Xu Jinxin is an observer at the north gate of Anhang City. This position belongs to the inspector, but it is much easier than those inspectors who need to run around outside the city. He and several other people only need to stay in the inspection room outside the entrance and look at the situation near the entrance through the camera telescope above. If they see any animals that are not long-sighted, they can kill them.

This position is said to have been very important in the past, because at that time there were often some powerful foreign animals that led a group of foreign animals to attack the city, but as time went on, as the country organized powerful radiation fighters to destroy those foreign animals that harmed the city, slowly, such things as foreign animals attacking the city became less and less.

Moreover, there were not many severe insects in the area of the Yangtze River City where Anhang City was located before the disaster, and now there are naturally not too powerful exotic animals. There is basically no need to worry about such a situation here.

The people in this position are divided into three shifts, each working eight hours and taking turns to work. Xu Jinxin came here at 4 o'clock this afternoon and finished work at 12 o'clock in the evening. As soon as he arrived, the people who changed shifts with him had already started to pack up and prepare to finish work.

At this time, everyone did not pay much attention to the scene on the monitor until Xu Jinxin suddenly glanced at it: "What is that?"

"What's the matter?" Others heard Xu Jinxin, hurriedly asked, looking at the monitor screen at the same time.

A huge monster is coming towards their city!

No, that shouldn't be a monster, but a…mobile town without a shield and a roof? What is even more surprising is that there are several other small mobile fortresses above this mobile town.

What is going on here?

"Xu Jinxin, do we want to issue a warning? What exactly are they doing here?" A colleague immediately asked.

"Since it is a mobile town, it means that there is someone on it. We have to find someone to contact…No, it's no longer necessary. Look, isn't that the person next to the mobile town our patrol team?" Xu Jinxin suddenly said, relieved at the same time, Anhang city patrol team followed, no doubt that this mobile town is safe.

"Also, a mobile fortress above the mobile town was originally given to Shi Qingyang by Mr. Cheng?" Another said.

"Is Mr. Cheng back? He got a broken mobile fortress?" Xu Jinxin was full of curiosity. He was a radiation fighter, while Cheng Xuze was his idol.

After all, compared with those who were born in large families, Cheng Xuze's experience has already been called inspiring.

"That should be it!" Some people were excited: "Let's report the situation here first, and then take turns to go down and have a look!" There are several people in their class here. As long as one person is left here, it is nothing for others to leave for a while. Those who want to enter the city and cannot pass the identity check usually need them to go down and check.

Xu Jinxin and others were all attracted, and so were others. Those who were hunting or working outside the city, many people directly followed the mobile town and entered the city entrance, gathering more and more people.

By this time, Li Rong had also received the news. As the duke of Anhang City, he knew the matter earlier than the people who entered the city. Just after hearing the news, he knew that the mobile town brought by Cheng Xuze was the one he had spent a lot of time getting from the Yin family.

It's just been more than a year since I got it, but I haven't covered up the heat yet, and it's gone…

Different from other people's happiness and curiosity, Li Rong almost vomited blood in his heart, but what worries him more is that the information in the mobile town will be obtained by Cheng Xuze.

Although he has been careful, but perhaps also reveal a little clues…For a moment, calendar glory even want to open the city's defense artillery, blew up the mobile town along with Cheng Xuze, however, this is just think about it.

With a smile on his face, he quickly found several men who were sure that he had not been to the mobile town, and then went to the gate of the city.

Cheng Xuze has made great contributions. He should be grateful and praise highly.

A lot of people were waiting for Cheng Xuze to enter the city, but Cheng Xuze did not enter the city at all. He took this huge mobile town and stopped near the gate of the city.

There are too many kinds of evidences in this mobile town. I'm afraid there are too many people who want to destroy it. In this case, of course, he should be careful. Moreover, those who were caught by him have no matter for the time being, those who were rescued can't adapt to the life in the city now. Apart from that, they still have no identity.

Cheng Xuze thought of here, can't help but sigh, at the same time look at the Wang Qing.

Wang Qing nodded toward Cheng Xuze, entered the city with a computer, and then uploaded all the information found in the mobile town to the Internet, encrypted at the same time, and only those above the identity level C have the right to watch. Minors do not have similar rights, which also prevents these things from polluting the eyes of minors.

No way, there are some things inside, which are really disgusting as never before. according to the video data filed by the names of the guests one by one, people can clearly see the other side of those people beyond the shiny surface.

After Wang Qing finished all this, he informed the judicial officers of the Yangtze River City. With countless people involved in Anhang City and several nearby tertiary cities, he could only let the people of the Yangtze River City come forward.

"sir, it's already been posted." After all this, Wang Qing returned to the mobile town.

"That's good, those things…" Cheng Xuze's face showed a disgusting expression: "Those people are simply worse than animals!"

All kinds of S*x | love ling | abuse scene also don't say, there are some people, can refresh the moral offline, of course, will become like this, also has something to do with the power of the mobile town.

