let's see…" Cheng Xuze sighed: "In fact, in a small mobile town, I once caught a five-level radiation fighter. This man should know something. Unfortunately, he insisted that the Yin family had found him. This man was also trained in anti-torture and had been trying to commit suicide. Today, I even got news that he started to bite people everywhere. He testified against more than 20 people in Xinghuo City, Anhang City and even Changjiang City." If that Aozhi bit dead, he wouldn't say anything. It happened that he bit people like crazy and made a lot of false statements.

Shi Qingyang also knows that this matter is urgent, and now that they have returned to the city, it is not good for them to intervene, now no longer ask more, just again with Cheng Xuze discussed some things in the science of uniting the.

The next day, Qingyang got up very early as usual, but when he and Cheng Ran had eaten, Zheng Gao's distant room was still quiet…There is no doubt that some people began to pretend to be dead again.

Zheng Gaoyuan was carried out by Shi Qingyang from the room. Shi Qingyang was just eighteen years old. Even if he was tall, his face was somewhat childlike. Now he was carrying such a big fat man down from the upstairs, and the visual effect was amazing.

When Ye Houan came with his wife and daughter, he just saw this scene.

Ye Jinyu was injured when she was captured by the people in the mobile town, then she was given the medicine that made her whole body weak, and finally she was flogged and given the mei medicine…

After returning to the city, she had been receiving treatment until she was discharged yesterday. Early in the morning, she followed her father to thank her, but she didn't want to see the fat man being carried by Shi Qingyang.

Ye Jinyu's feelings for Zheng Gaoyuan were very complicated. Although she was confused at that time, she remembered all those things later. She was ashamed and grateful, and even dared not come here at the beginning.

But at this time to see Zheng Gaoyuan was carried down by Shi Qingyang, her shame was swept away, and she won't feel embarrassed again, even couldn't help laughing.

However, Zheng Gaoyuan did not notice that he was teased by a little girl. He looked at the two egg-sized dumplings in front of him with a sad face and almost cried.

This vegetable dumpling is the cheapest food made of plants. Now the food is precious and cannot be wasted. Therefore, the leftover materials of exotic animals are made into nutritious meals, while the leftover materials of plants are made into this vegetable dumpling.

Like potatoes and sweet potatoes, their leaves, which were not used for food in ancient times, will now be crushed to make this kind, and they are also known for their good nutrition and weight loss, and their taste and mouthfeel can be imagined.

"You eat quickly. If you don't eat, you'll have nothing later. If it weren't for fear of starving your stomach, even this, I wouldn't have planned to give you any." Shi Qingyang said directly that he had seen Zheng Gaoyuan's physical examination report and knew that he had accumulated toxins in his body. It was harder than ordinary people to lose weight, but it was just more difficult. If he really made up his mind, he would definitely reduce it.

The nutrition he should drink will not be less Zheng Gaoyuan, meat or something, Zheng Gaoyuan don't have to think about it.

The two dumplings were thrown into Zheng Gaoyuan's mouth as fast as he could, and after chewing them casually, he swallowed his stomach lest Shi Qingyang rob him back.

Today's training is the same as yesterday's. Zheng Gaoyuan was stuck in the mud and moved his body slowly. Shi Qingyang caught five ant animals and drew a big circle on the swamp. Then he could run around without spokes, catching all the ant animals that wanted to leave the circle and throwing them back into the circle. If he found Zheng Gaoyuan suddenly stopped moving, he would throw two ant animals at Zheng Gaoyuan.

Of course, he will not be too cruel. When Zheng Gaoyuan is really unable to support himself, he will also allow Zheng Gaoyuan to lie on the marsh for a while and then give him some mixed brine.

This kind of practice, is cruel, down in the morning, Zheng Gaoyuan can't move, finally Shi Qingyang carry him back from the mud, and let the cleaning robot clean him up, at the same time give him a potion.

Zheng Gaoyuan drank three bottles of medicine, ate another vegetable dumpling, took a rest, and was thrown into the swamp by Shi Qingyang again.

"Qingyang, can I also go down to exercise?" Cheng Ran saw that Shi Qingyang was going to go down in his combat uniform and suddenly asked.

Shi Qingyang subconsciously wanted to refuse. His own dirty and tiring training was all right, but if it were Cheng Ran, he would not give up Cheng Ran's suffering and tiredness.

However, he is also very clear, a person a little strength does no harm…

Cheng Ran saw Shi Qingyang's hesitation and added: "Qingyang, I will go out of town with you in the future. If I don't have any skills, I will become a drag on you. If I can't attack with radiation, I can at least find a way to run faster."

