Shi Qingyang shouted abuse and went to the central control room, but he and Wang Qing did not understand the environment here, so they were stopped when they just came to the door of the central control room.

Stopped them, or a few acquaintances, Shi Qingyang glanced at, and found that one of them is at the beginning chasing himself into the nest level 4 radiation fighter.

However, although the man was in Grade 4, he was obviously not the strongest here. In front of him stood a gloomy man in his thirties. Obviously, this was the leader.

"Someone who comes to trouble?" Aozhi looked at Shi Qingyang and Wang Qing and laughed: "Cheng Guangzhi said, do you think our business is hurting you?"

Although Cheng Guangzhi was poisoned, he was threatened with death, and I'm afraid he confessed to everything. Shi Qingyang was not surprised by the current situation. in fact, it is still good for them. at least Cheng Guangzhi confirmed their identity by saying so: "yes, you are too bad, I will get justice today."

Aozhi gave Shi Qingyang a look at Yin Ming: "Aren't you afraid of death if you are so bold?"

"Even if I die, I will pull a few mat!" Shi Qingyang sneered, lifting Yin Ming from his hand and stopping him in front of him.

There is no radiation energy above the mobile town. Although the radiation energy in their bodies can also be used for attacks, they will soon run out. Therefore, even if Wang Qing is a six-level radiation energy fighter, they must be careful.

"Go ahead, what do you want?" Aozhi asked, looking at Shi Qingyang and licking his tongue.

"You are the person in charge in this mobile town? Let the person in charge talk to me." Shi Qingyang said, at the same time, he made a gesture to Wang Qing and rushed toward the opposite person.

Aozhi has always been displeased with yin Ming, but he also knows that if something happens to yin Ming, Li Rong will not let him go, so he specially spoke a few words of nonsense with the two robbers in front of him, but he didn't expect that in the end, he let the two robbers take the lead…

It's really unappreciative!

Aozhi's gun was aimed at Wang Qing immediately, and he fired several shots in succession. Just as he was going to continue attacking, two legs suddenly kicked towards him. His face changed and he was about to attack, but he had to withdraw his hand at the last minute.

No wonder two legs flew towards him together! The man holding Yin Ming actually used Yin Ming as a weapon and played it!

If he attacks next, Yin Ming's two legs will be ruined!

Aozhi was very angry, but the man had already grabbed Yin Ming and dumped him!

The bandits who broke in could not take Yin Ming seriously, but Aozhi could not. There were even many of Yin Ming's confidants around him. After seeing Yin Ming like this, these people did not dare to continue attacking.

Shi Qingyang saw this scene, the in the mind a pleased, he knew that his hand this specially came out to meet Zheng Gaoyuan even identity is not simple, now see the opposite person's reaction, is more convinced of this. At present, the unconscious person was used as a weapon, waving a powerful wind. Not only that, he also took out the gun from Yin Ming's hand, and then hit the people around him.

Shi Qingyang's marksmanship is not good, but it is not bad, he drew everyone's attention to himself, this time, Wang Qing finally hit the door of the central control room with one punch, six levels of radiation energy soldiers all rushed out of the body, he used all his strength, blew open the door of the central control room.

"Level 6!" Aozhi felt this energy and exclaimed at last. He did not expect that the person who appeared here would be a six-level radiation fighter: "Who are you?" How is it possible for a six-level radiation fighter to sneak in after losing money in business? They really want to meet six-level radiation energy fighters when doing business, and should try their best to woo them!

"We have a crush on this mobile town, and this will be ours in the future!" Shi Qingyang burst out laughing.

"You are not afraid of too much appetite to survive!" Aozhi sneer at 1, the gun in his hand toward Shi Qingyang kept calling, even without scruple Shi Qingyang injured Yin Ming, he won't scruple, Shi Qingyang nature also won't, two bullets hit Yin Ming's leg in an instant, exploded on it.

"Aozhi, what are you doing!" People born in the Yin family started to shout.

"Now this mobile town is going to be robbed, where can we afford so much?" Aozhi sneer at a way, at this time, there are some people with weapons around.

"I think he wishes the man in my hand were dead!" Shi Qingyang's face changed when he saw this scene: "Aren't you afraid I'll kill him?"

"What if you kill him? Now you can't escape!"

"Who the hell are you?" At this time, Yin Ming, who was originally in a coma, moved. He was a level 3 radiation fighter. Although Shi Qingyang laid hands on him very hard before, the severe pain brought him to his senses.

