There is a shelter near the gate of Anhang city, which is specially for the elderly or children who are unable to work in the city. There are special staff and volunteers here to take good care of these people.

All the people rescued from the mobile town now live here.

The basic life of these people is all right, but their ideas are completely different. They have received brainwashing education and do not know what kind of life is normal. They even feel that being killed is nothing…

There are many people who pay close attention to this place and many people have donated money or things, but it will take a long time for people here to resume their normal lives.

What happened to these people undoubtedly made people hate the perpetrators even more. Unfortunately, the examination of the Yin family was bogged down in an impasse. Although all the Yin family members were arrested, they refused to confess their guilt. The old man of the Yin family insisted that all the things were done by Yin Ming together with him and had nothing to do with Yin Hao.

"Grandpa, should we not let them escape in the end?" Shi Qingyang know this matter, immediately find Cheng Xuze.

"No, the Yin Hao, suspects can have many, at most is the trouble point when checking…" Cheng Xuze also want to say what, hand contact terminal suddenly rang.

The person at the other end of the contact terminal is Xing Ou. Xing Ou had a lot of trouble when Cheng Ran disappeared before, but now, his spirit is getting better.

Although such a big thing happened, he, the duke of Spark City, would also be blamed for his oversight, but he was also happy to see the misfortune of Yin family who had been holding him up against him.

"Mr. Cheng, the case has progressed. Some people have evidence to prove that Yin Hao knows about the mobile town!" Xing Ou was full of excitement.

"Who can testify?" Cheng Xuze asked in surprise, you know, Yin family has made up his mind to protect Yin Hao this time, Yin He also took all the crimes, said he has been to the second line convenient…

"It's Yin Jinru." "He said that his mother was from a small mobile town. He stayed in the small mobile town when he was a child and was later taken back by Yin Hao because his mother had given birth to other children. As long as DNA was tested, it could be detected."

There is no doubt that the Yin family's building will collapse now, but no one expected that it was the Yin family's own who added a fire.

According to Yin Jinru, when he was young, Yin Hao often played in mobile towns and played with many women. His mother was one of them. Because his mother was not only with Yin Hao, no one knew that he was Yin Hao's son when he was young. It was not until later that someone said he was like Yin Hao that Yin Hao took away his hair and had a genetic test.

And he, indeed, was the son of Yin Hao. At that time, the Yin family wanted to train a person to manage the mobile town in the future. Finally, they took the four-year-old back to Spark City.

The Yin family did not think that a four-year-old child could remember much, but he did remember it. Just before, even if he knew all this, even if he had been missing his mother very much, there was nothing he could do. Until now, when the Yin family had an accident, all the people in the mobile town were saved.

The genetic comparison results between Yin Jinru and those rescued soon came out. The last 10-year-old boy, a 12-year-old girl and a 14-year-old girl were all confirmed to be related to him by blood. However, his mother was "destroyed" after she gave birth to several children, aged and unable to give birth.

Shi Qingyang knew about this matter, but he couldn't help sighing. He hated Yin Jinru all the time in his last life. Now everything has turned around a lot.

Because of the appearance of Yin Jinru, Yin's family was soon convicted. Even Yin Tiancheng needed to be sentenced because someone saw him with Yin Ming after plastic surgery. Only Yin Jinru was not an adult and had not done anything bad. He should be released at last.

And Yin Jinru also disclosed a message to them through Xing Ou, that is, more than a year ago, the Yin family seemed to have given the mobile town to others. Yin Jinru only told them about this matter and begged them not to tell others. It is said that he felt that the people behind the scenes were very powerful.

Cheng Xuze agreed to Yin Jinru's request. After that, while slowly investigating the man behind the scenes, he released an astonishing news.

It was the seventh day that Cheng Xuze returned to the city with the mobile town. Yin Jinru testified against Yin's family on the third day. On this day, Cheng Xuze added another accusation to Yin's family-controlling the talent inspection organization and tampering with others' talent level.

This was said by Cheng Xuze in public when he received the commendation. In front of many media, he vowed that the test result of Shi Qingyang's original radiation capacity and radiation adaptability was double A+, and the Yin family tampered with the result if they wanted to control him. Not only that, the Yin family also killed his parents after the event in a frenzied way…

Double A+? Shi Qingyang turned out to be double A+? All the people who heard the news were shocked.

