Ye Houan here, not many people to tube, because Cheng Xuze have more important things to do-the mobile town is the upper pin gold den, the lower is a weapons depot.

Cheng Xuze ability, even destroy the mobile town is no problem, but he has to scruple the above people, and the above things.

Cheng Xuze floated in mid-air and cut the roofs of all the rooms with a sharp sword composed of radiation energy. Once someone was found to want to hurt someone, he would immediately beat the person to serious injury. But even so, he failed to prevent some people from running to the lower armory.

Fortunately, now the central control system has been shut down by Wang Qing, many lethal weapons are not available, so those people who got it were only grenades and the like.

The two mobile fortresses brought by Cheng Xuze have workers employed by the Cheng family. Their strength is not strong, but they also have secondary or tertiary strength. These people also left the mobile fortresses at this time, and together with Shi Qingyang and Wang Qing, they are responsible for solving the following people in the armory.

As for Liu Qilin, a woman who was born in this mobile town and escaped under the cover of her parents more than 20 years ago, she is looking for people she knows and is encouraging those women with blank faces to take up arms.

Unfortunately, twenty years ago, there may still be many people in this mobile town who are unwilling like her parents, but now there are fewer and fewer such people.

Most of the people here have lived here since childhood and received education here. They don't know how to resist at all. They know how to resist and how the outside world is like. They are basically in cahoots with Yin Ming and his group.

Liu Qilin ran a circle and saw mostly naked women who did not know what to hide. Even a man took off his clothes and begged for mercy after seeing her…The only ones who followed her were two gaunt women and a lame man. They were caught like Ye Jinyu. Although they suffered a lot here, they still had memories of the city.

Liu Qilin could not let the three help her. After she had settled the three, she went to Shi Qingyang to help Shi Qingyang solve the Yin family's guard.

In fact, there are not many guards in this mobile town, and the protection force is very strong, but it is probably because nothing has ever happened in such a long time, and everyone's alarm heart is not strong, so that Shi Qingyang and Wang Qing can succeed. Now Yin Ming died in the poison gas produced by himself in the central control room, and the rest of the Yin family became a mess. When Shi Qingyang solved these people, the speed was very fast.

However, what worries Shi Qingyang is that he has never met the former level 5 radiation energy fighter again.

Did that man run away? Shi Qingyang followed Wang Qing and gathered all the people who had been tidied up by Wang Qing and Cheng Xuze. Those with low strength were cut off by radiation energy, and those with high strength were seriously injured. In short, everyone lost their mobility.

Most of them are guards in the mobile town, and several others are people who come to the mobile town to have fun. Cheng Guangzhi is one of them.

The financial officer of Anhang City now looks extremely distressed. The whole people are lifeless. If he still thinks he has the possibility of survival before, after seeing Cheng Xuze, he will know that he is dead and will fall apart.

But knowing this, he still did not have the determination to resist. In contrast, it was a female guest who came to have fun beside him. After finding Cheng Xuze's identity, she first left a last word in her contact terminal and then directly committed suicide with a knife. It was very decisive.

After bringing these people together, those men, women and children who did not have radiation energy were sent to the two small mobile fortresses of the yin family and one mobile fortresses contributed by Cheng Xuze. although the three mobile fortresses are very small, these people only need to have a place to sit. a small place can accommodate several people, but it can accommodate countless people.

A few small mobile fortresses were all moved to the mobile town. after all the people without radiation energy went up, Cheng Xuze removed the protective cover used to protect the ordinary people from radiation energy and began to search carefully for the escaped fish with radiation energy. at the same time, Wang Qing also found the nursing staff who normally cared for the central controller of the mobile town. under his coercion, the man and he started the mobile town slowly.

Although there is no protective cover, this mobile town can still move.

Time has passed for a night, at this time, a large mobile town carrying four small mobile fortress, slowly driving up, Shi Qingyang also finally breathed a sigh of relief.

In dealing with this matter, he saw a lot of darkness, at this time, also eager to meet Cheng Ran.

"Qingyang, Qingyang! Can I come down?" Cheng Ran's mobile fortress has been opened to the mobile town, but Cheng Xuze didn't let him down, he can only lie prone on the shield to look out.

"However, it is too messy outside." Shi Qingyang spoke. Just now he saw a lot of things he shouldn't have seen. At that time, he felt even more unable to release Cheng Ran.

How can Cheng Ran see those dirty things?

"Because someone is naked?" Cheng Ran asked, waving the telescope in his hand by the way, moving so many devices on the fort. Although it was far away, he saw what he should see.

"Qingyang, those women are really different from us. This is the first time I have seen a real person…" Cheng Ran added. He said half way, only to find that Shi Qingyang's face was a bit ugly. He hurriedly remedied: "In fact, I think you'd better see."

"…" Shi Qingyang some speechless, Cheng Ran use, but mobile fortress horn, voice is very big!

