Cheng Guangzhi came out this time, driving a large custom-made chariot, and only such a car can hold Zheng Gaoyuan. Besides the two of them, there are also two bodyguards beside Nye and Zheng Gaoyuan, whom Zheng Gaoyuan loves very much.

Cheng Guangzhi himself is a four-level radiation fighter. He used to come out alone. Originally, he didn't want Zheng Gaoyuan to bring anyone other than Nye. Unfortunately, Zheng Gaoyuan was not daring enough and listened to the elders in his family. Although he decided to hide from Zheng Jia the arrangement of his teacher to take care of him and go out of town under the encouragement of the thin man Nye who believed in him, he insisted on bringing two bodyguards. If it weren't for the fact that the two bodyguards didn't like the fat and stupid Zheng Gaoyuan, he was finally attracted by the scenes in the mobile town described by Cheng Guangzhi, and at last I'm afraid he didn't want to follow.

Zheng Gaoyuan actually has good talent, but he has some problems with intelligence and is unwilling to practice. Therefore, he is not even a first-class radiation energy fighter. Nye is best at flattery, but he also has third-class strength. The two bodyguards are even fourth-class radiation energy fighters.

Three, four, one, three, such a group of people are not poor in strength, but they met Wang Qing.

Wang Qing is a six-level radiation energy fighter. Such strength is nothing in Yangtze River City, but it is already called the top in Anhang City. You know, the strongest in Anhang City is only Grade 7. Living in Anhang City is for the sake of providing for the aged.

When Wang Qing's momentum was released, the radiation energy around him pressed down on several people in the chariot, and their faces immediately changed.

"What are you people? What do you want to do?" Cheng Guangzhi cried in fear, after he saw Wang Qing's appearance, but also a frozen body.

Wang Qing's appearance now is quite similar to that of a bodyguard beside Zheng Gaoyuan.

"Of course we have something for you." Shi Qingyang smiled. His face is now covered with a thick layer of cosmetics. He has nine images with Zheng Gaoyuan's other bodyguard. He and Wang Qing's two faces, after Ye Houan took pictures of Zheng Gaoyuan's bodyguards, Cheng Ran helped them to make them, using silicone material with good flexibility. Apart from the fact that too much expression will appear stiff, they look exactly the same.

If they have been wearing combat uniforms, it will be even harder to be seen.

"You…what can I do for you?" Cheng Guangzhi asked in panic, and was dragged out of the chariot. Although he was a four-level radiation energy fighter, he did not have much actual combat experience. After Wang Qing pressed him with radiation energy, he did not dare to resist at all. Shi Qingyang easily restrained him.

"You drink this first and we'll talk about something else." Shi Qingyang smiled again, then broke Cheng Guangzhi's mouth and poured a bottle of poison from Ran Xue into his mouth.

Ice cold medicine into the belly, and then began to needle pain, Cheng Guangzhi whole person shook up, Shi Qingyang regardless of him, just took out two bottles of medicine, and then to Zheng Gaoyuan and Nye respectively poured a bottle.

Among them, the Zheng Gaoyuan dragged out of the chariot, he also took some time, with the strength than drag into light wisdom this level 4 radiation fighter is bigger, can't, Zheng Gaoyuan is a bit too fat.

"Forgive me, don't kill me, I have a lot of money, I can give you money…" Nye began to cry in pain.

Zheng Gaoyuan was also stunned. He didn't react at first. Seeing Nye's reaction, he finally burst into tears: "Don't kill me. I'll ask my grandfather to give you money. Please don't kill me."

"Don't talk nonsense!" Shi Qingyang hazily looked at their eyes, this time, Wang Qing and Ye Houan two people, also has solved the two bodyguards, also to fill the potion.

Although Zheng Gaoyuan is loved by the Zheng family, his own situation has already shown that he has no future at all. Under such circumstances, the bodyguards beside him will naturally not be capable people. Although he is not as flustered as Nye and Zheng Gaoyuan, he has already begun to beg for mercy.

"My young master is the successor of HuoFeng Company. You have tied up my young master and can demand a large amount of ransom. I can help you negotiate. Don't kill me." Nye felt a sharp pain in his stomach and repeatedly begged for mercy.

Shi Qingyang saw this situation and stretched out his hand and patted Nye on the head: "Don't worry, as long as you behave, I will not kill you. If you don't obey…Ha ha, do you know what you just drank?"

"What is it?" Nye asked in horror.

"It's Qiwu soup." Shi Qingyang spoke maliciously. Qiwu soup is a notorious poison that will not cause death in a short period of time, but it is very troublesome to detoxify. There is no specific antidote. It will destroy a person's internal organs in seven or eight days and eventually cause death.

The so-called seven things, in fact, are short for the excreta of various animals. The excreta of animals are toxic. Many people will refine them and make them into poisons. Because a single poison is easy to treat, some people began to mix several kinds of excreta together later…They also got a good name-Qiwu soup.

