After coming down from the chariot, Zheng Gaoyuan, who suffered from nosebleeds, kept his head high and his face flushed. Shi Qingyang saw him like this and knew that the young master had been well protected before. If it weren't for this, he wouldn't have understood anything like this.

The gentleman, who did not understand anything, was led by Shi Qingyang and Wang Qing. He followed the host to a hall and finally recovered. He started shouting about the heat and began to get out of the radiation-proof clothing. As soon as he acted, two women sat up with a smile and began to help him undress.

Shi Qingyang saw this scene, not a little lucky, about he and Wang Qing are just bodyguards, those people did not give them too much attention, no woman threw herself.

"You, you…" Zheng Gaoyuan was a little dumbfounded at this time, he adapted well to the fact that someone helped him take off his clothes, because he was so fat that he couldn't wear good clothes at all, but the two women only covered up the key parts and had been playing up and down to him, which made him unable to stand for some, his whole face was all red, and his body also responded.

He was treated like this, and so was Cheng Guangzhi. But beside Cheng Guangzhi, there were a man and a woman and two children, both of whom looked only seven or eight years old.

At this age, I don't know anything, and I am happily reading. However, these two children are doing provocative things. Perhaps because of the presence of outsiders, Cheng Guangzhi was reserved at first, but later he couldn't stand it and began to grope for his two children.

What an animal! Shi Qingyang saw this scene and quickly withdrew his eyes and looked at the surrounding environment.

The layout here is very exquisite and looks extremely luxurious. The lights reflect the beauty coming and going more beautiful. And these beauties, one after another, brought a lot of food at this time and put it on the low table in front of Zheng Gaoyuan. Each one looks delicious.

After putting it down, there were still people kneeling next to serve.

Zheng Gaoyuan felt uncomfortable when he saw this, but he was soon attracted by the food: "Is the food here delicious?"

"Master Zheng, the food here is delicious. If Master Zheng comes back next time, I will certainly invite Master Zheng to a banquet." Cheng Guangzhi's face showed a very different smile from his previous public appearance.

"What is a human body banquet?" Zheng Gaoyuan asked, while already eating.

And at that time, there are other women to the food, to serve Shi Qingyang Wang Qing Nye for dinner.

The things in front of them are not as good as Zheng Gaoyuan's. Nye is obviously not angry about this. Shi Qingyang has adapted well, but before eating, all the things were tested with a detector.

The people on their knees next to them saw all this and asked if they wanted to help with the tests. There were many people who wanted to do this like Shi Qingyang, and these meals were really all right.

I'm afraid it is torture for everyone to eat at one meal. The two children who adhered to Cheng Guangzhi were supposed to go down to the low table and untie the pants of Cheng Guangzhi, but Cheng Guangzhi had to get together. Zheng Gaoyuan wanted to eat, but someone was rubbing on him all the time. Nye envied Zheng Gaoyuan's brilliant fortune, but he did not…As for Shi Qingyang and Wang Qing, they are all tight now.

A meal, it took a lot of time to eat, after eating, Shi Qingyang took one look at Nye-before coming, he had confessed Nye, let Nye come forward, find Zheng Gaoyuan a separate room, so it is convenient for them to do.

"Is that all you have here?" Nye looked at the women around Zheng Gaoyuan greedily.

Just now I saw Shi Qingyang's lewd behavior and thought that Shi Qingyang and Wang Qing were people who had been here for fun for a long time. Naturally, like Cheng Guangzhi, they did not hide their behavior.

"Master, what do you want?" After Nye spoke, a woman in a maid's outfit leaned close to him.

Nye did not refrain from touching them." I can do anything. This is the first time for our young master. Should we make good arrangements?"

Zheng Gaoyuan's affair has long been known to the people here. Seeing him make a fool of himself just now, I can already guess his general situation: "Master Zheng is the first time to come. We must arrange the best service for Master Zheng. Do you want to come to some foreplay? We have all kinds of programs here, and there will be public programs later…"

"My master doesn't understand these, don't need to, just do it for me…" Zhao Li couldn't help but speak.

"Master Zheng is still a young boy. He doesn't know anything. Just find him an experienced one." Cheng Guangzhi also said that he had pinched the two children around him for a long time. There were many bruises on the two children. It would be painful, but they did not respond at all.

"Then we'll arrange it right away." The woman laughed and said that most of the people who came to them came to experience different services. However, Zheng Gaoyuan's situation was different, and if he really wanted to have a good taste from the very beginning, he might be scared: "How will the two bodyguards arrange it?"