As Shi Qingyang was valued by Cheng Xuze and put on great splendor in the competition of Anhang College, many people also paid attention to him and knew more about his double C- talent. This talent, even if he reached level 3 at the age of 18, he will stop there later. Because of this, many people think that he can be valued by Cheng Xuze, and his luck is too good.

But now…Shi Qingyang turned out to be double A+?

"Mr Cheng, what you said is true?" After a long silence, a reporter finally asked.

"Of course what I said is true, and I have no need to cheat you. I had been to Spark City before and discovered this point unintentionally. This is why I started to cultivate this child." Cheng Xuze spoke solemnly, trying to make himself look like he was telling the truth.

You know, Shi Qingyang is not a double A+! The dean of Spark College said clearly that Shi Qingyang was a double C-! It happened that Shi Qingyang, just like his master, could not infer from common sense. Clearly, with such a poor talent, he finally became a four-level radiation fighter at the age of 18…

Cheng Xuze has to admit that he is very, very jealous now.

"Mr. Cheng, even if Shi Qingyang had a problem in the talent test, but his parents are both low-level radiation fighters, how can they give birth to double A+ children?" The other reporter hesitated.

Want to know, Cheng Xuze eldest son Cheng Hui, is a talent double A+, has now become a level 8 radiation energy fighter, Shi Qingyang if really have such talent, that means he may become a level 8 radiation energy fighter in the future!

Shi Qingyang's parents are very common. When he was a child, no one prepared him with all kinds of drugs to support him. Under such circumstances, he can really "mutate" into a talented person?

"There should be no mistake in this result. Although he started to practice radiation energy when I found out and was not accurate in testing talent at that time, his current results are enough to prove that my original guess was correct." Cheng Xuze said, all the radiation energy fighters, only just have radiation energy, talent testing, such as their body radiation energy more and more, especially after becoming a secondary radiation energy fighters, also can't test again, after all, the test method is to use a strange radiation energy into the human body, and then record the human body's reactions. When a person has more and more radiation energy in his body, other radiation energy will be rejected in the first place.

"Mr Cheng, then why didn't you make this public?" The reporter asked again.

"Can't deny that I also saved a little selfishness…" Cheng Xuze duly let his face revealed a trace of regret.

For Shi Qingyang, he really threw caution to the wind this time! Clearly not things, he said more really, and the teacher Qingyang, he wanted to give him a double b talent, the results of the somebody else unexpectedly is not enough…

Cheng Xuze thought of yesterday's conversation with Shi Qingyang, really don't know if he should say Shi Qingyang is too confident in himself.

Through the Yin family accident, the teacher Qingyang talent changed things, he has long wanted to good, after all, many aspects of the teacher Qingyang are too conspicuous, in order to once and for all, he went to the teacher Qingyang for questioning yesterday.

At that time, he held a comparison table of talents and grades: "Shi Qingyang, how many grades do you think you can reach in the future?"

Shi Qingyang smiled: "Class 8 will definitely be achieved."

"You mustn't joke, I asked very seriously." He doesn't believe it at all.

"Grandpa, I'm joking. My master also said that I can definitely reach Grade 8. If I'm lucky, maybe I'll reach Grade 9."

Must be able to reach level 8…At the beginning Cheng Hui was born radiation almighty, double A+ talent, also dare not say such a thing, Shi Qingyang…

He should have reprimanded Shi Qingyang and told him not to dream, but in the end he somehow believed…

Cheng Xuze looked at the reporters in front of him and suddenly thought of Shi Qingyang's words: "In fact, Shi Qingyang is not necessarily a double A+ talent."

All the reporters listened intently. They didn't believe that Shi Qingyang really had double A+, and if so, the luck of Shi Qingyang would be really great!

Seeing this scene, Cheng Xuze smiled: "I don't know what grade s talent is, maybe his talent is more than A+."

The reporters immediately froze, but Cheng Xuze said so sure, but by others don't believe it.

Is Shi Qingyang really a genius?

If you think about it carefully, there are also traces to follow. Shi Qingyang had already made great achievements when he was in Spark College, and his skill was amazing in previous competitions.

If he doesn't have such talent, Cheng Xuze well, how can let him call grandpa, if he doesn't have such talent, Cheng Xuze how can give him the mobile fortress?

No wonder Cheng Xuze is so good to Shi Qingyang, because Shi Qingyang has such talent!

The reporters thought a lot in an instant, and when they got back, all kinds of reports came out.

"Yin Family absolute monarch, Tampering with Others' Gifts"

"Surprise! Shi Qingyang is gifted with double A+!"