People who have drunk Qiwu soup need to drink the antidote prepared by the same pharmacist to treat the disease. After all, no one but the person who made the medicine knows what kind of animal excrement is used.

Zheng Gaoyuan heard Shi Qingyang's words in a daze, completely unable to understand, Nye and Cheng Guangzhi two people have retching up, animals feces such things, the average person can't accept it.

Shi Qingyang saw this scene, kicked one of them, and immediately let them never spit it out again.

Zheng Gaoyuan still didn't know what Qiwutang was, but cried: "I don't want to die, my grandfather will give money, you can let Nye go back to take money…money teacher, money teacher save me…" His grandparents, this time actually hired a six-level radiation fighter to follow him, let him call it the teacher, but the six-level radiation fighter didn't like him, he didn't like each other, so this time he sneaked out with Nye.

Shi Qingyang glanced at Zheng Gaoyuan and went to see Cheng Guangzhi: "We won't kill you, as long as you take us into that mobile town."

"What do you want?" Cheng Guangzhi's face was full of fear. If what he did in that mobile town was known to others, he would probably lose his reputation.

"They have pocketed us a sum of money, and we are going to come back!" Shi Qingyang kicked him with a full face of resentment: "If they hadn't been too careful, each time they went in the agreed position was different, and the lake couldn't be near, we would have killed the door, why bother?"

In the face of such a person as Cheng Guangzhi, he responded by revealing his identity and asked him to help him sneak into the mobile town. The other party would definitely not want to, so from the beginning, Shi Qingyang had already made up his mind and positioned himself as a wicked person to seek revenge.

"Are you going to seek revenge?" Sure enough, hearing Shi Qingyang's words, Cheng Guangzhi breathed a sigh of relief. If the people in front of him were also outlaws, he wouldn't have to worry about these people exposing what he did.

"If you don't go to revenge, then what to do? Although the women there are very nice, I won't give him money!" Shi Qingyang revealed some truth and falsehood, making himself like a regular customer there: "You'd better be honest and cooperate with us to let us in. When we finish, we will naturally give you the antidote. If you don't obey…hum!"

When Cheng Guangzhi heard these words, he finally put down his heart. Since the two men were not looking for his trouble, he said, "We must obey!"

"That's good, you hurry up to account for all the account! This fat man is the successor of HuoFeng Company, isn't he? It's very good." Shi Qingyang grinned.

When Zheng Gaoyuan saw this scene, he was scared and moved back with his huge farts. Zhao Li immediately showed his loyalty: "My young master is very favored. As long as you let us go, we can pay the ransom!"

"No need to remind you." Shi Qingyang laughed and patted Zheng Gaoyuan's head.

Nye saw this situation and finally put down his heart. He feared that the people in front of him would hurt their lives. Now…Since these people seem to be going to tie Zheng Gaoyuan, then he also need not worry about being killed. After all, they will definitely put a person back to contact Zheng Jia.

Shi Qingyang and Wang Qing asked some questions about the two bodyguards and changed into their combat uniforms to take the place of the two bodyguards in the back seat of the car. The only way to do this was: "Hurry up and drive. In addition, you'd better not show your feet, or I'll kill you immediately!"

Cheng Guangzhi dared not say a word and immediately started the car.

"Don't look at us for no reason at all. Remember to treat us as ordinary bodyguards. If you reveal something, don't want the antidote." Shi Qingyang added.

Cheng Guangzhi is also seen strong winds and big waves, naturally nodding at this time, and his face is also very natural. Nye have it both ways is used to acting like him, but Zheng Gaoyuan is obviously in trouble. At this time, he is still crying: "My stomach hurts, I don't want to die…Grandma and Grandpa…Teacher Qian…"

Shi Qingyang was extremely helpless when he heard this man crying. He gave Cheng Guangzhi and Nye a bottle of poison, because he did not like the two men, but for Zheng Gaoyuan…Zheng Gaoyuan was not even a radiation fighter. Although he was a little bit fatter, he was not in good health. Of course, he could not really give him poison. In fact, he just gave him a bottle of medicine for diarrhea. This stuff has no other side effects besides constipation. He shouted about stomachache and other things, which should all be psychological effects.

Although he was very helpless to Zheng Gaoyuan, he had to deal with the situation. Shi Qingyang flattered with a smile: "Young master, come on, I have brought some good things and my stomach will not hurt after eating."

Zheng Gaoyuan watched Shi Qingyang warily, his eyes filled with panic. Shi Qingyang actually took out some packaged meat paste filled with pipes suitable for eating outside the city. This kind of meat paste is very convenient to eat, but because the materials used are not very good, many additives were added to improve the taste, which is not healthy and has been called junk food.

"Do you want to poison me…" Zheng Gaoyuan looked at Shi Qingyang in fear.