"It doesn't matter who we are. If you let them let us go, we'll let you go!" Shi Qingyang immediately got to the point. He grabbed Yin Ming and stood at the door of the central control room, using radiation energy truncation method to prevent Yin Ming from using radiation energy. All his attention was on Aozhi.

"No way!" Yin Ming immediately got to the point. He might not understand anything else, but he knew that if something went wrong with this mobile town, the Yin family would be finished.

Although this mobile town is now fully responsible for Li Rong, Li Rong has never left any evidence. No matter in whose eyes, it belongs to the yin family.

"How are you doing there?" Shi Qingyang was still absorbed, but he opened his mouth and asked.

"The encryption in the central control room is very serious. I can't break it in a short time." Wang Qing's voice came out.

"We underestimated the strength here, there are more and more people, if you can't control, it directly destroyed the console! Mama of, I must let these people buried with us!" Shi Qingyang added.

"You are crazy! If the console is destroyed, the entire mobile town will be destroyed automatically!" Yin Ming exclaimed.

"We can't live, let the whole mobile town bury us?" Shi Qingyang sneer at a way.

Yin Ming took one look at Aozhi, who didn't put himself in the eye at all. He was afraid to start work immediately if he had the chance. He said, "You don't kill me. I'll help you get control. You must not activate the self-explosive device!" He is now, even doomed not to live…

Yin Ming's words were mostly false, but Shi Qingyang dragged Yin Ming into the central control room: "You'd better not tell lies."

Yin Ming smiled at this time: "Of course I won't lie…" What did he do on the operating table, then said: "But I will kill you!"

Four steel plates suddenly descended around the central control room and surrounded it. At the same time, a kind of gas began to diffuse in the closed space.

"I have turned off the self-destruct mechanism and will die with you, only me." Yin Ming added, this room, now others won't come in, they won't go out! He is not a great man, or Yin family is his family after all, in Yin family, there are two children, rather than cause irreparable consequences bring trouble to the family, it is better to let oneself die with these two people.

Poisonous gas is one of the weapons prohibited nowadays. After all, today's human cities are in a closed environment. Once poisonous gas occurs, it is likely to cause many deaths, but here, there are many contraband articles.

Yin Ming was very proud and burst out laughing, but Shi Qingyang only gave him a pitiful look.

They were worried that Yin Ming would destroy the data in the central control room or start the explosive program. Just now Shi Qingyang was also worried that those outside would use weapons of mass destruction against themselves. But now, obviously nobody could do this. Under his deliberate guidance, Yin Ming turned off the explosive device voluntarily.

In other words, they can now find Cheng Xuze completely.

As for the poisonous gas, they put on masks for safety before. Although the masks may not be isolated for too long, there is definitely time for Cheng Xuze to save them.

They come here this time, is not alone, in fact, Cheng Xuze is with people waiting outside the lake, although the distance from there to the mobile town is very far, but for Cheng Xuze as a level 8 radiation energy fighter, blink of an eye the baggage and take the journey.

"Grandpa Wang, send a distress signal!" Shi Qingyang said directly that when he spoke, Wang Qing had already moved his hand.

A huge distress signal appeared over the mobile town. Before long, a figure suddenly flew from a distance. Two small mobile fortresses, even following behind, were driving at full speed this way.

Cheng Xuze floated in the air, triggering the radiation energy around him to strike on the shield of the mobile town. The shield broke in an instant. Such a shield can resist the attack of six-level radiation energy fighters, but it is absolutely impossible to resist the attack of eight-level radiation energy fighters. At the same time, his voice also rang and became extremely loud under the shock of radiation energy: "People above, you had better not resist. If anyone dares to resist, I will kill him immediately!"

People in the mobile town are getting more and more flustered. Some people have also thought about how dangerous it will be now. Several radiation fighters even want to turn around and run away. However, they forget that it is also dangerous outside.

Cheng Xuze didn't take care of those who escaped. He just took time out of the radiation energy pouring into the mobile town and made a few simple protective covers to shield the buildings from radiation energy, for nothing but ordinary people.

Those people who lived here since childhood did not receive radiation inducers at all, and naturally did not receive radiation either. Although they did not strongly reject radiation as Cheng Ran did before, they would be hurt if exposed to radiation.

"Shi Qingyang! Wang Qing!" Cheng Xuze cried, found no response, immediately noticed the central control room was surrounded, a wind blade in the past, the roof of the central control room, has disappeared instantly.

Shi Qingyang was trapped inside and nearly suffocated. At this time, he finally crawled out: "Grandpa, you are finally here!"