"Cheng Xuze gave away the mobile fortress originally to woo double A+teenagers!"

"Cheng Xuze strongly supports Shi Qingyang or intends to make him a granddaughter's husband."


Yes, it's my granddaughter's husband. If Shi Qingyang is still a double C-,he has talent everywhere. Naturally, many people think he and Cheng Ran are very suitable except for their status, but if he is a double A+…

Cheng Ran is an ordinary person who doesn't even have radiation energy. And who won't marry someone who has the same talent these days so that he can have another talent in the future?

Cheng Xuze sent everything to the mobile fortress, how could it be possible for Cheng Ran, who is both illegitimate and ordinary, to be with Shi Qingyang?

Various speculations on the Internet have been widely circulated, but Shi Qingyang and Cheng Ran do not know them. Now, they are training Zheng Gaoyuan outside the city.

Although Zheng Gaoyuan is delicious and can use food to hang him for exercise, his physical strength is too poor and too fat. He can collapse after a little more exercise in the gym. He would rather have nothing to eat when he is too tired. Under such circumstances, it would take him a lot of time to practice something. Shi Qingyang was cruel and took him out of the city.

"Qingyang, does it really matter to have him down there?" Cheng Ran looked at Shi Qingyang with some concern.

"It will be all right." Shi Qingyang opened his mouth. He and Cheng Ran are now sitting in a small mobile town. Under the small mobile town, a meat ball is trying to move towards the small mobile town ….

This is a swamp in Anhang City's safe area. It is only necessary to keep walking in a place like the swamp. Once it stops, it will sink into the mud if it is careless. Although Zheng Gaoyuan sinks into the mud slower than others due to his large size, if he does not move, he will sink in slowly.

At the same time, because there is mud everywhere, ordinary people can't pull their feet here, let alone Zheng Gaoyuan, a fat man…

Zheng Gaoyuan moved for a while and finally could not move. Shi Qingyang had expected this scene for a long time and looked at Cheng Ran." However, I will go down and look at him. You can make medicine on it."

"good." Cheng Ran nodded, although Shi Qingyang took Zheng Gaoyuan out for exercise, he himself had a training plan, and Cheng Ran, he also had medicine to do.

They will not waste their time at will.

Shi Qingyang was wearing the camouflage combat uniform that Cheng Ran bought him before. Although he was in the swamp, he still walked like a flying horse. He ran back and forth for a circle. In a short time, he got back two ant animals.

Ants are very small in size among carnivorous animals. He also specially caught the smallest of them. The two ants, even Zheng Gaoyuan's radiation protection clothing, could not be broken, but they could walk on the swamp…

Shi Qingyang lifted Zheng Gaoyuan out of the mud, put him aside and watched him sink slowly. Then he sprinkled some sugar water on Zheng Gaoyuan. Then, the two ants and beasts were put down by him.

Ants wanted to escape, no matter where they fled, they would be stopped by Shi Qingyang. Later they stopped running and began to bite Zheng Gaoyuan.

Although Zheng Gaoyuan's combat uniform was of very good quality, he was nearly scared to death when he saw the two ant beasts. He screamed repeatedly. Shi Qingyang guessed that he was scared enough. That's why he caught the two ant beasts: "Zheng Gaoyuan, I don't require you to run in the mud, but you must move. Once you lie down and don't move, I will let go of the two ant beasts."

Zheng Gaoyuan was originally following dead mouse feels no cold's advice, but when he heard this, he never dared to take any chances: "I'll move right away! I'll move at once!"

A fat man finally moved again in the mud. He could walk at first, but then he slowly became a climber.

This day, it is estimated that Zheng Gaoyuan had the greatest amount of exercise after he gained weight. When he was brought back to the mobile fortress by Shi Qingyang, the whole people had already become a soft mass: "I am going to die, I really am going to die…"

"Don't worry, it's okay. I've prepared the medicine. You should drink it and wipe it. After using it, you can make sure you have no trace on you. You can continue tomorrow." Shi Qingyang smiled. Although Zheng Gaoyuan was bitten by ants and beasts for several times, he had too much fat on his body, which was not good for his mouth, so it was just some bruises. It was nothing.

Can we continue tomorrow? Zheng Gaoyuan paused, suddenly sad, unfortunately, he is really tired this time, crying, also don't have the strength to cry gas dye-in-the-wood, can only sniffle in a low voice.

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