The fat man did not have any combat clothes to wear. Although there were all kinds of fat men in ancient times, most of them now have normal body shapes. Even if they are a little fat, they are also slightly fat. They are as short and fat as the fat man, like a ball, which is really rare.

This ball went around in the Australian city's exclusive store, and finally got a look at the most expensive one. It was swiped directly and 78 million eyes were spent without blinking.

Cheng Ran looked at the fat man's magnanimity and some of his eyes were hot. he pulled the clothes of the teacher Qing yang and whispered: "Qing yang, I must make a lot of money in the future. then you can buy whatever you want. Master said that being a pharmacist makes a lot of money." It is said that the processing fee for a bottle of Grade 8 radiation energy relaxant will be hundreds of thousands. If it is done well, it can also hide some medicinal materials. If it is done well, millions are not without it. If he can reach that level, he will be more diligent…

"good." Shi Qingyang nodded. Now he has more possessions than Cheng Ran, but some people are willing to support him. This is a good thing! In the last life, those people only wanted to get some benefits from him.

See Shi Qingyang agreed, Cheng Ran also smile curved eyes.

Shi Qingyang looked at Cheng Ran, how do you think how cute, by contrast, the size is three times that of Cheng Ran fat…He always felt that this man is a bit horrible.

All have grown into this, he can still be so arrogant, this is also a kind of skill.

"Master, do you want to buy anything else?" The skinny man took the exquisite box with the anti-radiation suit and asked.

"No, I don't have anything to wear here!" Fat cold hum a way, chest fat yishan yishan.

"Master, would you like to buy some accessories?" The thin man asked again.

"Please help me see." This is the direct way to be a master. Then Shi Qingyang saw that the thin man quickly chose a lot of things. His choices were all expensive. Some of them still had several choices. They were definitely not bought. Obviously, he was going to pit the master's money. It happened that the master had no response at all.

Shi Qingyang was really unable to show sympathy for this generous paid ball. He is still in the excitement of Cheng Ran's raising him. Finally, he chose from left to right. Finally, he and Cheng Ran picked out a camouflage combat uniform with high sexual price ratio, which is liked by ordinary 3-4 radiation energy fighters.

When Cheng Ran paid the money to see other products and didn't pay attention, he quietly took a set of the latest silver combat uniform and paid for it himself. This dress was not much cheaper than the most expensive one that the fat man bought, several times as much as the one Cheng Ran bought for him.

Of course, he took a fancy to this suit not because of the price, but because he only looked at it and felt it was suitable for Cheng Ran to wear.

The face of the shopping guide in the Australian city specialty store blossomed with laughter. at first, a "big-chested" brainless man with a lot of money and fat people did not say anything. later, Cheng Ran and Shi Qingyang came. their performance today was up to the usual one month!

However, there is something wrong with this situation. At first, when the master of Cheng's family bought Shi Qingyang a set of hundreds of thousands of combat uniforms, they were still wondering whether it was true that Shi Qingyang ate soft food online. Unexpectedly, Shi Qingyang swiped his card to buy a set of millions of…

Should not master Qingyang be the real master of the Cheng family? Otherwise, why did Cheng family give him the mobile fortress? Otherwise, how could he be richer than Cheng Ran?

Just that posture, don't know Cheng Ran identity, will feel is Shi Qingyang keeps Cheng Ran.

When several shopping guides gathered together to say something, Shi Qingyang had already returned to Cheng Xuze quickly to wait for news of Ye Houan.

At present, the best way is to mix in first, remove the explosive device, collect evidence, and then think about something else. To mix in, you need to find a regular customer there…

When they returned, Cheng Xuze was discussing with Ran Xue and wanted Ran Xue to provide some poison.

"Poisoning others? Master, there are a lot of drug testing equipment nowadays. Drugs that can make people unconscious or dead in a short period of time can basically be tested. The only drug that cannot be tested is chronic drugs. I can provide some poison, but poisoning is not easy." Ran Xue said.

"You prepare some first…by the way, change the appearance of drugs? For example, let me change my appearance?" Cheng Xuze added.

"old man, there are many anti-aging and skin care drugs after drinking, but it is too late to eat at your age. as for changing your appearance…you should have cosmetic surgery." Ran Xue did not know what Cheng Xuze was busy with and was speechless.