"Nothing is good, nothing is good!" Cheng Xuze originally carrying heart finally put down, see someone picked up the weapon to deal with Shi Qingyang, he conveniently will kill the man

In the mobile town, many people screamed, but surprisingly, those who screamed were all strong men, and many women and children with little clothes did not respond.

Shi Qingyang climbed to the roof and even saw the beautiful woman who received them at the beginning. Nye stood beside her, Nye screaming, but she was puzzled.

At the same time, the two small mobile fortresses suddenly broke away from the small mobile town and drifted away into the distance. Obviously, someone wanted to escape. But when Cheng Xuze shook hands, the radiation energy around him condensed into a broadsword, splitting huge waves of water on the lake and overturning the two mobile fortresses directly.

Because there is a protective cover on the mobile fortress, even if it is overturned, it will not enter the water. However, there is no doubt that such a mobile fortress can no longer drive and can only float on the water.

Shi Qingyang looked at this scene and breathed a sigh of relief. Looking away, he saw two familiar mobile fortresses coming towards them. It was he and Cheng Xuze.

This matter, finally settled…Shi Qingyang breathed a sigh of relief, but some still carry a heart.

Ye Houan hasn't closed his eyes since Shi Qingyang and Wang Qing arrived in the mobile town. If it weren't for Cheng Xuze's watching, he would have to find a way to lurk in the mobile town.

Because of this, after seeing the distant distress model, he was more anxious than Cheng Xuze. Unfortunately, he did not fly like Cheng Xuze and left the mobile fortress. He could not even deal with the swarms of mosquitoes and beasts outside. Finally, he could only push the people who drove the mobile fortress again and again…

After arriving at the place, Ye Houan was the first to jump out of the mobile fortress. He had just stepped onto the mobile fortress when he cried out, "Jade, Jade!"

Before, Wang Qing had already opened all the doors. After that, those who grew up in this small mobile town did not respond. Ye Jinyu was drugged and completely unclear. However, the two girls who were caught with Ye Jinyu found the opportunity and rushed out with things around their bodies. Seeing Ye Houan, the two girls cried with a "wow": "Ye Shu, Ye Shu!"

"Where's Jade?" See them, Ye Houan also don't know whether to be happy or sad, the present situation, at least can explain Ye Jinyu not dead, but even if not dead, I'm afraid I also ate a big loss…His baby daughter for more than ten years, the other day was still worried about a bad boy kidnapped her, now…

"Jin Yu was taken away, wow…" A young girl began to cry. Among the three of them, Ye Jinyu was the most beautiful. The one who came to pick people took Ye Jinyu…

At present, Cheng Xuze is watching from above. Everyone is safe and Ye Houan does not stay much. He continues to run forward. The two young girls are crying and following behind.

Ye Houan checked room by room. The mobile town was not particularly large, so he soon found Ye Jinyu.

When he found Ye Jinyu, Zheng Gaoyuan, the gentleman of the Zheng family, put his hands on Ye Jinyu's chest. The clothes on Ye Jinyu were still the gentleman's!

Ye Houan was flustered and hit Zheng Gaoyuan with a blow: "MotherF***er! B*stard!" If it weren't for he is now in Cheng Xuze shield can't use radiation energy, will be willing to cut Zheng Gaoyuan open.

"Don't hit me, don't hit me, wow, Nye, come and save me…" Zheng Gaoyuan brotherhood of the Wolf.

Ye Houan has already neglected too much. He has only one idea now, that is, to kill those who bullied his daughter: "How dare you bully my daughter! I'll kill you!"

"I didn't, I didn't, clearly she bullied me…" Zheng Gaoyuan began to cry again, next to Ye Jinyu nobody holding up, suddenly hugged Zheng Gaoyuan a leg as thick as her body, wrapped up.

Zheng Gaoyuan wailed loudly. Seeing this scene, he stretched out his hand and pressed Ye Jinyu: "You can't move. You are injured. You must lie down and can't move."

Ye Houan discovered that his daughter's body was oozed with blood, and her manner was really abnormal. She was clearly drugged.

Now, if Zheng Gaoyuan really wanted to bully his daughter, they would have…So, he was wrong about Zheng Gaoyuan.

Two of Ye Jinyu's classmates also rushed over and hugged Ye Jinyu to prevent her from moving.

Ye Houan saw this situation and felt some guilt. He was about to apologize, but unexpectedly Zheng Gaoyuan, who was full of snot and tears, suddenly hugged him after he broke free from Ye Jinyu: "You bullied me, do you know who I am? I'll crush you! I'll crush you!"

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