Shi Qingyang's face was full of struggle, and his eyes fell on the women frequently. Finally, he looked at Zheng Gaoyuan with disgust: "I'm afraid my young master can't be alone, even can't turn over, and we have to look at…if we can, call two more women…"

This is had to look at Zheng Gaoyuan, want a room, the woman smiled, don't feel strange, just come here, a lot of people are not sure whether it is safe here, will bring bodyguards, don't let these people leave, such things they see more.

The woman stepped down and began to arrange. At this time, suddenly there was a scream in the distance.

Zheng Gaoyuan was already in crazy in love, but for his inexperience, he would have gone to the battle with his gun. When he heard the screams, he shook himself and looked at Nye: "What's the matter? What's the matter?"

"Master Zheng is fine, but some people are disobedient and need to be beaten a few times." A woman leaned on Zheng Gaoyuan.

"You hit people? How can this be so!" Zheng Gaoyuan immediately stood up: "Nye! I want heroes to save America!"

Zheng Gaoyuan usually likes to play all kinds of games. Heroes save the United States. He likes it very much. In order to satisfy him, Nye also specially arranged such a thing before, but he didn't expect that he would bring it up at this time, which made his face stiff.

Zheng Gaoyuan, however, stretched out his hand and grabbed his pants, rubbing his legs: "I'm going to the hero to save America!"

"Master…" Nye is somewhat embarrassed.

"if master Zheng wants heroes to save us, let master Zheng pass." At the same time, a handsome man came out of a nearby door.

Shi Qingyang saw this man and felt a shock. He was no stranger to his appearance. He had seen this man with Yin Tiancheng in Spark City before.

Yin family, indeed as expected has something to do with here.

"Where is it?" Zheng Gaoyuan immediately asked.

"Master Zheng, please follow me." Yin Ming smiled.

In the past, this small town only belonged to the Yin family. The Yin family made neurogenic drugs here and sold them to the people in the surrounding cities. They also relied on the Yin family's power in Spark City to smuggle arms. At the same time, they also kept many men and women here, making people spend money or lose money…

After it was given to Li Rong more than a year ago, all this began to intensify, and Li Rong used it to control many people.

Cheng Guangzhi came here with Zheng Gaoyuan and wanted to control him. So did Li Rong? In this case, it is obviously not enough to only let Zheng Gaoyuan do something with the experienced women here. It is necessary to let Zheng Gaoyuan do something more "severe".

Zheng Gaoyuan is probably too lonely and always wants to find a sense of identity. He likes to show off, to shock others about his identity, and to do some good things to be admired.

Under such circumstances, it is not difficult to arrange something…More importantly, they finally got enough video to threaten Zheng Gaoyuan and Zheng Jia, but Zheng Jia will target Cheng Guangzhi 80% after knowing it.

Mantis catches cicadas and yellowbird is behind…although I don't know what the yellowbird is like, yin Ming thinks Li Rong's skill is really beautiful.

Shi Qingyang did not stop Zheng Gaoyuan. Although he felt something was wrong with this, the cry of the young girl reminded him of Ye Houan's daughter and the other two missing girls.

The whole mobile town is covered with thick blankets and soft to tread on. In addition, the mobile town floats on the water, which makes people feel like they are about to fly.

Zheng Gaoyuan adapted well to all this and did not feel afraid at all. He was just tossing it down. He couldn't walk, so he had to be supported by Shi Qingyang and Wang Qing.

The reason for this mobile town is set up like a maze. The man took them a few steps and came to an open door. In the door, an ugly man was whipping a naked girl. The girl screamed out loud, uncomfortable and comfortable.

Seeing the girl's face, Shi Qingyang frowned. The girl in front of him was Ye Houan's daughter.

Fortunately, Ye Houan did not mix in, otherwise he would be crazy now!

"How can you hit people casually!" Zheng Gaoyuan saw this scene froze, immediately stopped the whipping man.

"I'm not hitting anyone, I'm teaching people. Can't you see that she was very comfortable being hit?" The ugly man laughed grimly.

"She's bleeding!" Zheng Gaoyuan immediately the baggage and take the journey, but the eyes can't help but straight, this time Ye Jinyu, with unspeakable temptation.

"If Master Zheng wants to help her, he might as well take good care of her here and give her some medicine." Yin Ming suggested, looking at the ugly man again: "Master Zheng said that you were hitting someone or hitting someone. Why don't you apologize to Master Zheng?"