"Grandpa wants to change appearance? I can make up for you! Apply a layer of thick facial fat on your face. If you want to be fat or thin, you can also fill your cheeks. You can also use tools to apply skin lotion, acne scars, etc." Cheng Ran suddenly said that at the beginning, in order not to use radiation to induce drugs, he specialized in film and television makeup. At first, he was only dealing with Cheng Hong, but later he learned to be interested.

"Can Xiao Ran still make up?" Ran Xue asked in surprise.

"I studied film and television makeup. It's not easy to be beautiful, but everything else is fine!" Cheng Ran said that he used to be loyal to drawing a wound on his face.

"Not the kui is my grandson, indeed as expected versatile!" Cheng Xuze was about to ask carefully when Wang Qing suddenly came in and said someone from HuoFeng Company was coming.

Ran Xue was impatient to see the guest. Hearing this, he took Cheng Ran and left. Shi Qingyang wanted to leave, but Cheng Xuze stopped him: "Qing Yang, you stay. In fact, this is still related to your master."

Shi Qingyang heard four words from HuoFeng Company, and remembered that he had said something about the problems of the new chariot of HuoFeng Company in order not to make people doubt my identity of not starving. At that time, HuoFeng Company also let Cheng Xuze hand over a sum of money to him.

In addition, it was the fat man he met before. He claimed to be the successor of HuoFeng Company.

Come in, indeed as expected is seen before the fat man, Shi Qingyang looked at the fat man wheezing belt around the skinny and two bodyguards came in, can't help but tired panic for him.

The fat man didn't say anything. The thin man beside him made his purpose clear. Generally speaking, Zheng Gaoyuan, the gentleman of the Fire Phoenix Company, was going to walk around. Then Cheng Xuze, who had helped the Fire Phoenix Company a lot before, came to visit him deliberately and sent a gift, which was the most expensive combat uniform.

It's no wonder that I still buy combat uniforms that I can't wear. They were originally given away.

Although Cheng family is definitely not as rich as HuoFeng Company, Cheng Xuze's status is too high when compared with the fat man. Therefore, Cheng Xuze is not too enthusiastic and the other party did not say much. He left after giving something.

As soon as the man left, Ye Houan came.

"Mr Cheng, do you know the man who went out just now?" See Cheng Xuze, Ye Houan immediately asked.

"What's the matter?" Cheng Xuze looked at Ye Houan, who was sweating profusely." We asked you to find old customers in that mobile town. Have you found them yet?"

"Master, I wanted to interview Cheng Guangzhi, the financial officer of Anhang City before, and then I found out that his hobby is a little special. He goes out of town every month, which is probably related to the mobile town. This time back, I asked several trusted colleagues about him. Others have told me that he has been buttering up a fat man recently and is planning to take him out of town." Ye Houan opened his mouth. His colleague said that Guangzhi was in contact with a very fat man. He was still wondering what it was like. As soon as he saw it, he understood.

"Is Cheng Guangzhi going to take this young master to that mobile town?" Shi Qingyang asked.

"That should be it." Ye Houan opened his mouth. He didn't sleep well or eat well these days. Now he looks very haggard.

"If this is the case, it would be great. Our luck is not very rough." Cheng Xuze spoke, originally they were going to find people to go out of the city, and then threatened to let them bring themselves, now just met, natural and convenient.

"Yes, lucky." Shi Qingyang also said: "but grandpa, who will go to discuss it, I think grandpa, you'd better wait outside." Although Cheng Xuze is a class 8 radiation energy fighter, radiation energy fighters can only play their role in places with radiation energy. Moving the small town, there is no radiation energy. At that time, even if Cheng Xuze is stronger than them because of the radiation energy in the body, I'm afraid it is not too strong.

Moreover, Cheng Xuze has held a high position for a long time and is also an old man. How can such a person get in?

In fact, Shi Qingyang would prefer to bring a computer expert if it weren't for no conditions.

Zheng Gaoyuan is a gentleman of HuoFeng Company. When he was young, he was not fat, but he was also clever and liked by his grandparents. However, when he was six years old, his mother divorced his father and remarried before long.

His father's second wife is a family-oriented woman. She stays at home every day and cooks good food. She cares about Zheng Gaoyuan in every way…

At that time, everyone thought that she was very good until Zheng Gaoyuan became fatter and fatter, and his brain began to turn.