"how? Master, I am your bodyguard." Shi Qingyang patted Zheng Gaoyuan on the shoulder: "Master, if you don't eat enough, here is a palm computer. Although I can't connect to the Internet outside, I have played many stand-alone games and TV plays."

"Nye…" Zheng Gaoyuan looked at Nye.

Nye hid his disdain in his eyes and coaxed, "Master, we will be fine. Just have fun and rest assured."

Zheng Gaoyuan watched Nye with his eyes open for a while, and finally took over the palm computer and meat paste on Shi Qingyang's hand. His reaction was slow and he didn't know how to play games. At last, he only found a TV play to watch. However, the meat paste was deeply loved by him. It was the first time he had eaten such cheap junk food, and he could not help feeling very fresh and full-bodied taste.

"Yes, master, that's it. Just have fun. What I just gave you was actually a drink. I want to play with you, and I will scare you." Shi Qingyang spoke gently, then raised his head to Nye smiled grimly, let Nye was shaking.

The place where Cheng Guangzhi made an appointment to meet with people was on a river bank. There was a large open area with only some grass in the distance. The vision was very wide, and there were basically no Tiber around.

He had left two hours earlier, but the road was delayed by Shi Qingyang and Wang Qing. By the time he got to the place, it was almost time.

Although the two villains who found them now look completely like Zheng Gaoyuan's bodyguards, even flatter than the previous bodyguards, and have been courting Zheng Gaoyuan, Cheng Guangzhi saw the two men's skill and did not dare to neglect at all, so he got out of the car soon and threw something into the river at the same time.

After he did so, a small mobile fortress floated up from the river, and at the same time, a gloomy man came out from above.

The man first took a detector to examine Cheng Guangzhi's chariot, then took a recorder, turned out the photo and looked at several people who came to him carefully. Finally, his eyes were fixed on Zheng Gaoyuan, who had spent his crying face before: "This is Master Zheng. What's wrong with this?"

"My young master has just watched a bitter drama, and the leading man and the leading woman were forced to break up." Shi Qingyang whispered.

Zheng Gaoyuan is still watching TV with his palm computer. The man probably knows Zheng Gaoyuan's situation, laughs at him and looks at Cheng Guangzhi: "Go up."

Cheng Guangzhi replied, immediately sat down on the driver's seat, drove the chariot into the mobile town, and when they got there, the mobile town quickly sank to the bottom.

Mobile towns are amphibious and can be driven in various places, but most people use the function of driving in water when crossing the river, usually only on land.

Yin's family should have used this unexpected situation to hide their mobile town.

To Shi Qingyang's relief, perhaps because the mobile town has been safe, the people who came to pick them up did not say much to them, but even so, he still perfectly played a somewhat flattering bodyguard.

His attitude also made Cheng Guangzhi, who wanted to ask him, dare not move much.

They stayed in a narrow space and were not even allowed to leave the chariot. They had no idea where they were going until a door was opened and then they were sent to another place.

"What is going on here? Don't those people know who I am? Why do you neglect me so much?" Zheng Gaoyuan was shaken in the car, hit his head and immediately started shouting.

At this time, suddenly three beautiful women dressed only in gauze came up and knelt on the ground: "Please get off, several." After that, the three men were still lying on the ground, as if they were going to walk down the steps of the chariot.

Shi Qingyang had some anger when he saw the looming bodies of the three women, but he hid them well. After looking at them for a few times, a pair of eyes seemed unwilling to move away again: "How can we do this? We will crush them! Master…"

For the first time, if the performance is common to all things, but not normal, Shi Qingyang's performance is not suspicious, and although Wang Qing doesn't speak much, his body language is also good.

A more beautiful woman came up and said, "Don't worry, a few of you, even if you crush them, they are useless." When she said this, she didn't care about the lives of the girls at all. What's amazing is that the women lying on the ground also had no expression of fear and were full of approval for this statement.

This kind of situation, even be brainwashed from childhood.

"They will be crushed to death." Zheng Gaoyuan did not dare to step on it at all. He did not even understand this. His face was full of confusion.

"Let them leave, this is all…" Shi Qingyang swallowed saliva, trying to imagine the opposite person Cheng Ran.

Although he has been totally clean, he has seen a lot of the world in his last life, and many people threw themselves at him…He has always regarded those as a test of willpower, and naturally he will not move at this time.

"Some of you feel sorry for you, so please step down." The great beauty Jo laughed and her huge chest quivered with her smile.

"Oh dear." Zheng Gaoyuan suddenly let out a cry and Shi Qingyang saw that he had a nosebleed.

"What's wrong with me? Am I going to die?" Zheng Gaoyuan sad face, the whole people are soft down, Shi Qingyang and Wang Qing a left a right hold him, finally didn't let him fall down, but the weight…Shi Qingyang very glad his strength is a lot bigger.

Two people took advantage of this time to exchange a look, all lit up the fight-such a place, or destroyed!

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