For example, the old man they caught this time, who is quite famous in Spark City, was accompanied to sleep by his daughter. He had a good time with people in this mobile town. He had a child. The child was raised in the mobile town and finally began to accompany him.

I don't know if he knew about it at first, but obviously, he accepted it happily later…

"sir, now that all the information that should be transmitted has been transmitted to the internet, we will be all right." Wang Qing, they also wanted to keep it secret at the beginning, but they were afraid that some people would attack them for this information.

Now that everything is on the internet, it will be too late for those people to do anything else.

Cheng Xuze nodded, and looked at the misty sky.

The day in Anhang City is about to change.

A case that shocked the whole of China took place in Anhang City! Cheng Xuze, a class 8 radiation energy fighter, helped people find their missing daughter and finally found an illegal mobile town!

Some relatively mild video pictures and various materials were published on the Internet. Those criminals were interrogated one by one. A large number of officials and senior radiation fighters changed from being respected to being shouted at by everyone. Those rescued were re-registered with the information.

Yin's family, which is involved in this mobile town, was completely controlled in the first place.

Cheng Xuze is a master, but he is not familiar with these things. He did not intervene in the follow-up treatment of all this matter, but even so, he became a hero again because of this matter, and others related to this matter also received attention.

Ye Houan's daughter is missing. He prayed at the gate of the city for Cheng Xuze to take him out of the city to look for his daughter. He was taken out and compared with Cheng Hong's reaction. Finally, he thought Cheng Hong was not qualified as a father. As a result, it was not long before the people who went out of the city with Ye Houan returned to the city. It was confirmed that Ye Houan's daughter had been attacked and died by foreign animals, but Ye Houan remained outside the city…

At that time, some people did not understand Ye Houan. Some people even vowed that Ye Houan was playing at the beginning. He didn't care about his daughter at all. He just wanted to approach Cheng Xuze and interview Cheng Xuze through his daughter.

With Cheng Hong in the lead, such a statement was quickly accepted, and only Ye Houan's relatives and friends did not believe it-they knew clearly how much Ye Houan attached importance to his daughter.

Rumors have intensified, but now Ye Houan has returned and saved his daughter…Now, Ye Houan has become a recognized good father.

In addition, Wang Qing and Shi Qingyang have also received much attention. Zheng Gaoyuan has also received other people's attention together with them.

Although Shi Qingyang and others all don't like Zheng Gaoyuan, but after all he did nothing wrong, and at the last minute he still held himself in control…When Cheng Xuze said outside, he didn't say Shi Qingyang and Wang Qing coerced Zheng Gaoyuan into it, but he said he got Zheng Gaoyuan's cooperation.

The original "guest" of the mobile town became a hero undercover in an instant.

This time, the video of them entering the mobile town has been disclosed after cutting out some inappropriate ones in order to be open and fair. Zheng Gaoyuan's foolish and inexperienced appearance has convinced many people of Cheng Xuze's statement, and many more people have a favorable impression on this fat man who is unwilling to step on other people's bodies to get off…

"Zheng Gaoyuan, continue. If you finish running, I'll give you meat. If you don't finish running, don't want to eat again today." Shi Qingyang ran with ease on a treadmill, with his hands still doing various movements, all of which were level 3 or level 4 combat skills.

Moreover, he not only did it to the front, but also to the back-if he was in danger, he was really capable of attacking while running!

The treadmill is already running very fast, but Shi Qingyang is totally indifferent. Under the condition of hands and feet, he even has the spare capacity to reprimand people running like him.

The man is Zheng Gaoyuan. Now, Zheng Gaoyuan is standing on a double treadmill, sweating like rain, and even seems to fall anytime and anywhere…

What makes people speechless is, is this treadmill running at the slowest speed, to what extent? The 70-to 80-year-old lady and grandfather like to use this gear to walk around the house for an hour to exercise their muscles and bones.

However, Zheng Gaoyuan was still unable to cope with such a slow gear. He persisted for only one hour and could not hold on any longer. He threw himself forward, smashed the double treadmill, and then the conveyor belt sent him to the back.

This does not count, he hummed again.

Shi Qingyang looked at the scene, the corners of the mouth took a smoke, finally interrupted his training, and then picked up the fat man and put it on the bed beside him for rest.

This time the fat man's clothes were made of the most solid materials, and he finally did not carry them out with force.

"if I say what I mean, you can't eat today." Shi Qingyang stretched out his hand and patted the fat man's stomach.

"Do you want to starve me, do you know who I am? I am the heir to the Fire Phoenix company…"

"I know very well who you are!" Shi Qingyang slapped hard: "Don't forget, your grandpa gave you to my grandpa, and my grandpa gave you to me again!"

Zheng Gaoyuan froze, don't cry, sobbed in a low voice.