Shi Qingyang always felt a little embarrassed, but apparently other people didn't care. Next to him, Ye Houan didn't take it seriously: "Shi Qingyang, my daughter needs treatment." Shi Qingyang slept in a room with Cheng Ran wearing the same ring. He had long regarded them as a pair. Now this is really nothing.

Shi Qingyang glanced at Ye Jinyu, who was not very good, and immediately said, "However, we are coming up." Cheng Xuze and Wang Qing will stay outside and watch everyone, but they will return to the mobile fortress.

Whether the three missing girls or Zheng Gaoyuan, they all need treatment, especially Zheng Gaoyuan. Shi Qingyang doesn't want to hear his crying now.

"My body hurts, wow…grandpa…" Zheng Gaoyuan lay motionless on the ground, he was dragged to this side by Ye Houan, he is not even a level 1 radiation fighter, and grow white, fat, fine-boned, pinched a body will have bruises, let alone was beaten by Ye Houan.

At present, there are many places on him that are green and purple, and several places that have some broken skin, but also because the radiation has begun to blacken.

Of course, he is just a little bit of trauma, there is no big problem, when crying also gas dye-in-the-wood, but he is not willing to move…

Nye, who had already been found, cried beside him: "Young master, young master, you are suffering!"

Shi Qingyang really didn't like this Nye: "Go and stay by."

"No, I want to follow my master. I want to take care of him." Nye immediately the baggage and take the journey, in front of everything, he also calculate see understand, all the people in this mobile town I'm afraid I can't win good, if he involved, the future is finished.

"Don't forget, you also drank poison." Shi Qingyang wide mouth, the Nye is daring, unexpectedly still dare to jump out…

Nye face a white, finally did not dare to move.

Zheng Gaoyuan was still shouting: "I feel so painful, how can you do this to me, do you know who I am?"

"If you talk more, I'll throw you into the water!" Shi Qingyang said directly, grabbing Zheng Gaoyuan's clothes at the same time and trying to lift Zheng Gaoyuan up, but the quality of the clothes was not good. He just lifted it up and cracked…

Finally, Shi Qingyang and Ye Houan carried Zheng Gaoyuan through the chariot passage of the mobile fortress, which brought him to the top of the mobile fortress.

At the same time, Ye Jinyu was also carried up by her two classmates. Ye Jinyu is still delirious, wrapped in Zheng Gaoyuan's clothes and tied with ropes. This made her unable to move. In fact, Ye Houan would like to take care of her baby daughter in person, but after all, there are differences between men and women, so she can only be watched by her two female classmates.

Even Ye Houan did not let Liu Qilin approach his daughter-he had already known about Liu Qilin having a same-S*x partner during previous contacts.

Cheng Xuze asked Ran Xue for a lot of medicine. They guessed what would happen in the mobile town. They also prepared more medicine in this area, including medicine that could calm Ye Jinyu down. After Cheng Ran gave her a bottle, she took out several more bottles of wound medicine, and then let her two classmates take her back to the room.

The last thing to deal with is Zheng Gaoyuan.

"Let me wipe his medicine." Cheng Ran saw Zheng Gaoyuan sad appearance, can't help but sympathize with, take medicine to help clean up, gentle.

Shi Qingyang didn't feel anything at all. Seeing Cheng Ran's cautious appearance and thinking of Cheng Ran's help with medication before, he immediately felt a little unhappy. He grabbed the medication in Cheng Ran's hand: "However, I will do it. He is so fat that it is difficult for you to turn him over."

"good." Cheng Ran nodded, then heard Zheng Gaoyuan's scream: "It hurts!"

Shi Qingyang's hand was a little strong, but Zheng Gaoyuan's skin was really tender. So it was not a big strength for Shi Qingyang. He immediately screamed. The man who was lying motionless rolled to the side for half a circle in pain. At the same time, he grabbed Cheng Ran's leg and said, "You help me with the medicine, I'll give you the money!" Just now Cheng Ran did not hurt him at all…

Although Cheng Ran likes to contact others very much, he is so big and the closest one is only Shi Qingyang. At that time, he was suddenly hugged and was startled. He threw himself at his feet…

Zheng Gaoyuan's weight of 400 kg suddenly went up in the air for a while, then rolled out for a while, then rolled back until he touched the wall beside him.

"What is going on?" Ye Houan turned his head when he heard the noise and saw the scene.

"Ha ha…I accidentally use a little more strength…" Shi Qingyang directly for Cheng Ran need to hide the strength of the confession, at the same time also be determined, before eating a lot of ant meat Cheng Ran, should be like him, has a lot of strength.

If it weren't for his strength is bigger, just that situation, he will definitely need to be careful of domestic violence after eating tofu!

Of course, he doesn't have time for this now, because Zheng Gaoyuan cried again…Zheng Gaoyuan fat is very thick, very thick, this degree of others even if a few knife toward him, mostly only into the fat layer will not hurt inside, want to be seriously injured nature is not easy.