Probably ate a lot of queen ant meat at the beginning, and he is more adapted to these than Shi Qingyang, he is now in the body of radiation energy is very much, there are about three levels of radiation energy soldiers, but it happened that can't induce radiation energy in the air, there is not much fighting capacity.

Just, even if he can't use the tactics, he can always learn to run away.

"good." Shi Qingyang nodded: "However, I will not spare." Now that you have trained, you must train the results.

"I will try my best." Cheng Ran nodded seriously, again remind of the things in the nest, if he was useful at that time, you don't have to watch Shi Qingyang injured.

Shi Qingyang thought he needed to pay more attention to Cheng Ran. After all, he had never trained in the wild before, but in fact, Cheng Ran performed very well.

At first he walked slowly in the swamp because he was not used to it, but as time went on, the speed became faster and faster. even, Cheng Ran asked him for an ant beast and began to chase it hard on the mud.

Different from Zheng Gaoyuan calling tired from time to time, Cheng Ran has been gnashing his teeth to insist on, or he guessed that Cheng Ran's physical strength has been exhausted, just let Cheng Ran rest beside for a while.

As a result, Cheng Ran did not rest for long, but began to continue training soon.

"However, are you uncomfortable? Don't try to be brave." Shi Qingyang asked with some concern.

"Qingyang, I'm fine, I'm fine now, the radiation energy in my body seems to be able to make me recover my strength quickly, and my strength seems to be especially big…" Cheng Ran looked at his legs and whispered.

"It should be because of eating the queen's meat. However, come on." Shi Qingyang finally put down the heart, Cheng Ran since got benefits, can't let the benefits wasted.

"Mmm!" Cheng Ran immediately nodded his head.

On the other side, Zheng Gaoyuan screamed, "Help! Help! You can't patronize and talk about love, so you can leave me alone!" Just now, he wanted to take advantage of Shi Qingyang's lack of attention to rest. Unexpectedly, Shi Qingyang immediately released the ant beast he was able to restrain with radiation. Now, the ant beast is biting him while trying to drag him out of the mud and back to his nest.

"As long as you keep running, you will be fine." Shi Qingyang saw his one eye.

"You must want to hurt me, you must have done it on purpose…" Zheng Gaoyuan tried to pull his two fat legs out of the mud and found that they could not be pulled out, then he got up again with abandon.

"Don't forget, our training time is no shorter than yours." Shi Qingyang said, "However, there is no radiation energy. This is even his first training."

Zheng Gaoyuan froze, finally don't talk, although he had been poisoned, physical and intellectual damage, but to live a good life like ordinary people also no problem, the reason is like now, actually also a little abandon.

"You'd better move quickly. If you don't stop moving any longer, the ants will come and bite you." Shi Qingyang added.

"I will crush you one day!" Zheng Gaoyuan struggled to get up.

This day back to the city, not only Zheng Gaoyuan tired down, even Cheng Ran is not good, but he did not like Zheng Gaoyuan lie down and pretend to be dead after training, but insisted on walking back.

However, in the end he ate just like Zheng Gaoyuan, who only drank a little cabbage soup. Zheng Gaoyuan was forced to eat it, but he could not.

He went back to his room and lay in bed, thinking how tired he was when training. Cheng Ran even wanted to give up for a while. After all, he was a pharmacist, and it didn't matter if he couldn't fight at all.

However, when he thought of Shi Qingyang's continuous training, he immediately dismissed the idea. He is still too weak and should strive to become stronger whenever he has the chance.

Shi Qingyang can insist, why can't he?

He made up his mind and recovered a lot. He suddenly felt hungry and finally understood why Shi Qingyang could eat so much.

Now, he thinks he can eat a big bowl of barbecue!

"However, I have made something easy to digest. Do you want to eat it?" At this time, the door was opened and Shi Qingyang came in from outside.

"Yes!" Cheng Ran spoke without hesitation and swallowed saliva.

Shi Qingyang and Cheng Ran ate a snack together, and naturally stayed overnight. On the other side, Zheng Gaoyuan was lying on the bed alone, dragging his exhausted body up again and again to go to the toilet, and nearly fell down in the toilet several times.

He was so hungry that he couldn't sleep at all. He filled his stomach with water to make himself feel better. As a result, he kept wandering in his stomach and wanted to go to the toilet.

If he is at home, he can have people pack him with diapers, but here, Shi Qingyang doesn't have people to wait on him…Woo…

Finally, Zheng Gaoyuan simply sat down on the special toilet and slept in the shower room.

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