Shi Qingyang finally breathed a sigh of relief at this time, at the same time also pondered Zheng Gaoyuan, want to let Zheng Gaoyuan thoroughly remold oneself, obviously can't rely on the gym alone, Zheng Gaoyuan in fact has been very hard to eat meat, but congenital conditions in there, he can't eat the bitter, every time I reach the limit fell down, along the way, will never be able to break through the limit.

Although he can starve his stomach, he cannot starve people to death. Therefore, if Zheng Gaoyuan wants to make progress, he must think of other methods.

Shi Qingyang thought about this matter, while focusing on Zheng Gaoyuan, and could not help but sigh, this person, how did it fall into his hands? He even took over the task of training this man…

This matter should be started from the day they returned to the city.

Before Zheng Gaoyuan came to Hang Cheng, his grandparents worked hard on his safety work. Although they thought Zheng Gaoyuan would not leave the city, they were also worried about an accident. Finally, they spent a lot of money and invited a six-level radiation fighter to follow.

Zheng Gaoyuan is just a dude, and the Zheng family does not have a particularly strong radiation fighter, so although the six-level radiation fighter is employed, it is completely different from Wang Qing Gu Changjin, and is still faintly above Zheng Gaoyuan.

Zheng Gaoyuan wants to call this six-level radiation fighter a teacher, and Zheng Gaoyuan must also listen to what the other party says…

This person does not like Zheng Gaoyuan, and so does Zheng Gaoyuan. Because of this, Zheng Gaoyuan would secretly run out of the city…And when Zheng Gaoyuan ran, this person was frightened.

Before Cheng Xuze didn't come, the man had been looking for a long time outside the city. When Cheng Xuze came, he found him directly. After asking about the situation, he told Zheng Guren what Zheng Gaoyuan had done, said he had neglected his duty, and then went away directly without subsequent compensation.

The Zheng family knew that Zheng Gaoyuan had done such a thing and was flustered. They were wondering how to eliminate the influence. When Cheng Xuze announced the news outside, he said Zheng Gaoyuan was the hero who helped them enter the mobile town.

The Zheng family was grateful when they heard the news. They also saw Zheng Gaoyuan's videos in the mobile town. Others thought it was Zheng Gaoyuan pretending to be crazy to cooperate with the action, but they knew Zheng Gaoyuan was really stupid.

If there is no Cheng Xuze, Zheng Gaoyuan will certainly be pit, maybe in the end they will also be threatened! Knowing this, the Zheng family immediately sent Cheng Xuze a large sum of money and made a video call with Zheng Gaoyuan.

Before Shi Qingyang gave Cheng Guangzhi and Nye poison, he also gave Zheng Gaoyuan the medicine for diarrhea. The medicine had no side effects. In Shi Qingyang's view, the medicine was also given. At most, Zheng Gaoyuan was constipated, but he didn't expect it to hurt himself…

Zheng Gaoyuan eats a lot and likes meat, so the symptoms of constipation are extremely serious. It happened that he is too fat and even going to the toilet is a problem.

In Zheng Gaoyuan's ninth clamour to go to the toilet, he had to be carried down if he couldn't pull it out. At the same time, Cheng Xuze came to take care of Zheng Gaoyuan's people, because he didn't want to wipe Zheng Gaoyuan's ass. After leaving office for nine times in one day, Shi Qingyang regretted his actions.

Since I regret it, what I should do now is to give Zheng Gaoyuan some laxatives, but if Zheng Gaoyuan has loose bowels…Shi Qingyang is convinced that he doesn't want to face such a thing at all, so he naturally gave up doing so. In the end, he chose a relatively mild method-not to eat meat for Zheng Gaoyuan, but only to eat food for him.

When the Zheng family talked with Zheng Gaoyuan via video, Zheng Gaoyuan had already eaten two meals, each with only a small portion. after eating, he was also forced by Shi Qing yang to eat the plant fiber, which was especially bad…

The fat man saw his family and immediately wailed and complained, but his family suddenly came to their senses.

They feel guilty for Zheng Gaoyuan, so they can't do anything to him, so Zheng Gaoyuan is getting fatter and fatter and dumber, and now he is nearly in trouble…

However, how could they forget that they could not bear to give up their cruel hand, but they could let others do it! Zheng Gaoyuan's grandfather gnashed his teeth and directly asked Cheng Xuze if he would help him discipline his grandson. If he did, he would immediately give him a high reward.

Cheng Xuze agreed, turned around, but gave the reward and Zheng Gaoyuan to Shi Qingyang.

According to Cheng Xuze, he gave Shi Qingyang a large sum of money and a favor from the Zheng family, so that Shi Qingyang can afford to have an extra backstage for the mobile fortress…No way, there are too many secrets on Shi Qingyang.

Shi Qingyang was not short of money, but he had to admit that Cheng Xuze did it for his own good, so he took over the task, while Cheng Xuze patted him on the shoulder to help him solve the problem that his strength grew too fast and broke through the limit of talent.

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