Before those punches and kicks, looked at let him green purple, actually use the medicine will soon disappear, Shi Qingyang usually get so a suit when training, don't care at all, it happened that he cried as if others took him off eight pieces.

"If you cry again, I'll chop you up!" Shi Qingyang Yin Yin smiled.

Zheng Gaoyuan stopped crying at once. Next, even if Shi Qingyang made him blue and purple when he was taking medicine, he did not dare to say a word again, but tears hung from the corners of his eyes.

If this appearance is changed into a young girl, everyone will love it, but with a big fat man…Shi Qingyang try to let oneself ignore this scene.

After the medicine was given to Zheng Gaoyuan, Shi Qingyang left the mobile fortress. He had already looked for the five-level radiation fighter before, but unfortunately he had not found it. However, in the current situation, he should not run away…

After removing cosmetics from his face, Shi Qingyang went directly to the central control room.

This lake is very dangerous. There are many mosquitoes, Yanmamon's cubs, and aquatic animals such as the dragon louse. Even if the man is a level 5 radiation fighter, it is not easy to escape. Maybe he will still stay around. Besides the man, there should be others hiding under the water.

Wang Qing also knew about this matter and soon started the attack mode of the mobile town. Several underwater turbines stirred up around the mobile town. These turbines would suck everything around them into the strangulation. Once someone fell in, they would definitely be cut off.

"Shi Qingyang, the man should have dived and ran away. He is just a thug and has no identity. You don't have to worry too much." Although Wang Qing was so comforted, his facial expression was very dignified. At the same time, he used the detection device in the mobile town to find out carefully.

"I'll go around and see if there are any other fish that have escaped." Shi Qingyang also said that there were too few of them and they were too chaotic before.

If you can bring the army, everything will be much easier, but who knows if there are any guests here at the top of the army? I can't say that when the time comes, a bomb will destroy this place first.

The attack mode opened by Wang Qing worked well. A corpse was floating nearby. Shi Qingyang passed quickly and saw a spider attracted by blood. A female spider with a small spider silk ball strapped to her abdomen ran quickly over the water and took away the corpse.

"You let me go and give me a mobile town, or I'll kill him!" A figure suddenly jumped out of the water and rushed at Shi Qingyang.

Aozhi gang saw Cheng Xuze and knew the identity of Cheng Xuze. He did not dare to resist and simply dived into the water in combat uniform.

At first, he actually planned to run away alone, but soon he gave up. Li Rong dared to use him for a reason. her mother was in Li Rong's hands.

He likes to torture and kill others, and has killed many people, but he has great respect for his mother. This mobile town accident…

Li Rong's methods have always been very clear to him.

News of Anhang City is received by the mobile town every day. Aozhi naturally knows Shi Qingyang, and even more knows that Shi Qingyang is a three-level radiation fighter and is very popular with Cheng Xuze.

He is level 5, want to deal with a level 3 can be said to be the mistresses, and now Cheng Xuze is still a little far away…He just stay underwater with his companions drew Shi Qingyang, launched an attack at the same time.

Aozhi thought very well, but things did not go as smoothly as he thought. From the beginning, he didn't want to kill Shi Qingyang, but wanted to capture him alive. As a result, powerful fighting skills would not be used naturally. At the same time, most of his attention was still on Cheng Xuze. More importantly, he was still talking while attacking.

Shi Qingyang was undoubtedly surprised by Aozhi's sudden appearance, but he did not panic. He did not even try to avoid Aozhi's wide-range capture of fighting skills. He only used all his strength to use a level 4 fighting skill.

Although he didn't practice the tactics of level 4 after reaching level 4, in his previous life he had already used them thoroughly.

Aozhi only wanted to arrest people. He was convinced that Shi Qingyang could not escape from his tactical range no matter where he was hiding, but he never thought that Shi Qingyang would attack directly.

Moreover, it is still level 4!

Aozhi face a change, he is now completely unprotected, hard to meet such a level 4 lighter, I'm afraid I will be seriously injured, if not hard to meet, begin to defense, he can't catch Shi Qingyang again.

Crackle, he finally chose the defense, five radiation fighter shield, completely blocking the Shi Qingyang level 4 attack.

Unfortunately, this time, Cheng Xuze's attack, which has been standing at the top of the mobile town and watching everyone, has also arrived.

Aozhi's shield broke instantly. At the same time, Cheng Xuze threw out a chain of radiation energy and bound him tightly in an instant.

However, despite this, Cheng Xuze's attention was not on Aozhi. he looked at Shi Qingyang up and down and finally could not help but ask: "level 4?"

"Grandpa, I broke through." Shi Qingyang grinned and did not hide.

He was going to tell Cheng Xuze about it, for no other reason, just to let Cheng Xuze think of some way to do hide for him.

However, originally he planned to say it later, but now he has to reveal it in advance.

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