This woman put chronic poison in Zheng Gaoyuan's food, or rather, it was not chronic poison at all. She just found some different plants that could not be eaten by rights and gave Zheng Gaoyuan food every day as seasoning.

Because the quantity was very small, no one found it at first. When it was found, it was too late.

Of course, although Zheng Gaoyuan has gained weight, it is not impossible to lose weight, but the Zheng family watched the originally good children become dull and dull, with intelligence problems, and they were embarrassed to force him again. In the end, they simply thought about keeping him.

He claimed to be the successor of HuoFeng Company before. Of course, this is impossible. But now, his grandparents and his father do spoil him. For example, spending money will never be restricted. If he misbehaves, he will let him go.

Zheng Gaoyuan actually doesn't commit tomfoolery. His greatest hobby is "traveling incognito" and then meeting someone who doesn't know him and doesn't know him well, explaining his identity and showing off.

But in fact, no one did not know him in the central city before. Now he has come to Hang Cheng for a few days and is already famous. Only when the people around him get ready in advance can there be a shopping guide who does not know him first and then has been ingratiating himself with disdain.

The people who ingratiated themselves with him, of course, were not only shopping guides they met when they went shopping. Many people with high status in Anhang City were also respectful to Zheng Gaoyuan, for no other reason. Just because Zheng Gaoyuan was very popular with the power-holders of HuoFeng Company, that is, his grandfather's love, if this person said a few good words for anyone, then a lot of benefits would come.

Fire Phoenix company, this is the largest chariot company in the country.

"Is it really fun outside the city?" Zheng Gaoyuan was wearing specially tailored radiation protection clothing. Although he had a temperature control system, he still felt very hot and finally kept wiping his sweat.

"Of course, it's fun outside the city. So many people are thinking of leaving the city. How can it not be fun outside the city?" Cheng Guangzhi, the financial officer of Anhang City, said that since Cheng Hong suddenly fell down, Anhang City suddenly appeared a little turbulent. He also had some meaning to the position of deputy duke. He wanted to think about it, and he was thinking about making some contribution in finance. For example, he let HuoFeng Company invest and build a factory in Anhang City.

To please Zheng Gaoyuan, simple, difficult and difficult, simple because Zheng Gaoyuan this person as long as follow him, he is very happy, as for difficult…Too many people please Zheng Gaoyuan, Zheng Gaoyuan received benefits, but don't take these people to heart.

Finally, Cheng Guangzhi pondered for a long time and thought of the golden cave outside the city.

In the upper level of Anhang City, many people have been there. Once they have been there, they will be caught in a false boat and will never be able to get down again. Not only that, they also used that place to receive many people from other places.

Some things, everyone knows.

Of course, the people they used to take with them were all carefully understood, and they revealed what they meant in that respect. Zheng Gaoyuan was somewhat different…However, when he went, the photos were taken, and everyone was a grasshopper on a rope.

Zheng Gaoyuan, a person who has never seen the world, might as well know the taste of marrow and forget to return…

Cheng Guangzhi contacted the person in charge of the mobile town in Anhang City, handed over Zheng Gaoyuan's information, and bought Nye and two bodyguards who were served by Zheng Gaoyuan's side, finally taking Zheng Gaoyuan out of the city.

"Those scum deserve to die!" Ye Houan looked at the chariot they were following from a distance. The whole people were stiff and trembling.

Shi Qingyang gave him a look: "You must calm down."

"I will, let me go, ok? I really can!" Ye Houan whispered hard to adjust their emotions.

"No, you are like this now. If you really want to go, it will only be bad." Shi Qingyang said directly that before they came out this time, they had already discussed it. Cheng Xuze and Ye Houan waited outside, while he and Wang Qing dived in.

Wang Qing was supposed to take care of Cheng Xuze. It was easy to act as a servant. As for him, Shi Qingyang always felt that his acting skill had improved a lot since he was reborn.

Ye Houan's lips trembled and did not insist in the end. If it was really because of his bad behavior, he would regret it all his life.

The makeup of Wang Qing no longer deadpan, looks like laughing all the time, watching Cheng Guangzhi's car approaching, wrinkles and no one, he suddenly stood up, all the radiation energy around him attracted together, huge radiation energy pressure that chariot could not move.

Sitting in the car Cheng Guangzhi face completely changed, the whole people trembled, he wanted to launch a distress signal, Shi Qingyang came out from the side, spoke of nails fly away, directly let the flares have no effect.

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