"Master Zheng, I was wrong." The ugly man immediately bowed and began to apologize.

Zheng Gaoyuan was elated and pointed directly at Shi Qingyang: "You, pick up this woman! Wait, at this time, I must give her a dress!" He said as he took off one of his clothes.

Zheng Gaoyuan's clothes are very big, enough to give Ye Jinyu several rounds, Shi Qingyang put clothes on the woman, finally breathed a sigh of relief-bare woman, he didn't want to touch.

However, even so, he still showed hesitation, hesitated not to embrace.

"What's the matter?" Yin Ming's eyes narrowed slightly.

Shi Qingyang took one look at Ye Jinyu, who was groaning and singing: "She seems to be the girl who disappeared the other day…" The three girls disappeared. Their photos were all made public and they would know it was normal.

"Yes, we found her in the wild. She suffered a lot. You should comfort her well." Yin Ming laughed and pointed to the side: "Master Zheng, those are the wound medicine."

"I'll wipe her medicine." Zheng Gaoyuan spoke. He wanted to touch Ye Jinyu, but suddenly he stopped. He looked down at his stomach and raised his trousers several times: "I feel sick…"

This time afflictive, still can because of what? Shi Qingyang knew very well that Zheng Gaoyuan even ate what he shouldn't have eaten and smelled what he shouldn't have. Those meals were not poisonous, but each contained traces of stimulants…

In fact, Zhao Gaoyuan was not the only one who felt this way. Even he felt something was wrong.

However, Shi Qingyang and Wang Qing both drank the preventive medicine in advance, and their willpower was also good. Even if I had problems, I could bear it. Instead, Zhao Gaoyuan, whose hands could not reach his two or two pieces of meat, could only see his belly when looking down, and even rubbed up something beside him.

At the same time, two women were transferred out from the side, leaning directly on Shi Qingyang and Wang Qing.

"Three, enjoy yourself." Yin Ming clapped his hands in fear. On the walls around this room, adult videos was set free.

These people, more than he imagined Zheng Gaoyuan…Shi Qingyang know this room must be equipped with cameras, it should be said that the whole mobile town, even every place is equipped with cameras, in this case, they want to secretly I'm afraid I can't…

Shi Qingyang suddenly flickered behind Yin Ming, covering his mouth with one hand and smashing a fist on his temple with the other, directly stunning him.

Wang Qing's speed is also very fast. He took Zheng Gaoyuan's special handheld computer used to watch TV plays and fidgeted with it for a moment, then connected to the mobile town's internal network.

Although this mobile town cannot connect with the city network to communicate with the city, there is also a network inside, and a lot of information on the mobile town should be put on it, as well as various surveillance videos.

Shi Qingyang's previous impression of Wang Qing has always been a serious old man, but it was not until they drew up the plan that he realized that Wang Qing actually knew a lot about the internet. It is said that Cheng Xuze stopped running around and out of the city and learned it after he was free.

Wang Qing's technology is not top-notch. It is almost impossible to get the core data of the mobile fortress, but it is not difficult to attack and disrupt it. Before long, the lightning in the room flashed randomly, and the whole room plunged into darkness. Some doors controlled by the central control room of the mobile town and so on were all opened instantly.

Of course, they mainly deal with the cameras in the mobile town. If the cameras in every room and corridor work normally, the two of them will have no hiding place.

When Wang Qing did this, Shi Qingyang knocked Ye Jinyu and Zheng Gaoyuan out directly. Both of them were drugged. If they continue like this, they will do something wrong. It is better to knock them out.

After all this, Shi Qingyang grabbed the man he knocked out and rushed out to the central control room.

At this time, the whole mobile town was already in chaos, and many naked men and women ran out from the side. That was when Shi Qingyang discovered that there were more than a few guests here. He saw a venerable old man who had seen before in Spark City, wearing a coat, running out of a nearby room: "What's the matter? What's the matter?" Behind him was another young girl covered in injuries.

It's true that people know what they're looking at, but they don't know what they're thinking…Shi Qingyang punched each other when he passed by. At the same time, he shouted as loudly as Hong Zhong: "Yin family B*stard, how dare you calculate Lao Zi when doing business with Lao Zi? Lao Zi must give you some color today!"

At this time if he and Wang Qing identity exposed, let those people know that they are targeted by Cheng Xuze, will be desperate to destroy evidence, it is better to let them think they are just to find fault.

In this way, those people will only try to kill them.

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